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New Sun Looks

Shelley appeared with fellow supermodel Patti Hansen (later Mrs. Keith Richards) in the 1974 July August edition of Carefree Patterns From McCall's. They appeared side by side, poolside, donning the "New Sun Looks" of 1974. In the section called "The Long and Short of It," Patti modeled the "short and skimpy" dress pattern (number 4109) while Shelley modeled the "long and body-hugging" dress pattern (number 4103.) Both women were absolutely gorgeous in their summer looks.

Beautiful Blonde

Shelley was featured in a poster/article on the UK children's magazine Look-In (the July 28, 1979 issue.) She had just been proclaimed Charlie's newest Angel and this "beautiful blonde" was getting so much media attention. A few snippets of info about Shelley, the newest Angel, appeared on the page, and of course, Shelley looked positively angelic in it.

Charlie at Filene's

an ad for a Charlie promo at Filene's
thanks to the Dirty Old Boston page at Facebook for posting

An artwork of of Shelley, as she looked in the 1977 Charlie perfume ad that was taken in London, was used in a Revlon Charlie perfume and cosmetics promo that took place in all Filene stores. Filene's was a department store that was spread throughout New England and New York.

A 1977 Charlie perfume ad taken near the The South Bank Lion
Behind our Charlie Girl, Big Ben

Poster Circa '78

Shelley in a poster for her first starring-role film If Ever I See You Again.


Shelley was described her as a homebird in this clipping from 1979 
which was taken at her Los Angeles home.

'60s Victorian Fashions

Shelley modeled updated Victorian fashions
in a spread called "Behold The New Victorians"  in 1968.

Joining Forces

Shelley with co-star Tom Mason joined forces in this promo still for their 1986 TV series Jack and Mike. It was the '80s, and not only were shoulder pads in, but big hair, conspicuous consumption, the glamorous life and lots of champagne were in as well. Jackie and Mike were the perfect '80s yuppie couple. The only problem was they couldn't always find the time to be perfect together.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

HaPPy ValenTine's DaY

Jackie Loves Mike
Happy Valentine's Day to All

In 1986, Shelley starred with Tom Mason in the TV series Jack and Mike which was about yuppie couple who loved each other so much but couldn't find time for each other. Jackie and Mike (Shelley and Tom) tried to make their marriage work, and I'm sure Valentine's Day was important to them.

proposed cover art for the Jack and Mike DVD 

So many TV series have made it to DVD, I hope this one comes out as well. Although short-lived, it had a following, and viewers were very disappointed when it got canceled. If not, maybe someone can post the episodes on YouTube, that would be great too.

New Angel

Shelley in one of the earliest publicity pics that came out after she was cast as the new Charlie's Angel. Of course it featured one of her best assets, those sexy gams and ankles. Than you so mcuh to FY! Charlie's Angels at for posting the pic.

'60s Victorian Fashions

Shelley modeled updated Victorian fashions in a spread called "Behold The New Victorians"  in 1968. With her in the spread were Cheryl Tiegs and what looks like Susan Blakely. And the girls looked so chaste and sweet in their attire.

Cable Knit Tunic

Shelley modeled the Cable Knit Tunic 
for Fashion News Coat & Clark's Book No. 206 in 1970.

Love Boat Swimwear

Shelley's debut Charlie's Angels episode was "Love Boat Angels," a crossover episode with another Aaron spelling series Love Boat. And since the episode brought the Angels to the Caribbean, the girls were "obligated' to don swimsuits, and Shelley wasn't spared. Her purple one-piece suit was very up-to-date and chic at the time they filmed the episode.

1978 Publicity Pic

Shelley appeared in several publicity pics in 1978 where she donned a checkered long-sleeved top with a sweater wrapped around her neck. They were publicity material for her upcoming film If Ever I See You Again, her first leading-lady role.

A Sealy Morning

Shelley appeared in several ads for Sealy Posturepedic Beds back in 1972. She wore a a pair of sunny-yellow pants in one while flashing her super-sunny smile to show what it was like to "wake up to a Sealy Posturepedic morning."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Layered-Look Body Suit

Shelley modeled the layered-look body suit on the JCPenney Fall and Winter Catalog for 1972. Styled like "a favorite sweater-shirt combination," it came in a red and blue combo. Body suits could be worn as a top over trousers or a skirt and Shelley looked smashing in this one.

With a Fan

Shelley with fan Scott in 2009

Shelley made a rare appearance at the Hollywood Collectors Show back in 2009 and posed with  fan Scott. I love this, because it shows how much fans love this Angel as well. Thank you so much to the Shelley Hack Fan Page at Facebook for posting this pic (and to Scott too.)


Shelley, along with fellow Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd,
appeared on the cover of Tele-Guia, Peru's version of TV Guide, in 1981.

The Scent of Charlie

Check out the an article about the book
at the NPR Books site at:

Shelley is forever associated with the Revlon scent Charlie and the perfume is featured in a book by Barbara Herman entitled Scent And Subversion: Decoding A Century Of Provocative Perfume. An article about the book entitled "Perfume's Scents Of Subversion? Sweat, Musk And Patchouli" appeared on the NPR Books' online site. According to the article, the book chronicled Barbara's quest " to find the bold, sexy and downright odd smells that have defined women over the decades."  

Shelley in a 1978 version of the Charlie perfume ad

According to the article, Barbara said of Charlie perfume: 
 "The thing that I love about the perfume too is that the name is so ambiguous. 
Like, Charlie, is that her? Is that her name? Is she kind of this unisex creature now?"

Everyone has always been fascinated with the Charlie Girl, right? And that means Shelley Hack, THE Charlie Girl. Everyone has always been fascinated with Shelley, the one who catapulted the fragrance to icon, making herself an icon along with it.

Apron-Style Dress

Shelley modeled an easy to make apron-style dress that could be worn by itself (if you're daring) or trousers or even a pair shorts. It came out on Seventeen magazine in September of 1971. The dress could be cut in any length, midi or mini. You could keep it plain or add pockets. You could use any material you wanted. Shelley looked just sweet in it.

A Farm Girl at Heart

When Shelley was cast as the newest Charlie's Angel in 1979, many articles about her came out. One which came out was about her and her 240-acre farm in upstate New York, where she went to unwind. The Supermodel purchased the property and was slowly  renovating and developing it herself. Goes to show how down-to-earth this Angel was and still is.

Zip-Front Dress

Shelley modeled a zip-front dress for Simplicity Fashion News in November,1975. Easy to sew, the dress, which looks like a Diane von F├╝rstenberg wrap dress, could be worn on its own or could be worn with a blouse underneath. And Shelley looked sensational in a red version of the stylish and versatile outfit.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fashion News 70

Shelley modeled the Knit Rope Stitch Skirt for Fashion News Coat & Clark's Book No. 206 in 1970. It was paired with a clean white top and accessorized with a great belt, dark hose and a dramatic scarf. And Shelley looked sensational in it.

Jap Poster

Shelley looked fab in the crimson-colored sequined evening gown she wore for a publicity pic back in 1980. The photo turned into a poster on the Japanese fan mag Screen in June of 1980. And Shelley's smile was as sparkling as the outfit she was in.

Publicity Pic

a clipping promoting the telefim
A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives

Shelley along with fellow Supermodels Beverly Johnson, Kathey Ireland, Kim Alexis and Maud Adams starred in the 1994 telefilm A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives. The pic (supposedly taken by their husband in the film) was used as publicity for the film.

a screen capture of
Shelley Hack and Kim Alexis
in A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives

From a Party

Shelley, photographed leaving a Valentines party, back in 1980

Your Place in the Sun

Shelley was fresh as a a summer's day a floral-print jacket over a sunny yellow blouse and a pair of matching shorts, all by Bobbie Brooks. In appeared in an ad for the brand in back in 1972 which had the tagline "Your Place in the Sun." And Shelley was as sunny as the outfit she was in.

Dr. Gilbert

Shelley's second TV series was the 1983 medical drama Cutter to Houston. In it, she played Dr. Beth Gilbert, a surgeon. Although the rural (fictional) town of Cutter, Texas, was located just 60 miles from Houston, for ambitious Beth, it seemed a million miles away. Her ambition was to become a surgeon at the prestigious Texas Medical Center, but she needed to serve her apprenticeship at a newly-opened clinic in Cutter clinic before that could happen. So she wasn't really excited there.

Randi, Colleen and Shelley

Shelley appeared in the January 1971 issue of Simplicity Fashion News. In a fashion spread called "Take a Short Cut for Dressing," she modeled a cute fun swing skirt and a gypsy-inspired blouse. With her were future CHiPs star Randi Oakes and teen supermodel Colleen Corby.