Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Suits of '73 B

Shelley in a spread for Seventeen magazine, 1973

Shelley appeared on the pages of Seventeen magazine's February 1973 issue. In the spread called "The Suits of '73", she modeled exactly that, suits - "really tailored, really together" that anybody could make. She modeled a suit top, elasticized at the cuffs and waist, over a pair of matching shorts (very modern) which was Butterick pattern number 3052. A white shirt, knee-high socks, a pair of heeled two-toned shoes and a smart hat finished her look. She also modeled a "smooth yellow" pantsuit (Butterick patten 3051) whose jacket had a band that could be tied at the waist. A lavender shirt, matching hose, a pair of heeled two-toned shoes and smart hat finished her look. And Shelley looked absolutely chic in both suits.

closups of Shelley from the spread

She Must be Very Proud

Shelley with Harry and Devon Rose in 1996

Shelley has been married to director Harry Winer since the 1990s. Harry is a visiting Assistant Arts Professor at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, an institution located in  Manhattan, New York City, dedicated to the study of performing and media arts. A brief biography of Harry's professional career can be found at:

Harry Winer
Visiting Assistant Arts Professor
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His bio also mentions a few things about his personal life. It mentions that he's married to Shelley and they have a daughter, Devon Rose Winer who's a graduate of Columbia University in the field of sustainable development and is working for  the Clinton Global Initiative. It looks like Shelley's daughter is just as impressive as she is. Shelley must be very proud of her.

Polyester Knit Dresses

Shelley in a spread for Sears Fall Winter 1975 catalog

Shelley appeared on the pages of Sears Fall Winter 1975 catalog. In one spread called "Polyester Knit Dresses", she modeled dresses that could be worn for a day out in town. She wore the Pullover-style Dress (on sale at the time) that had elasticized white smocking around the waist, white piping edging the collars and puffed sleeves with narrow cuffs. She also wore the Coatdress which had white collars trimmed at the edges with lace that extended to the waist of the front of the dress. It had long sleeves that ended in white cuffs and a half-belt that tied at the back. Shelley was absolutely lovely in both dresses.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

Kicks '85

Shelley with Anthony Geary in a promo pic for the telefilm Kicks, 1985

Shelley starred in the telefilm Kicks in 1985. It was about Maggie Pierson, a thrill-seeking university professor who liked living life on the edge. She finally met her match in a mysterious wealthy businessman named Martin Cheevers (Anthony Geary). The romantic pair went around, trying every kind of thrill they could possibly think of. But the question was - how far was Maggie willing to go to satisfy her need? The film is well-paced and the twist in the end is a surprise. If you can get it, watch it.

Nail Gleamers

a closeup of Shelley in Bill Blass for Blassport
from a Charlie Nail Gleamer ad, 1978

Shelley was THE Charlie Girl of the 1970s. She catapulted the Charlie brand to number one in the world - yes, the WORLD. The image she projected was so in sync with the feminist movement at the time that women aspired to become Charlie Girls themselves - independent, sexy and gorgeous. By 1978, the Charlie brand branched out to nail color. Shelley endorsed Charlie Nail Gleamer - nail polish that smoothed, fortified and whipped women's nails into "show-off shape", because every Charlie Girl wanted her nails to always be in perfect form as she went about her free and independent life.

Shelley in an ad for Charlie Nail Gleamer, 1978

At A Screening

Shelley was often seen and captured by the paparazzi in events around Hollywood. In April of 1986, she was photographed in West Hollywood, California, attending the screening of the telefilm Charley Hannah, starring Robert Conrad. She wore a pale blue top that showed off one of her shapely shoulders. Shelley was a knockout as usual.

Vibrations '71

Shelley in a spread for Seventeen, August 1971

Shelley appeared throughout Seventeen magazine's August 1971 issue. In the spread called "Vibrations '71", she modeled a latest looks for that fashion season. One look was made up of a beige knit shirt over a pair of purple button front jeans. A matching belt, boots, a skullcap and a fancy scarf finished her look. Another was a grey "Medieval-look Vest-tunic belted 'n buttoned" over a "zipfront jacquard short jump" with white collars. Fun hosiery and a unique white bangle finished her look. And in both looks, Shelley resonated the vibrations of 1971.

closeups of Shelley from the spread