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Value News Cover

Shelley on the cover of Sears Catalog for Summer Value News, 1975
Shelley appeared on the cover of Sears Catalog for Summer Value News, 1975. She modeled different versions of a top and shorts combo for summer that year. Her top was a Houndstooth-Checked Sleeveless Pullover which had a pointed collar, open V-neck and a square bottom. Her shorts were called Knee-Pants which had an elasticized waistline. She modeled the violet, grass green, dark brown and blue combos, Shelley looked ready for summer 1975.
closeups of Shelley from the cover

Connecticut Angel

Shelley on the cover of TV Week, 1979

Shelley, who grew up in Connecticut, joined the cast of Charlie's Angels in 1979. After a long search, Spelling and Goldberg chose Shelley because she had the sparkle of intelligence the show needed (she was replacing the smart Angel in the show). She was also bubbly and beautiful and looked great with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd, her new co-stars. Publicity of her casting immediately went full swing when the announcement was made. She was all over the news, all over the world.

The Luxury of Silk

Shelley in an ad for Qiana by DuPont, 1975

Shelley appeared in many ads during her tenure as a Supermodel. In 1975, she appeared in an ad for Qiana by DuPont. The Qiana look was an easy care look but with the luxury of silk. Qiana was a silk-like nylon fiber that was developed by the DuPont Experimental Station in 1962 and introduced in 1968. It became very popular in the 1970s.

a closeup of Shelley from the ad

Angels 1979

a writeup about Charlie's Angels, TV Guide 1979

Shelley's casting on Charlie's Angels in 1979 generated so much publicity for the TV series. Not only did the show get a new, updated and glamorous look, it got the audience interested in how the new Angel would work beside veteran Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. The series experienced a major slump in the past season, finishing at no. 12 over-all in the Nielsen ratings (It was no. 5 the first season, no. 4 the second season). Shelley's debut episode "Love Boat Angels" finished at the top of the ratings for the week it first aired.

Beauty in a Bag 3

Shelley in a spread for Mademoiselle magazine, 1973

Shelley appeared in many magazine spreads throughout her modeling career from the mid '60 to the early 80's. She initially did a lot of spreads for teen magazines then later graduated to women's mags. In 1973, she appeared on the pages of Mademoiselle magazine's September issue.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread

In the spread called "Beauty in a Bag, What it Takes, What It Makes", she modeled looks that any woman could create out of her bag. The mag determined that a woman's bag should contain 8 basic beauty products, some perfume, a comb, purse-size hairspray, cleansing tissues, an emery board and 2 safety pins. These were the staples any woman needed to ensure that her look stays fresh all day and all night.

another closeup of Shelley from the spread

The spread also taught women not just what to keep in their bags for retouching and keeping fresh, but what to keep in their lockers at the office and what to take when in a hurry or on the run.

Publicity Still

a publicity still of Shelley from 1978

Shelley was one of the Supermodels of the 1970s. By the mid-'70s, she was already one of the highest-paid models of the era. Having reached the top of the modeling game, she turned her sights to Hollywood. Between modeling jobs, she began taking acting classes at the Herbert Berghof Studios (under Jack Wolzer) in New York and even landed a memorable bit role in the academy Award winning movie Annie Hall. In 1978, she landed her first leading lady role via the movie If Ever I See You Again. Many publicity stills of her were taken during the time, including a set with her strolling around her Greenwich Village neighborhood.

JCPenney Looks A

Shelley in a spread for JCPenney Spring and Summer 1977 catalog

Shelley appeared in many spreads throughout the JCPenney Spring and Summer 1977 catalog. She modeled the many looks the catalog offered for women to look chic for that summer. The Spectator Look, The Active Look and The Sweatered Look were some of the choices women could wear with confidence. And Shelley showed readers how to chicly put them all together.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

In the spread called "The Spectator Look", Shelley modeled the Off-White A-Line Jumper. It was a zip-front slipover dress with spread collars, cap sleeves, horn-shaped pockets and button trimmed pocket flaps on the chest. It came with a self-fabric belt that could be closed with a D-ring. For footwear, she wore the Two-Toe Spectator-Style shoes in red and bone. A colorful scarf, matching day clutch and Venetian Glass jewelry finished her look. And her scent for the outfit? What else, Charlie Concentrated Spray Cologne.