Sunday, April 23, 2017

Charlie Body Language

Shelley in a newspaper ad for Charlie Body Silk

Shelley appeared in many ads for the Revlon Charlie brand; she was, after all, THE Charlie Girl. One ad, which had the tagline Charlie Body Language", had her putting on the brand body lotion Charlie Body Silk. Charlie was a brand that had a fragrance, makeup and body lotion lines. Shelley was THE ultimate Charlie Girl, and therefore she appeared in ads promoting every line of the world recognized brand.

Promo Pics 1980s

Shelley in a promo pic from the 1980s
Shelley was very active in show business in the 1980s. After her big break in Charlie's Angels, she immediately delved into unknown territory, the stage, where she received critical acclaim. She then went back to doing TV shows and movies and garnered rave reviews for her work in The King of Comedy (1983) and The Stepfather (1987).

Italian Mag Spread I

Shelley in a spread for Vogue Italia, 1976
Shelley appeared on the pages for Vogue Italia in April of 1976. In the spread called "Vestito: Un Po Di Collegio Gli Fa Bene" or "Dress: A Little Colligiate for Spring", she modeled traditional  silk dresses and the latest way they were to be worn for that spring - the way college students did then.
a closeup of Shelley from the spread
She wore a silk dress accessorized (like college students would then) with a simple purse or some matching lipstick or a fancy piece of jewelry or a chic hat or a great pair of nylons. With any of them, Shelley looked sensational.

Out and About '89

Shelley in West Hollywood, 1989

Shelley was a working actress in the 1980s. She appeared on many stage, big screen and small screen productions during the era. She also attended many functions, screening and premieres at the time. One of them was the screening of the ABC Original movie I Love You Perfect. It was held at the DGA Theatre in West Hollywood, California, in September of 1989. And the paparazzi snapped away, of course.

Vogue Cover

Shelley on the cover of Vogue Italia, 1973

Shelley appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia's March 1973 issue. She was photographed by renowned fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri. Babieri did photographs for the Italian, French and American editions of Vogue magazine. His collaboration with fashion designer Valentino led to innovations in modern fashion advertising campaigns. He won the Biancamano Prize as Best Italian Photographer in 1968 and was named one of the  14 best international fashion photographers by the German magazine Stern in 1978. He never retouches his photos and photographs in analog.

Die Texas Klinik

a German language writeup on Cutter to Houston (Die Texas Klink), 1988

Shelley's second foray into series TV was Cutter to Houston. It was about three doctors working at a medical facility in the fictional small town of Cutter in Texas. When they get cases the facility can't handle, they contact a big city hospital in nearby Houston for assistance. Alec Baldwin and Jim Metzler co-starred. The series had a short run; but it was aired in Germany with the title Die Texas Klinik (The Texas Clinic) in 1988.

Bodywear '74

Shelley with Randi Oakes (who would later star in the TV series CHiPs)
in a spread for Montgomery Ward Spring '74 Book

Shelley appeared in may spread throughout Montgomery Ward Spring '74 Book. In the spread called "Fun To Wear... Easy-Care Bodywear", she modeled a bodysuit. It was a fitted top with snap crotch and elasticized legs designed to be worn over a skirt, shorts of pants. The Layered Look, as her body suit was called, had the look of a short-sleeved scoop-necked pullover worn over flock-dotted gingham checked shirt with collars and cuffs. Shelley looked ready for those fun summer months in her Layered Look.

closeups of Shelley from the spread