Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Second Time Around

A spread on Woman's Day magazine, Feb 1973
Shelley appeared in the February 1973 issue of Woman's Day magazine in a spread called "Found Money: The Second Time around May Be The Best Time." The spread was about recycling everyday objects into "fun and frivolous and, incidentally, useful" items. Shelley modeled a man's work shirt that had been turned into a gaily trimmed smock by Marilyn Dutkus; and she wore it over a red turtleneck sweater and a matching pair of red pants. Shelley was so cute in her "second time around" getup.
Shelley (right) modeling a gaily trimmed man's work shirt 
for Woman's Day in 1972

1983 Series Still

Jim McMullan, unknown, K Callan and Shelley Hack
in Cutter to Houston, 1983
Veteran actor Jim McMullan guest starred on Shelley's 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston in the episode "The Very Best of Friends." He played Matt Randolph, a man who showed up in Cutter to see Dr. Wexler (Alec Baldwin.) The two were best friends in college and hadn't seen each other since. The episode wasn't aired during the series original run because, unfortunately, the series got cancelled. It was aired later though, during replays.

Dirndl Hostess Skirt

Shelley appeared in the booklet Wrights Idea Book of Trims in 1972. She modeled a Dirndl Hostess Skirt among others. Made from eight alternating red and blue bandanas, the skirt was perfect for entertaining at home with friends. A touch of Ball Fringe finished the look of the skirt. Adding a white turtleneck sweater top and a pair of matching Mary Janes made you ready to face your guests. And Shelley looked ready and willing to face every kind of guest in her delightful outfit.

An Icon Herself

Shelley on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008
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Shelley was and is THE ultimate Charlie Girl there ever was. Her image as THE Charlie Girl has been the benchmark for all the Charlie girls that followed; and to an extent, the benchmark for the modern, liberated woman as well. The confidence and class she projected - on both the print ads and the commercials - catapulted the brand to no.1 in the world. And since 1976, Shelley had and has  become an inspiration to many around the world. Truly, an icon of an era. Heck, even Oprah Winfrey wanted to be a Charlie Girl because of Shelley.
 Shelley in a French Charlie perfume ad from 1980

At A Dinner

Shelley at a celebrity dinner in Indonesia in 1986 
wearing the gown she donned at the 52nd Academy Awards

Shrink Tops

Shelley appeared on Columbia-Minerva's Mohair Shrink Tops To Knit package cover in 1972. She modeled pattern number 4326, which was a  crochet shrink top - what else?  Shelley wore a modified-argyle patterned version in green and white over a classic black and white ensemble consisting of a crisp white turtleneck sweater over a pair of midnight black slacks. And Shelley looked preppy in her shrink top.

On Wheels

Shelley appeared with fellow Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith in a 1979 fan mag article about staying in shape during the summer months. It recommended biking and skating; and it featured pics of the two Angels doing exactly that - Jackie skating and Shelley with a bike. The pics used were actually candid shots taken when the two Angels were filming the CA episode "Angels on Skates." Jackie seemed to be enjoying her skates, while Shelley looked like she was cold while on a break during filming. She had put on a sweater over her outfit.