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Cover Girl '74

a closeup on Shelley from a 1974 Cover Girl ad

Shelley appeared in an ad for Cover Girl in 1974. It was an ad for their new lipstick line and new range of colors namely: Natural Frost, Really Red, Breezy Pink, Natural Pink, Pink Frost, Fresh Peach , Copper Frost, Melon Frost, Ripe Strawberry, Soft Red, Pure Gloss and Wild Rose. The other notable models who appeared in the ad were Kim Basinger, Beshka Sorensen, Maud Adams and Susan Blakely.

Shelley in a 1974 Cover Girl ad

Shelley Hack, Leading Lady 7

Shelley in 1978

In 1978, Shelley got her first leading lady role opposite screenwriter, director, producer, and composer Joe Brooks in the film If Ever I See You Again (which spawned the hit single with the same title - as interpreted by Roberta Flack). "A bomb!" she would later admit. When she walked in to audition for the role, she was immediately hired. Brooks thought she was perfect for the role. He also insisted she wore her glasses.

a writeup about Shelley from 1978


a closeup of Shelley from Butterick ad, 1971

Shelley appeared on many ads for Butterick in the 1970s. In 1971, she appeared in a Butterick ad featuring ski fashions. The sew-and-ski suggestions were the things to sew before going skiing. Shelley wore Butterick pattern 6353, a duffle coat, in a fabric that was knit on the outside and pile on the inside or vise-versa. It was perfect for those cold winter skiing adventure. Shelly looked fab in it.

Shelley in an ad for Butterick, 1971

2009 Collectors Show

Shelley with TV personality Daniel Gomez Rinaldi in 2009

Shelley's public appearances have been rare and sporadic, that's why fans are always ecstatic whenever she decides to go out to meet them. One of those rare occasions was the Hollywood Collectors Show in 2009. It was a 2-day affair held in Burbank, California, on July of that year. It was also where Shelley, for the time, met fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts, so the it was quite a historic event. With the new Charlie's Angels movie coming out this November, will the original TOS Angels finally reunite for one historic photo shoot?

Vogue 1975

Shelley for Vogue, 1975

Shelley appeared in the March 1975 issue of Vogue magazine modeling the latest hair trend - hair "sculpting" with hands. Italian hairdresser Dina Azzolini showed readers how to work with hair as if it were clay, "sculpting" it to perfection.

Shelley for Vogue, 1975

For that season, Dina thought in terms of pretty, soft, lightly curled hair - with a perfect Cut as foundation, of course. Her innovative tools and unique scissors were also featured. And with Dina's "sculpting", Shelley never looked so good.

Shelley was in the expert hands of famed hair stylist Dina Azzolini, 1975

The King's Top 22

Terry O'Quinn and Shelley Hack in The Stepfather, 1987

Horror writer Stephen King recently revealed his top 22 scariest horror movies of all time. King, whose works include The Shining, Pet Sematary, Misery and Carrie, listed down Joseph Ruben's The Stepfather as one of the scariest movies he had ever seen. With a cast lead by  Terry O'Quinn, Jill Schoelen and Shelley Hack, the movie follows the life of serial killer Jerry Blake (O'Quinn) as he becomes stepfather to Stephanie (Schoelen) after marrying her mother Susan (Ms. Hack). He recently killed everyone in his previous family. The 1980s movie is one of the best in the genre.

Stephen King reveals his 22 favorite horror movies
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Live-Ins '75

a closeup of Shelley
from Montgomery Ward Fall & Winter 1975 catalog

Shelley has appeared on many spreads for many catalogs from the late '60s to the mid-'70s. Many Supermodels at the time appeared in the most popular catalogs during the era like Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, Patti Hansen and Shelley Smith, just to name a few. Many models who eventually became actresses also appeared in the catalogs like Veronica Hamel, Erin Grey, Kim Basinger and Pam Dawber.

another closeup of Shelley
from Montgomery Ward Fall & Winter 1975 catalog

Shelley appeared on the pages of Montgomery Ward Fall & Winter 1975 catalog. In the spread called "Go Sporty, Go with... Live-Ins," she modeled clothes-without-clutter for everyday wear and cotton blends. She wore The Pullover Sweatshirt a short-sleeved top that had raglan sleeves and ribbing at the crew neck. She also wore the Long-Sleeved Sweatshirt, which was similar to The Pullover except for the sleeves. With both, she wore the Work Pants which had 2 deep inseam pockets and an elasticized waist. Matching slip-ons finished her look. She also wore the Scarf Hat which was perfect for that neat casual look. Shelley looked smashing in all of them.

Shelley in a spread
for Montgomery Ward Fall & Winter 1975 catalog