Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gorgeous in '78

Shelley in a closeup pic from 1978

By 1978. Shelley was an established and certified Supermodel. She had appeared on many, many print ads and commercials, but became mega-famous as THE Charlie Girl in 1976. But aside from Revlon, Shelley also did commercials for Breck, Remington, Alberto-Culver, Avon Jewelry, JCPenny, Ponds and many more. She was one of the busiest models of the era.

Young Shelley

pics of Shelley as a kid used in the 1989 TV movie Bridesmaids

Pictures of a very young Shelley Hack (in the '50s were) used in the opening credits of the 1989 TV movie Bridesmaids where Shelley played one of the leads. Shelley was born in White Plains, New York, but was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. She graduated from nearby Greenwich Academy and went on to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts where she received her BA in history. Before graduating though, she took a year off to study archeology at the University of Sydney in Australia. Shelley always prioritized education and would later receive her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

1989 Play

an ad for Tamara from November of 1989

Shelley starred in the one-of-a-kind play Tamara back in 1989. She played Luisa Baccara on the long-running play that was staged at  Il Vittoriale, 2035 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood. "Basically, I get to chew the rug for 2 hours," Shelley humorously told Los Angeles Times in November of 1989 about the role she loved to play. Know more about it at:
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 an artwork of Shelley's portrait for Tamara in 1989

Shift Dress Pattern

Shelley appeared on the package for Simplicity pattern number 7640, a shift dress. The version she modeled was lemon yellow with cute little puffed-sleeves and a square neckline. Matching low-heeled pumps finished her look.

Kicks, 1985

A Portuguese language version of Kicks
was released on VHS Format

Shelley starred in the TV movie Kicks in 1985 with soap superstar Anthony Geary. The pair played a couple who loved living on the edge. But when they both go too far, one of them reels back in horror.

Shelley hack and Anthony Geary
in a promo pic for Kicks, 1985

Excited About the New Angel

Shelley in a 1979 magazine feature called Super Happenings

The Super Happenings, according to a fan magazine from 1979, involved stars like  Robin Williams, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Richard Hatch, Lisa Welchel, Brooke Shields and Shelley Hack, Charlie's newest Angel. The announcement of Shelley's Angeldom was heard all over the world and everyone was excited to meet the new girl at the Townsend Agency. And she fit the role to a T - Shelley was sexy in a wholesome way and was such a familiar face because of her Revlon Charlie endorsements.

Golden Caftan

Shelley on the spread "Captivating Caftans"
on Wrights Idea Book, 1973

Shelley modeled "the golden caftan" on Wrights Idea Book in 1973. "A smashing bit of drama," according to the booklet; and "the greatest thing to wear for comfort." It was also apparently easy to make. The version she modeled had metallic gold braiding added on. The caftan itself was made of rib-less golden corduroy, a popular material during the '70s. And Shelley looked utterly chic in her caftan.

Shelley modeling the golden caftan