Saturday, October 20, 2018

Kids in Gear 1970

closeups of Shelley from a spread on Seventeen mag, 1970

Shelley appeared in several spreads throughout Seventeen magazine's September 1970 issue. In the spread called "Kids in Gear," she modeled a funky midi-dress with color-blocking on the bodice and the end of the long sleeves - by Exit 1. A pendant by Creative 1, purple hose by Beauty Mist and footwear by Connie finished her look. A ribbon around her neck and braided tied back hair brought everything together. Shelley looked young and fabulous.

Shelley in a spread on Seventeen mag, 1970

In the Eye of the Storm 2

a closeup of Shelley at her LA home in 1980

Shelley became a household name in 1979 when she joined the cast of Charlie's Angels. She went through all the things all the Angels before her went through, superstardom and constant media attention. She told People magazine in 1980, "I feel like I've been sunbathing on Three Mile Island." The very private star was under constant scrutiny by the press, viewers and critics alike. "I was totally unprepared for the press "bonanza" that followed," she said in 2000 about the announcement of her Angel-dom. "I had press people crawling in my windows," Shelley told E! in 2002.  As another Charlie's Angel (Farrah Fawcett) put it, it was like being in the eye of a televised storm.

Shelley at her LA home in 1980

Wrangler Keeps Lasses Bonny

a closeup of Shelley from an ad for Kodel, 1971

Shelley appeared in many ads during her time as a Supermodel. In 1971, she appeared in an ad for Kodel, a fiber manufactured by Eastman. The ad featured Shelley in a shirt designed by Wrangler for the bonny lasses everywhere. Striped jeans and a wide belt finished her look. With a cowboy hat and a scarf around her neck, Shelley looked all-American apple-pie gorgeous.

Shelley in an ad for Kodel, 1971

Cutter to Houston Pilot 9

screen captures from the Cutter to Houston pilot episode, 1983

Shelley's second foray into series TV was Cutter to Houston. It was about three young doctors from the world-famous Texas Medical Center in Houston who were recruited to run a small hospital in the fictional rural town of Cutter, Texas. Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin played the other two doctors. Jim played idealistic GP Dr. Andy Fenton, who grew up in Cutter and is glad to be home. Alec played internist/ladies man Dr. Hal Wexler, who is getting through his probation, having been relegated to Cutter for being a little too fast and free with his prescriptions. And Shelley played Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious surgeon on temporary assignment in Cutter and aspires to be a heart surgeon in Houston.

more screen captures from the Cutter to Houston pilot episode, 1983

To continue, Hal spots Sally Tollhouse whom he met at Cutter Community Hospital the night before. He decides to stop for a chat. She's horseback riding beside the highway, so he enters a dirt road and pulls over. Hal asks her about her brother Carl's hand and she says he's doing okay. Hal's a bit of a ladies man and flirts with her, telling her about himself and where he comes from. Sally seems to like him and, as she leaves, tells him she likes baseball - and invites him over for dinner. Back at CCH, Mayor Warren Jarvis comes over to see Andy, who hails from Cutter. He comes over to talk about Hal and his reputation. Andy assures him that things are under control. Nurse Patty Alvarez whisks Andy away for a talk with Ginny.

Kimberly Dress

a closeup of Shelley from an ad for Kimberly, 1973

Shelley appeared in an ad for Kimberly, a popular fashion line at the time. Sh wore a printed dress with short sleeves, a boat neckline and knee-length skirt. White fabric was used on the neckline , sleeves and pocket borders. A matching white belt, white footwear with black heels and a white beret finished her look. Shelley looked every inch a lady, very elegant.

Shelley in an ad for Kimberly, 1973

What If Jackie left?

Tanya Roberts, Cheryl Ladd and Shelley Hack
Charlie's Angels 1980?

Jaclyn Smith was the last of the original Charlie's Angels when Shelley joined the show in 1979. It was rumored that Jackie too wanted out and was going to leave after season 4. If she did, Tanya would still have made a great Angel, teamed up with Cheryl and Shelley. Gorgeous girl-next-door Kris Munroe, sophisticated intellectual Tiffany Welles and wild street-smart Julie Rogers would have made a fresh and great Charlie's Angels team. They would have looked fantastic together and would have meshed well together as well.

Tanya Roberts, Cheryl Ladd and Shelley Hack
Charlie's Angels 1980?

Beauty Mastermind, 1964

Shelley in a spread for Glamour magazine, 1964

Shelley appeared on many spreads for Glamour magazine when she was modeling back in the 1960s and '70s. In 1964, the first year she started modeling, she appeared in a spread for their December issue called "Your Beauty Mastermind," a compilation of beauty secrets from Glamour's fashion and beauty editors as well as the models themselves. Shelley divulged her makeup secrets and how she solved her beauty problems.

closeups of Shelley from the 1964 spread