Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sterling Shelley

Shelley appeared in a series of print ads for Napier jewelry in 1976. We've seen Napier is Glossier, Gleamier, Tonier and Moodier. She is in another variant of the ad, Napier is Sterling. Shelley's a knockout in this one.

Charlie Look-Alike Contest

Shelley in an ad for a 1979 Charlie Looking Good - Feeling Great Event that included makeup sessions, haircuts, games and a Charlie Look-Alike Contest (anyone who looks like Shelley Hack, The Charlie Girl, can join)

Million Dollar Faces

Prior to the 1970s, exclusive contracts for models were almost unheard of - Jean Shrimpton signed one with Yardley of London and  Evelyn Kuhn, with Revlon. But in the '70s, a handful of models  negotiated these  exclusive contracts  (given out by  top cosmetic manufacturers) into  lucrative deals. So much so that by the 1980s, these same models were commanding gigantic fees and were the highest paid models in the entire industry. These Supermodels were literally  Million Dollar Faces.

"Is This The Next Million Dollar Face?" was the title of an article that appeared on the pages of Life Magazine in 1981 and Carol Alt was the model in question. But more importantly, the magazine enumerated the highest-paid Supermodels under exclusive contract at the time.  These pioneering women  were the first batch of Supermodels to  have ever been under exclusive (and very lucrative) contract. Lauren Hutton, Iman, Karen Graham, Cheryl Tiegs, Christina Ferrare, Shelley Hack and Margaux Hemingway were  THE Million Dollar Faces in the industry, the Best-Selling faces of the time. They pioneered the lucrative and exclusive contract for models that is sought after by every model up to this day.

Frequent Flyer Ad

Shelley in an ad for  the TV movie Frequent Flyer in 1996

You'll Be Glad

Shelley appeared in another ad for Sealy Posturepedic mattresses in 1972. 
The ad says "You'll be glad you didn't buy an ordinary firm mattress," 
and, by the look on her face, Shelley seems to agree.

Ford Model Write Up

Eileen Ford (founder, Ford Modeling Agency) wrote about Shelley in 1971.
Shelley talks about her diet and beauty routine.

Power Couple

Power couple, Shelley and her husband, Harry Winer, in the late '80s

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Make It Pretty, MAke It Fast

Shelley appeared in a magazine spread entitled Make It Pretty, Make It Fast for Family Circle magazine in May of 1978. By this time, she was already famous as Revlon's Charlie girl and her first movie (where she's the leading lady) was about to come out. Six pics of Shelley were used in the 6-page spread. She wore pretty summer dresses  numbers 1-5 as well as number 7.


Shelley was reunited with George Segal (her costar in Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer in 1983) in the1992 film Me, Myself and I. Shelley starred with George and Jo Beth Williams.

The Figure Maker

Shelley in a 1974 ad for College-Town, the figure maker

Cutter To Houston Online

Likewise, some clips from Shelley's 1983 series Cutter To Houston are on YouTube. 
Check them out as well.

A Cutter To Houston premire promo, love it.

CBS program lineup for Fall 1983

Datemate Clipping

Shelley (not Shelly) has a new datemate - 
director (and later producer) Harry Winer (not Weiner.) 
Shelley's a doll in this clipping from the '80s.

Crochet Fashions

Shelley donned Simplicity Crochet Fashions  in 1973

Jack & Mike Online

Some clips from Shelley's 1986 series Jack & Mike are on YouTube.
Check them out.

ABC fall 1986 (We Belong Together)
a short version

Tuesday night lineup version

and the longer version

Also, a bumper, very cute.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poster Girl

Shelley in a poster for the Japanese magazine Roadshow in in March of 1980

A Week's Worth

Shelley appeared in a spread for Harper's Bazaar in August, 1977.
She modeled a weeks worth of fashions for the active '70s woman. 
I love the Tuesday and Wednesday look.

Yankees' Party

Shelley is with an unidentified date in New York City
where they both attended a private party for the Yankees in 1981.

Quilted Coats

Shelley on the cover and pages of McCall's magazine in January, 1980.
She models "Great Quilted Coats You Can Make."

Floral Blazer

Shelley dons a floral printed blazer for summer in this 1972 ad for Bobbie Brooks.

Our Kind of Town

Shelley starred as investigative reporter Jackie Shea who was married to Mike Brennan, a restaurateur, in the 1986 TV movie Our Kind of Town which was later renamed Jack and Mike and went on to become a TV series. The series aired after the very popular Moonlighting and was itself a very charming piece of television viewing.

A 1986 promo spot for the series is on YouTube.
Check it out.

Another 1986 promo spot is also on YouTube.
Check it out as well.

And a 1987 promo spot is on YouTube too.
Check them all out.

Model Article

Shelley was interviewed for the July 1974 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine which ran a series of articles about the top models of the day. So many interesting tidbits are mentioned in the article such as - Shelley has been 5'8" tall and 112 pounds since she was 13, she thinks her face is irregular, she's a Ford Model who has done commercials and ads for Clinique, Natural Wonder and Cover Girl, and so much more...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Premiere in '86

Shelley attended the premiere of the film A Fine Mess which starred Ted Danson and Howie Mandel on March of 1986 at The Comedy Store in California. I love her look, an oversized boatneck sweater top paired off with a mini skirt. Very cute.

Christmas Charlie International

Shelley in a 1979 Christmas-themed Charlie perfume ad

Shelley appeared in this international version of the Charlie perfume ad for Christmas 1979. The text around the ad describes to everyone who the Charlie Girl is and offers a trick on how to make the fragrance last longer.

Jewels and Sweaters

Shelley appeared in a 1974 ad for Trifari Jewelry
which shows everyone "How to Wear A Sweater With Trifari."

At The Farm

Shelley was photographed at her 244-acre farm in New York's Catskills in around 1979/1980. Joining her are her two beautiful dogs. The photos appeared on the Japanese fan magazine Roadshow in 1980.


left, the original cover
center, an imagined cover where Shelley is mentioned on the cover's text
right, a variation of Shelley's pic which appeared inside the mag

An article about how the Angels were doing two years after the show was cancelled was published on Us Weekly in December, 1982. On the cover were Cheryl Ladd, Tanya Roberts, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson. Jaclyn Smith was mentioned on the cover's text but there's no sign of Shelley's pic or name. I made a version where Shelley is (as she should be) mentioned on the cover. She was very active on stage at the time and was very successful at it too.

Teens in Black and White

Shelley and fellow model Colleen Corby don black and white dresses
for Seventeen magazine in November, 1967.

Beauty Secret Clipping

Shelley shares some of her beauty secrets to Diane Robbens,
editor of Beauty Digest magazine in this newspaper clipping from  1979.