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Playing Doctor

Shelley with Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin
in Cutter to Houston
Shelley played a doctor in the 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston. She played Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious surgeon who dreamed of working in a big city hospital in Houston, Texas. She starred with Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin. The series had a short run on the CBS network.

Iconic Fashion Pic

Shelley with Halston and fellow models on the poster 
for an exhibit honoring Anthony Mazzola
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Shelley appeared on the poster for an exhibit honoring the late legendary Harper's Bazaar editor Anthony Mazzola. Shelley appeared frequently on the fash mag in the mid-70s during Mazzola's tenure, in pictures taken by some of the most popular photographers of the era. The pic used for the poster appeared in the Feb 1977 edition of the magazine, which featured the latest designs from the best American designers then. Shelley was photographed with Halston and five other models. It was taken by Bill King.

Shelley with Cheryl Tiegs, Chris Royer, Karen Bjornson, 
Halston, Anne Holbrook and Shelley Smith

Series Promo

Shelley in a November 25, 1986 promo for Jack and Mike
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Moonlighting & Jack And Mike 1986 ABC Promo
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Shelley starred in her third TV series Jack and Mike in 1986. The series came right after Moonlighting; and the two were promoted as a pair. Jack and Mike was about a married couple whose careers were getting in the way of their marriage.

Dressing for a Special Mood

Shelley in a spread for Seventeen magazine 
in March of 1971
Shelley appeared not only on the cover of Seventeen magazine's March 1971 issue but also on the main spread featured in the issue. Entitled "500 Boys Say," the spread explained to readers what boys wanted girls to look and be like at the time (so retro.) And according to the survey, 64.4 percent of boys wanted girls to dress for a special mood.
Shelley modeled a peasant inspired outfit consisting of a sheer blouse with flower  and zigzag details and matching skirt by Campus Casuals. Her floral belt is by High Hatter. Love the cute hairdo.
Shelley modeled a floral smock and pants outfit which were great for "balmy nights" or "sunny days." A belt sash and lace up shoes finished her look. She wore a Princess Leia hairdo six year too early.

Featured in 1985

Shelley appeared on the "What People are Wearing Overseas" page in The Australian Women's Weekly magazine back in April of 1985. The picture of her was taken in January of that year when she attended the premiere of The Falcon and the Snowman at the DGA Theatre in West Hollywood. She attended the affair with her future husband, Director Harry Winer. She paired her sort of Navajo-inspired blouse with pants and up-to-the-minute boots.

Sharing Her Secrets

Shelley appeared on the October 1978 issue of Family Circle magazine in an article entitled "TV's Top Models Share Their Beauty Secrets." Along with Shelley, Erin Grey, Cheryl Tiegs, Mariette Hartley and Barbara Hale shared their secrets for staying beautiful. All the women were models who appeared in numerous commercials on TV. And it's interesting to note that Shelley not only appeared in those famous Charlie commercials but also appeared in commercials for Remington, Alberto-Culver, Avon Jewelry, JCPenney, Ponds and many more. Let's hope we see these other ads she did on YouTube soon.

Jap Poster Girl

Shelley in a poster
from a Japanese Fan Magazine

When Shelley became a Charlie's Angel, pictures of her began appearing in fan magazine all over the world, including Japan. Roadshow and Screen ran pictures and photos of her solo and with her fellow Charlie's Angels. In one poster, she posed for the cameras during the filming of her first CA episode "Love Boat Angels."

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The Second Time Around

A spread on Woman's Day magazine, Feb 1973
Shelley appeared in the February 1973 issue of Woman's Day magazine in a spread called "Found Money: The Second Time around May Be The Best Time." The spread was about recycling everyday objects into "fun and frivolous and, incidentally, useful" items. Shelley modeled a man's work shirt that had been turned into a gaily trimmed smock by Marilyn Dutkus; and she wore it over a red turtleneck sweater and a matching pair of red pants. Shelley was so cute in her "second time around" getup.
Shelley (right) modeling a gaily trimmed man's work shirt 
for Woman's Day in 1972

1983 Series Still

Jim McMullan, unknown, K Callan and Shelley Hack
in Cutter to Houston, 1983
Veteran actor Jim McMullan guest starred on Shelley's 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston in the episode "The Very Best of Friends." He played Matt Randolph, a man who showed up in Cutter to see Dr. Wexler (Alec Baldwin.) The two were best friends in college and hadn't seen each other since. The episode wasn't aired during the series original run because, unfortunately, the series got cancelled. It was aired later though, during replays.

Dirndl Hostess Skirt

Shelley appeared in the booklet Wrights Idea Book of Trims in 1972. She modeled a Dirndl Hostess Skirt among others. Made from eight alternating red and blue bandanas, the skirt was perfect for entertaining at home with friends. A touch of Ball Fringe finished the look of the skirt. Adding a white turtleneck sweater top and a pair of matching Mary Janes made you ready to face your guests. And Shelley looked ready and willing to face every kind of guest in her delightful outfit.

An Icon Herself

Shelley on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008
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Shelley was and is THE ultimate Charlie Girl there ever was. Her image as THE Charlie Girl has been the benchmark for all the Charlie girls that followed; and to an extent, the benchmark for the modern, liberated woman as well. The confidence and class she projected - on both the print ads and the commercials - catapulted the brand to no.1 in the world. And since 1976, Shelley had and has  become an inspiration to many around the world. Truly, an icon of an era. Heck, even Oprah Winfrey wanted to be a Charlie Girl because of Shelley.
 Shelley in a French Charlie perfume ad from 1980

At A Dinner

Shelley at a celebrity dinner in Indonesia in 1986 
wearing the gown she donned at the 52nd Academy Awards

Shrink Tops

Shelley appeared on Columbia-Minerva's Mohair Shrink Tops To Knit package cover in 1972. She modeled pattern number 4326, which was a  crochet shrink top - what else?  Shelley wore a modified-argyle patterned version in green and white over a classic black and white ensemble consisting of a crisp white turtleneck sweater over a pair of midnight black slacks. And Shelley looked preppy in her shrink top.

On Wheels

Shelley appeared with fellow Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith in a 1979 fan mag article about staying in shape during the summer months. It recommended biking and skating; and it featured pics of the two Angels doing exactly that - Jackie skating and Shelley with a bike. The pics used were actually candid shots taken when the two Angels were filming the CA episode "Angels on Skates." Jackie seemed to be enjoying her skates, while Shelley looked like she was cold while on a break during filming. She had put on a sweater over her outfit.

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Storybook Fashions

Shelley appeared on Simplicity Fashion News booklet's May 1971 issue, on the "Think of Storybooks" fashion spread. She modeled Simplicity Pattern Number 9354, a "maxi-dress with ruffled hem" and an "elasticized neckline." Her printed maxi-dress was accessorized with a pair of gold bangles, a pair of rings, a matching neck ribbon and her oh-so-effervescent smile.

THE Charlie Girl

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Revlon Rewind Charlie - Webisode 9
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Shelley reigned as THE Charlie Girl for almost seven years, from 1976 to around 1982. She brought her own brand of effortless class and style, as well as her unwavering confidence, to Revlon's most popular fragrance. Her image catapulted and made Charlie the number fragrance in the world and everyone wanted to be a Charlie Girl. Now isn't that what makes an icon?

 Shelley in a 1982 version of the Charlie perfume ad

She's on Board

A letter from producer Carol Lampman to Donald E. Westlake
regarding The Stepfather's shooting script
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Donald E. Westlake wrote the cult classic The Stepfather. The movie starred Terry O'Quinn, Jill Schoelen and Shelley Hack. Although filming was completed in 1985, the movie wasn't released until 1987. Shelley came on board and was cast as widow Susan Maine/Blake in around October of 1985. Joseph Ruben directed the movie.

Shelley in a screen capture from The Stepfather, 1987

Rib Knit Variations on a Theme

Shelley appeared in an ad for the American Thread Company in 1972. The tagline was "Rib Knit Variations on a Theme by American Thread" and Shelley was among three models who modeled cute little rib knit vests. The black model is Joyce Walker.

Logan Gay

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Trackdown Finding The Goodbar Killer 1983 CBS Saturday Night Movies Intro
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Shelley was a very visible actress in 1983. She appeared in the televised play Close Ties, the feature film The King of Comedy, the TV series Cutter to Houston and the made-for-TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer. In the latter, she played schoolteacher Logan Gay opposite acting veteran George Segal who played New York detective John Grafton. It was Segal's first TV appearance.
 George Segal and Shelley Hack starred 
in the 1983 TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer

Shelley in '96

Shelley at an event in 1996

Two-Tone Body Suit

Shelley in Sears' 1972 fall and winter catalog
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Shelley appeared in a spread for Sears' 1972 fall and winter catalog - modeling two-tone body suits. The garment could be worn with pants, tights or skirts. It was a "quick way to achieve today's color-explosion," according to Sears. The raglan-sleeved top came in two tones -  the turtle-necked bodice came in one color and the sleeves came in another - for a "two-piece look with a one-piece ease" the catalog added. And Shelley looked sensational in all the colors available.

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Appli-tique Grows Right into Fashion

Shelley in Wrights Idea Book of Trims, 1972

Shelley appeared in a spread for Wrights Idea Book of Trims, a booklet released in 1972. The spread was about appli-tiques - daisy appli-tiques, that is. She modeled a "Yellow Gingham Check Skirt" decorated with white appli-tique daisies that "grows right into fashion." A crisp white blouse, a pair of uniquely strapped medium-heeled sandals and a daisy decorated headband finished her look. And Shelley was just so cute in her fun '70s outfit.

Shelley with fellow Ford model Karen Braun in 1972

Test Mag

Shelley appeared on the cover of ΤεσΤ (Test,)
a Greek crossword magazine, in 1986.

The Texas Physicians

an article about the stars of Cutter to Houston
from the German fan mag Bravo, 1988

Shelley along with Alec Baldwin and Jim Metzler appeared in the German-language teen magazine Bravo back in 1988. They were featured in an article promoting their 1983 TV series Die Texas-Klinik (translation: The Texas Clinic - as Cutter to Houston was known in Germany.) The article was entitled called Die Texas-arzte Privat (translation: The Texas Physicians in Private.) It seems the series was being aired in Germany five years after the series was cancelled in the States.

the Cutter to Houston promo pic
used in the Bravo article

Summer Show-off

Shelley appeared in a spread for Cosmopolitan magazine called "Turquoise... for Summer Show-offs!" in June of 1978. In it, she modeled the latest summer fashions in, what else, turquoise. The spread was a sort of promo for her latest film If Ever I See You Again. The pics of Shelley were taken at the Southampton Princess Hotel in Bermuda by her former flame Steen Svensson. In one pic, she wore a super-sexy Monika Tilley one-piece swimsuit with a halter front, low-carved back and a very high leg line. Hey, Johnny Carson, the girl's got a great A.

Event '84

Shelley at an event in '84

Bridesmaids VHS

the VHS cover of Bridesmaids 
starring Shelley Hack, Sela Ward, Stephanie Faracy and Brooke Adams 

Bridesmaids was first aired on February 21, 1989. It's about four friends who returned to the small town they grew up in for the wedding of a fifth friend. Because their bride friend was so busy with wedding preparations, the four are left to catch up and discover new things about each other. This TV movie is such a delight to watch. It's has been released on VHS format. Let's all hope they release it on DVD as well.

 A news writeup about Bridesmaids from 1989

Sears Girl

Shelley appeared in the 1970 Sears catalog for fall and winter.
Love the retro shoes.

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Tailored Separates

Shelley on JCPenney's fall and winter catalog for 1975
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Shelley appeared on JCPenney's fall and winter catalog for 1975... modeling, among others, "Superbly Tailored Separates." The catalog featured clothes that "look(ed) great without spending a fortune." And Shelley wore a pants and shirt-jacket ensemble - each sold separately - in fabulous Valentino red. A printed bow blouse, a smart black cloche hat, a chic black tote and matching red square-heeled pumps finished her look. And Shelley looked just positively stunning in her crimson-colored garb.

Shelley, just stunning in crimson

Super Mega Shelley

Shelley was at the Super Megashow & Comic Fest on July 9, 10 and 11, 2010

Shelley made a rare appearance at the Super Megashow & Comic Fest in Fairfield, New Jersey back in July of 2010. For three days - July  9, 10 and 11 - she met and chatted with her East Coast fans who were so excited to finally meet Charlie's most reclusive Angel. The year before, on July 18 and 19, she was at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank, California where she met fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts for the first time. The last time she wast seen and photographed was at the Tournament of Roses House in Pasadena, California for the 2012 Hallmark Channel TCA Winter Party back in January 14, 2012. Let's hope she makes another public appearance real soon, we miss her. Maybe on a complete Charlie's Angels reunion - finally?

Taking Back My Life

Taking Back My Life: The Nancy Ziegenmeyer Story at iTunes
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In 1992, Shelley co-starred in the TV movie Taking Back My Life: The Nancy Ziegenmeyer Story. The film was based on a true story about a rape victim who believed that rape is never the victim's fault. It was directed by Shelley's husband Harry Winer and starred Patricia Wettig in the title role. Shelley played Assistant Polk County Attorney Nan Horvat, a brunette. The film is currently  available at iTunes. Check it out.

More Classy Clothes

Shelley in a 1973 Woman's Day fashion spread with Susan Blakely
Shelley was featured in a fashion spread called "Classy Classic Clothes" which appeared on the April 1973 issue of Woman's Day magazine. Aside from the Basic Black Suit and The Palazzo Ensemble, Shelley also modeled The Daytime Suit  - a shortstop jacket over a pleated, pocket-tabbed skirt, both in beige. She wore a fab floral-print blouse under her chic jacket.  A cute be-ribboned headband, an up-to-the-minute tote, a matching bangle and a pair of platform sandals finished her look. Susan Blakely appeared on the spread as well; and Steen Svensson - Shelley's boyfriend at the time - photographed the spread. Oh, by the way, check out Shelley's legs. They're fabulous!
 Shelley in The Daytime Suit for 1973

Alec Mentions Shelley

Alec mentioned Shelley on The Merv Griffin Show
watch it on YouTube:
Alec Baldwin Interview "Knot's Landing" (Merv Griffin Show 1984)
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Alec Baldwin appeared on The Merv Griffin Show in 1984 at around the time he was on Knots Landing. Previous to Knots, Alec was a regular on another series, as was pointed out by Merv himself during the interview. The series was Cutter to Houston which came out the year before and which starred Alec, Jim Metzler and Shelley Hack. Alec mentioned Shelley's name during the interview when Cutter came up. Incidentally, Shelley herself was a guest on Merv's show twice. On January 11, 1979 and on October 30, 1979. Let's hope Shelley's interviews come out on YouTube as well.

the cast of Cutter to Houston
Alec Baldwin, Shelley Hack and Jim Metzler

The Original Christine Sullivan

In 1984, Shelley was slated to play public defender Christine Sullivan on the hit sitcom Night Court during its second season. Miss Sullivan was going to be romantically involved with Judge Harry Stone; and Shelley was delighted with her role. But when the series started shooting, producer Reinhold Weege decided she wasn't right for the part; and so the actress and the producer mutually and amicably agreed to call the whole thing off. Markie Post later took over the role of Miss Sullivan.

Sweater and Skirt Ensemble

Shelley modeled a fabulous bright red sweater and skirt ensemble for Sears 1970 fall and winter catalog. All the outfit needed was a dash of simple, fresh youthfulness; and Shelley fit the bill perfectly. With simple makeup and her hair neatly combed back, she was a picture of freshness and gorgeousness rolled into one.