Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beth and Hal

Shelley Hack and Alec Baldwin in Cutter to Houston, 1983

Shelley's second attempt at series TV was Cutter to Houston in 1983. It was about three doctors working in a fictional Texas town called Cutter. When they came across cases their clinic couldn't handle, they asked for assistance from a big city hospital in Houston, Texas - hence the title. Her co-stars were Jim Metzler, who had won critical acclaim for his work on the movie Tex the year before, and Alec Baldwin, a new and unknown actor at the time. The series had good scripts and had a great cast but, unfortunately, it was cancelled before it could find an audience. Let's hope it's released on DVD soon.

Shelley as surgeon Dr. Beth Gilbert
with Alec as internist Dr. Hal Wexler in Cutter to Houston, 1983

Gorgeous Cover

Shelley was on the cover of the November issue of Seventeen magazine for 1971. And it remains one of the most beautiful covers the magazine ever had and has. It featured Shelley in a fabulous party dress, looking like a million bucks.

Sisterly Support

Shelley with her sister Shawn

Shelley's sister Shawn traveled West to California in the summer Shelley was cast as Tiffany on Charlie's Angels. "She's fun to have around," Shelley said of her sister's visit. Acting as her sister's factotum, Shawn was there for moral support and acted as Shelley's unofficial secretary during her stay. "She cooks dinner for me and takes messages," Shelley added.

More Sleepwear

Shelley modeled sleepwear fashions for the Liberty House catalog in 1976. Libery House was a chain of department stores and specialty stores that had its roots in Hawaii and had expanded into the U.S. mainland. Shelley modeled a cute babydoll-cut nightgown by Jennifer Dale. It was sheer and delicately touched with romantic lace. The elasticized shoulders made it possible for women to wear it off the shoulders.

She also modeled an alluring and figure-flattering long shift gown with dainty lace trim by Olga. And Shelley wasn't just lovely in both, she was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Sure-Fire Hit

an article about Jack and Mike, 1986

Shelley's 1986 TV series Jack and Mike "looks like it has a chance to take off fast to become a sure-fire hit" as one writer put it. The series had Moonlighting as its lead-in and was being compared to the Harts from Hart to Hart and to Nick and Nora from The Thin Man movie series. Tom Mason played restaurateur husband Mike opposite her journalist wife Jackie. The premise of the show - a yuppie couple so busy they had to schedule time together. The series was off to a good start but struggled in the ratings and was eventually cancelled after one season. Let's hope it makes it on DVD soon.

Shelley on the set of Jack and Mike, 1986

Money Saving Fashions 3

Moneysaver Coupons from Family Circle magazine, 1978

Shelley appeared on Family Circle's Moneysaver Coupon for fabric and trim in the mag's February 1978 issue (as well as on the accompanying spread called "Make it Ruffled, Make it Quilted, Make it Smocked, But Make it Print!") If readers wanted to sew the clothes she modeled, they could get a 15% discount on printed fabrics and matching trims with the coupon provided by the magazine. Several fabric stores spread thoughout the US participated in the promo.

Shelley on Family Circle's Moneysaver Coupon for fabric and trim

On the coupon, she modeled a sexy smocked camisole top in a floral print trimmed with velvet ribbon and buttons over a tiered maxi skirt in two different floral patterns and trimmed with velvet ribbon as well. Shelley was one fabulous floral-fest.

Wake Up Feeling Good

Shelley appeared in an ad for Sealy Posturepedic beds in 1974. The beds were advertised as so comfortable "you'll wake up feeling good." Just like Shelley in the ad, consumers were guaranteed a great night's sleep and maybe even a Supermodel smile on their faces in the morning. And Shelley looked so fresh in the ad, she was like a breath of fresh air.