Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Charlie Times

 Shelley in a 1978 Charlie perfume ad 
that included the Charlie makeup and skincare line
called "The Charlie Times" which was a contest 
for Charlie users all over Australia

By 1978, THE Charlie Girl Shelley was such a hit all over the world that promos and contests involving the brand became commonplace. In Australia, they had a contest which was promoted in ads that were headlined "The Charlie Times." The winner got to travel around the world just like THE Charlie Girl; because, as everyone knew by then, "The World Belongs to Charlie."

THE Charlie Girl was a woman who had seen the world; and the ad narrated the many trips and adventures she had embarked in. Paris, Spain, Tahiti - THE Charlie Girl had seen them all.

Of course, THE Charlie Girl never left home without the essentials - for her skin, her face, her lips and her eyes. But most especially, she never forgot her personal fragrance when she traveled around the world.