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Bride's 1972 A

a closeup of Shelley from the cover of Bride's, 1972

Shelley appeared in the cover of Bride's magazine in March of 1972. She was a full-time model at that time, having finished her schooling, and had appeared on the covers of various magazines. Bride's or Brides magazine was and is one of the most widely circulated mags that cater to brides and all their needs. Shelley was featured on the cover as well as on the pages of the issue.

Shelley on the cover of Bride's, 1972

For the cover, Shelley wore a sleeveless empire cut bridal gown with a chapel train topped with a sheer organza coat that closed under the chest with a bow and had puffed bishop sleeves ending in ruffles and decorated with guipure lace on the high neck, the sleeve ends and edges of the coat. It was by Bridal originals. Stockings by Christian Dior and shoes by Newton Elkins completed her look. A headpiece by Lounette and a flower basket by Max Schling finished her look. And with her signature smile, Shelley looked like one happy bride.

details about Shelley's Bride's 1972 cover

1982 Star

Shelley at an event in 1982

Shelley was one of Hollywood's newest stars in the early 1980s. She rose to fame first via her Charlie perfume commercials and print ads in the 1970s and then, consequently, as one of Charlie's Angels in 1979. As it was with all the Angels, Shelley had to prove that she was more than just a pretty face. In 1981, she starred in the play Vanities and to everyone's surprise got excellent reviews. She eventually got the attention of Martin Scorsese who cast her in his Robert de Niro starrer The King of Comedy and received excellent reviews as well. She was going places.

Cover Girl 1973 B

an outtake pic of Shelley's cover
for Mademoiselle magazine,  March 1973

Shelley appeared on several covers of Mademoiselle magazine during her Supermodel tenure. In 1973, she was on the cover of the mag's March issue. for the cover, she wore makeup by Bonnie Bell. She wore Bonnie Bell's Frosty Blush fringed with their Charcoal Mascara. On her cheeks, their Transparent Blushing Gel in Clear Peach. And on her lips, their Lep Service twofer - a lipstick and gloss pot called Earth 'N Honey. Her hair was by Raymond at Costantini. Her shirt by Frank Oliver and cardigan sweater and pullover by Herald House. Shelley looked drop dead gorgeous.

details about Shelley's cover
for Mademoiselle magazine,  March 1973

Shelley played Jackie Shea

a promotional pic of Shelley from 1986

Shelley starred in her third TV series Jack and Mike in 1986. It was about a married yuppie couple trying to balance career and married life. It was an especially hard adjustment for women at the time because, after the women's movement in the 1970s, more women had joined the workforce and were getting higher positions in companies which resulted in less time for their families. Jackie Shea, Shelley's character, was one them. A high-profile journalist in Chicago, Jackie had to learn how to balance her work and home life.

Simplicity School Catalog 1971 C

A closeup of Shelley from a spread
on Simplicity School Catalog, Fall/Winter 1971

Shelley appeared in many sewing catalogs when she was a model. In 1971, she appeared on the cover and pages of the Simplicity School Catalog Fall/Winter catalog. On one spread, she modeled stylish separates that could be coordinated with other wardrobe pieces. She wore pattern no. 9568, a super simple pop-on and pants ensemble. The pop-on was unlined and had shoulder seams, neck facing and narrowed hem on all edges. It could be could be made with snap-on side belts or with a fringed trim and a purchased belt (Shelley's version). The pants had an elastic waist. A turtleneck top, a gold belt and funky boots finished her look. Shelley looked fresh and beautiful.

Shelley in a spread
for Simplicity School Catalog, Fall/Winter 1971

I've Been Lucky

Shelley and Tom Mason on the Cover of Post TV, 1987

Shelley starred with Tom Mason in the TV series Jack and Mike which ran from 1986 to 1987. They played a married yuppie couple who was trying to juggle time between their jobs and their marriage. This was Shelley's third foray into series TV having starred in Charlie's Angels and Cutter to Houston in the past. Of the two previous series, it was Angels that Shelley was (and is) best remembered for and the image she had been trying to live down at the time.

a writeup about Shelley and Jack and Mike from 1987

"Yeah, I did take a lot of knocks and it hurt. I'm a person, I have feelings and I felt bad about all the criticism," Shelley said in 1987. "You have two choices. Either you give up and go home or you say 'OK, let's get working on this' and I've been lucky," she added.

The Indispensable Sweaters

a closeup of Shelley from the Sears Wish Book
for the 1974 Christmas Season catalog

Shelley appeared on many Sears catalog issues from the 1960s to the 1970s. In 1974, she appeared on many spreads throughout the Sears Wish Book for the 1974 Christmas Season catalog. In the spread called "The Indispensable Sweaters of Rib-Knit Acrylic... Each in 5 Great Colors," she modeled two great sweaters that should be staples in every woman's wardrobe at the time.

more closeups of Shelley from the Sears Wish Book
for the 1974 Christmas Season

Shelley modeled the Hugh Turtleneck Style sweater. It was a ribbed pullover sweater with long sleeves and a high neck. It was and is a fashion staple. It came in five colors - light blue, gold, navy blue, true red and white. Shelley wore the light blue and the true red versions. She also modeled the Cross-Over V-Neck Style sweater. Likewise, it was a ribbed pullover sweater with long sleeves; but, this time, it had a V-neck. It could be worn on its own or over a shirt. It came in five colors too - gold, true red, black, light blue and navy blue. Shelley wore the black version. And in both sweaters, Shelley looked sensational.

Shelley in a spread for Sears Wish Book
for the 1974 Christmas Season catalog