Friday, May 31, 2013

New Sweater Looks

Shelley modeled an over-sized cowl-necked tunic and a fun knicker set (check out: in a fashion editorial called "Sensational New Sweater Looks" for Harper's Bazaar in the mid-'70s. She's sensational.

Best Episode

Shelley with Corey Feldman in Tales From The Crypt
Watch the full episode at:

Shelley's 1994 Tales From The Crypt episode "The Assassin" was listed as one of the 25 Best Tales from the Crypt Episodes by MalteseRambo (Thank so much) at IMDB coming in at number 14. And rightly so because after almost 20 years, the story remains fresh, funny and interesting. With solid  performances by the entire cast, the episode is one of the best remembered in the entire series.

IMDb: 25 Best Tales from the Crypt Episodes

Still Another Angel Ad

Shelley on a TV Guide ad for the 1979 Charlie's Angels episode "Caged Angels"

Comfortable Casuals

Shelley donned peasant tops over striped pull-on pants in a spread called "Comfortable Contemporary Casuals" for the Sears Spring Summer Catalog 1978. The outfit could be finished with a belt and a hat, and looked best with cross-strapped wooden clogs.

Look Like An Angel

Shelley was the subject of this 1980 article that revealed her beauty secrets. Encouraged by her ex-model mother, she reluctantly became a model herself and became one of the best, although she never believed she was beautiful. But as the article says, "all you have to do is take one look and you would have to admit, Shelley isn't pretty...she's beautiful."

On The Phone

Shelley was caught on the phone in this 1978 publicity  pic

Travel-Happy Coordi-Knits

Shelley in a spread entitled "Travel-Happy Coordi-Knits"
from Woman's Day Sewing & Fashion 1973

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Individualist Fashion

Shelley in a 1977 ad for Utah Tailoring Mills,
a company  that made custom-fitted clothing for individual clients

Jackie Shea and Mike Brennan

Shelley  and Tom Mason as Jackie Shea and  Mike Brennan in a promo still 
(used for the cover of TV Guide) for their 1986 series Jack and Mike

Sixteen Stars

Shelley was among the 16 stars who participated 
in Celebrity Tennis '86 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sweet Shelley

Shelley was sweet in her orange polka-dotted dress in this pic
from the 1967 spring through summer issue of Sears catalog

Another Angels Ad

Shelley in an ad for the 1979 Charlie's Angels episode "Fallen Angel"

Giant Sunglasses

Shelley modeled  giant sunglasses 
for the 1977 spring summer issue of the JCPenney catalog

Weather It Fashionably

Shelley in a spread called "Weather It Fashionably Come Rain..." 
from Woman's Day Sewing & Fashion 1973

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Natural

Shelley appeared in ads for Miss CLairol in 1972 and 1973. 
The two-page version of the ad featured two pics of Shelley.

A What If Angel Lineup '80-'81

Rumors about Jaclyn Smiths intentions of quitting Charlie's Angels were circulating in 1980. Although we all know that she didn't do it, what if she did? What would the '80-'81 Angel lineup look like? Would Tanya Roberts still have joined Cheryl Ladd and Shelley Hack in the series?

Season 5 of Charlie's Angels had few team portrait sets. What would Cheryl, Shelley and Tanya look like as Angel team? I made such a pic and posted it last Nov 2009 ( Now I made two new ones, because there were three official team portrait sets that season.

Knit Know How

Shelley in a 1973 fashion editorial for Woman's Day Sewing and Fashion 
that teaches readers the "Knit Know How" on how to sew stretch knits

Co-ed Cover

Shelley on the cover of Co-ed magazine in March of 1980

Jeers For Jackie

TV Guide gave a jeers, thumbs down, to Shelley's Jack and Mike Character Jackie Shea (along with three other women TV characters at the time) for being "too good to be true" in November of 1986. Being "a perfect, principled, right-minded female" was deemed too much for television.

Paparazzi Snaps

Shelley in a couple of paparazzi snaps from 1979

Jeans Shop

Shelley in "Junior Bazaar Jean Shop" fashions for Sears in 1974

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Soft and Elegant

Shelley was "soft and elegant" in the "lace tunic over a double-knit long dress"
she modeled for Sears 1978 spring summer catalog.

Angel Ads

Shelley was in these Charlie's Angels ads that appeared on TV Guide in 1979. They were ads for episodes 2 and 3 of the show's 4th season, namely "Angels Go Truckin'"(episode 2) and "Avenging Angel" (episode 3.) Episode 3 was advertised with Vega$, another hit show in the '70s.

Fresh, Young and Free-spirited

Shelley is fresh, young and free-spirited in this pic from 1972 for Simplicity pattern 9880. She looks so casual and laid-back and seems to be enjoying going barefoot. Shelley has been known to prefer flats rather than heels in most occasions.

Cover and Outtake

Shelley on the cover (below) and an outtake (above) 
of the cover of Mademoiselle magazine's June 1973 issue

Cheers to Jack and Mike

TV Guide gave a cheers, a thumbs up, to two episodes of Shelley's 1986-1987 series Jack and Mike. The episodes cited were "Separate Lives" (aired Jan 6, 1987) and "Come Together" (aired Jan 13, 1987.) It seemed the storyline for these episodes brought interest in the show.

Jen Corly

Shelley posed for this promo still for her 1978 film If Ever I See You Again. She played artist Jennifer Corly and wore her own big, mannish shirt that she got from a Sydney army surplus store in her first scene in the film. She called the shirt "my favorite friend.” And her best scene in the film is her first scene. She was so charming, so lovely, definitely very classy and a treat to watch in that scene.

The film is currently available on YouTube. Watch it at:

Matching Separates

Shelley modeled a mid-priced floral matching separates
in this 1974 ad for Wrangler Sportswear.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Trio Collection

Shelley appeared in this 1976 ad for Princess Gardner wallets and accessories that featured The Trio Collection. "Because there's more to style than the clothes you wear."

Pink Chemise

Shelley modeled a "silk chemise in cyclamen pink" 
in this mid-70s fashion editorial.

Mega Show

Shelley attended the 2010 Super Mega Show and Comic Fest held 
on July of that year. Thank you so much to Charlie's Angels Italia's Facebook page
for posting this pic.

The Finishing Touch

Shelley starred in the 1992 film The Finishing Touch along with Dynasty's Michael Nader and Future The Mummy star Arnold Vosloo. The film was released in VHS format.

Mademoiselle 1973

Shelley on the cover of the 1973 Christmas issue of Mademoiselle magazine

Positive View Point

Shelley was the topic of this 1986 article that featured a lot trivia about her. Most probably a sort of promo for her TV series Jack and Mike, the article shows us that she "looks at life from a positive point of view."

Soft Impressions

Shelley sported a beehive hairdo in this 1967 ad
for Kotex,"napkins with soft impressions."