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Woman in the Mirror

Shelley on the German Mag Frau im Spiegel (Woman in the Mirror) in August 1988

Shelley appeared in the German magazine Frau im Spiegel (Woman in the Mirror) in August 1988. Her second TV series was being aired in Germany and the mag ran an writeup about her. Below is a rough translation.


Shelley Hack
A Charlie's Angel in Cutter To Houston

Who doesn't remember the three young ladies who packed mascara and eye shadow as well as guns in their purses? Angels Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith are two of the most successful stars from the TV series Charlie's Angels. Another Angel from the series, Shelley Hack, a Connecticut girl, was a well known Supermodel. When she joined the show, she was uneasy with the demands of the showbiz world. And within a year, she was out of the series. "I wanted to continue, but I was pushed aside," said Shelley, according to an insider.

But in spite of the scathing criticism she got when she was on the series, she was still able to land a small role in the feature film The King of Comedy. She played opposite big stars like Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis. The film had a great cast, but, unfortunately, it flopped.

As an Angel of Mercy in a white lab coat, the 38-year-old actress then starred in the TV series Cutter to Houston. She played a young surgeon named Dr. Beth Gilbert. The series was short-lived in the US, so Shelley has to find another vehicle to showcase her acting ability. At the moment, she's filming a movie in Canada.


a closeup of Shelley's pic from the mag 

the caption beside the pics roughly translates as:
Shelley Hack is finally an actress. Her role as Dr. Beth Gilbert in Cutter to Houston was a breakthrough. "I'm very happy got the role," she said, "and hope that this success will help me in the future."


Shelley in a 1974 ad for Mod Lashes

Shelley appeared in an ad for Mod Lashes in 1974. She modeled "Real Hair Lashes...Realistically Priced - to bring out the Real You". She modeled different kinds of lashes for different kind of women, for different kinds of lifestyles and moods. Career, home-loving, outdoors and child-at-heart - style numbers 11, 26, 16 and 31 - were all worn by Shelley. All any woman had to do was "eye-dentify' the lifestyle or mood she was in; and Mod Lashes would a corresponding recommend the lash style. And Shelley captured every lifestyle mood to a T.

Closeups of Shelley from the ad

Busy Actress

Shelley, a busy actress in the 1980's,
did a number of talk shows.

Jackie and Mike

Tom Mason and Shelley Hack in Jack and Mike, 1986

Shelley starred in her third TV series Jack and Mike in 1986. The show came right after Moonlighting and was a delightful companion-piece to the Cybill Shepherd/Bruce Willis starrer. It was set in Chicago and was about yuppie married couple Jackie Shea, a journalist, and Mike Brennan, a restauranteur. The couple found success in their individual careers but had to work to find time to enjoy their marriage. The series had a short run but was a good watch nevertheless. Let's hope it makes it on DVD.

The Brezzy Blues

Shelley in a spread for the 1976 Montgomery Ward Spring Bicentennial Edition Catalog

Shelley appeared in the Spring Bicentennial Edition Catalog of Montgomery Ward in 1976. She appeared in the spread called "Do The Breezy Blues" which was part of the catalog's "C is for Contemporary" feature which showcased a new breed of sports  clothes for the contemporary woman of the era. Shelley modeled outfits in soft hues of blue (and white) which were sometimes tie-dyed.

Shelley wore the 2-button blazer with wide lapels, fitted waist and patch pockets over a scoop-necked cotton knit top. With them, she wore a pair of fly-front trousers that had a 2-button close and an elastic waist at the back. The catalog recommended a matching tote for the outfit. Shelley was radiant in it.
Shelley also modeled a blue and white striped top. Nautical- inspired, it had a boat neck and had solid-colored elbow-length turn-back cuffs. With it, she wore a pair of sailor pants with unusual hip zippers and wide flared legs. Shelley looked like one classy sailor.

Charting Her Own Course

Shelley became a megastar when she was cast as Tiffany Welles on Charlie's Angels; but unfortunately, it came with a price. After being in the series, she was typecast (just like her co-Angels) and had a difficult time shaking off the image the show had inadvertently given her. She was pigeon-holed. But Shelley was used to challenges and was undaunted. She simply charted her own course, as she always did. In college, she confounded everyone by going to Australia instead of Paris for her junior-year-abroad at Smith - eventually making it part of the school's destinations. As a model, she unusually prioritized her education, using it as a vehicle to further educate herself. "It was never a thing where she was going to be the best model in the world; she simply became one of the best more or less in spite of herself," said Ford Models, Inc. matriarch Eileen Ford of the Supermodel she represented. So as an actress, Shelley had the same attitude. She simply accepted the challenge, studied her craft, worked hard and got up whenever she stumbled. "It was hard crawling out of that box, and it took a while," Shelley said. She eventually received praise for her work on the plays Vanities, Close Ties and Born Yesterday; as well as in the films The King of Comedy and Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer - and much later for her work on The Stepfather and Frequent Flyer.

Party Dressing

Shelley in a spread for Simplicity Fashion News, January 1970

Shelley appeared in Simplicity Fashion News' January 1970 issue, in a spread called "Young Quaint Party Dressing". She modeled a party dress that was certain to upstage everybody at any party with its scene-stealing shimmery/metallic fabric.

a closeup of Shelley in a shimmery/metallic party dress
Shelley modeled a shimmery/metallic blouse with wide up-to-the-minute collars and bishop sleeves over an red A-Line skirt with patch pockets outlined with the same metallic fabric. A matching metallic belt and a pair of metallic Mary Jane pumps finished her look. The Princess Leia buns were optional. But maybe not so in seven years when Star Wars debuts. Shelley was very cute in her party dress.
Shelley on the back cover of Simplicity Fashion News, January 1970

Shelley appeared on the back cover of Simplicity Fashion News, January 1970 in an ad for Newberrys Fabric Store. She modeled easy to make T-shirts/tunics/mini dresses in jersey appliqued with a matching jersey heart, flower or streak of lighting, whichever choice the reader/sewer preferred. The look was young, casual and free-spirited. And in the ad, Shelley definitely embodied that look.

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Jiffy Fashions

Shelley in the Jiffy Dress
Simplicity Fashion News, November 1975

Shelley appeared on the pages of Simplicity Fashion News in November of 1975. The issue featured Jiffy time saver Fashions for the fall of 1975. The patterns shown were new, easy to make and definitely must-haves for that fashion season. Aside from the spread "Jiffy... The Fashion Extender", she appeared in the "A Wrap, A Zip, A Tie - For Jiffy Dresses" spread, as well as the "Two For One" spread.

Shelley in the Jiffy Sweater and Reversible Skirt
Simplicity Fashion News, November 1975

In the former spread, Shelley modeled the Jiffy tucked-bodice dress with obi tie, pattern number 7617. The bright Scarlet Red dress was a standout and could be worn from day to night. A fabulous scarf, an envelope clutch and a pair of ankle strap pumps - all in varying shades of tan - finished her outfit. In the latter spread, she modeled the Jiffy reversible skirt, pattern number 7699.  It had no zippers and was simply wrapped and tied around the waist - perfect for women on the go. With it she wore a stretch knit sweater, pattern number 6624. A pair of matching boots and a pair of matching opera-length necklaces finished her outfit. And in both outfits, Shelley looked absolutely sensational.

solo views of Shelley from the spread

Jaclyn's Interview

Jaclyn (and Shelley) on CNN
watch Jaclyn's interview at
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Jaclyn Smith was recently interviewed on CNN by Brooke Baldwin about the legacy of Charlie's Angels. She talked about the impact of the the phenomenal TV series and her opinion on why it has remained so popular 34 years after it went off the air. She also gave a few anecdotes, shared a few memories and talked about some of her co-stars. I just wish she talked about Shelley and Tanya as well - they were part of the show too. And I agree with her. Someone should get all the living TOS (The Original Series) Angels in one room for a never-ever-done-in-34-years interview - and that would include Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts. I'm sure sure all the Angels fans would be over-the-top thrilled when that happens. I'm kind of sure Farrah Fawcett, David Doyle and John Forsythe would be too.

Pics of the Angels taken during the filming 
of the Charlie's Angels episode "Angels on the Street"
left, Jaclyn and Shelley; right, Shelley and Cheryl

Footage from the Charlie's Angels episode "Angels on the Street" was used early in the interview. The episode was aired during the 4th season of the series when Shelley joined the cast. The scene where Kelly (Jaclyn) and Tiffany (Shelley) went to see the pimp, Freddie,  was the one used - as well as the scene where Kelly was talking to the client at the beginning of the episode.

Baby Cable for Grown-Ups

Shelley in a spread for the 1976 Montgomery Ward Spring Bicentennial Edition Catalog

Shelley appeared in the Spring Bicentennial Edition Catalog of Montgomery Ward in 1976. She appeared in the spread called "The Baby Cable is for Grown-Ups". She modeled a pair of pull-on pants with cuffed flared legs and a pullover style placket top (in baby cable textured knitted fabric) that came with a matching V-neck cardigan. And all three pieces were color coordinated - in Shelley's case, they were all in medium green. Her look was finished off with jewelry in gold-toned metal and faux carnelian. And Shelley made her outfit look just fabulous.

A close up of Shelley from the spread

The Debutante

An article about Shelley from 1979

Shelley was featured in the the celebrity fan magazine, TV Yearbook, in 1979 (she was on the cover as well, with co-Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd). She had joined the cast of Charlie's Angels that year and was constantly being written about in many tabloids and magazines. But this debutante Angel was (and still is) a very private person. So like all celebrities who were guarded about their private lives, she became the target of gossip and speculation. But Shelley was ready for it and took everything in stride like a real pro.

Shelley was never a spoiled daughter

Debutante Shelley broke her parents' hearts
as one article claimed

Still a Beauty

still a beauty at 65 in 2012

Bergdorf Goodman Ad

Shelley in an ad for Bergdorf Goodman

In 1974, Shelley appeared in an ad for Bergdorf Goodman, a  world-renowned luxury goods department store based on Fifth Avenue, Midtown Manhattan, New York City. She modeled a made-to-order beige fur seal cape designed by Bergdorf's resident designer, Emeric Partos, for the store's fur salon. Fur was a fashion staple in every best-dressed woman wardrode for decades until the 1980s and 1990s when anti-fur campaigns began to gain ground. Campaigns and boycotts against fur clothing began getting so much media attention that wearing fur became a no-no. Animal rights organizations objected to the manner by which the garment was farmed; they objected to the killing of animals for the sake of fashion. Some animal activists even went as far as throwing red paint on fur coats worn by women in public. Until the present day, fur farming is still being debated on. But nevertheless, fur fashion was (and to a certain extent still is) a part of fashion history - as are the vintage ads featuring the controversial clothing material. Besides, Shelley looked really glam in this particular ad.

a closeup of Shelley

1996 TV Movie

Shelley in a publicity still for the 1996 telefilm Frequent Flyer

Shelley starred in the TV movie Frequent Flyer in 1996. She played JoBeth Rawlings, wife to airline pilot and bigamist (or should it be tri-gamist) Nick Rawlings. When she finds out about her husband's sexual indiscretions - and consequently other marriages - she launches a campaign to financially cripple him and secure her own financial future at the same time. Smart girl. Joan Severance and Nicole Eggert played Nick's other wives, Alison Rawlings and Miriam Rawlings respectively.

screen captures of Shelley from the 1996 telefilm Frequent Flyer

The telefilm was a hit when it was first released in March 10, 1996 over the ABC network. It landed at # 11 in the ratings, out-scoring every show aired that same night, including The People's Choice Awards. Shelley's performance (as well as the rest of the cast) was superb. The film is well-paced and is really fun to watch. The movie is currently available on DVD. If yo can get it, buy it.

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Fashion Extender

Shelley in a spread for Simplicity Fashion News, November 1975

Shelley appeared on the pages of Simplicity Fashion News in November of 1975. In one spread called "Jiffy... The Fashion Extender", she modeled a tab-collared cardigan top, a skirt and a pair of pants that readers could sew easily by themselves. The pieces had simple lines and had "no troublesome details." Plus, they were versatile, adaptable to any fashion situation and were easy to to wear all day long. And as always, Shelley looked sensational in it.

Closeups of Shelley from the spread

The Gibson

Shelley, as well as many other models and actresses in the late '70s and early '80s, sometimes wore her hair Gibson style - as in like Charles Dana Gibson's Gibson Girl. The modern version became popular at the time, as frills and ruffles came into vogue. And, of course, Shelley rocked the iconic hairdo.

Look-in with Boz and Co-Angels

Shelley appeared with Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and David Doyle on the cover of one of Look-in magazine's February 1980 issues - well, an artwork of them did. The UK kiddie mag ran comic strips of popular TV programs including Charlie's Angels. In 1980, it ran comic strips of the Charlie's third Angel team - Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe and Tiffany Welles, Shelley's character. And Shelley was fab in her comic strip version as well.

Rushed by Reporters

Shelley in Teen Beat magazine , 1979

When Shelley was cast as the newest Charlie's Angel in 1979, she was rushed by reporters. Everyone wanted to know who this new Angel was. Of course, everyone knew she was THE Charlie Girl. But when she became an Angel, Shelley's life went into overdrive. Everyone was interested in every single detail of her life. Shelley was determined to keep her privacy though, as she would tell reporters. She didn't mind being in the spotlight; but she didn't want her family to be negatively affected by her stardom, just like any other big sister would.


Shelley in a spread for Sears 1975 fall and winter catalog

Shelley appeared in a spread for Sears in 1975, the store's fall and winter catalog of that year. The spread was called "Jeans 'N' Things" and she modeled a pair of man-tailored overalls with flared legs over a large-plaid printed top. Matching clogs finished her sort of "hee-haw" look, which was actually the perfect outfit to wear on her farm in upstate New York.

what a beauty
a closeup of Shelley from the spread

Jen and Bob

Shelley starred in the film If Ever I See You Again in 1978. Her leading man in the film was Joseph Brooks. The film was about Bob Morrison (Brooks), a successful TV commercial jingles composer who looked up his old flame, Jennifer Corly (Shelley), to see if he could rekindle their past romance. It was Shelley's first leading lady role.

New Skirts '70

Shelley in a spread for Simplicity Fashion News, January 1970

Shelley appeared in Simplicity Fashion News' January 1970 issue, in a spread called "Sew the new skirts". After the success of the mini-skirt in the '60s, midi-skirts were being introduced as an alternative. But they were styled to show the legs nevertheless, with slits and all. Shelley modeled the slashed-up-the-front midi-skirt that had a matching brief bolero. With it, she wore a mock turtleneck striped top, an up-to-the-minute belt with a western buckle and a pair of matching low-heeled slingback sandals. And Shelley looked like one fantastic '70s chick.

a closeup of Shelley in the newest skirt length of 1970

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A Regular Sort

Shelley on Viva magazine in 1978
for Shelley's Viva cover
go to

Shelley appeared on the cover and pages of Viva magazine in May of 1978. It was a sort of promo for her upcoming film, If Ever I See You Again, her first leading lady role. In the article about her inside the mag, it's interesting to note how "she always wanted to be just a Regular Sort." Shelley had always wanted to live a normal life in spite of the abnormal/extraordinary circumstances she would always find herself in. She had been a model since her teens and had jumped to Supermodel by the mid '70s - right up there with Lauren Hutton and Karen Graham. She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and went to prestigious Smith College. She had traveled around the world by her mid-20s (as a student and as a model) and had earned enough from modeling to purchase a farm in upstate New York. She had embarked on an acting career that started with a bit part in the Academy Award winning Woody Allen film Annie Hall. But little did she know she was about to become an Angel and rise to an even loftier height. So much for being "a regular sort"...

gorgeous Shelley in a fab white top
with her hair up, '70s disco style
love the earrings

Destination Alcatraz

Kicks/Destination Alcatraz VHS cover
Great artwork but that doesn't look like Shelley at all

In 1985, Shelley starred in the tele-thriller Kicks with soap opera superstar Anthony Geary and her future Jack and Mike co-star Tom Mason. It was about a thrill-seeking couple who would do anything for kicks - thus, the title. But how far would they go? The film was released on VHS format but was renamed as Destination Alcatraz for the European market. Let's hope it's released on DVD soon.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube at
Kicks (1985) TV Movie
(highlight the link, right click
and choose "Open Link in New Tab" option)
Thank you so much to tvrepeater for posting

Charlie '78

In this Charlie perfume ad from 1978,
Shelley was merely smirking, but nevertheless striding.
But smiling or not, she was gorgeous.

Shelley's first taste of super-stardom came when she became THE Charlie Girl in 1976. The commercial she made for the brand was an instant hit and soon a slew of print ads with her striding her Charlie stride were released. She became one of the most recognizable faces around the world - and she was photographed striding around the world. In a 1978 version of the ad, she was photographed in Paris, at the Pont Alexandre III Bridge, in a fabulous white ensemble and chic scarf. She was also wearing Sheer Berry Red Extra Extra Shine Lipstick by Revlon Charlie. She was at her Supermodel best.

a closeup of Shelley from the 1978 Charlie ad

Cover Girl Ad Circa '74

Shelley in a 1974 Cover Girl ad

Shelley appeared in an ad for Cover Girl in 1974. It was an ad for their new lipstick line and new range of colors namely: Natural Frost, Really Red, Breezy Pink, Natural Pink, Pink Frost, Fresh Peach , Copper Frost, Melon Frost, Ripe Strawberry, Soft Red, Pure Gloss and Wild Rose. The other notable models who appeared in the ad were Kim Basinger, Beshka Sorensen, Maud Adams and Susan Blakely.

a closeup on Shelley in the ad

Detective Wife

Shelley and Michael Nader played a divorced couple
in The Finishing Touch, 1992

Shelley appeared in the feature film The Finishing Touch in 1992. The film was about a divorced couple, both detectives, who had been assigned to the same case. They had to team up to find out who had been killing beautiful women in L.A., filming it and selling the footage as snuff films. Two suspects would come up, a known criminal and a well-known artist. As the couple investigated, their former marital problems would slip to the surface and cloud their judgement. Shelley played Detective Hannah Stone, while former Dynasty hunk Michael Nader played her ex-husband Detective Sam Stone. Arnold Vosloo, who would later rise to fame as the Mummy in The Mummy feature film series, played renowned artist Mikael Gant - the man who would come between the divorced couple.

Awards Night

Shelley was seen at the 45th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards in 1993. The event was held in Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, and she was with her husband director Harry Winer. And she looked every bit the star she was. Her fabulous little black dress was velvet, above-the-knee in length and had gold details at the hem. Over it, she wore a black velvet evening coat generously trimmed with gold Verasace-esque details on the edges, sleeves and collar. Her gold earrings were similar in design and fit her outfit to a T. She finished her look with a matching bag and a pair of medium-heeled (as she always prefers) pumps. She was a standout.

Being in Step in '72

Shelley in a spread for Fashions of the Times in 1972

In 1972, Shelley appeared in Fashions of the Times, a magazine that came with The New York Times and featured the latest in... What else? Fashion, of course. She appeared in a spread called "Wear Sportswear. Be in step with today." Shelley modeled the latest in autumn 1972 day-wear and was photographed walking around Central Park in New York - chic-ing it out. The outfits she wore could be found in retail stores around New York City.

Shelley modeled a tailored suit which included a gray flannel jacket and vest, wide-legged tattersall pants and rayon crepe shirt - all by Victor Joris for V & J. She was stunning.

Shelley also modeled: Top right, a mauve suede dolman jacket over mauve and beige separates - all by Kasper for J.L. Sport. Above left, a bias plaid tent coat over a camel sweater and wool melton pants - all by Lewiston. Above right, a herringbone worsted wool suit by Ralph Lauren. She was one chic chick.