Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leon Levin Ad

Shelley in a 1976 ad for Leon Levin

Shelley appeared in an ad for Leon Levin in 1976. Leon Levin is a label that specializes in up-to-the-minute golf course fashions for the modern sportswoman. Shelley modeled the "New Golf Classics in Sunny Sky Blues" consisting of a pale blue polo shirt and a pair of straight-legged pants in deeper sky blue. Both were available at Saks Fifth Avenue. A Madcaps hat and a Morris Moscowitz belt finished her look. Ford Motors provided the vehicle which was also in sky blue.

 A close up of Shelley

Newest Angel

In 1979, Shelley was chosen among many aspirants to take over the slot vacated by Kate Jackson in the hit series Charlie's Angels. The moment it was announced that she was cast, reporters rushed to meet Charlie's newest and, as they found out, most private Angel. Of course, she was compared to her predecessors in the show and many were wondering if she she had what it took to be part of the hit series; if she had what it took to be a superstar.

Jackie in '86

Shelley starred in Jack and Mike, her third TV series, back in 1986. The series was initially titled Jackie O'Shea and she was going to play the title role. It was eventually retitled Our Kind of Town and Tom Mason was brought in to play husband (restauranteur Mike Brennan) opposite her journalist wife role Jackie Shea. When it went on the air, it was again retitled Jack and Mike.

Pre-teen Shelley

Even as a pre-teen, it could already be seen that Shelley had the potential to become a Supermodel. Her well-scrubbed blue-eyed blonde look was and is always in demand in the modeling business. Eventually, she did become a Supermodel with a seven-figure asking price to boot.

On The Edge

Shelley starred in the 1985 TV movie Kicks with soap superstar Anthony Geary. In the film, she played a schoolteacher who had the penchant of living on the edge. But how far from the edge was she willing to go? She was about to find out for herself. The role was a departure from the usual goody-two-shoes roles she was getting.

Angel About Town

Shelley was sought after by the paparazzi the minute it was announced that she was Charlie's newest Angel. Everyone wanted a piece of the fabulous Charlie Girl turned Charlie's Angel even before she filmed anything for the hit series. Her glamorous image was the right fit for the show at the time.

Hooded Coat 1972

Shelley modeled a hooded coat of 100 percent wool plush by Warshaw Woolens for Peck & Peck (a New York-based retailer of women's wear) in 1972. The fabulous coat came in camel and rust - and was a "Fashion selection by the American Wool Council." And Shelley made the stylish coat look even more fabulous.