Friday, May 13, 2011

Oprah, Please!

Again, I post this fantasy pic of Oprah with all the Angels in the hope that The Oprah Show would have the Angels as guests for real during its final season. Please, Oprah and thank you.

Candid Angels

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith in a candid photo
as they were filming Love Boat Angels in St. Thomas in 1979

Fresh Face

Shelley is fresh-faced in this 1972 fashion photo

Guns and Gowns

Another version of the Guns and Gowns
photo set for Charlie's Angels in 1979.
Love it when Shelley is in the middle.


Shelley smiles for the Camera in 1980


Shelley in the cover of Montreal Gazette

Shelley Glam

A clear version of the Glamour cover Shelley did in 1964

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lady in Red

Shelley is cute and sassy in red
in this catalog photo from the 1970s

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Town & Country Girl

Shelley on the cover of Town & Country in 1978, classy and beautiful

Charlie '78

Shelley in a Charlie perfume ad from 1978

Shelley in the Middle

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd in publicity photos for season 4 of Charlie's Angels. These are quite rare because Shelley is positioned in the middle of the group, much like Kate Jackson was (especially in season 1.) I love these because it makes me feel like Tiffany Welles (Shelley's character in the show) was very much the group leader and makes her look very much integrated and welcomed into the fold. Plus, there's such a balance in the picture with the girls positioned this way.

Paparazzi and Shelley

A paparazzi photo of Shelley in the '80s

What Would Keep Me Indoors?

Shelley in A Tampax ad from 1969,
nothing can keep her indoors

Cover Angels

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd on the cover of Katerina in 1980

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Shelley modeling a shawl for a Columbia-Minerva leaflet in 1975

Charlie Column

Shelley on a Charlie perfume ad and column from May 1977

TV Times

Shelley on the cover of TV Times in 1980

TV Times

Simplicity Super Simple

Shelley on a Super Simple Simplicity pattern package
for a super simple top and short shorts

Seventeen 1972

Shelley on Seventeen magazine from March 1972

Charlie Is A Citizen Of The World

Shelley in a Charlie perfume ad from 1978.
The world belongs to Charlie and Charlie is a citizen of the world.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Shelley modeling a Columbia-Minerva sweater in 1967

Angel Solo

Shelley is breathtaking in this solo publicity still for Charlie's Angels in 1979

Super in Silver

Shelley is super in silver in the late '90s

The Assassin

Shelley with Chelsea Field, Jonathan Banks, Marshall R. Teague,
Corey Feldman in a publicity still for the Tales from the Crypt
episode The Assassin in 1994.

Gorgeous Angels

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd in a very glam publicity still
for season 4 of Charlie's Angels, Gorgeous

Ads 77

Supermodel Shelley in three ads from 1977

Shelley and Fur

Gorgeous Shelley in fur