Sunday, February 7, 2016

Armful of Flowers

a publicity pic of Shelley from the 1980s
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Shelley became a superstar in the late '70s. She gained fame via her Charlie perfume commercials and print ads - she was known all over the world as THE Charlie Girl. Her Supermodel status got the attention of Hollywood and she was cast in the phenomenally successful TV series Charlie's Angels. From that point on, her fame was cemented. Tons of publicity pics were taken. One of them was a set with her carrying an armful of flowers. She was absolutely stunning in it.

a closeup of Shelley from the pub pic

Out-Growing A Shag

Shelley in a spread for Glamour magazine, 1972

Shelley appeared in the pages of Glamour magazine in September of 1972 - in a spread called "Beauty Lift For Hair Out-Growing A Shag". In the spread, she showed readers how to style hair being grown out of the Shag hairstyle where the hair is cut in layers. How to set the hair, how to control the waves and how to brush the hair back - all of them were shown in the spread. And Shelley was lovely in all the styles presented.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

Lip Service

Shelley got lip service, according to one news bit about her from 1979. Like all the Angels before her, Shelley's makeup, while filming Charlie's Angels, was constantly touched up - and that included her lipstick. The Angels were to look stunning in every frame filmed; so makeup, hairstyle and wardrobe were a top priority in the hit series.

What to Wear Under Black

Shelley modeled a sexy two-piece lingerie set for Vogue in 1974

Shelley appeared in the October 1974 issue of Vogue in a spread called "What to Wear Under Black at Night". In it, she modeled lingerie that women could wear underneath their fabulous black evening outfits. One of them was a two-piece black satin bra and bikini set by Van Raalte of Antron III. Another was a satiny black body stocking with touches of lace on top by Sensuale by Bali. The pics were taken by her then boyfriend photographer Steen Svensson.

Shelley modeled a sexy black body stocking for Vogue in 1974

Publicity Pic '78

Shelley in a 1978 publicity pic

Shelley was on her way to Hollywood superstardom in 1978. The Supermodel had risen to the very top of the modeling world via her exclusive contract with Revlon Charlie. Shelley was known as THE Charlie Girl and was setting her eyes on Hollywood. Publicity pics of her were released when her movie If Ever I See You Again was being shown theaters.

Front Runner

an writeup about Shelley from 1979

Shelley was dubbed as one of the Photoplay magazine's Front Runners in 1979. She was cast as the newest Charlie's Angel; and, because of all the publicity surrounding her casting, she became famous enough to be on the same page as fellow Angel Farrah Fawcett and Hollywood legend John Wayne. Shelley was already known as THE Charlie Girl and her casting catapulted her to Hollywood superstardom - even before she filmed anything for the hit TV series.

a closeup of Shelley's writeup

The Layered Look

Shelley in a spread for Montgomery Ward catalog in the '70s

Shelley appeared in Montgomery Ward catalog in the '70s in a spread called "The Layered Look". The "Put-Together Look" or "Layered Look" was a 3-piece fashion set that was made up of a printed blouse (with a detachable stock tie), a long vest and a pair of elastic waist pants. It was the smartest look of the season, according to the catalog, and came in two color sets, red and green. Shelley wore the look so well, she looked ready to spend the day in town.

closeups of Shelley from the '70s spread