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Cover Girl

Shelley on the cover of Townley Imperial catalog, 1973

Shelley was one of the Supermodels of the 1970s. She was one of the handful of models who constantly appeared in magazine layouts and ads throughout the decade. She was also one of the highest paid of the era, eventually becoming one of the first models to land an exclusive and lucrative modeling contract with a giant cosmetic company - a real Supermodel. Her look wasn't overtly sexy and seductive; but rather, she projected a clean, wholesome, all-American kind of sexiness which was so much in-demand at the time.

Knit Knacks D

a closeup of Shelley from a spread
on Los Angeles times Magazine, 1987

Shelley was busy with her acting career in the 1980s. In 1987, having wrapped up work with her third series Jack and Mike, she appeared on the pages of the July 1987 issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine. The spread she appeared in was called Knit Knacks, and in it, she modeled cotton knits that were perfect for that summer - worn with a dash of her own personal style of course. Shelley was spectacular.

Shelley on a spread
from Los Angeles times Magazine, 1987 

Brigitte Mit Constanze F

a closeup of Shelley from the German mag 
Brigitte Mit Constanze, 1972

Shelley was one of the most visible Supermodels in the 1970s. She appeared on many covers of many major magazines. In 1972, Shelley appeared on the June cover of Brigitte Mit Constanze, a German women's magazine which featured fashions, home styles and health. She also appeared inside the magazine, modeling the latest looks of the era.

Shelley in a fashion pic for the German mag
Brigitte Mit Constanze, 1972

Ready or Not 11

screen captures
from the Jack and Mike episode "Ready or Not," 1986

Shelley's third foray into series TV was Jack and Mike. It was about a married yuppie couple living in Chicago, trying to find time for each other in their busy schedules. Shelley played Jackie Shea, a star columnist at The Mirror, a widely-circulated Chicago paper. Her column was awaited by everyone every week. Her husband was Mike Brennan (played by Tom Mason), a successful restaurateur. The other cast members were: Nora Adler (Jacqueline Brookes), Jackie’s editor;  Anthony Kubecek (Kevin Dunn), Jackie's assistant; Carol (Holly Fulger), the head waitress at Mike's restaurant, Brennan's Grill; and Rick Scotti (Vincent Baggetta), an attorney who appears occasionally. The series, created by Sara Davidson, was filmed on location in Chicago, Illinois.

more screen captures
from the Jack and Mike episode "Ready or Not," 1986

Jackie arrives at work and is approached by her editor, Nora Adler, who tells her how impressed she is with the Matthew Pearson article Jackie. Jackie is happy Nora likes her article and ushers Nora into her office for a little heart to heart. She asks her if she'll be able to keep her job once she has her baby. Nora tells her that things will change but they'll adjust. Jackie is worried that she may not be able to research and follow up on her hard-hitting articles once she has a baby. Nora tells her she'll get used to it and will come up with a compromise. Plus, she says having children was one of the best decisions she had ever made in her life.

Charlie's Supermodel

a closeup of Shelley from a promo pic for Charlie perfume, 1977

Shelley became known as THE Charlie Girl in the mid-1970s when she became the face of Revlon's Charlie perfume. There were a slew of other girls before her; but it was Shelley who captured the imagination of the world when she began endorsing the brand. In fact, now, whenever Charlie perfume is mentioned, it is her image that immediately comes to mind. She was gorgeous, sexy, independent and confident - every bit the modern woman.

Shelley from a promo pic for Charlie perfume, 1977

Guesting 1979

Shelley in 1979

Shelley appeared on the The Merv Griffin Show in October of 1979. She was Charlie's newest Angel and fans were eager to get to know Charlie's newest recruit. The other guests that night were researcher Durk Pearson, Dr. Richard Selzer and acupuncturist Dr. Zion Yu. Shelley had been to the show earlier that year in January, before she was cast in the hit series.

Formfit Rogers 1972

a closeup of Shelley from a spread
on the JCPenney Fall and Winter 1972 catalog

Shelley appeared in many catalogs throughout her modeling career. One of them was JCPenney. She appeared in many issues of the department store's catalog from the '60s (when it was still called Penney's) until the '70s. She appeared in many spreads on the JCPenney Fall and Winter 1972 catalog. In one spread called "Formfit Rogers: Night Light," she modeled sleepwear that could also be worn around the house. The brick-colored Long Nylon Tricot Gown had lace trim on the yoke neckline and around the elasticized high-waist. It had buttons on its bow-trimmed bodice, elasticized puff sleeves and a ruffled hem. And Shelley looked sensational in it.

Shelley in a spread for the JCPenney Fall and Winter 1972 catalog