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Dress of the Year

By the mid-'70s, Shelley was an in-demand model and was getting modeling jobs left and right. She appeared in many ads and was on the cover and in the pages of all the leading magazines of the time. In 1974, she donned Vogue's Dress of the Year for the magazine's September issue. The two-piece dress was dubbed "sweater-and-skirt-easy" as well as "city-polished." It's the "first thing you'll want under a coat/first thing you'll wear without a coat." And Shelley looked absolutely sensational in it.

First Leading Lady Role

Shelley's first leading lady role was as Jennifer Corly in the 1978 film  If Ever I See You Again. She played opposite Joe Brooks' Bob Morrison. Brooks also produced and directed the film; as well as composed the film's theme song. He picked Shelley for the role and insisted she wore her glasses throughout the entire film.

Greek Mag Cover

Shelley appeared on the cover of the Greek Magazine Afisorama in January of 1980.

Juniors with Shelley and Kim

Shelley and Kim Basinger on JCPenney's 1973 catalog
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Shelley appeared in the spring and summer issue of the 1973 JCPenney catalog. In one spread for the Juniors section, she modeled "sporty little tops and easy moving skirts." It's fun to note that along with Shelley, a very young Kim Basinger appeared on the spread as well. The looks they sported were was great for summer '73.

Shelley modeled a cap-sleeve scoop-neck top over a long-sleeved eyelet shirt and a flared circle skirt. While Kim wore a contrast-stitch-trimmed top over a crisp seersucker woven-plaid skirt. Both girls looked so adorable.

Shelley modeled a cotton scoop-necked rib-knit top in white over a cotton knit polka-dot skirt with a pair or shorts underneath. While Kim wore a short blazer jacket over a flippy pleated skirt. They were so girly cute in their get ups.

Tabloid Frenzy

When Shelley was cast as Charlie's newest Angel in late-May of 1979, the tabloids went into a frenzy. "The Charlie Girl Becomes A Charlie's Angel" was the headline Aaron Spelling was hoping for when he asked this Supermodel to join the Townsend Agency, and it was exactly what every tabloid (well, actually, everybody) eventually said. In those tabloids, many things were written about Shelley that were true; as well as... uh... Well, they were tabloids after all. But  publicity was publicity, and the interest in the new Angel was intense that many articles about her came out as soon as the announcement of her Angel-dom was made.

Night on the Town

Shelley spent the night on the town in around 1984 with her friend, writer/director John Leone. She was seen a number of times with him in the early '80s.

Bob Cut

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Shelley always thought of herself as the product when it came to modeling, so she would always change and update her look in order to reach different, untapped markets. In 1972, she cut her long hair into a chin-length bob which changed her look dramatically. Her sophisticated new cut gave her a sophisticated new image. It started her transition from teen modeling and into the big leagues.