Saturday, August 11, 2018

For Fun and Sun

Shelley in a spread for Simplicity Young Ideas Catalog, 1972

Shelley appeared in Simplicity Young Ideas Catalog in 1972. The catalog featured fashions readers could make themselves - young and up-to-date fashions. She appeared in many spreads throughout the catalog and one of them was called "Crate Your Own Playthings... For Fun And Sun", which featured tops and shorts for young misses to play around with that summer.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

Shelley modeled pattern 9939, an easy-to-make, super simple top and shorts ensemble. The top was a simple cropped halter top and the shorts were simple short shorts with an elasticized waist. Matching or complementing fabrics could be used and appliques could be added as a personal touch. She also modeled pattern 9884, super simple short shorts and suspenders. It was a pair of summer shorts with patch pockets and an elasticized waist that could be made with matching suspenders. Shelley looked ready to play those fun summer games.

Private Superstar

a writeup about Shelley from Movie Life Yearbook magazine, 1979

Shelley became a bona fide Superstar in 1979 when she joined the cast of the phenomenal hit TV series Charlie's Angels. She was very grateful, very excited and very much aware of the lucky break she got when she signed on to be part of one of TV's biggest hits. Although a very private person, Shelley was aware of the situation she was in and knew that, thrust into the limelight, her life would be put under a microscope. She was ready for that; but she didn't want it to affect her family. After all, "I'm the one who signed on for this job, not them. I'm the one who chose to pursue the limelight, not them," she said. She was determined to keep her mother and siblings from the negative effects of stardom.

The Streaker

a closeup of Shelley from a 1975 Ms. Lee ad

Shelley appeared in many ad campaigns during her stint as a Supermodel in the 1970s. One of those campaigns was for Ms. Lee, a clothing line for young women. In their 1975 ad which featured "The Streaker" design, she modeled Ms. Lee's denim jeans design that had an inside-out denim stripe from hip to cuff. Teaming them with Ms. Lee's matching western jacket and striking quilt shirt was sure to turn heads and bring praises from admirers. A pageboy cap, a matching scarf and wedged espadrilles finished her look. Shelley looked oh so '70s hip.

Shelley in an ad for Ms. Lee, 1975


Shelley in New York in 1980

When Shelley left Charlie's Angels in 1980, she was determined to make something out of the career path she had chosen. She went to New York and met with people from the William Morris Talent Agency regarding other opportunities on TV and the movie. She ended up accepting the role of Mary in the Jack Heifner play Vanities which was about three high school cheerleaders in three different stages of their lives and friendship. Meredith Baxter-Birney and Annette O'Toole co-starred. The play was filmed and aired as part of the HBO series Standing Room Only. And her gamble paid off big time. Shelley received glowing reviews from critics and her detractors alike.

Ultimate Poncho

Shelley in a spread for McCall's Fashion Series magazine
Shawl, Ponchos, Capes for spring 1976

Shelley appeared many mags for McCall's. In the McCall's Fashion Series magazine Shawl, Ponchos, Capes for spring 1976, she modeled the ultimate Poncho. It had knitted cable and crocheted popcorn panels in the front and back. It had big squares on two sides with cable centers and deep crocheted borders. It had crocheted edging and a fringe trim bottom. She wore it over a shirt by Lady Manhattan and pants by Time And Place. Shelley looked sensational.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread

Beauty Handbook 1979

Shelley with Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith 
in Beauty Handbook circa October 1979

Shelley joined the cast of the hit TV series Charlie's Angels in 1979. It was about three gorgeous and glamorous female detectives working for a man they never saw face-to-face, a man named Charles "Charlie" Townsend, a millionaire recluse. And, of course, the Angels in the show were always donned the latest fashion and beauty trends. In fact, their beauty secrets were of keen interest to so many that Beauty Handbook shared them to its readers, their hair and makeup secrets that is.

Shelley with Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith
in Beauty Handbook circa December 1979

Dusty Cranberry and Gray

Shelley in a spread for Sears Wish Book For The 1975 Christmas Season

Shelley appeared in many catalogs for Sears in the 1970s. In 1975, she appeared in the Sears Wish Book For The 1975 Christmas Season catalog. In the spread called "Coordinates Featuring Dusty Cranberry and Gray," she modeled pieces in that color scheme.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

She wore a dusty cranberry and gray on cream floral and polka dot pattern print blouse over a pair of plaid pants in he same color scheme. Over that she wore a smock jacket in dusty cranberry. Cram colored open-toes footwear finished her look. And Shelley looked sensational.

another closeup of Shelley from the spread

She also wore a ruffle-trimmed cream-colored blouse. It had a front-button closing, long sleeves, self-ruffled edges on a round collar and button cuffs. It could be worn with any of the other fashion pieces featured in the spread. And, of course, Shelley looked super in it.