Sunday, June 28, 2015

Woman in the Mirror

Shelley on the German Mag Frau im Spiegel (Woman in the Mirror) in August 1988

Shelley appeared in the German magazine Frau im Spiegel (Woman in the Mirror) in August 1988. Her second TV series was being aired in Germany and the mag ran an writeup about her. Below is a rough translation.


Shelley Hack
A Charlie's Angel in Cutter To Houston

Who doesn't remember the three young ladies who packed mascara and eye shadow as well as guns in their purses? Angels Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith are two of the most successful stars from the TV series Charlie's Angels. Another Angel from the series, Shelley Hack, a Connecticut girl, was a well known Supermodel. When she joined the show, she was uneasy with the demands of the showbiz world. And within a year, she was out of the series. "I wanted to continue, but I was pushed aside," said Shelley, according to an insider.

But in spite of the scathing criticism she got when she was on the series, she was still able to land a small role in the feature film The King of Comedy. She played opposite big stars like Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis. The film had a great cast, but, unfortunately, it flopped.

As an Angel of Mercy in a white lab coat, the 38-year-old actress then starred in the TV series Cutter to Houston. She played a young surgeon named Dr. Beth Gilbert. The series was short-lived in the US, so Shelley has to find another vehicle to showcase her acting ability. At the moment, she's filming a movie in Canada.


a closeup of Shelley's pic from the mag 

the caption beside the pics roughly translates as:
Shelley Hack is finally an actress. Her role as Dr. Beth Gilbert in Cutter to Houston was a breakthrough. "I'm very happy got the role," she said, "and hope that this success will help me in the future."