Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hair Model '65

Shelley sporting the latest hairdo trend
for Good Housekeeping magazine in 1965

Shelley was discovered by the heir to the A&P supermarket fortune Huntington Hartford (publisher of Show magazine) at a debutante ball in 1964. Shelley's mother told her to go to the ladies room and powder her nose if ever a guy was bothering her; and that night, Shelley was always "powdering her nose". But, eventually, Hartford got to talking to Shelley's parents and was able to publish photos of her in the September issue of his magazine that year. And by November, Shelley had become a Ford model and appeared on the covers of both Glamour and Seventeen magazines simultaneously. And the rest is history.

From Charlie Girl to Charlie's Angel

Shelley in a publicity photo from 1979

Shelley was already a Supermodel when she joined the cast of Charlie's Angels in 1979. She was known as THE Charlie Girl and was famous throughout the world. Her casting in the show made headlines all over the world; and everyone was excited to see THE Charlie Girl become Charlie's newest Angel.

THE Charlie Girl

Shelley in an ad for Charlie Nail Gleamers

Shelley became THE Charlie Girl in 1976; and sparked the imagination of the entire world. Although other models came before her, it was her wholesome yet sexy, androgynous yet alluring, vivacious and fresh image that catapulted the brand to worldwide success. Charlie was the first American lifestyle brand that gained worldwide attention as well as brisk sales. And Shelley's image was a HUGE factor in the success of the brand.

Shelley and Harry

Shelley and Harry at an event in Beverly Hills, 1996

Cover Girl '74

Shelley on the cover of the French mag Collections Magazine, Hiver (Winter) 1974

Shelley was one of the most successful models at the Ford Modeling Agency or Ford Models Inc. She was discovered in 1964 and started modeling the same year. As a student, she would only model during summers as school was her priority. But as soon as she graduated, she went full-time as not to waste a good opportunity. Her parents told her to always peek in when a door opened.

a closeup of Shelley from the Collections Magazine, Hiver (Winter) 1974 cover

What Mike Thinks

a writeup about Tom Mason of Jack and Mike from 1986

Shelley starred in her 3rd TV series Jack and Mike in 1986. She played Jackie, a journalist, who is married to Mike, a restaurateur. Mike was played by Tom Mason, who appeared as Shelley's boyfriend in the TV movie Kicks in 1985. The two had great chemistry in the telefilm which translated well in the series as well. In a writeup about Tom Mason in 1986, what he says of Shelley is that she "has really had a tough time. She deals with it beautifully." I guess he was talking about the Charlie's Angels stigma that Shelley was having a hard time shaking off. It was tough for all the Angels to shake off the image that made them famous and to be taken as a serious actress.

Mini Sleep Tops

closups of Shelley from a 1972 spread in Sears Fall and Winter 1975 catalog

Shelley appeared on the pages of the Sears Fall and Winter 1975 catalog. In the spread called "Mini Sleep Tops with Matching Panties", she modeled a Mini Shift top and panties set. The top had embroidery and white lace trim on the front yoke and shoulders. The bodice had a sheer overlay. And Shelley looked sweet and sexy in her sleep set.

Shelley in a spread for Sears Fall and Winter 1975 catalog