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Stitch a Hot Combo

closeups of Shelley from a 1966 spread on Seventeen mag

Shelley appeared in many spreads on Seventeen magazine throughout her modeling career. In October 1966, she appeared in a spread called "Stitch a Hot Combo" where she modeled hot outfits anyone can make themselves. She wore McCall's pattern no. 8490, a pleated skirt, with a short-sleeved turtlenecked top, a fancy belt, a matching bag and pigtails. She also wore McCall's pattern no. 8492, a pant suit with geometric details on the top. Matching gloves finished her look. Also, she wore McCall's pattern no. 8528, a strappy dress, and accessorized it with a matching bracelet and ribbon on her hair. In all three looks, Shelley looked sensational.

Shelley in a spread for Seventeen mag, 1966

Wholesome and Sexy

Shelley in a publicity still from 1978

Shelley became a Supermodel in the 1970s. She appeared in many ad campaigns, in print and on TV during the period. Her wholesome, all-American look was all the rage; and Shelley was everywhere. She had this clean, fresh, open and honest look that had a tinge of sexy to it - much like a cheerleader all grown up.

Labor of Love Contest

a closeup of Shelley from a 1972 DuPont ad

Shelley appeared in an ad for a Dupont contest in 1972. The "Labor of Love" Knitting contest was open to all knitting lovers who were interested. All they had to do was submit a sweater, afghan, cape or poncho, scarf or shawl, either one of those, to the specified address for judging by a panel made up of people selected from the editorial staffs of leading knitting publications. The winner got a trophy, an all-expense trip 3-day trip to New York and a "boatload" of yarn for future projects. In the ad, Shelley modeled an afghan made from yarn by Dupont.

Shelley in an ad for a DuPont yarn contest, 1972

Producer Shelley Hack

watch the trailer at:
A Bramble House Christmas - Autumn Reeser
(Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 2017)
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Smash Media, Shelley and her husband Harry Winer's production company, has a movie premiering this November 19 at the Hallmark Channel. A Bramble House Christmas, which is based on the book by C.J. Carmichael, is about Willa Fairchild. She and her son Josh are at the Bramble House B&B for Christmas, thanks to a bequest by a former nursing patient. Finn Knightly, the son of the said patient, is sent there to contest the will, but falls in love with Willa. When she finds out who he is and the reason he's there, he has to gain back her trust. Find out what happens on the 19th. For more info, check out:
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Producer Shelley in 2012

Charlie in 1980

Shelley in a 1980 Charlie perfume commercial
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April 14, 1980 commercials
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Shelley was THE Charlie Girl from 1976 to 1982. She was the quintessential image of the Revlon brand - gorgeous, sexy and young. She appeared in many print ads for the brand, as well as commercials. In 1980, she appeared in yet another version.

screen captures of Shelley from a 1980 Charlie perfume commercial

In 1980, Shelley was at the height of her popularity. She had been known all over the world as THE Charlie Girl in the past years; but in 1979, she became a bonafide superstar due to her casting in the mega hit TV series Charlie's Angels. She came in as Tiffany Welles, daughter of a Boston police chief who happened to be a friend of Charlie, taking over the slot Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson) vacated that year.

more screen captures of Shelley from a 1980 Charlie perfume commercial

Shelley was busy as a bee at the time. Not only was she filming scenes for Charlie's Angels, she was doing commercials and print ads for Charlie perfume as well. She divided her time between Los Angeles and New York. But she was a trooper; and she wasn't fazed by challenges. On her junior year at Smith College, she was able to convince the dean to give her credit for an archaeology course she wanted to take at the University of Sydney in Australia. She was able to finish schooling whilst modeling on the side. She was willing to go the extra mile to achieve what she wanted to achieve.

more screen captures of Shelley from a 1980 Charlie perfume commercial

Many versions of the Charlie perfume commercials came out during Shelley's tenure as the brand's image model. One 1980 version had her coming out of a building in a fabulous pantsuit, spreading good feelings (and Charlie perfume) to everyone she passed by on her way to meet a man who had certainly captured her heart. A choir was singing the jingle, and the man she went to meet was no other than male Supermodel Matt Collins (who appeared in another Charlie perfume commercial - the one with  Mel Tormé). Shelley was beyond breathtaking.

more screen captures of Shelley from a 1980 Charlie perfume commercial

Needs A Sense of Humor

a clipping about comedienne Phyllis Diller becoming an Angel

When Shelley left Charlie's Angels in 1980, the hunt for her replacement went on; and it seemed the new Angel was anyone's guess. But believe it or not, comedienne Phyllis Diller made a serious bid to be cast as one of Charlie's heavenly cherubs. She said, "The series needs an attractive, mature woman with a sense of humor."

For The Expectant

closeups of Shelley from Sears Spring Through Summer 1967 catalog

Shelley appeared in many spreads throughout Sears Spring Through Summer 1967 catalog. In a spread for pregnant women, she modeled outfits designed for expectant mothers. She wore a stripped cotton roomy blouse over a pair of stretchy shorts. Flat sandals and ribbon-ed ponytail finished her look. She also wore a roomy sleeveless cotton top over a pair of Capri pants. Matching flat pumps finished her look. Shelley looked fab.

Shelley in a spread for Sears Spring Through Summer 1967 catalog