Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hippie Style

Shelley in an early '70s hippie style fashion pic

Natural Wear

Shelley in a 1973 Miss Clairol ad

Cartoon Angel

Shelley as Tiffany Welles in the cartoon version of Charlie's Angels 
as it appeared on Look-in magazine in September of 1980

Armed with Puffed Sleeves

Shelley is "armed with pretty puffed sleeves" 
in this 1974 fashion pic for Sears

1979 Screen Capture

Shelley in a screen capture 
from the 1979 telefilm Death Car on the Freeway

Shelley and Tom

Shelley (with Tom Selleck) in a Charlie perfume ad/pic
for a Charlie and Chaz promo designed for the 1980 Olympics

Shelley was THE Charlie Girl from 1976 to 1982. In 1980, Charlie and its "for men" counterpart Chaz became official scents for the Olympics that year, which was held in Moscow. The winter Olympics though was held in Lake Placid, New York that year. Tom Selleck was THE Chaz man at the time, so pics with Shelley and Tom were taken to promote both Revlon lines.

Paparazzi Captures

Shelley in a pair of paparazzi captures from 1979

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dinner Party Cooking

In this 1984 clipping, we learn that Shelley has been "trained," since her days growing up in Connecticut, to prepare dinner for a crowd (she has two brothers and three sisters.) So dinner parties for her have never been a problem. But Shelley's true passion is baking.



Shelley seemed to be looking for something very important in her bag that she had to grab her sandwich by her teeth in this 1973 ad for Wrangler Sportswear. "Wremember, the 'W' is silent" was the brand's tagline that year.

Angels On One Cover

Shelley and Farrah Fawcett bothe graced the cover
of Gossip magazine for their June 1980 issue.

Shelley and Chanel 2

This Chanel No. 5 ad with Shelley (although partial, will look for a complete one) came out in 1971. Shelley looked so young and fresh in this version of the ad. Earlier, a 1972 Chanel ad with Shelley  was posted in this blog. Both ads have the tagline "Chanel is here..."

Flight Attendant

Shelley played flight attendant Lynn Brown in the 1995 telefilm Freefall: Flight 174 a.k.a. Falling from the Sky: Flight 174. Based on a true story, the film keeps you on your toes and is good viewing.

Fabulous Furs For Evening

Shelley was fab in the 1977 spread "Fabulous Furs For Evening" 
from the November issue Harper's Bazaar.

On The Angels Set

This paparazzi pic of Shelley was taken in 1979 when she was filming scenes for the Charlie's Angels episode "Angel's Child" in Van Nuys, Los Angeles.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mid-70s Chic

Shelley was mid-70s chic in this 1976 ad for Stephan Casuals,
a clothing line that was launched in the 70s.

Good Morning Shelley

Shelley on Good morning America, October 1985

Shelley was a guest on the October 23, 1985 episode of Good Morning America. One of the longest running morning television shows in the US, Good Morning America airs early in the day. Shelley must have been up by dawn, but she was lovely nonetheless.

Pretty and Preppy

Shelley was pretty and preppy in this fashion spread 
for Sears 1974 Fall and Winter Catalog.

Making It Work

Shelley and Tom Mason starred in the 1986-1987 TV series Jack and Mike which aired right after Moonlighting. This August 1986 TV Guide article entitled "Making It Work" promoted the upcoming series which was scheduled  to premiere on the 1986 ABC fall season line up.

New Life For Your Skin

Shelley in a 1967 ad for Skin Clinic by Noxzema
which promised "new life for your skin"

Memorizing Her Lines

Shelley was photographed in 1979 lounging around her trailer and memorizing her lines for, judging by her outfit, a scene for the Charlie's Angels episode "Caged Angel."

In A Jiffy

Shelley modeled Simplicity Jiffy pattern number 7746 in 1976. Below is a closer look at outfit which kind of looks like something Angel Sabrina Duncan would wear. Hmm... Of course, later we all know that Shelley as Tiffany Welles would take over from Sabrina.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ready To Go Airborne

Shelley donned this delightful zipper-front mini shirtdress,
and was ready to go airborne in this 1973 Vicky Vaughn ad.

New Girl In Town

The publicity for Shelley's Charlie's Angels debut was in high gear back in 1979. The show was hot, and Shelley was equally hot herself due to the immense popularity of her Charlie perfume commercials and ads. The Charlie Girl had become a Charlie's Angel, and this "new girl in town," was just wowing tinsletown.

German Magazine Covers

Brigitte mit Constanze, January 1972

Shelley appeared on the covers of two issues 
of the German fashion magazine Brigitte mit Constanze back in 1972.

Brigitte mit Constanze, June 1972 (a repost)

Ice Cream By The Pier

Shelley and Joe Brooks share an ice cream by the pier 
in this publicity photo for the 1978 film If Ever I See You Again.

Lovers Sometimes

Shelley with Tom Mason in an ad for their 1986 TV series Jack and Mike where they played a busy married yuppie couple who couldn't seem to find time to be together, hence, the tagline, "lovers, sometimes"

Shelley and Aaron

Shelley in a rare pic with her Charlie's Angels producer Aaron Spelling back in 1979

Super Skin

Shelley in a 1973 ad for Super Skin, a double-action skin cleanser 
under the Revlon beauty line Natural Wonder