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Simplicity Young Ideas 4

closeup of Shelley from Simplicity Young Ideas Catalog, 1972

Shelley appeared in Simplicity Young Ideas Catalog in 1972. The catalog featured fashions readers could make themselves - young and up-to-date fashions. She appeared in many spreads throughout the catalog and one of them was called "Yes, It's The Dress", which featured summer dresses in softly gathered shapes, in fabulous fabrics and fun trims. Shelley modeled pattern 9885, a mini-dress with a halter top and gathered at the waistline. Rickrack trim was used to enhance the hem of this sweet little summer dress. Matching sandals finished her look. Complementing hair pins and bracelets accessorized her look. And Shelley looked perfectly summer ready.

Shelley in a spread for Simplicity Young Ideas Catalog, 1972

Jack and Mike Pilot 14

screen captures from the Jack and Mike pilot episode, 1986

Shelley's third foray into series TV was Jack and Mike. It was about a married yuppie couple living in Chicago, trying to find time for each other in their busy schedules. Shelley played Jackie Shea, a star columnist at The Mirror, a widely-circulated Chicago paper. Her column was awaited by everyone every week. Her husband was Mike Brennan (played by Tom Mason), a successful restaurateur about to open his third restaurant. The pilot was released in VHS format and distributed in Europe, in the Netherlands and Belgium; but only the pilot episode. The entire episode was kept as is; but subtitles in Dutch were burned into the media for the convenience of the target audience. The episode runs for 90 minutes and was originally aired in September 16, 1986.

more screen captures from the Jack and Mike pilot episode, 1986

To continue, excited about what she discovered regarding the time discrepancy in the Sykes rape case that blows a big hole in the prosecution's case, Jackie rushes to her office at The Mirror. She tells Charlotte that she's writing a new  article for her column, and that she's going to finish it tonight just before tomorrow's edition goes into printing. She gives a few last minute errands to Anthony who tells her Mikes on her office phone. Mike tells Jackie about the bullets in the meat; and she tells him she'll be right over. Jackie arrives Mike's completed '50s-themed restaurant and tells him she can't make it to tonight's opening. She has an articles to write; and it has to come out tomorrow, because it's the day of Chris Sykes' sentencing. Mike is upset. Jackie promised she would come and he was looking forward to her being there with him. The couple have a spat that ends with both parties walking out on each other.

Beat the Weather 4

Shelley in a spread for Vogue, 1976

Shelley appeared in many magazines during her Supermodel days. On of them was Vogue. In October 1976, She appeared in a spread for the mag called "Everything You Need To Know To Beat the Weather" which featured fashions that were perfect for the cold weather. "You don't always need a heavy coat" was the mags suggestion - an insulating layer could give warmth and more flexibility. Shelley wore "The Foul Weather Suit", an all weather suit that provided the ultimate protection - resisting rain, wind, everything. It was made up of a hooded pullover top and a pair of pull-on pants, both in rubber-coated nylon with welded seams to prevent leakage. it could be worn over any outfit (Shelley wore hers with a stylish sweater and pants set) for that chic up-to-date look. Of course, Shelley looked super chic and sensational in it.

Party in 1982 too

Shelley at a 1982 event

Shelley was a budding new actress in the early 1980s. She had finished her stint as Tiffany Welles in Charlie's Angels (her breakthrough role) and got great reviews for her work on the stage play Vanities (which was filmed for the HBO series Standing Room Only). She snagged a part in the Martin Scorsese feature film The King of Comedy - opposite Robert De Niro, no less. This girl was going places.

Cover Chic '75

Shelley on the cover of Woman's Own magazine, May 1975

Shelley appeared on many covers during her Supermodel days. In May  of 1975, she was on the cover of Woman's Own magazine. The magazine is circulated in the United Kingdom and has been around since 1932. Shelley appeared on the magazine's cover later that year as well. Check out:

Dr. Beth

Shelley in a publicity still for Cutter to Houston, 1983

Shelley second foray into series TV came in the form of Cutter to Houston. It was the story about three young doctors running a clinic in small-town Cutter (fictitious) but was hooked up to a big city hospital in Houston which they called upon for cases they couldn't their facility couldn't handle. Shelley played Dr. Beth Gilbert, a surgeon from San Francisco whose ambition was to work in a big city hospital someday.

Western Classic

Shelley in a spread
for Sears Spring Through Summer 1971 catalog

Shelley appeared on many spreads for the Sears catalogs from the 1960s to the 1970s. In 1971, she appeared in a spread for Sears Spring Through Summer 1971 catalog called "Corral them there... Western Classic Jeans" where she modeled an outfit inspired by the Wild West. She wore The Shirt, a white-on-white, opaque-and-sheer fabric-ed top, over the Flare-Leg Jeans, a smart looking pair of jeans in the latest silhouette for pants. Flat footwear finished this look. And with her hair tied back, Shelley looked fab ready to hit the town in this classic casual look.

a closeup of Shelley from a spread
on Sears Spring Through Summer 1971 catalog