Sunday, January 14, 2018

Head for the Hills 2

a closeup of a very young Shelley 
from a 1965 Seventeen mag spread

Shelley appeared in many spreads throughout Seventeen magazine's November 1965 issue. In the spread called "Head for the Hills", she modeled fashions that were perfect for the ski slopes in winter. Parkas, sweaters, fitted stretch pants, mittens and boots were the order of the day. And of course they all had to be chic, 1965 chic.

Shelley in a spread for Seventeen mag, 1965

Shelley modeled the "Pro-Look: One Streak of Color". And hers was a pale blue knicker ski suit with red Western stitching by White Stag worn with gloves, knee socks and a head band in the same print. Sandler of Boston boots and a pair of sunglasses finished her look. And Shelley looked like one sophisticated skier.

A Role with Glasses

a writeup about Shelley being in the film
If Ever I See You Again, 1978

Shelley's first leading lady role in films came in the 1978 romantic flick If Ever I See You Again. When she walked in to audition for the role, she was immediately hired. Producer, writer, director and the film's leading man Joseph Brooks thought she was perfect for the role. He also insisted she wore her glasses, which Shelly thought infringed on her power to concentrate on her role as she could see everyone on the set clearly.

Shelley and Tom 1

Charlie Girl Shelley with Chaz Man Tom Selleck on the ice
in a 1980 Charlie and Chaz promo pic

Shelley was The Charlie Girl from 1976 to 1982; and she appeared on many promotional pics for the Revlon brand. In 1980, Charlie and it's male perfume counterpart Chaz (also by Revlon) teamed up to promote the 1980 Winter Olympics which was held in Lake Placid, New York from Feb 13 to 24 of that year. Pics of Shelley together with the then current Chaz Man Tom Selleck were taken. The Sporting Life Kit containing both Revlon Charlie and Chaz products (the perfumes, Charlie Body Silk, Charlie Body Silk After Bath Tonic and Chaz Moisturizing After Shave Balm) became available. Shelley was already a superstar by then due to Charlie's Angels; but Tom Selleck would later become famous himself via his own TV series Magnum, P.I.

a closeup of Shelley from the 1980 promo pic

Working Actress

a pic of Shelley from around 1984

Shelley was active as an actress in show-business from the mid 1970s to the mid 1990s. She appeared in a variety of films, TV movies and TV series during that period; but she carefully chose the roles she would play, especially series-wise. In 1986, she had she told Entertainment Tonight, "You don"t sign on the dotted line for five years unless it's something you really wanna do or you're very foolish."

Moroccan Sizzlers

Shelley in a 1967 ad for Gay Gibson

Shelley appeared in many ads when she was a Supermodel. In 1967, she appeared in an ad for Gay Gibson called "Gay Gibson's Moroccan Sizzlers" (Gay Gibson was a Kansas-City-based clothing line specializing in women's clothing). in the ad, she modeled a Moroccan striped sleeveless top over a purple pleated skirt. Matching earrings, medium-heeled footwear and hair pony-tailed to one side was all that was needed to finish her look. And Shelley looked sensational.

a closeup of Shelley from the 1967 ad

Angel Hunt Candid

Candid paparazzi pics of Shelley as she was filming 
the Charlie's Angels episode "Angel Hunt"

Shelley became a Charlie's Angel in 1979; and, as with all the Angels before her, she received a lot of attention from the press. In Point Dume Beach, Malibu, where part of the episode "Angel Hunt" was filmed, Shelley and her co-Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd were hounded by the paparazzi. Many candid pics of the three were taken there.

Folio 1973 H

Shelley in a spread for Folio Collections: 
Saks Fifth Avenue Signs of Spring and Summer 1973

Shelley appeared in many catalogs throughout her modeling career. One of them was the Saks Fifth Avenue catalog Folio Collections. Saks Fifth Avenue is a high-end department store located in Manhattan, New York City, that sells luxury goods. In the Folio Collections: Saks Fifth Avenue Signs of Spring and Summer 1973 catalog, she appeared in the spread called "Stay Loose and Lovely, The Only Way To Go Today" where she modeled sporty separates for those cool spring summer months.

closeups of Shelley from a spread in Folio Collections: 
Saks Fifth Avenue Signs of Spring and Summer 1973

She modeled a navy-colored V-neck sweater with a drawstring waist under a matching V-neck cardigan with ribbed pockets. With them, she  wore a linen-look pair of white trousers. They were all available at the Young Dimensions Sportswear Collections. A headband, a watch and a pair of sandals finished her look.

more closeups of Shelley from a spread in Folio Collections: 
Saks Fifth Avenue Signs of Spring and Summer 1973

She also modeled a trench coat that was updated via flarey lapels, floppy pockets and a closed-in double breasted fit which was available at the  Young Dimensions Coats Collections. Around her shoulder was a deep bucket bag with trim that looked every bit like horsebit. It was available at the Handbags Collections.