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Storybook Fashions

Shelley appeared on Simplicity Fashion News booklet's May 1971 issue, on the "Think of Storybooks" fashion spread. She modeled Simplicity Pattern Number 9354, a "maxi-dress with ruffled hem" and an "elasticized neckline." Her printed maxi-dress was accessorized with a pair of gold bangles, a pair of rings, a matching neck ribbon and her oh-so-effervescent smile.

THE Charlie Girl

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Revlon Rewind Charlie - Webisode 9
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Shelley reigned as THE Charlie Girl for almost seven years, from 1976 to around 1982. She brought her own brand of effortless class and style, as well as her unwavering confidence, to Revlon's most popular fragrance. Her image catapulted and made Charlie the number fragrance in the world and everyone wanted to be a Charlie Girl. Now isn't that what makes an icon?

 Shelley in a 1982 version of the Charlie perfume ad

She's on Board

A letter from producer Carol Lampman to Donald E. Westlake
regarding The Stepfather's shooting script
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Donald E. Westlake wrote the cult classic The Stepfather. The movie starred Terry O'Quinn, Jill Schoelen and Shelley Hack. Although filming was completed in 1985, the movie wasn't released until 1987. Shelley came on board and was cast as widow Susan Maine/Blake in around October of 1985. Joseph Ruben directed the movie.

Shelley in a screen capture from The Stepfather, 1987

Rib Knit Variations on a Theme

Shelley appeared in an ad for the American Thread Company in 1972. The tagline was "Rib Knit Variations on a Theme by American Thread" and Shelley was among three models who modeled cute little rib knit vests. The black model is Joyce Walker.

Logan Gay

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Trackdown Finding The Goodbar Killer 1983 CBS Saturday Night Movies Intro
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Shelley was a very visible actress in 1983. She appeared in the televised play Close Ties, the feature film The King of Comedy, the TV series Cutter to Houston and the made-for-TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer. In the latter, she played schoolteacher Logan Gay opposite acting veteran George Segal who played New York detective John Grafton. It was Segal's first TV appearance.
 George Segal and Shelley Hack starred 
in the 1983 TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer

Shelley in '96

Shelley at an event in 1996

Two-Tone Body Suit

Shelley in Sears' 1972 fall and winter catalog
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Shelley appeared in a spread for Sears' 1972 fall and winter catalog - modeling two-tone body suits. The garment could be worn with pants, tights or skirts. It was a "quick way to achieve today's color-explosion," according to Sears. The raglan-sleeved top came in two tones -  the turtle-necked bodice came in one color and the sleeves came in another - for a "two-piece look with a one-piece ease" the catalog added. And Shelley looked sensational in all the colors available.