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Nobody is Perfect 2

Shelley in a 1976 spread for Harper's Bazaar

Shelley appeared in a spread for Harper's Bazaar entitled "Nobody is Perfect" in January of 1976. The spread featured five of the most successful models of the era. Aside from Shelley, Veruschka, Serena Rhinelander, Lindy and Karen Bjornson were featured as well. Each model's figure flaw was solved with the clever use of fashion tricks - any woman could do it herself. The art of camouflage and highlighting was suggested to fix any figure "flaw."

Shelley in The Soft Wrap Dress
that's perfect for her figure

Shelley modeled fashions fit for the small boned or short woman. At 5'8", Shelley was considered "short" in the fashion business, so she was brought in to show women how to make themselves look longer and leaner. One of the outfits she wore was The Soft Wrap Dress - a soft matte jersey dress, "that wraps the body without a skin-tight cling." The dress, "cut in perfect proportion for the small-boned figure," was by John Kloss for the Kreisler Group. And Shelley was sensational in it.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread

It Girl

Shelley on the set of "Love Boat Angels"
her very first Charlie's Angels episode

Shelley became the "it girl" of 1979 when she was cast as Tiffany Welles in the phenomenal TV series Charlie's Angels. The paparazzi was all over her even before she filmed anything for the series. Everything, from her beauty regimen to romantic entanglements, was reported by the press. Prior to joining the series, she was already known as THE iconic Charlie Girl from the Revlon Charlie commercials and print ads that she did; but she didn't expect that becoming an Angel would generate even more interest in her and her life.

Researching For A Role

Shelley would always research for any role she was about to play. And in 1984, when she got the part of Frankie in the TV movie Single Bars Single Women, she went into single bars in disguise to see when was going on with the kind of women who went there because Frankie was a singles bar patron. She also tried her hand at being a truck stop waitress because her character was one as well.

Simplicity Favorite

Shelley in a Simplicity pattern package cover from 1975

Shelley was a favorite of the Simplicity Pattern Company in the '70s. The company manufactures sewing pattern guides and has come out with catalogs as well as booklets and leaflets. Shelley, along with the other Supermodels of the time, modeled many of the company's patterns.

Surprise Plot Twist

screen captures of Shelley from the 1989 film Blind Fear

Shelley appeared in the feature film Blind Fear in 1989. It was filmed in Qu├ębec, Canada and is a really good watch. Shelley gave a wonderful performance as a blind switchboard operator on her last night in the New England inn she works in, which had just been shut down; and had been broken into by three criminals who had just robbed an armored van. The plot twist in the end is quite a surprise. It's currently available on DVD.

Shelley in '78

Joe Brooks and Shelley in If Ever I See You Again, 1978

Shelley's first starring role was in the 1978 film If Ever I See You Again. Joseph Brooks, who wrote, directed and starred in the film, hand-picked Shelley for the role of Jennifer Corly. When Shelley came to audition for the role, Joe knew he had found his Jennifer and immediately cast her. He also wanted Shelley to wear her glasses during filming. The movie didn't fare well at the box office, but it did spawn the monster hit song If Ever I See You Again by Roberta Flack.

Romantic Dresses

Shelley and Susan Blakely on Spiegel's spring and summer catalog, 1972
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Shelley modeled a colorful romantic dress for Spiegel's spring and summer catalog for 1972. She wore a polka-dotted, sleeveless and ruffle-skirted cocktail dress that was just so sweet on her. Beside her was fellow model Susan Blakely who went on to star in The Towering Inferno and Rich Man, Poor Man.