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Layering '77 B

Shelley in a spread for Harper's Bazaar, 1977

Shelley appeared on many spreads throughout Harper's Bazaar's September 1977 issue. In the spread called "The New Ways of Layering", she and fellow model Linda Tonge showed readers how to layer furs, jackets, vests and coats in order to achieve the luxurious look of the season. Earth tones accented with soft blues and rose, a mix of lengths and textures was what it was all about.

Shelley wore Layers of Stripes & Checks, a big-cut blazer with muted stripes over a checkered blazer worn over with a ruffled shirt and narrow corduroy pants - all by Basile. A scarf around her neck finished her look.

Shelley also wore Layers of Wool & Cotton, a western shirt over a dirndl skirt topped with a cable-knit vest then again topped with a tweed jacket and a longer drawstring jacket - all by Bill Kaiserman for Rafael. A woven leather belt finished her look. And Shelley looked sensational in both outfits.

Leading Lady Role

Shelley with Joe Brooks in If Ever I See You Again, 1978

Shelley's first leading lady role was Jennifer Corly in the 1978 feature film If Ever I See You Again. The film wasn't a box office success but its theme song went to the top of the charts. It was interpreted by Roberta Flack and has since been considered one of the great classic love songs from the era.

Seventeen Model

Shelley on the cover and details pages
(she's in pics 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9) of Seventeen, November 1971

Shelley appeared on the cover and pages of Seventeen magazine's November 1971 issue. She had been appearing on the magazine since 1964, when she debuted as a model. Shelley was discovered by the heir to the A&P supermarket fortune Huntington Hartford at a debutante ball and, after some convincing from him and her mother Patricia (a former model herself), she agreed to give modeling a try. She and her mom went to New York to meet with Eileen Ford (Pat's friend) and the rest is history.

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Shelley and Devon Rose

Shelley with Devon Rose in California, 1993

Shelley along with her daughter Devon Rose attended the 4th Annual Earth Day Walk-A-Thon in 1993. It was held at Universal Studios in Universal City, California and was to benefit Environment Charities. Other celebrities in attendance were Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years, Dale Midkiff from Pet Cemetery and Khrystyne Haje from Head of the Class.

THE Charlie Girl

Shelley in an ad spread for Charlie Perfume, 1977

Shelley was THE Charlie Girl from 1976 to 1982 and was the one responsible for catapulting the brand (and, in turn, herself) to iconic status. In 1977, Charlie came up with a new way to apply the fragrance. The "Touch Tip" allowed users to apply the fragrance by rolling it onto the skin. It left no drop of Charlie to waste and came in a small spill-proof cylinder that easily fit any handbag. So fans could get  touch of Charlie anywhere, anytime.

a closeup of Shelley from the ad

Shelley Hack is 5'8" in Height

Shelley mentioned how tall she is (5' 8") in the Love Boat episode
"Dumb Luck/Tres Amigos/Hey, Jealous Lover", 1980

Shelley's height has been erroneously written down as 5' 7" in many sites throughout the net. But Shelley's height has always been 5' 8". In articles written about her prior to her casting on Charlie's Angels, it had always been 5' 8". In fact, she mentioned it on the Love Boat episode "Dumb Luck/Tres Amigos/Hey, Jealous Lover". She played Professor Carol Ketay, the genius nuclear physicist friend of Julie McCoy (played by Lauren Tewes) who Julie advised to play dumb so she could catch a man. Their plan worked and Carol met a guy she really liked and who liked her back but felt he had to break up with her because she was, well, too dumb. In the scene where the two friends were having dinner, discussing how their plan backfired, the dialogue went this way:

Julie: Okay, you proposed to him but he turned you down?

Carol: Well, I mean, I didn't get down on one knee and ask for his hand in marriage, but the message had to be perfectly clear.

Julie: Well, did he tell you why?

Carol: Are you ready for this? It is because I, Professor Carol Katey, 5' 8", summa cum laude, Carnegie Fellow, Rhodes scholar... I am too dumb.

Shelley's height is written down on the screen 
behind Capt. Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider)
in SeaQuest DSV's pilot episode "To Be Or Not To Be", 1993

In the 1993 pilot episode of the Steven Spielberg produced TV series SeaQuest DSV, "To Be Or Not To Be", Shelley played villain Capt. Marilyn Stark, the former captain of SeaQuest, DSV (deep-submergence vehicle). In the scene where Nathan and the crew were discussing the root of the problems they were having with SeaQuest's computer system, Stark's name came up and her statistics appeared on a screen behind them. It reads as:

SEX: FM   HT: 5' 8"   WT: 110


Except for the DOB, it seems they got most of it right, her height, weight, hair and eye colors. And if anyone noticed, that's a great pic of Shelley up on the screen too.

Shelley is obviously taller than Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith
as seen in this 1979 promo pic for Charlie's Angels

Shelley was one of the Supermodels of the 1970s and was as tall as most of the models who were in demand at the time, like Rene Russo and Rosie Vela. She was one of the tallest of the women who was cast in Charlie's Angels; but like Jaclyn Smith, she preferred medium-heeled footwear. Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd and Tanya Roberts, however, preferred platforms and higher heels. The Angels heights are as follows:

Kate Jackson: 5' 8 1/2"
Farrah Fawcett: 5' 6 1/2"
Jaclyn Smith: 5' 7"
Cheryl Ladd: 5' 4"
Shelley Hack: 5' 8"
Tanya Roberts: 5' 7 1/2"

I hope that's clear now.

Lounge and Dream

a closeup of Shelley from a spread
for Beeline Spring and Summer 1971 catalog

Shelley appeared on a spread for Beeline Spring and Summer 1971 catalog. In the spread called "Lounge and Dream", she modeled a soft mauve Sleep Tunic and Pants ensemble in slinky soft nylon tricot. The top had a V plunge in the front and back and a drawstring that created a flattering empire line. The pants had an elasticized waist. Shelly looked positively dreamy in her ensemble.

Shelley wearing the Sleep Tunic and Pants ensemble
for Beeline Spring and Summer 1971 catalog