Sunday, June 7, 2015

Detective Wife

Shelley and Michael Nader played a divorced couple
in The Finishing Touch, 1992

Shelley appeared in the feature film The Finishing Touch in 1992. The film was about a divorced couple, both detectives, who had been assigned to the same case. They had to team up to find out who had been killing beautiful women in L.A., filming it and selling the footage as snuff films. Two suspects would come up, a known criminal and a well-known artist. As the couple investigated, their former marital problems would slip to the surface and cloud their judgement. Shelley played Detective Hannah Stone, while former Dynasty hunk Michael Nader played her ex-husband Detective Sam Stone. Arnold Vosloo, who would later rise to fame as the Mummy in The Mummy feature film series, played renowned artist Mikael Gant - the man who would come between the divorced couple.