Thursday, September 25, 2014

Classy Clothes

Shelley in a 1973 WD mag fashion spread

Shelley was featured in a fashion spread called "Classy Classic Clothes" which appeared on the April 1973 issue of Woman's Day magazine. And what a perfect choice she was, because Shelley is just innately classy, not to mention one cool gal. The spread featured  "clothes you can count on,"  and she modeled The Basic Black Suit and The Palazzo Ensemble. Both outfits featured the same blouse but was worn differently. One outfit was daytime career chic, while the other was lunchout romantic. And Shelley was just dripping in class in both looks.

 Shelley in daytime career chic 1973

TV Times Cover Girl

Shelley was the cover girl of TV Times - September 23 to 29 issue for 1979. The whole world was super-excited to see THE Charlie Girl as one of Charlie's Angels. Her wholesome sexiness fit the series to a T. Her chic sense of style was exactly what the series needed because TV shows were getting more and more glamor-oriented. Plus, she had that disarming smile. She was the perfect choice.

Husband and Wife

Shelley Hack and Terry O'Quinn in The Stepfather
Thank you so much to Shelley Hack Fan Page at Facebook for posting the pic

Shelley played opposite Terry O'Quinn in the film feature The Stepfather which was released in 1987. She played Susan Blake, wife of Jerry Blake (O'Quinn,) a psychotic killer. Shelley told Channel Surfing: Charlie's Angels that she sneaked in alone when the film was being shown in theaters and got pretty scared with what she saw. Well, the film is now a cult classic; in fact, it even spawned a re-make.

Beautiful Publicity Shot

Shelley in a publicity shot from 1980
Love the blouse and pants ensemble, the makeup and hair...
She's absolutely beautiful.

TFTC Season 6 DVD

Shelley's Tales from the Crypt episode
is currently out on DVD

Shelley appeared on the HBO TV series Tales from the Crypt (TFTC) in 1994 during its 6th season. Her episode, "The Assassin," is considered one of the best of the season, and of the series itself. It's currently available on DVD.  Shelley's co-stars in the episode were Corey Feldman, Chelsea Field, Jonathan Banks and Marshall Teague. John Kassir played the voice of the Crypt Keeper and William Sadler guested as The Grim Reaper. Great episode.

Shelley's name appears on the back cover
of the TFTC DVD

Beauty Secrets 1979

When Shelley became a Charlie's Angel in 1979, it was inevitable and expected of her to reveal her beauty secrets. And she shared a lot of them. But then, she had been sharing her secrets years before that - when she was a supermodel. And she didn't mind sharing them. It was her personal life that she was very guarded about. Shelley was and is a very private person; and she never wants her loved ones to be subject to any kind of scrutiny by the press.

Smashing in Yellow Gingham

Shelley in an ad for JCPenney from 1973

Shelley appeared in an ad for JCPenney back in 1973. It was about clothes, how to make your own clothes. And JCPenney had everything you needed it said - from the dress pattern to the fabrics to the embellishments. Shelley modeled McCall's carefree pattern no. 3512 in sunny yellow gingham - both available at JCPenney; and she looked just smashing in it.

Shelley in a sunny yellow gingham dress

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Be Chic, Rain or Shine

Shelley appeared on a spread called Rain/ Shine Chic in Woman's Day  magazine April, 1973, with Susan Blakely. They modeled lightweight coats that took "the weather (whatever it is) in stride." Shelley wore the Robe Wrap, a beige Dacron/cotton lightweight coat with black piping by London Fog. The pics were taken by Shelley's then boyfriend Steen Svensson and she looked smashing.

Joan's Guest in '87

Shelley was a guest on the late Joan Rivers' night-time talk show Late Night with Joan Rivers back in April 8, 1987. The show was in direct competition with The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The late and great comedian's other guests for the night were Rutger Hauer and  country music singer Mel Tillis. Joan will be sorely missed.

Shifts to a Different Charlie

Shelley was chosen as the newest Charlie's Angel back in 1979 replacing Kate Jackson in the hit series. Previous to becoming an Angel, Shelley was associated with another Charlie, Revlon Charlie that is. She was famous as THE Charlie Girl, the gorgeous, sexy and young supermodel who captured the hearts of many a consumer. Charlie seemed to be the magic name for Shelley at the time. In fact, in one interview, she told a reporter that she found out that her manager's name was actually Charlie as well. Now that's should be more than a coincidence, right?

The Big Book For Our Planet

The audiobook The Big Book For Our Planet (released in 1993)
and the audiobooks The Big Book For Peace and The Big Book For Our Planet (released in 2000)

In 1993, Shelley participated in the audiobook The Big Book For Our Planet as one of the narrators. The book is an anthology of short stories, essays and poems by 26 children's authors, including  Lois Lowry and Paul O. Zelinsky. It's like an all-star salute to Mother Earth. The other narrators who participated were Ed Begley, Jr., Robby Benson, Deborah Raffin, Mark Rolston, Laura San Giacomo and Marina Sirtis. The audiobook came in cassette tape format.

Shelley at an event in 1993

The contents of The Big Book For Our Planet are as follows:

Oh World, I Wish / Jane Yolen (Marina Sirtis)
Take Time / Tana Hoban (Mark Rolston)
Last Days of The Giddywit / Natalie Babbitt (Deborah Raffin)
The Mushroom / H.M. Hoover (Mark Rolston)
Little Whale And Jonah / Marilyn Sachs (Shelley Hack)
People's Gardens, Frederick Law Olmsted
And The First Public Parks / Milton Meltzer (Laura San Giacomo)
Watchers / Joanne Ryder (Shelley Hack)
The Deep Green Gift / Rosemary Wells (Deborah Raffin)
Why There is Death: A Native American Story / adapted by John Bierhorst (Marina Sirtis)
Pigs on Patrol / David McPhail (Robby Benson)
The Earth Game / Pam Conrad (Marina Sirtis)
Three Cheers For Bats / Laurence Pringle (Robby Benson)
Wetlands / Seymour Simon (Deborah Raffin)
Bird / Stephanie S. Tolan (Laura San Giacomo)
Prayer For Earth / Myra Cohn Livingston (Mark Rolston)
Limericks / X.J. Kennedy (Shelley Hack) Letter From Crinkleroot / Jim Arnosky (Shelley Hack)
Traffic / William Sleater (Robby Benson)
We Are Plooters / Jack Prelutsky (Ed Begley, Jr.)
From Island to Island / Lynne Cherry (Deborah Raffin)
The Boy Who Loved to Swim / Jean Craighead George (Marina Sirtis)
Me And My Weeds / Anne Rockwell (Deborah Raffin)
Elliott's House / Lois Lowry (Laura San Giacomo)
Jellies / Ruth Heller (Robby Benson)
Bringing The Prairie Home / Patricia MacLachlan (Shelley Hack)
Dear Earth / Karla Kushkin (Mark Rolston)

Beth and Hal

Alec Baldwin and Shelley Hack
in a promo pic/press photo for Cutter to Houston, 1983
Shelley Hack and Alec Baldwin co-starred in the 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston. It was about three young doctors who were manning a small clinic in the rural town Cutter that was hooked up to a big city hospital in Texas via computer. Jim Metzler played the third doctor.

Model 72

Shelley modeled an adorable V-necked mini dress back in 1972. Her hair was shorn from a long cascading style to a short chin-length bob; and Shelley sported a new look and was graduating from teen model to the big leagues. 

Hola! 70th

70th anniversary, Hola! exhibit
held in Madrid Spain

For its 70th anniversary, Hola! magazine held an outdoor exhibit of 70 of its past iconic covers (including the 1979 Charlie's Angels cover.) The exhibit began last September 5, 2014 and was held in Madrid. It featured the magazine's best covers from its inception up until the present. And, of course, the Angels cover was one of the best covers the mag ever had.

Shelley along with fellow Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd appeared 
on the cover of the Spanish language magazine Hola! back in the 70s
Thank you to at Facebook for posting the pic.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gorgeous in '78

Shelley in a closeup pic from 1978

By 1978. Shelley was an established and certified Supermodel. She had appeared on many, many print ads and commercials, but became mega-famous as THE Charlie Girl in 1976. But aside from Revlon, Shelley also did commercials for Breck, Remington, Alberto-Culver, Avon Jewelry, JCPenny, Ponds and many more. She was one of the busiest models of the era.

Young Shelley

pics of Shelley as a kid used in the 1989 TV movie Bridesmaids

Pictures of a very young Shelley Hack (in the '50s were) used in the opening credits of the 1989 TV movie Bridesmaids where Shelley played one of the leads. Shelley was born in White Plains, New York, but was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. She graduated from nearby Greenwich Academy and went on to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts where she received her BA in history. Before graduating though, she took a year off to study archeology at the University of Sydney in Australia. Shelley always prioritized education and would later receive her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

1989 Play

an ad for Tamara from November of 1989

Shelley starred in the one-of-a-kind play Tamara back in 1989. She played Luisa Baccara on the long-running play that was staged at  Il Vittoriale, 2035 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood. "Basically, I get to chew the rug for 2 hours," Shelley humorously told Los Angeles Times in November of 1989 about the role she loved to play. Know more about it at:
(highlight the link, right click
and choose "Open Link in New Tab" option)

 an artwork of Shelley's portrait for Tamara in 1989

Shift Dress Pattern

Shelley appeared on the package for Simplicity pattern number 7640, a shift dress. The version she modeled was lemon yellow with cute little puffed-sleeves and a square neckline. Matching low-heeled pumps finished her look.

Kicks, 1985

A Portuguese language version of Kicks
was released on VHS Format

Shelley starred in the TV movie Kicks in 1985 with soap superstar Anthony Geary. The pair played a couple who loved living on the edge. But when they both go too far, one of them reels back in horror.

Shelley hack and Anthony Geary
in a promo pic for Kicks, 1985

Excited About the New Angel

Shelley in a 1979 magazine feature called Super Happenings

The Super Happenings, according to a fan magazine from 1979, involved stars like  Robin Williams, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Richard Hatch, Lisa Welchel, Brooke Shields and Shelley Hack, Charlie's newest Angel. The announcement of Shelley's Angeldom was heard all over the world and everyone was excited to meet the new girl at the Townsend Agency. And she fit the role to a T - Shelley was sexy in a wholesome way and was such a familiar face because of her Revlon Charlie endorsements.

Golden Caftan

Shelley on the spread "Captivating Caftans"
on Wrights Idea Book, 1973

Shelley modeled "the golden caftan" on Wrights Idea Book in 1973. "A smashing bit of drama," according to the booklet; and "the greatest thing to wear for comfort." It was also apparently easy to make. The version she modeled had metallic gold braiding added on. The caftan itself was made of rib-less golden corduroy, a popular material during the '70s. And Shelley looked utterly chic in her caftan.

Shelley modeling the golden caftan

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Palazzo Ensemble

Shelley appeared in a spread called "Classy Classic Clothes" on Woman's Day magazine in April 1973. One of the looks she donned was The Palazzo Ensemble which consisted of a blouse and uber-wide-legged palazzo pants, both in the blue and white printed Arnel Crepe. White accessories finished her look. And Shelley was classy as always in her classy duds.

Greek Angel Cover

Shelley along with fellow Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd appeared on the cover of Katerina, a Greek fan magazine, in 1980. The Angels made five wardrobe changes for publicity photos for the 4th season of Charlie's Angels; and in one, the Angels wore nothing but fur, rocks and high heels. Now I wonder where they kept their guns.

Die Texas-Klinik

Another article from a German fan magazine
about Alec Baldwin, Shelley's co-star
on the 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston

Shelley's 2nd TV series Cutter to Houston, Die Texas-Klinik in Germany, was aired in Germany in 1988. Many German fans were interested in the short-lived show and its stars, so articles and pics of them appeared in their fan magazines. Germans still remembered Shelley from Charlie's Angels; and Alec Badlwin was a fast-rising star at the time due to his stint on Knots Landing and the film Beetlejuice.

Simplicity Gorgeous

Shelley wearing pattern number 9526
for Simplicity School Catalog, September 1970.

Shelley was Simplicity gorgeous when she appeared on the pages of Simplicity School Catalog in September of 1970. Her fresh-faced beauty graced many a page of Simplicity catalogs and pattern packages. She modeled many of the label's designs and became a familiar face to readers and consumers of the era.

Mother Role

Troll was released on VHS format in Japan

Shelley appeared in the fantasy film Troll in the 1980s. Made in '85 and released in '86, the film has since become a cult-classic and featured Shelley in the role of a young mother. The film was geared towards a young audience, pre-teens and below.

Shelley Hack with Michael Moriarty, Noah Hathaway and Jenny Beck
in the 1986 classic Troll

Troll featured Shelley at her loveliest. The pastel shades of her wardrobe fit her wholesome-blonde aura to a T. She was glowing on all her shots in the film; and she was just so wonderful to look at. From the film, it's easy to see why she was chosen to play Angel six years before.

Luxuriously Plush Cardigan

Shelley modeled a glamorized cardigan for Wrights Idea Book in 1973. Her black fake-fur trimmed scarlet cardigan was deemed "ravishing and luxuriously plush." The booklet contained instructions for readers to help make it for themselves. And Shelley made her scarlet ensemble definitely look both "ravishing and luxuriously plush." So I guess it was mission accomplished.

The Angel Stigma

Shelley, like all the women who were once employed at the Townsend Agency, had a hard time shaking off the bimbo/mediocre-actress image that came with the role after her tenure on Charlie's Angels ended. Although she had received great reviews for some of her work on stage and screen, Shelley's acting triumphs went mostly unnoticed as publicity for her stage work was minimal and her screen efforts didn't result in a ratings bonanza or box-office gold. She did surprise many critics though, as well as fans who followed her career over the years. And like all the women who became Angels, she preferred to keep her distance from anything Charlie's Angels at the time, because it was hurting her career. There was a stigma associated with being an Angel - instant fame was guaranteed, but critical acclaim was iffy - and Shelley was not spared.