Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alluring Gown

Shelley appeared on the fall and winter issue of JCPenney in 1975. In a spread entitled "Alluring Gowns in Soft Nylon," she modeled a melon-colored "tie-waist gown in nylon tricot." By 1975, Shelley had successfully transitioned from teen model to one of the top models in the business. A year later, she jumped to supermodel via the unforgettable Revlon Charlie ad campaign.

Rare Appearance

Shelley in 2012

Shelley had been out of the limelight for a while until she made a rare red carpet appearance at the 2012 Hallmark Channel TCA Winter Party. It was held at the Tournament of Roses House  in Pasadena, California on January 14, 2012. She attended the same event a year before, but she didn't walk the red carpet.

Shelley with director Ron Oliver in 2011
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Jennifer Corly

Shelley and Joe Brooks starred
in If Ever I See You Again in 1978

Shelley's first leading lady role came via the 1978 film If Ever I See You Again. She played Jennifer Corly, an artist who rather loved the simple life. The film didn't do well at the box-office and was panned by critics, but it spawned a cult following.

New Hottie Crime-Fighter

a writeup on the Charlie's Angels season 4 DVD

The fourth season of the mega-hit series Charlie's Angels or Shelley Hack Season was finally released on DVD in 2009. Writeups about the DVD's release soon came after. As one writer put it, "Angel's penultimate season imported another new hottie crime-fighter." Shelley as new Angel Tiffany Welles was the new and brainy hottie of the season, but it seems her presence (or even Farrah Fawcett's) just wasn't enough to gloss over the show's flimsy mysteries and stiff dialogue.

Shelley on the cover of TV Times
in March 1980

The Charming Sensual Scent

Shelley THE Charlie Girl was a phenomenon in 1976 (the same year Farrah Fawcett exploded onto the scene.) Because of Shelley, everybody wanted to become a Charlie girl - girls and boys alike. The ad campaign that featured her was seen all over the world and translated in many languages. In France, the print ad's tagline went "La parfum charmeur, sensuel de Revlon" which translats to "The charming sensual scent by Revlon." Shelley était magnifique dans n'importe quelle langue.

Stills in 1979

Shelley posed for many promotional stills in the late '70s early '80s. In one, she sported a gray tweed blazer over a crisp white Chinese-collared blouse and a pair of sleek white slacks. A woven belt and a leather-strapped watch finished her look - which was just so leisure class chic.

Seventeen Model

Shelley gives her fellow models a lift in her bike
on this pic from Seventeen, 1970

Shelley appeared numerous times on Seventeen  magazine early in her modelling career. In 1970, she appeared in the mag in a baby blue ensemble accessorized with a butterfly-appliquéd leather belt, a matching skullcap, a beaded choker and a pair of fun white-framed sunglasses with circular lenses. Just so cute.