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Shelley's Do in Anchorman 2

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Christina Applegate cited Shelley Hack as the inspiration for her hairdo in the film Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Christina Applegate, who played Veronica Corningstone, "modeled the 'crazy-looking wig' after Shelley Hack." Christina added, "I kind of love Shelley Hack from Charlie's Angels, so there's a little bit of that in there, a little Jane Pauley, a little Diane Sawyer."

In Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,
Christina Applegate based Veronica Corningstone's hairdo on Shelley Hack's

THE Fabulous Charlie Girl

Shelley's tenure as THE fabulous Charlie Girl lasted from 1976 to 1982. During the Christmas season of '81, she donned - a chic black ruffled sheer-and-satin top over a pair of satin up-to-the-minute evening clam diggers - in the Christmas ad for the Revlon brand. A sheer black evening hose and a pair of slingback open-toe pumps finished her look. For closeups, she wore a Christmas spray "broach" to signify the season. She was gorgeous.

Quiltings With A Gala Glow

Shelley appeared in the 1964 spread "Holiday Scene: Quiltings With A Gala Glow." which was featured in the December issue of Seventeen magazine. It was one of Shelley's first modeling assignments, and she looked utterly fresh in her lime-colored "quilted acetate" dress that hugged her waistline. A matching headband and a pair slingback low-heeled pumps kept her look young and dainty, while witty floral and gold accessories kept it interesting.

Delicate But Determined

An article about Shelley entitled "Behind the Delicacy, Determination" came out in 1986. It was about her new TV series Jack and Mike, and she was excited about her latest endeavor and the many possible story lines the show could tackle. Her thoughts about her past endeavors were also mentioned.

Great Dish!

Shelley was totally deep into '70s fashion in this 1972 ad for JCPenney. In her flowered long-sleeved shirt, ruffled-sleeved shrink sweater and billowy palazzo skirt, she was deemed a "Great Dish!"

Exciting New Basics

Shelley appeared in a spread entitled "The Class of '77 Exciting New Basics The Soft And Easy Suits" for Harper's Bazaar in 1977. She modeled a "White Shirt-Jacket and Dirndl Skirt" ensemble. It was so versatile could be worn on its own or with silk blouse or cowl-neck sweater under the jacket - depending on the wearer's mood and the time of day. It was by Adolph Schuman Separates for Lilli Ann and Shelley was breath of fashion fabulousness in it. Love it!

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Greetings to One and All

Hair '83

Shelley (along with her sister Babe) was featured in the spread called "29 Prettiest Hairstyles Modeled by Celebrities and Their Sisters" which appeared in the August 1983 issue of Good Housekeeping. Shelley's very blonde bob, which she wore on her TV series Cutter to Houston, was blown and styled to '83 chicness.

More Star-Dressing

Shelley appeared in a spread for Harper's Bazaar entitled "Star-Dressing for Little Evenings" in 1977. And she looked every bit like the superstar model she had become. Shelley shot to supermodel stardom when she began endorsing the Charlie brand by Revlon in 1976. Two years later, she would become a superstar Angel via Charlie's Angels.

Christmas Movie

Shelley at a Hallmark Channel party in 2012

Smash Media is a film production company headed by Harry Winer, Shelley's hubby, where Shelley herself is VP for development. Smash Media produced Lucky Christmas for the Hallmark Channel in 2011, and it starred Elizabeth Berkley and Jason Gray-Stanford. The wholesome tale was co-written by Harry Winer himself along with Sheri Davenport and is currently out on DVD. Get your copy now and watch it this Christmas season.

The Charlie Girl

A brief article about Shelley entitled "The Charlie Girl" appeared on Seventeen magazine's November 1979 issue. It talked about her rise in the modeling business as well as her academic achievements. And with her biggest break that year as Tiffany Welles in Charlie's Angels, Shelley was going places.

Mystery Date

Shelley was spotted several times with a mystery date in the mid-'80s.

Fabulous Coat

Shelley modeled this fabulous camel-colored coat in around 1977.

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Extra-Extra Shine

Shelley was THE Charlie Girl in the 1970s and the early 1980s and appeared in many print ads and commercials promoting the brand. In 1979, she appeared in print ads promoting Charlie Extra-Extra Shine Nailcolor. "The newest Charlie has muscle in its shine," the ad said; and Shelley, sporting her now famous stride, flexed her extra-extra-long leg muscles to show women all over the world that they too can shine... Extra-extra, that is.

1987 Event

Shelley attended the 24th Annual Publicists Guild of America Awards which as held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California in March of 1987. Shelley was, as always, chic and up-to-the-minute with her shoulder-padded  ivory-colored outfit that consisted of an oversized top that ended in a fitted skirt. Gold accessories and big hair finished her sophisticated '80s look.

Coat, Skirt and Shirt

Shelley modeled a coat, skirt and shirt ensemble for Harper's Bazaar in 1977. The tweed coat, in shades of brown and cream, had a matching long fringed scarf. If readers wore the coat with the suggested beige and brown silk shirt and a brown cotton corduroy skirt, then they got the look of the season, that Shelley pulled off sensationally.

Fresh-Faced Beautiful

Shelley was just fresh-faced beautiful on the January 1974 cover of Mademoiselle magazine. As other top models projected unabashed sexiness, Shelley projected a fresh, wholesome, somewhat innocent and androgynous look that was sort of sexy in itself. It set her apart from the other models of the era. But that's when her mouth was closed, because when she smiled, it was a totally different ballgame. It was just unapologetically sexy and could light up an entire room. She had a smile that could disarm anyone and make their hearts melt.

Like A Kid at Christmas

Shelley was "as excited as a kid at Christmas" according to an article about her in 1979 that came out after she got the part of Tiffany Welles in Charlie's Angels. Shelley told the writer what it was like when she got the part; and told him about the perks and preparations she was making for her new job. She talked a bit about herself and her expectations.

Posy-Print Dress

Shelley wore a posy-print jersey dress for Sears' 1974 fall and winter catalog. Her dress had "a snowy-white collar and  2-button cuffs." Her empire-waisted dress zipped at the back and had a "half-belt that ties." Matching hose and shoes finished her look.

Pink Ensemble

Shelley was just 18 years old when she modeled this pink ensemble for McCall's magazine in 1965. With her flick up Nancy Drew bob, gold bracelet, false eyelashes and matching pink lipstick, she embodied teen '60s chic.

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Shelley appeared in a spread for Harper's Bazaar entitled "Star-Dressing for Little Evenings" in 1977. And boy, did she look every inch the supermodel she had become and the superstar she was about to be (she became a Charlie's Angel two years later.)

Mother and Daughter

Jill Schoelen and Shelley Hack
played mother and daughter in The Stepfather

Shelley in a screen shot from the cult hit movie The Stepfather which was released in 1987. Shelley played Susan Blake, wife to Terry O'Quinn's Jerry Blake, who was stepfather to Stephanie (played by Jill Schoelen.) The movie was a surprise hit and gained a cult following. It even spawned a two sequels (1989 and 1992) as well as a remake (2009.) But none of them captured the chills viewers got from the original which changed the meaning of "stepfather" forever.

First Cover

One of Shelley's first covers was Glamour magazine's  November 1964 issue

The Year 1987

In 1987, Shelley's career was in full swing. As critics dismissed all of Charlie's Angels as mere flashes in the pan, each and every one of them was proving it wasn't so; and Shelley was the latest to disprove them. With the surprise hit The Stepfather and her TV series Jack and Mike picked up by ABC the year before, Shelley had become very busy indeed. She was hoping ABC would pick up her TV series for another season which they were planning to move to L.A. What could that have been like?

Knits 1974

Shelley wore the latest in knitwear for Sears' 1974 fall and winter catalog.

Crimen A Ciegas

Shelley was cast in the film Blind Fear in 1989. It was about a blind woman who outsmarted some very nasty criminals and had a surprise ending. The film was realeased in VHS format in English and other languages. Blind Fear translated to Crimen A Ciegas for the Latin American market.

1996 Premiere

Shelley attended the premiere of the film House Arrest in 1996. Directed by her Husband Harry Winer, it starred Jaime Lee Curtis, Kevin Pollak and Jennifer Love Hewitt. She had a brief cameo in the film. She played Dr. Erica Gilliland, Ph.D. but was uncredited.

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Pretty in Printed Pink

Shelley was pretty in her printed pink top and cherry red slacks 
in the 1977 See & Sew pattern 5779.

Sporty Charlie Girl

Shelley in a sporty mood for Charlie perfume in 1979

Brains Behind Her Beauty

Shelley's Charlie Girl fame grabbed Hollywood's attention, as was said in a 1978 article about her. It got her cast in the Academy Award winning film Annie Hall and in the film If Ever I see You Again (her first leading lady role.) "Anything but the typical pretty, vacuous cover girl," the Smith grad was devoting all her time to acting.

Carefree Cover

Shelley in another version of the Carefree Crochets book 
by Columbia-Minerva, released in 1973

$130 Wardrobe part 3

Shelley appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar August 1977 issue. She modeled "Bazaar's 5-day $130 wardrobe that works everywhere." Shelley showed readers how to mix and match the pieces and look fab.

Angels In Fab Furs

Shelley as well as co-Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd wore fabulous furs in promotional pics for Charlie's Angels in 1979. The TV series was given a classier look, so fur and jewels seemed appropriate. The Angels never looked more heavenly.

Plaid Fashion

Shelley donned paid fashions for Seventeen magazine in 1967.

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Bowed Jacket-Dress

Shelley modeled the "Bowed Jacket-Dress" for Montgomery Ward's 1975 fall and winter catalog. The outfit came in "two beautifully tailored parts." One part was a dress with a blouse-style bow-necked bodice with button details that ended in an A-line skirt. The other was a "sweater-look cardigan jacket." The outfit was perfect for the cold months of 1975.

Supermodel Search

Ford Models Inc. founder Eileen Ford, deemed the First Lady of Modeling,  pioneered the model search contest/pageant via Face of the '80s (later renamed Supermodel of the World.) The first of which was held in 1980. From 1980 onwards, many young women were invited to join Ford's search for the next modeling superstar. Ford Models Inc. had represented many of the Supermodels since the 1950s; and Cheryl Tiegs, Lauren Hutton, Karen Graham and Shelley Hack (the Supermodels of the '70s) were mentioned in Face of the '80s entry forms (which appeared in magazines) to entice hopefuls to join.

Ford Supermodels
top, Cheryl Tiegs and Lauren Hutton
below, Karen Graham and Shelley Hack

Knit Summer Dress

Shelley wore the "knit summer dress for juniors" 
on the cover of Sears Summer Book  1973.

Fab in a Tux

Shelley was just fab in a tux in this Charlie perfume ad from 1977.

Sheared Back

Shelley wore fabulous shear-backed dress
when she attended an event in 1986.

Tent Style

Shelley modeled a romantic tent style dress in black
for Sears spring and summer catalog in 1978.

Angels in the Outfield

Shelley was mentioned in a 2001 article about TV's Charlie's Angels entitled "Angels in the Outfield." It updated readers on what the Angels had been up to in the since the series went off the air in 1981. It also included David Doyle who played John Bosley in the series.

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Nautical-Inspired Coat

Shelley appeared on the pages of the Spiegel fall and winter catalog in 1970. She modeled several outfits including this smart nautical inspired knee-length coat in navy blue. The red and white striped scarf and white boots she wore with the outfit further enhanced the nautical feel of the coat. Navy blue gloves finished her look.

The Race

Shelley won the race "to find Charlie's newest Angel" in 1979. In 1977, When Farrah Fawcett left the series, there was so much media interest on her replacement (Cheryl Ladd) and how she would fare. 1979 was no different. Kate Jackson was fired? or left the series? (it depended on who you were talking to) and media interest on her replacement was all over the news. "I couldn't believe it. What was I doing in the evening news?" Shelley exclaimed.

Skiwear Ad 1971

Shelley appeared in a 1971 ad for White Stag. White Stag was a brand of skiwear that made "beautiful clothes for Active People." Shelley appeared in several of their ads and was on a bike in one of them.


Shelley starred in her third TV series Jack and Mike in 1986. She played Jackie Shea, a newspaper columnist who was trying to find balance between her professional life with her personal life. Of course, Jackie was glamorous and Shelley wore the glammest outfits for promotional pics. Her evening gown was shoulder-padded, shimmery and over-sized - very up-to-the-minute in '86. With chandelier earrings and big hair, Shelley was 80s perfect.