Sunday, October 13, 2019

Needlework and Crafts 1973

Shelley from Simplicity's Needlework and Crafts, 1973

Shelley appeared as a model on the 1973 booklet Needlework and Crafts by Simplicity. She modeled styles that could go from day to night; that could be worn over jeans or slacks. And Shelley made them all look fabulous.

Shelley from Simplicity's Needlework and Crafts, 1973

Cutter to Houston 1983

Shelley in an ad for the Cutter to Houston episode
"From the Smallest Crystal, From the Smallest Stone," 1983

Shelley starred in  the 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston with Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin. But why was it called Cutter to Houston? "The title refers to the computer link between the clinic in small town Cutter, Texas, and the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Shelley played surgeon Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious surgeon who wanted out of Cutter and had her eye on a big-city hospital in Houston. Jim played Dr. Andy Fenton, a general practitioner who grew up in Cutter and was happy to be home. Alec played Dr. Hal Wexler, an internist on probation for writing unnecessary prescriptions, who hadn't quite figured out whether he liked it there or not.

Alec Baldwin, Shelley Hack and Jim Metzler
in a promo pic for Cutter to Houston, 1983

Make Your Own Statement

a closeup of Shelley from an ad for Utah Tailoring Mills, 1978

Shelley appeared in an ad for Utah Tailoring in 1978 with the tagline "How to Make Your Own Fashion Statement." Utah Tailoring Mills was a company that made custom-fitted fashions for their clients. Representatives would meet with clients, show them samples and take their measurements; so each piece was individually-fitted to each client's specific size. It was "The Individualist's Approach to Fashion". The average price for one dress ranged from $400 to $500 in the 1970s.

Shelley in a 1978 ad for Utah Tailoring Mills

Ready or Not 4

screen captures from the Jack and Mike episode "Ready or Not," 1986

Shelley's third foray into series TV was Jack and Mike. It was about a married yuppie couple living in Chicago, trying to find time for each other in their busy schedules. Shelley played Jackie Shea, a star columnist at The Mirror, a widely-circulated Chicago paper. Her column was awaited by everyone every week. Her husband was Mike Brennan (played by Tom Mason), a successful restaurateur.

more screen captures 
from the Jack and Mike episode "Ready or Not," 1986
Jackie returns to The Mirror from Dr. Cooperman's clinic, where she had a pregnancy test. Nora, her editor, who sent her to the doctor is surprised she didn't take the day off. Jackie says she's fine and ready to work. Anthony Kubecek, Jackie's assistant, informs her that she has a man on Line 3 who doesn't want to say who he is and is waiting for her to take his call. Jackie takes the call in her office. The man on the line says he is Matthew Pearson, a fugitive on the run from the law for 14 years. He wants to meet her at a laundromat for an interview. Jackie goes and, while waiting, witnesses a mother trying to manage her two kids. She reflects on her possible pregnancy. After a waiting a while, she decides to leave, dismissing the call as a prank.

Charlie's Put-Ons

Shelley in a promo pic for Charlie perfume, 1978
wearing the  Charlie T-Shirt and Scarf promo items

Shelley was THE quintessential Charlie Girl and appeared in many, many ads for the brand. In 1978, she appeared in a newspaper ad for Charlie called "Charlie Makeup Demonstrations." It was a promo that offered customers a chance to be made up by three top makeup artists using the new fall Charlie makeup collection. Simultaneously, the "Charlie Put-Ons" promo was on. For every $5 purchase from the Charlie collection, a Charlie T-Shirt and Scarf could be purchased by customers for only $6. Such a steal, right?

Shelley in a newspaper ad for Charlie perfume, 1978

Supermodel Angel

a writeup about Shelley from Vogue, 1979

Shelley was one of the Supermodels of the 1970s. She ranked among a handful of top, top, top models (including Lauren Hutton, Iman, Margaux Hemingway, Karen Graham, Christina Ferrare and Cheryl Tiegs) who were able to negotiate such previously "unheard of" lucrative and exclusive deals with the giant cosmetics companies of the era, and whose names became known to the public. Shelley was known as THE Charlie Girl and was revered around the world. When she became a Charlie's Angel, it was almost an inevitability. It was the natural next step after her success as a Supermodel.

Shelley on a promo pic for Charlie's Angels, 1979

Great Scots! 2

a closeup of Shelley from a spread for McCall's magazine, 1976

Shelley appeared on many spreads for McCall's magazine throughout her modeling career. In 1976, she appeared in the mags October issue, in the spread called "Great Scots!" It featured fashions made from plaid-printed fabrics that the mag's readers could sew themselves.

Shelley in a spread for McCall's magazine, 1976

Shelley modeled two patterns. One of them was pattern no. 5319, a Halston designed dress which was made in the Stewart dress tartan. Sling-back pumps, a matching belt and a fun necklace finished her look. She also wore McCall's pattern 5324, a jacket and skirt ensemble in Chisholm tartan. She wore a shirt and a belted sweater under the jacket. Matching pumps finished her look. And Shelley looked just smashing.

Shelley in a two-page spread for McCall's magazine, 1976