Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2

Shelley in the 1980 Christmas version of the Charlie Perfume ad
MERRY CHRISTMAS, WORLD - Shelley appeared in Christmas versions of the Charlie perfume ad from 1978 up until 1981. The ad featured her striding that Charlie Girl stride alongside the season's most popular character, Santa Claus. Of course, as THE Charlie Girl, Shelley was dressed to the most glamorous hilt - as the season always demands. In the 1980 version, she wore an evening pants-ensemble by Sam Originals consisting of a white Victorian-inspired ruffled blouse - with a matching black satin ribbon around the neck - and a pair of crisp white evening slacks. A fabulous pair of open-toed evening heels and a set of festive earrings finished her look. The ad came out in 1980 an is one of the most glamorous versions of the Charlie ads ever. And Shelley was downright gorgeous in it.

No Bumb Blonde

an article about Shelley from TV Week, July 1979

Many articles about Shelley came out upon the announcement of her casting on Charlie's Angels. She was already a supermodel by then - famous for her Charlie perfume commercials and print ads. But as many found out, this blonde was no dumb blonde. She obtained a degree in history from prestigious Smith College and studied archeology in Sydney, Australia. And not only was she well-educated, she was smart with her money as well. She bought a 224-acre farm in a rural part of New York State with her earnings, using it as a weekend retreat - away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It seems Charlie got lucky with this one.

The Angel and the Soap Superstar

In 1985, former Charlie's Angels star Shelley appeared in the TV movie Kicks. With her in the teleflick was Soap Superstar Anthony Geary. The film was about a couple brought together by one common interest - a need to live life on the edge. But the how far were they willing to go to fulfill that need? The film has been released in VHS format. Lets hope the DVD version will follow soon.

Summer Girl 4

Shelley appeared in a spread for Cosmopolitan magazine called "Turquoise... for Summer Show-offs!" in June of 1978. She modeled the latest summer fashions in, what else, turquoise. The spread was a sort of promo for her latest film If Ever I See You Again. The pics were taken at the Southampton Princess Hotel in Bermuda by her former flame Steen Svensson.

In one pic, Shelley wore a "free-fall caftan" from Greek Island Ltd. Underneath it, she donned the "wee-est bikini" of the season by Monika Tilley for Elon. It showed off her fabulously long and shapely gams. A Don Kline sun hat and Ruza's bamboo bangles finished her sexy, sensational look.

In another pic, Shelley wore a Don Kline outfit consisting of a bolero and camisole combo-top over a pair of billowy pants - a winning look for the summer of 1978. A Don Kline hat, a necklace by Greek Island Ltd., bracelets by Red Cobra and footwear by Seven Stars finished her look. Elegant tassels were added to furher enhace her beachy outfit. Shelley looked divine.

In yet another pic, Shelley wore a "sports hooded cotton velour blouson" and "roomy shorts" - both by Ralph Lauren. Next to her was a duffel bag, a souvenir from Eastern Airlines, the airline that flew Shelley to beautiful Bermuda for the shoot.

Yellow and Fab

Shelley out and about in 1987 with her future husband director Harry Winer
in a fabulous all-black blouse and skirt outfit and white evening coat 
accessorized with a pair of up-to-the-minute yellow earrings
and a matching pair of yellow evening pumps

TV's Newest Superstar

Shelley appeared on the cover of Cue New York's September 28, 1979 issue. She had been cast as one of Charlie's Angels and was in the very much in the limelight during the fall season of that year. She was joining a show that made superstars out of its cast members; and Shelley was predicted to be on her way to becoming one as well.

Second TV Series

Shelley starred in her second TV series in 1983, Cutter to Houston. In it, she played Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious surgeon who had her eye on joining a big-city hospital in Houston, Texas, after her tenure in Cutter (a fictitious Texas town) of course. The show also starred Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin.