Saturday, December 15, 2018

Holiday Decorating

Shelley in another bogus Holiday version
of her iconic Charlie perfume ad

The holidays are up and coming; and it's time to bring out all those holiday trimmings and make everything feel festive. Decorate your home with all that holly and ivy, with all those lights and satin ribbons. Put up that tree and and decorate it as well. Hang all those bells and  balls and make it look as merry as possible. Now wouldn't that bring anyone into the spirit of the season?

Bridesmaids Telefilm 1989

Shelley with Stephanie Faracy, Sela Ward and Brooke Adams
in a promo pic for Bridesmaids, 1989

In 1989, Shelley appeared in the TV movie Bridesmaids along with Sela Ward, Brooke Adams and Stephanie Faracy. The film is a very pleasant watch, very apt for the season we're in. The rapport and chemistry between the principle players in this film is apparent and a delight to watch. No wonder it was a staple on cable TV in the 1990s.

Misses' Dress

a closeup of Shelley from the See & Sew pattern no. 5832 package cover, 1977

Shelley appeared on many package covers for Butterick's See & Sew pattern line. In 1977, she appeared on the cover of pattern no. 5832, a misses' dress. The long loose-fitting dress was below mid-knee in length and had a shaped band collar, a front neckline slit and pockets in the side seams. It also had three-quarter length kimono sleeves, side hemline slits and a top-stitch trim. A self-tied belt made the dress hug the waistline. Gold earrings and bracelets finished her look. And Shelley looked sensational and ready for any day-to-evening affair.

Shelley on the See & Sew pattern no. 5832 package cover, 1977

Cutter to Houston Pilot 17

screen captures from the Cutter to Houston pilot episode, 1983

Shelley's second foray into series TV was Cutter to Houston. It was about three young doctors from the world-famous Texas Medical Center in Houston who were recruited to run a small hospital in the fictional rural town of Cutter, Texas. Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin played the other two doctors. Jim played idealistic GP Dr. Andy Fenton, who grew up in Cutter and is glad to be home. Alec played internist/ladies man Dr. Hal Wexler, who is getting through his probation, having been relegated to Cutter for being a little too fast and free with his prescriptions. And Shelley played Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious surgeon on temporary assignment in Cutter and aspires to be a heart surgeon in Houston.

more screen captures from the Cutter to Houston pilot episode, 1983

To continue, at home, Beth's telephone is ringing. It's the middle of the night and she is sound asleep; but the ringing rouses her and she answers the phone. She says she'll be there and hangs up. Back at Cutter Community Hospital, Ginny Bickum lies unconscious in a station-wagon. She's been rushed there by that friend who found her in her home at that state. It's probably due to the complications she's been experiencing in her pregnancy. Andy and Nurse Patty put her on a stretcher and rushes her into the hospital. Beth arrives and joins them.

Glamorous New Angel 2

Shelley on a spread for Los Angeles magazine, December 1979
Shelley rose to superstardom in 1979 when she joined the cast of Charlie's Angels. Her casting dominated entertainment news around the world and her image appeared everywhere. In December that year, she appeared in the cover of Los Angeles magazine. As Charlie's most glamorous Angel, she was decked in the most glamorous item of clothing at the time, fur. Inside the magazine, she appeared in the spread called "Angel in Furs" which featured her in the most glamorous coats and wraps for that season.
 a closeup of Shelley from Los Angeles magazine, December 1979
Fur was very popular until the early 1980s and was considered a luxury item reserved for the most privileged of women, the more mature set. But this spread featured pieces that were designed for and marketed to the younger generation, namely Shelley and her contemporaries. She wore a short jacket which was designed in Europe for Charles Gallay; it was deemed perfect for a casual L.A. day. Underneath she wore a black silk satin blouse and pajama evening set by Laura Biagiotti for Charles Gallay.
another closeup of Shelley from Los Angeles magazine, December 1979
Shelley also donned a white mink front-gathered bolero coat by Giorgio Armani. Underneath the glamorous coat was a shocking purple blouse and pants ensemble by Krizia. A tiny evening bag by A Little Bit of Heaven was tucked between and side and arm. Her hair was pulled up and topped with a matching evening hair accessory. In both looks, Shelley oozed glamour.

A Must-See

Shelley with the cast of "The Assassin"
a Tales from the Crypt episode

In December of 1994, Shelley appeared in the hit HBO series Tales from the Crypt. The series was based on the horror comic anthology series of the same name which was published in the 1950s. The crypt keeper introduced and ended every episode during is entire run.Shelley appeared in season 6 in the episode called "The Assassin" along with Corey Feldman, Jonathan Banks, Chelsea Field and Marshall R. Teague. The episode is about a CIA "cleanup" crew tasked to find and dispose of a former CIA assassin gone AWOL - they find his wife at home instead. The episode is one of the best of that season and Shelley's performance was outstanding. If you can get it, watch it.

Shelley on the cover of the comic book Tales from the Crypt
for the TV series episode "The Assassin"

A Ward's Best Buy

a closeup of Shelley from the Montgomery Ward Christmas 1977 catalog

Shelley appeared on the pages of the Montgomery Ward Christmas 1977 catalog, In one spread called "A Wards Best Buy," she wore that season's must-have, cardigans and turtleneck sweaters. She wore the Cozy Cardigan which had a pointed collar, four pockets and gold front-closing buttons over a ribbed long sleeved turtleneck sweater (both items were being promoted that season). She also wore a gold chain necklace with a gold double-leaf pendant. Matching gold earrings and a smile finished her look. And Shelley looked ready for the holidays.

Shelley from the Montgomery Ward Christmas 1977 catalog