Sunday, November 22, 2015

Applique Knits

a closeup of Shelley from a 1971 ad for JCPenney

Shelley appeared in many print and TV ads for department store chains during the 1970s - one of them was JCPenney. In 1971, she appeared in their ad for Applique Knits - knitted shift dresses and tops with flip skirts adorned with appliques. She wore the former in the ad which was ad which was adorned with a turtle applique. A matching newsboy cap and matching tights finished her look. And Shelley was adorable in her turtle appliqued knitted shift dress.

Shelley in a 1971 ad for JCPenney

Unique Stage Play

a portrait of Shelley from 1990

Shelley appeared in the play Tamara in from late-1989 to 1990. Tamara is a play by John Krizanc about the painter Tamara de Lempicka and her historical meeting with Gabriele D'Annunzio at his villa at Gardone Riviera. The play was unique because it allowed the audience to participate in the play. The play was staged at the Il Vittoriale in Los Angeles. Audience members could follow any cast memeber as the play was going on. Shelley played the character Luisa Baccara, a character "who starts out crazy and gets crazier" according to her. "I love theater. I thought it would be fun, and it is," she added.

A Movie Splash

a writeup about Shelley from US mag, 1978

By 1978, Shelley had become a certified Supermodel and was known worldwide as THE Charlie Girl. Her success as a model was opening Hollywood doors for her; and her first leading lady role came in the film If Ever I See You Again - her 1978 movie splash. Shelley took up the challenge and was ready to tackle life in Hollywood. Consequently, the film bombed. But she took the box office failure of the film in stride, took note of the lessons she learned from it and just moved forward - as she always did. A year later, she became a superstar.

another pic of Shelley from the same US issue

Pants Problems

closeups of Shelley from Glamour - October, 1965

Shelley appeared in Glamour magazine's October 1965 issue. She appeared in the mags regular feature "Dear Glamour" - which answered readers' letters about their fashion dilemmas. One reader wrote about her problem in selecting the perfect-fitting pair of jeans, trousers or bell bottoms. Shelley's pic ran alongside the reader's question - which was answered in a fashion spread on later pages. Shelley was so young and fresh, having been a model for just almost a year. She was gorgeous nevertheless.

Shelley in Glamour - October, 1965

Super Skin

In 1973, Shelley appeared in ads for Super Skin, a facial cleanser by Natural Wonder - a Revlon line of beauty products. The product was recommended for oily skin because it blotted up excess oil and helped dry up blemishes. Only organic ingredients were used to create the product - which came in a special normal/dry skin formula as well. It made users look fresh and looking just-washed all day long. And Shelley was the perfect fresh face to endorse Super Skin.

Gorgeous in 1980

Shelley, gorgeous in her golden halter neck evening mermaid gown,
at The Love Boat Honors Helen Hayes, Beverly Hilton Hotel, 1980

Looks That Last 1

Shelley in a spread for Redbook magazine, Feb 1984

Shelley appeared in a spread for Redbook magazine's Feb 1984 issue called "Looks That Last". It featured the chemise or the sack dress - which was making a big comeback in the mid-'80s. Of course, it had wider shoulders and a looser fit, the popular silhouette at the time. Shelley was making a comeback as well. After being praised for her work on stage and on the film The King of Comedy after her stint on Charlie's Angels, she had a busy year in 1983. She did Elizabeth Diggs' Close Ties with Kim Darby. And she worked with some Hollywood greats. She did Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer with George Segal and Found Money/It's Only Money with Sid Caesar and Dick Van Dyke. She also starred in the TV series (although short-lived) Cutter to Houston with future star Alec Baldwin. She was on a roll.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread