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The Luckiest Girl

a 1980 article about Shelley

An article about Shelley appeared on the British magazine for girls Jackie on February of 1980. It was entitled "I'm One of the Luckiest Girls Alive" and revealed a little about her background and her experience as one of Charlie's Angels. She also dispelled rumors that she didn't get along with her co-stars, saying they were "all horrible lies."

one of the rarer photos of Shelley from the set of her 
donning the chic white suit she wore on the epilogue scene
of the Charlie's Angels episode "The Prince and the Angel"

Surf's Up. Sun's Out.

Shelley appeared in sidebar ads for Tampax in 1970. One of them had the tag line "Surf's Up. Sun's Out." and featured Shelley surfing at a beach. It proved that Tampax could be worn anywhere, doing any activity. And Shelley was adorable in the ad.

Hack And Severance

Hack and Severance? A slasher flick? Well, not so. In 1996, Supermodels Shelley Hack and Joan Severance starred in a telefilm that cast the two as the wives of a bigamist (Or should that be trigamist? Nicole Eggert played the third wife.) Frequent Flyer starred Jack Wagner who played bigamist Nick Rawlings. He married JoBeth, Alison and Miriam (the women, respectively.) When it was first aired, the film beat out the 1996 People Choice Awards in the ratings. It's a good movie, so if you ever get the chance, watch it.

A Seventeen Staple

Shelley was a Seventeen magazine staple from the mid-'60s until the early-'70s. In 1971, she made the cover of the March issue and appeared in most of the spreads inside the mag. One of them featured her in blue jeans and a quilted jacket along with a young male model.

The Stepfather DVD

Love this version of The Stepfather DVD, because it features Shelley prominently on the cover. Terry O'Quinn did a fantastic job as the title character, but Shelley and Jill Schoelen turned out fine performances as well and should rightfully appear on the cover. Along with Terry (bloody 4x4 wood in hand - a very memorable scene) Shelley and Jill (in shadow) are shown on the cover art.


In the early 80s, Shelley appeared on the German mag Echo der Frau (Echo Woman) a weekly women's magazine that started in 1973. The mag pegged her as a SCHÖNHEIT (a beauty) and they were right. Shelley was absolutely beautiful, just like the flowers in her arms. And I love her hair in this - long and smooth. And the way she was styled... Oh, I take it back, she's more than beautiful. She was a knockout.

Hang In There

a 1984 writeup on Shelley

Shelley talked about her career so far as well as her latest telefilm Single Bars, Single Women on a 1984 writeup about her entitled "Shelley Hack Hangs in There." Shelley kept positive when it came to her career and viewed everything she had gone through as a learning experience. She said, "The more I work, I find that it's the people you work with and the role you're playing that count." And she was right about that. Shelley had worked with some of the best in the business like Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, George Segal and Dick Van Dyke, just to name a few.

The UK TV Trailer for Single Bars, Single Women from Dec 1991
Check it out on YouTube at:

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Model on the Box

Nice'n Easy Clairol 1968

Shelley was the packaging/box model for Clairol Nice 'n Easy from 1965 to the late '60s. Nice 'n Easy was a shampoo-in permanent hair-coloring product for women for use at home. The 1968 commercial for the product is on YouTube. It featured Shelley (on the box) at the end.

Shelley was on the Clairol Nice 'n Easy packaging/box.
She also appeared on the bottom portion of all the print ads.

Troll Ad

Shelley appeared on an ad with Michael Moriarty (pre-Law and Order) for the television airing of their 1986 film Troll. The kiddie fantasy film also starred Jenny Beck and Noah Hathaway with Phil Fondacaro as Torok the Troll. TV stars past and present were also part of the cast - Sonny Bono (The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour), Gary Sandy (WKRP in Cincinnati) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld.) Mother and daughter June and Anne Lockhart played the older and younger Eunice St. Clair respectively.

Super Smocking

Shelley modeled a body suit with "super smocking in contrasting colors" for JCPenney's 1974 fall and winter catalog. The garment could be worn with a skirt or pants or colorful tights. But it could also be worn on its own.

On A Hammock

Shelley posed a few times for publicity pics on a hammock she had at home in 1979.

2009 Hollywood Show

Candid Moment: Shelley at the 2009 Hollywood Show
Thank you so much to Mike Pingel for posting the pic

Shelley made a very rare appearance at the Hollywood Show in Burbank, California in 2009 where she met fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts for the very first time. Ultimate Angel-ogist Mike Pingel posted the pic at his Facebook page. He also mentioned this blog on his page and said, "If you have not read the blog - it's very fun. Check it out!" Thank you so much, Mike. Coming from you, that's a very big compliment.

It's Shelley not Barbara

In May of 1979, it was prematurely announced that Barbara Bach (The Spy Who Loved Me) was the new Charlie's Angel. But a week or two later, that announcement was recanted, because it was Shelley Hack who actually got the Angels part. Many publications apologized for the mistake and started writing about THE Charlie Girl who was now the newest Charlie's Angel.

Viola Sylbert Shawl

Shelley modeled shawls by Viola Sylbert for Columbia Minerva's leaflet on shawls in 1975. Viola Sylbert was one of the few women designers in the '70s, and was voted a special Winnie in 1975 (The Coty American Fashion Critics' Awards called their womenswear awards Winnies.) And of course, Shelley looked sensational in Viola's designs.

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Snap-up Looks

Shelley appeared in the Junior Bazaar section of Sears 1970 spring/summer catalog in a spread called "Snap-up Looks in Perma-Prest Dresses." Perma-Prest referred to a kind of fabric that didn't need ironing after washing. Shelley looked adorable in her white-collared striped mini dress and matching strappy chunky sandals.

Fresh in '78

Shelley posed for promo pics for her 1978 film If Ever I See You Again. It was her very first leading-lady role and her fresh, wholesome beauty was captured on stills that were used to promote the movie.

The Ratings Proved It

A short writeup about Shelley from SuperMag Vol. 4 No. 7
And, oh, that friend is writer/director Nicholas Meyer

When Shelley joined Charlie's Angels, the ratings for the first quarter of the season were awesome. And although it dropped six notches from the year before, the series still finished among the top 20 shows of that season (at no. 18.) Many had blamed Shelley for this drop, but it has become apparent (especially with the release of the DVD) that it was tired/recycled scripts and the reluctance to develop/bring forward the Tiffany character that contributed immensely to this decline. The "rift" between Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd during the past two seasons was so expertly concealed via voice-overs and clever cuts that nobody even believed it was happening. The three girls appeared to get along and responded well to each other. I don't understand why they couldn't do the same thing for Shelley/Tiffany, especially when she really did get along with Jaclyn, Cheryl and David.

Holiday Shirts

Shelley modeled holiday shirts for Ship 'n Shore's November 1973 print ad.

Romance Repost

A repost of Shelley on the cover of the Greek Magazine ρομάντζο (Romance.) This much clearer version shows us that the mag came out in 1988 and the pic used, judging by the Shelley's look, was from the TV series Jack and Mike.

The Painter

Shelley, THE Charlie Girl, posed for a promo pic for Charlie perfume in 1979. Shelley looks like she's painting herself striding that Charlie stride and smiling that dazzling smile that says "I have it all" because anyone can have it all too when they use Charlie.

Seaside Fashion

Shelley modeled seaside fashions for Montgomery Ward's 1967 spring summer catalog. Her cute vertical-striped sleeveless top could be worn with either light or dark pants but a red belt is a must.

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At the 52nd Oscars

Shelley at the  52nd Annual Academy Awards in 1980

The 86th Annual Academy Awards was such a hit, it reminded us that Shelley herself attended the annual event back on April 14 of 1980. The 52nd Annual Academy Awards was held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles and was hosted by none other than Johnny Carson himself. And after nearly a decade of anti-fashion, Hollywood was returning back to glamor, and its new stars were showing how it was done. New York clotheshorse and Supermodel Shelley Hack, one of the Hollywood's newest stars then, was all about glamor that night. In her black cross-strapped evening ensemble with matching gold accessories and with her nearly-platinum blonde mane blown straight, Shelley was drop-dead glamorous at the event. In fact, her look endures; you can wear it today and still look glam.

Rising Star

When Shelley was cast as Charlie's newest Angel in 1979, she was also suddenly cast into media scrutiny. The media interest on Charlie's rising star was relentless and some reports were very negative. Although Shelley was (and is) a very private person, she knew it was part of the territory and so, like any other big sister, she tried handling it as best she could. But that must have been some year for her.

Cowboy Charlie

Charlie Commercial 1980

Shelley appeared in a cowboy-themed version of the Charlie perfume commercial in 1980 where THE Charlie Girl, along with her girl friends, attended a hoedown party. Watch the fun commercial at

Printed Day Dress

Shelley modeled a halter-top floral-printed mini day dress in the early 70s.

Bosley Interviewed


British film fan and celebrity photographer Barry Iddon interviewed David Doyle (John Bosley of Charlie's Angels) in June 5 of 1980, when Shelley Hack was out of Angels and Tanya Roberts wasn't cast yet (and in 10 days they had to start shooting season 5! OMG!) The David Doyle & Charlie's Angels Story was posted on YouTube by Barry himself (thank you so much!) 

David said of Shelley, "I'm sorry to see that Shelley Hack chose to just do one year and then go on." Aaron Spelling told Glamour magazine in March of 1980 that it was up to Shelley if she wanted to stay on the show or leave. David added, "She's a lovely, lovely young lady. She's highly intelligent. And I think that it was a baptism of fire too that she came into Charlie's Angels at a time when we were, you know, just struggling to keep our popularity rolling and all. And so she had a... She put in one hard, arduous year and now she's off to, I hope, greener pastures." 

Oh, and Barry said of Shelley, "She's rather a dishy lady like.. Isn't she?" Well, Barry, we agree.

Angels Pub Still

Shelley posed for many publicity stills for Charlie's Angels from 1979 to 1980. In this one, she wore her hair up and donned the blouse she used on the Angels episode "An Angel's Trail." Shelley was gorgeous.

The Mixables

Shelley appeared in the spread called "The Mixables" on JCPenney's 1970 fall and winter catalog. She wore the "modified u-neck wool jumper," a modified-princess-cut  dress that could be worn on it's own or over a shirt.

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Pot o' Gloss

Shelley appeared in an ad for Yardley's Pot o' Gloss in 1970. The ad introduced six new shades "so wet they almost drip with highlights." In fire, walnut, gold, lilac, sheer and pinker, these lip glosses were sure to get boys interested, interested enough to lend you their fingers when applying the gloss.

'80s Article

Shelley was the subject of a British tabloid article in the 1980s
that was sort of promoting her film The Stepfather.

Angels '79

Shelley and Charlie's Angels co-stars Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle and Cheryl Ladd pose for the camera's during the filming of the Angels episode "Fallen Angel." Farrah Fawcett guest starred as well as furture James Bond Timothy Dalton.

Fresh New Face

Shelley was a fresh new face in Hollywood by 1978. She was currently THE Charlie Girl and was known worldwide. She had taken acting lessons at the Herbert Berghof Studio and had a memorable cameo in the Academy Award winning Woody Allen film Annie Hall. She was cast in her first leading lady role in the film If Ever I See You Again which was about to be released. The girl was going places.

Sophisticated in '75

Shelley was a picture of sophistication in the outfit she modeled
for JCPenney's fall and winter catalog back in 1975.

TV Series Ads

Shelley and Tom Mason appeared in ads promoting their 1986-1987 TV series Jack and Mike where they played a married yuppie couple who loved each other so much was trying to make it work. Jackie was a journalist while Mike was a restaurateur, and their busy careers kept them apart most of the time. Add to that their rep as Chicago's ideal couple, and you've got a pressure-cooker situation. I hope they finally release the series on DVD.

Pattern Model

Shelley modeled pattern number 9580 for Simplicity in 1971.