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True Love Red

Shelley appeared in a fashion spread for JCPenney's 1970 fall and winter catalog entitled "Red is the color that my true love wears" which featured the various sleepwear fashions available in red at JCPenney. Thank you so much to for posting the pic.

Let Her Shine

A Shelley fan comments that she will start watching Charlie's Angels now that Shelley had been added to the cast. She said that Shelley's "beauty and sincerity" was going to "shine through her acting." I couldn't agree more.


Shelley lent her own brand of charisma in this 1978 ad for Bobby Brooks. You too could have the "Bobby Brooks Charisma" in the ensemble - oatmeal and grey skirt and jacket  with matching shirt and tie - that she donned.

On the Cutter Set

On a break on the Cutter to Houston set in 1983, it seems Shelley decided to study her lines. Cutter to Houston was a medical series that used genuine medical terminology. A consultant was permanently on the set to monitor and correct all the medical terms used during filming.

Gentle To Your Wallet Too

Shelley appeared in an ad for Pretty Naturally Hypo-Allergenic Cosmetics in 1971. 
They were cosmetics that wasn't just gentle to sensitive skin;
they were gentle to the wallet as well.

Fabulous Flying Bird Brooch

Shelley wore a fabulous flying bird brooch in her lapel in a pictorial
for her 1986 TV series Jack and Mike.

Sitting Pretty

Shelley was sitting pretty in this pic from the late '80s.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Carousel Beauty

Shelley was a fresh beauty when she posed on a carousel for this early-70s fashion pic. Her somber all black ensemble was made more exciting with pops of red and green.

Charlie in Spring

Shelley appeared in newspaper ads promoting Revlon's new spring look for the 1981 season. Revlon's latest innovation "The Rouge" was now available and came in six new shades. Polished Ambers by Revlon had come up with several new blue and yellow based colors for "dark-skinned beauties." And Charlie, also by Revlon, had come up with a new look - packaging, bottle and all. The new look was based on a painting created especially for Charlie by esteemed artist LeRoy Neiman.

It Doesn't End at 40

Check it out at

Shelley is among the celebrities who have been included in the site Gorgeousness Doesn't End at 40. Her fellow Charlie's Angels Cheryl Ladd and Lucy Liu are also in the list, as well as a number of other showbiz luminaries who have aged gracefully. It's amazing how magazines and media in general have made it seem that gorgeousness is the sole property of the young when gorgeousness is an ageless quality (as proven by 73-year-old Supermodel Carmen Dell'Orefice) Besides, everyone eventually ages anyway, whether they like it or not, so what's all the fuzz about getting a wrinkle? It was never the dress, but the way you wear it, honey. You can be gorgeous at any age, and that's a fact. So youngsters, stop worrying and don't buy into it all. Just like the celebrities in this list, Gorgeousness knows no age.

Style Circa '72

Shelley showed everyone what style circa '72 was all about
in this ad for Shire Tex by Davenshire.

Jackie and Mike

Shelley played Jackie Shea opposite Tom Mason's Mike Brennan in 1986 series Jack and Mike which was set in Chicago. Jackie, a journalist, was married to Mike, a restaurateur; and the couple struggled to find time for each other amid their busy professional lives.

The Angels' Curse

The TV series Charlie's Angels was so popular that tabloids kept churning out story after story about the ladies who became part of the show. From their looks to their love lives, nothing was off limits. Some wrote about "The Curse of Charlie's Angels," that the stars of the series have all "been struck down by personal disaster" since they've joined the show.

Day to Evening

Shelley modeled this day to evening dress in the mid-'70s. It came in a number of colors and could be worn several ways. A simple change of accessories gave the dress a whole new look.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sass and Class

Shelley's inherent sass and class
made this mid-'70s dress a mid-'70s standout.

Night Court Documentary

Night Court TV Tales E! Channel Documentary
 Watch it on YouTube at

Shelley's very brief stint as DA Christine Sullivan in Night Court was mentioned in the 2002 E! Channel documentary series TV Tales when it featured the ground-breaking sitcom. According to Richard Moll, who played bailiff Bull Shannon on the show, "Shelley Hack was very sweet. She lasted about 16 minutes, as I remember, yeah. That was tough." Now let's just hope someone would post the episode about Charlie's Angels where all the six Angels from the original TV series were interviewed. One big advanced thank you to the person who does that.

Angels in Mexico

Shelley, along with the Season 4 Angels and David Doyle, graced the cover of Tele Guia, the Mexican version of  TV Guide. The pic used for the cover was taken during the filming of the Charlie's Angels' episode "Fallen Angel." Farrah, Jaclyn, Cheryl and David were in the clothes they wore for the epilogue; while Shelley was in an outfit she wore for an earlier scene. So either they've just finished filming the epilogue and Shelley got dressed to film the earlier scene; or Shelley hadn't changed yet for the epilogue scene. Or maybe even neither of both. Well, great pic anyway.

Garden Portrait

Shelley appeared in the ad for Wamsutta bed sheets in 1965. It's one of the first ads she ever made; and at 18, she was as lovely as the flower-printed sheets she was in. Wamsutta named the print "Garden Portrait." The ad ran from '65 to '66.

Super Mega Show

Shelley attended the 2010 Super Mega Show and Comic Fest held in July of that year. Fans were trilled to see the private and rarely seen of all the Charlie's Angels, old and new. She was still stunning, and she still had that iconic smile that made her famous. Let's hope she indulges her fans again this year by making another public appearance. Oh, that would be a big treat.

A "Flop" Maybe, But...

Shelley starred in the 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston. It was the second time she was cast as a regular in weekly show (Charlie's Angels was the first.) The show was about a trio of doctors who were assigned to a small-town hospital in Cutter, Texas and got assistance from a big city hospital in Houston, Texas, via a computer hook up and a helicopter. In December that year, US magazine reported the show a "Flop" when it was canceled after only seven episodes. But it also reported that "the scripts were fine and the operations mostly successful." So a "Flop" maybe, but only because not many people tuned in (sleeper hits were unheard of at the time.)

Sweater 1971

Shelley appeared on the cover and pages 
of Woman's Day 101 Sweaters Number 4 in 1971.

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Shelley appeared in a mid-'70s JCPenney ad for "velvety-looking jackets." The jackets were made of velour which has the rich appearance and feel of velvet but is kinder to the pocket.

Consultant 1980

According to an article from 1980, one of Shelley's first gigs after Charlie's Angels was as consultant to Canadian film producer and film financier Pierre David. He was planning to produce a film called Models and probably wanted Supermodel Shelley's input on the subject matter.

A Hit

"Love Boat Angels," Shelley's first Charlie's Angels episode, finished at number one in the Nielsen ratings when it aired on September 12, 1979. On September 18, US magazine picked the show, now on its fourth season, as one of "the hits on the tube" that fall.


Shelley starred as Jackie Shea in the 1986-1987 TV series Jack and Mike. Initially titled Jackie O'Shea (as a solo vehicle for Shelley,) the series was renamed Our Kind of Town and then finally Jack and Mike. Tom Mason was cast as Jackie's husband, Mike Brennan and got equal billing. The chemistry between the two actors was apparent in a TV movie they both did a year prior, Kicks. Tom played Caleb, Maggie Pierson's concerned boyfriend. Maggie was, of course, played by Shelley.

Charlie's Hitparade

Shelley's Charlie Girl persona was so phenomenally popular and successful worldwide, it made her and the Charlie brand a household name. It was so popular that a long-playing record album called Charlie's Hitparade was released in 1980. Of course, Shelley graced the cover of the 12-track album, and it featured songs by Cliff Richard, Elton John and Shirley Bassey. The tracks included in the album are the following:

 Charlie's Hitparade - Easy Listening Tophits

Side A 
Elton John - Your Song
Guys N' Dolls - You're My World
The Shadows - Bright Eyes
David Soul - Don't Give Up On Us
Minnie Riperton - Loving You
Bill Bradley Band - Charlie's Theme

Side B
Cliff Richard - Miss You Night
Crystal Gayle - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
Dr. Hook - A Little Bit More
Paul Anka - (You're) Having My Baby 
Shirley Bassey - Something 
The Cats - End Of The Show

Skates Episode

Shelley takes a break and makes a phone call during the filming of the Charlie's Angels episode "Angels on Skates." Thank you so much to for postng this very rare and wonderful pic.

Ingenue Cover

Shelley was on the cover of the March 1965 issue of Ingenue magazine. She wore a pink/yellow/white hybrid paisley-printed, notchy pink-collared coat over a pink sleeveless skimmer, both by American Bazaar. Her hair was by David Crespin, makeup by Helena Rubinstein. The photo was taken by Francesco Scavullo of Cosmopolitan covers fame.