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The Charlie Times

 Shelley in a 1978 Charlie perfume ad 
that included the Charlie makeup and skincare line
called "The Charlie Times" which was a contest 
for Charlie users all over Australia

By 1978, THE Charlie Girl Shelley was such a hit all over the world that promos and contests involving the brand became commonplace. In Australia, they had a contest which was promoted in ads that were headlined "The Charlie Times." The winner got to travel around the world just like THE Charlie Girl; because, as everyone knew by then, "The World Belongs to Charlie."

THE Charlie Girl was a woman who had seen the world; and the ad narrated the many trips and adventures she had embarked in. Paris, Spain, Tahiti - THE Charlie Girl had seen them all.

Of course, THE Charlie Girl never left home without the essentials - for her skin, her face, her lips and her eyes. But most especially, she never forgot her personal fragrance when she traveled around the world.

Pants That Fit

Shelley appeared in a 1974 ad for Sears Pants That Fit. "The knees stand up when you do" according to the ad. They "just refuse to get baggy."  Shelley was lovely.

Two Angels in '81

In 1981, readers wanted to know what the latest was with Angel Shelley and another former Angel Kate Jackson. Well, Shelley had just been at the White House for a reception for Britain's Prince Charles; and Kate was currently finishing production on Making Love, a movie that was considered controversial at the time.

Minis Are The Most

a 1971 spread called Minis Are The Most
from Seventeen Magazine

Shelley appeared not only on the cover of Seventeen magazine's March 1971 issue but also on the main spread featured in the issue. Entitled "500 Boys Say," the spread explained to readers what boys wanted girls to look and be like at the time (soooooo retro.) And according to the survey, 93.6 percent of boys wanted girls' legs to be seen not hidden; therefore, the mag recommended mini-jumpsuits and mini-skirts.

Shelley was so cute in her knitted short pants and puffy-sleeved top. Her look was made interesting with a unique but matching belt. Finished off with a bangle, pigtails and a pair of knee socks, her look was just adorable.

Shelley modeled a couple of mini-dresses that were just great to wear seaside. Above, she wore a sand-colored, arm-bearing, v-necked mini-dress, perfect for those summer days. Below, she wore "a madras-skirted knit-topped mini with cinchy belt," perfect for a seaside stroll.

The Other Primetime Couple

Shelley Hack and Tom Mason on the cover of  TV Post in 1987

Shelley starred (with Tom Mason) in her third TV series Jack and Mike which aired from 1986 to 1987. The show came immediately after Moonlighting which starred Cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis. Cybil and Bruce played a couple that didn't know if they wanted to be a couple, while Shelley and Tom played a couple who couldn't seem to find time for each other.

The Most Becoming Coat

Shelley wore "the most becoming coat ever invented," a fur-collared wrap coat. In fox and oatmeal tweed, the coat was featured on the pages of Vogue in September of 1974. And Shelley, of course, looked spectacular in it.

The Sexiest TV Actresses

Check it out at:

Shelley was included in Squidoo's list of the 70's Sexiest TV Actresses. The list also included Loni Anderson, Catherine Bach, Lynda Carter, Angie Dickinson, Suzanne Somers and Lindsay Wagner, to name a few. Shelley's fellow Charlie's Angels Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and Kate Jackson are on the list as well. Charlie's sixth Angel Tanya Roberts wasn't in it, because she became famous in 1980 when she filled in for Shelley on Charlie's Angels.

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Dress of the Year

By the mid-'70s, Shelley was an in-demand model and was getting modeling jobs left and right. She appeared in many ads and was on the cover and in the pages of all the leading magazines of the time. In 1974, she donned Vogue's Dress of the Year for the magazine's September issue. The two-piece dress was dubbed "sweater-and-skirt-easy" as well as "city-polished." It's the "first thing you'll want under a coat/first thing you'll wear without a coat." And Shelley looked absolutely sensational in it.

First Leading Lady Role

Shelley's first leading lady role was as Jennifer Corly in the 1978 film  If Ever I See You Again. She played opposite Joe Brooks' Bob Morrison. Brooks also produced and directed the film; as well as composed the film's theme song. He picked Shelley for the role and insisted she wore her glasses throughout the entire film.

Greek Mag Cover

Shelley appeared on the cover of the Greek Magazine Afisorama in January of 1980.

Juniors with Shelley and Kim

Shelley and Kim Basinger on JCPenney's 1973 catalog
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Shelley appeared in the spring and summer issue of the 1973 JCPenney catalog. In one spread for the Juniors section, she modeled "sporty little tops and easy moving skirts." It's fun to note that along with Shelley, a very young Kim Basinger appeared on the spread as well. The looks they sported were was great for summer '73.

Shelley modeled a cap-sleeve scoop-neck top over a long-sleeved eyelet shirt and a flared circle skirt. While Kim wore a contrast-stitch-trimmed top over a crisp seersucker woven-plaid skirt. Both girls looked so adorable.

Shelley modeled a cotton scoop-necked rib-knit top in white over a cotton knit polka-dot skirt with a pair or shorts underneath. While Kim wore a short blazer jacket over a flippy pleated skirt. They were so girly cute in their get ups.

Tabloid Frenzy

When Shelley was cast as Charlie's newest Angel in late-May of 1979, the tabloids went into a frenzy. "The Charlie Girl Becomes A Charlie's Angel" was the headline Aaron Spelling was hoping for when he asked this Supermodel to join the Townsend Agency, and it was exactly what every tabloid (well, actually, everybody) eventually said. In those tabloids, many things were written about Shelley that were true; as well as... uh... Well, they were tabloids after all. But  publicity was publicity, and the interest in the new Angel was intense that many articles about her came out as soon as the announcement of her Angel-dom was made.

Night on the Town

Shelley spent the night on the town in around 1984 with her friend, writer/director John Leone. She was seen a number of times with him in the early '80s.

Bob Cut

Thank you so much to the Shelley Hack Fan Page
at Facebook for the pic

Shelley always thought of herself as the product when it came to modeling, so she would always change and update her look in order to reach different, untapped markets. In 1972, she cut her long hair into a chin-length bob which changed her look dramatically. Her sophisticated new cut gave her a sophisticated new image. It started her transition from teen modeling and into the big leagues.

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Beeline Model

Shelley modeled a sleep tunic and pants for Beeline Fashion Inc's 1971 spring and summer catalog. Beatrice "Bee" F. Birginal was head designer (as well as partner, clothing buyer and catalog typist) for the company that was named after her. "Bee's line of clothing" (as her husband/business partner would called it) became  Beeline Fashion Inc. and rose to popularity during the '60s and '70s.

Woman Here

Shelley was just gorgeous on the cover of the Turkish mag Burda Kadin 
(which translates to Woman Here) in 1980.

Diet Secrets

Shelley was the topic of many tabloid stories when she became a Charlie's Angel in 1979. Some stories were real and some, well... They were tabloids after all. Everything from her love life to her beauty routine to her diet (her "Angel Food Secret" as one headline put it) was written about.


a 1971 spread on Mini-Alls from Seventeen Magazine

Shelley appeared not only on the cover of Seventeen magazine's March 1971 issue but also on the main spread featured in the issue. Entitled "500 Boys Say," the spread explained to readers what boys wanted girls to look and be like at the time (soooooo retro.) And according to the survey, 75.6 percent of boys wanted their girls to be properly dressed for the occasion. So for casual events, the mag recommended cute Mini-Alls, shortened versions of the Over-Alls.

 Mini-Alls came in solids or patterns
and was great for outdoor activities like fishing

 Mini-Alls really showed off one of Shelley's best assets,
her mile-long sexy legs

History at the 2009 Collectors Show

Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts with fan, Scott, and another fan
Thank you so much to both Scott and his friend for posting this pic

Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts, who both starred in the landmark '70s TV series Charlie's Angels, first met each other at the Hollywood Collector's Show in Burbank, California in July of 2009 and made history. They never met each other prior to the event, so it was a first in Angel history.

Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts

For the record, Shelley never met Kate Jackson (Tanya met Kate in 2004); and, sadly, Tanya will never meet Farrah Fawcett. Now isn't it about time the surviving original TV series Angels met each other? They are all beloved, and each and every one of them (including Farrah, of course) holds a special place in everyone's heart. I dream of seeing a Vogue or Vanity Fair issue with Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts on the cover. In fact, wouldn't they cause a sensation if all five of them appeared together in a fan convention? And wouldn't it be great to see all five of them together in one room, on one show, discussing the cultural impact their series had on the entire world (Yes, the ENTIRE world.) Now that has never happened before, ever.

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Mademoiselle Hack

Shelley was primped and made up for the June issue of Mademoiselle magazine in 1978. She was featured in the issue's Starstyle section as a sort of promo for current film If Ever I see You Again. She was at the peak her Charlie Girl popularity and was positively noticed for her appearance in the Woody Allen classic Annie Hall. She was going places.

Charlie faz de você uma estrela

Shelley in a French Charlie perfume ad, 1979

Shelley knew very well that "Charlie faz de você uma estrela" (in English, "Charlie makes you a star") because Charlie by Revlon made her a star, a superstar model, a superstar Supermodel. And all over the world, her fabulous Supermodel image, her smile that said "I have it all" and her longer-than-the-Wall-Of-China stride was recognized and emulated. From the US to Europe, from Africa to Asia, Shelley was known as THE Charlie Girl and was celebrated for her independence and utter fabulousness. A superstar Supermodel indeed.

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Sportscoats '72

Shelley appeared in a spread for Sears' 1972 fall and winter catalog entitled "The Sportscoats Are Coming." She modeled a bright red "blazer-syled jacket in melton cloth of wool and nylon" over a crisp white turtleneck top and dark trousers. Her outfit was finished off with a pair of dark gloves and a matching red hat/skull cap. And Shelley was just absolutely gorgeous in it.

Tabloid Overdrive

When Shelley joined the cast of Charlie's Angels in 1979, the tabloids went into overdrive. The interest in Charlie's newest Angel was so intense, that so many articles about her, as well as news features, came out.  "I couldn’t believe it. What was I doing in the evening news?" Shelley exclaimed at the time. Of course, some were true and some were, well, iffy. But publicity was publicity, and the frenzy generated so much interest in her, it catapulted her to Hollywood Superstardom before she even filmed an episode of the series.

Another Stepfather DVD

The Stepfather DVD with Terry, Shelley and Jill on the cover

Just love versions of The Stepfather DVD that features Shelley prominently on the cover. As earlier expressed, Terry O'Quinn did a fantastic job a the title character, but Shelley and Jill Schoelen also turned out fine performances and should rightfully appear on the cover as well. Both women appear on this DVD cover, but it would be great if their names were to be on it as well.

Terry, Shelley and Jill in a 1987 publicity still
for the cult classic The Stepfather

Shelley and The Boys

Shelley in the 1971 Seventeen magazine spread
entitled 500 Boys Say

Shelley appeared not only on the cover of Seventeen magazine's March 1971 issue but also on the main spread featured in the issue. Entitled "500 Boys Say," the spread explained to readers what boys wanted girls to look and be like at the time (soooooo retro.) Five hundred boys, with ages ranging from  16 to 24, from different parts of the US, were quizzed about their opinions on their ideal girl. The results of the survey were made part of the spread.

Shelley was photographed, along with two other models, playing badminton with a pair of boys. Her mini knit outfit in bright colors showed readers where her heart is. The knits worn by all the models were by Charlie's Girls. Hmmm, was that a sign of things to come? Oh, and while Shelley was on the front cover of the issue, Jaclyn Smith - for Breck -  was on the back cover. Hmmm, another sign? Hmmm...

Shelley showed the boys who had the ball in her yellow smock-style coat and matching kerchief. Her red jeans were by Lady Wrangler. Her boots (with added decals) were by by Olof Daughter, a popular brand at the time. Shelley was so cute.

Closeups of the left hand panel on the previous pic
with Shelley and the boys hamming it up for the camera

A Smile for the Paparazzi

Shelley had a ready smile for the paparazzi back in 1979 when she was hounded by them upon the announcement of her Angel-dom. I love her cool light-colored outfit, but that airline pin and those dark movie star sunglasses really chic-ed her look up.


Shelley appeared in Yardley's 1971 print ad for Lot-A-Lash. This is a re-post but a much better version of the ad. Shelley  was just so pretty in this, so fresh, so young, and that's why she got away with it .

Jackie Plays Billiards

Shelley played Jackie Shea in her 1986 TV series Jack and Mike, 
and many publicity shots of her came out at the time. 
She's playing billiards in this one.