Friday, December 16, 2011

Frederick Forsyth Presents

This syndicated TV series is set to be released on DVD in Feb 14 2012. The 3-DVD set, which will include all episodes, is released by the Timeless Media Group (TMG.)

The series debuted in 1989 with a total of 6 feature-length episodes written by Frederick Forsyth which includes:

A Casualty of War
starring Shelley Hack, David Threlfall, Amanda Burton
Little Piece of Sunshine
starring Lauren Bacall, Philip Michael Thomas
Death Has a Bad Reputation
starring Tony Lo Bianco, Elizabeth Hurley, Alan Howard
The Price of the Bride
starring Mike Farrell, Peter Egan, Robert Foxworth
Just Another Secret
starring Beau Bridges, Alan Howard
Pride and Extreme Prejudice
starring Brian Dennehy, Simon Cadell, Lisa Eichhorn

I just wish that they included Shelley on the cover of the DVD. Let's hope they do, February is still a few months away.

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