Thursday, September 25, 2014

Classy Clothes

Shelley in a 1973 WD mag fashion spread

Shelley was featured in a fashion spread called "Classy Classic Clothes" which appeared on the April 1973 issue of Woman's Day magazine. And what a perfect choice she was, because Shelley is just innately classy, not to mention one cool gal. The spread featured  "clothes you can count on,"  and she modeled The Basic Black Suit and The Palazzo Ensemble. Both outfits featured the same blouse but was worn differently. One outfit was daytime career chic, while the other was lunchout romantic. And Shelley was just dripping in class in both looks.

 Shelley in daytime career chic 1973

TV Times Cover Girl

Shelley was the cover girl of TV Times - September 23 to 29 issue for 1979. The whole world was super-excited to see THE Charlie Girl as one of Charlie's Angels. Her wholesome sexiness fit the series to a T. Her chic sense of style was exactly what the series needed because TV shows were getting more and more glamor-oriented. Plus, she had that disarming smile. She was the perfect choice.

Husband and Wife

Shelley Hack and Terry O'Quinn in The Stepfather
Thank you so much to Shelley Hack Fan Page at Facebook for posting the pic

Shelley played opposite Terry O'Quinn in the film feature The Stepfather which was released in 1987. She played Susan Blake, wife of Jerry Blake (O'Quinn,) a psychotic killer. Shelley told Channel Surfing: Charlie's Angels that she sneaked in alone when the film was being shown in theaters and got pretty scared with what she saw. Well, the film is now a cult classic; in fact, it even spawned a re-make.

Beautiful Publicity Shot

Shelley in a publicity shot from 1980
Love the blouse and pants ensemble, the makeup and hair...
She's absolutely beautiful.

TFTC Season 6 DVD

Shelley's Tales from the Crypt episode
is currently out on DVD

Shelley appeared on the HBO TV series Tales from the Crypt (TFTC) in 1994 during its 6th season. Her episode, "The Assassin," is considered one of the best of the season, and of the series itself. It's currently available on DVD.  Shelley's co-stars in the episode were Corey Feldman, Chelsea Field, Jonathan Banks and Marshall Teague. John Kassir played the voice of the Crypt Keeper and William Sadler guested as The Grim Reaper. Great episode.

Shelley's name appears on the back cover
of the TFTC DVD

Beauty Secrets 1979

When Shelley became a Charlie's Angel in 1979, it was inevitable and expected of her to reveal her beauty secrets. And she shared a lot of them. But then, she had been sharing her secrets years before that - when she was a supermodel. And she didn't mind sharing them. It was her personal life that she was very guarded about. Shelley was and is a very private person; and she never wants her loved ones to be subject to any kind of scrutiny by the press.

Smashing in Yellow Gingham

Shelley in an ad for JCPenney from 1973

Shelley appeared in an ad for JCPenney back in 1973. It was about clothes, how to make your own clothes. And JCPenney had everything you needed it said - from the dress pattern to the fabrics to the embellishments. Shelley modeled McCall's carefree pattern no. 3512 in sunny yellow gingham - both available at JCPenney; and she looked just smashing in it.

Shelley in a sunny yellow gingham dress