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Happy New Year, World!!!

Happy New Year, to our beautiful World!!!

Hello Angels

Shelley was tapped to host the biographies of several Charlie's Angels as well as Charles Townsend himself (John Forsythe.) It aired on the A&E Biography Channel in late 2000 (just in time for the release of the first Charlie's Angels movie) during what they called Hello Angels Week. In 2002, A&E Biography did a special about the TV series itself (which ran from 1976-1981.) Shelley appeared with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd on this special.

A&E Biography: Cheryl Ladd as Guest Host October 30, 2000
A&E Biography: Farrah Fawcett as Guest Host October 31, 2000
A&E Biography: Drew Barrymore as Guest Host November 1, 2000
A&E Biography: Jaclyn Smith as Guest Host November 2, 2000
A&E Biography: John Forsythe as Guest Host November 3, 2000
A&E Biography: Charlie's Angels with Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd October 21, 2002

Shelley found herself back at the Townsend Agency office
and, appropriately, looking gorgeous and chic as ever.

Dance Angels, Dance!

Shelley with Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith dancing
in their skin-tight spandex pants in a pictorial for Charlie's Angels.

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Sweet Shelley

Shelley is sweet in this Penny's ad
from Seventeen magazine in July 1970

Vanities Jack Heifner

In this clip, Jack Heifner is interviewed by David Armstrong (5th Avenue Theatre Executive Producer and Artistic Director) regarding his play Vanities. Jack talks about all the actresses who played parts in it through the years.

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Jack had this to say about Shelley's performance:
"This is the HBO production. I wasn't fond of this production but it's the one that more people saw. But Shelley Hack, if you remember, from Charlie's Angels, in this was the best. She was, on stage, probably not the best actress, but for the cam-- for TV she was brilliant."

Shelley's acting was really getting great reviews as the '80s progressed (especially in the theater circuit.)

Shelley Fan

Shelley with a French fan, Philippe Petit.
Did she just come from The Oprah Show?

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Wireless Video

Shelley on the cover of Bild + Funk (translation: Wireless Video),
a German magazine in August of 1988

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Merry Christmas, World!

Shelley in gold from the December issue of Seventeen magazine in 1964

Charlie Girl in Yellow

Shelley in a fabulous yellow track suit endorsing Revlon Charlie in the late '70s

Candid Angels

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith, Bert Convy, Cheryl Ladd and a couple of crewmen during the filming of Love Boat Angels. I love that they're all sharing a laugh, dispelling the reports that the new angel team did not get along.

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Repeat Performance

Shelley re-wears a blouse (from the Angels episode An Angels' Trail) in the early '80s. She added a personal touch by tying a ribbon around the neck (which was very much in vogue in the early '80s.)

McCalls Summer

Shelley models a bikini for McCalls Summer Crochet Special Issue in 1975.

Subscribe Now

Shelley in an ad for Seventeen Magazine subscriptions in 1966

Giant Sunglasses

Shelley models giant sunglasses for JCPenney in their spring/summer catalog for 1977

Friday, December 16, 2011

Frederick Forsyth Presents

This syndicated TV series is set to be released on DVD in Feb 14 2012. The 3-DVD set, which will include all episodes, is released by the Timeless Media Group (TMG.)

The series debuted in 1989 with a total of 6 feature-length episodes written by Frederick Forsyth which includes:

A Casualty of War
starring Shelley Hack, David Threlfall, Amanda Burton
Little Piece of Sunshine
starring Lauren Bacall, Philip Michael Thomas
Death Has a Bad Reputation
starring Tony Lo Bianco, Elizabeth Hurley, Alan Howard
The Price of the Bride
starring Mike Farrell, Peter Egan, Robert Foxworth
Just Another Secret
starring Beau Bridges, Alan Howard
Pride and Extreme Prejudice
starring Brian Dennehy, Simon Cadell, Lisa Eichhorn

I just wish that they included Shelley on the cover of the DVD. Let's hope they do, February is still a few months away.

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Tif and Boz

Tiffany Welles and John Bosley:
Shelley and David Doyle are out and about in 1979
shortly after Shelley became the new Charlie's Angel

Sears Dresses

Sweet and pretty, Shelley models dresses for Sears
in the catalog's Fall/Winter edition in 1974


A news clipping about Shelley
when she was doing the play Tamara in 1990


A Shelley poster from the Portuguese magazine Illustre

Ship n' Shelley

Shelley on an ad for Ship n' Shore in 1973

Iconic Suspenders

Shelley in her iconic white suspenders,
a promo pic from her Angel days

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Runway Inspiration

September 29, 2011 - "She's going to be Shelley Hack" said Bert Keeter, 57, Project Runway finalist on the 9th season of the mega-hit reality show.

The 10th episode of the season, entitled Sew '70s, challenged the contestants to come up with their interpretation of the sophisticated '70s (not retro or disco.) As the other contestants struggled, Bert was at the top of his game, having worked with Bill Blass, Halston and Arnold Scaasi.

"I went for Charlie, the Shelley Hack image that I remember," explained Bert as he presented his designs to Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge, the fab Olivia Palermo. His 3-piece design - an off-shoulder sparkly metallic chiffon top, a removable skirt in the same material and a pair of black hot pants (which, by the way, is also very Shelley Hack) - was a hit with the judges. Heidi said, "I do like this fabric a lot." Michael said, "I like this blouse in this metallic chiffon because women like to show their shoulders." Nina said, " I would buy that top. They would photograph phenomenal." Olivia said, "I love your first look , I think it's beautiful."

As we can see, the "Charlie Girl Shelley Hack" image continues to inspire. This sophisticated, confident and perennially windblown icon is cemented on the world's psyche (especially on those who lived through the '70s) and forever a symbol of the modern, sophisticated, liberated woman.

The Sophisticated Jackie Shea

Shelley is sophisticated in this screen capture for the TV series Jack and Mike (Shelley played Jack, of course, Jackie Shea)


Johna Blinn's collection of celebrity recipes
which includes Shelley's Apple Brown Betty on page 452

Paparazzi Protected

Shelley was hounded by the paparazzi in 1979 after it was announced that she was the new Charlie's Angel. A crewman tried to protect the TV's New Angel from all those flashing bulbs.


Shelley on the cover of Vanidades (Vanities) in 1979

'70s Sweet

Shelley is sweet in this fashion pic from the '70s

Sexy Shelley

Shelley is sexy in her swimsuit in this outtake for Love Boat Angels in 1979.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Chanel and Shelley

Before she even did any endorsements for Revlon Charlie perfume, Shelley endorsed Chanel No. 5 in their "Chanel Is Here" ad campaign in 1972. Shelley is fresh-faced in the ad and lovely as ever. A more complete and clearer version of the ad will be posted later.

Forsyth Presents

Shelley in a still for the TV movie Frederick Forsyth Presents A Casualty of War in 1989

And The Oscar Goes To Shelley Hack

Or should that be Shelley Hack goes to the Oscars?
Shelley arrives at the 52nd Annual Academy Awards
held in Los Angeles at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
in April 14, 1980.

To Go In The Sun

Shelley on the cover of French Elle in December 27,1971.
The cover says that the Mode is to Go In The Sun.

I Finally Got Nautical

Shelley in a nautical ad for Bobbie Brooks in 1972.
"I finally got nautical," was Shelley's last line in Love Boat Angels.

DGAA 1985

At the left is Shelley's seat placement card/trophy
at the 37th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards night.
She attended the event in March of 1985.

Cutter Girl

Shelley in a still for her 1983 TV series Cutter To Houston