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Reversible Wrap Dress

DVF on Vogue, 1976

Shelley appeared in a spread for Vogue about Diane von F├╝rstenberg in July of 1976. DVF was and is famous for introducing the wrap dress in 1974. It's a one-piece dress that is worn by wrapping one side of the dress over the other (giving the wearer a V-neckline) and securing it with an attached sash/belt. It usually came in a printed jersey fabric. The magazine ran an article about DVF and featured her latest designs - cowl-necked jumpsuits and dresses (in solid colors) and updated versions of her wrap dress (including a jumpsuit version.) Shelley wore DVF's reversible wrap dress, a printed jersey dress that can be worn with the "V-neckline" on the back.

 Shelley (right) with Lisa Taylor, Joyce Walker and Janice Dickinson
Vogue-ing it out in the latest DVFs back in '76

Rare Clipping

Shelley was photographed by the paparazzi attending a pediatric Aids fundraiser in New York back in 1993 (according to one clipping.) In her arms, she proudly held her daughter, Devon Rose, who was just 2 and 1/2. Shelley seemed so happy and delighted with her very own little bundle of cuteness. Motherhood became her.

Get Up and Sew

Shelley appeared in an ad/article for Simplicity Patterns back in 1972. It appeared on the November issue of Tiger Beat that year; and it encouraged young girls to get up and sew their own clothes. It featured two new patterns from Simplicity, both modeled by Shelley. And she looked sensational in both of them.

1983 Comedy

Shelley on a 1983 solo still from Found Money

Shelley appeared alongside comedy legends Dick Van Dyke and Sid Caesar in the 1983 TV movie Found Money. Originally titled Max and Sam (Van Dyke's and Caesar's characters) the movie was re-titled My Secret Angel then Found Money.

Sid Caesar, Sheley Hack and Dick Van Dyke
Found Money (1983)

Roses Everywhere

Shelley modeled a cross-stitched gingham apron for Needlework and Crafts' 1973 issue. The booklet recommended cross-stitching roses everywhere - on totes, pin cushions, placemats, footstools... and even on aprons. And Shelley made aprons and domesticity look so good.

Feeling at home

a 1979 writeup on Shelley

According to one 1979 writeup, Shelley was welcomed by her co-stars Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd when she joined Charlie's Angels that year. And why not? They were both consulted on Shelley's selection as Charlie's newest Angel. It's interesting to read that even Farrah Fawcett, who was fulfilling her final three guest appearances on the series that year, made Shelley feel at home as well.

Shelley Hack, Charlie's lovely new Angel


Thank to for posting the pic

Shelley appeared on the 1970 fall and winter catalog of Penney's (which was renamed JCPenney in the fall of 1971.) She modeled clothes made from fabrics sold at the department store. It's interesting to note the different looks Shelley could project. On the left, she looks like a vibrant young teen, active and sporty. On the lower right, she looks like a sophisticated young lady, ready for a night out in town.

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Pandora 1970

Shelley appeared in an ad for Pandora fashions in 1970. With her were some of the most visible and most successful teen models of the era - Colleen Corby, Terry Reno and KayCampbell. The plaid and red fashions all the girls donned were very chic and up-to-the-minute.

That Smile

Shelley's smile was one of the most famous and most unforgettable  smiles of the '70s; and it was made even more famous by her Charlie perfume commercials and print ads. Her modeling clients "like me to look happy" Shelley told Cosmopolitan magazine in 1974. "My smile is crooked," she added, "there's is really very little I can do about my smile except control the upper left side without looking stiff." Well,crooked or not, Shelley's smile was and is unforgettable.

Look-In Cover

Shelley, as Tiffany Welles, appeared in comic form on Look-In magazine, a UK kiddie fan mag. From Dec 1979 until October 1980, the mag featured comic strips with the Kelly-Kris-Tiffany Charlie's Angels line-up. Cover art for the magazine during that time would sometimes include the K-K-T Angels lineup.

Thanks Charlie

Shelley first became famous because of Charlie. And I don't mean Charles Townsend of Charlie's Angels fame. I mean Charlie perfume. The Revlon brand made Shelley a celeb before anyone even knew her name. So thanks Charlie!


Shelley posed for an outdoorsy shot in 1979
in a chic, white, Chinese-collared blouse and shorts ensemble.
And Shelley looked just smashing!

Hal, Beth and Andy

Alec Baldwin, Shelley Hack and Jim Metzler posed for many publicity shots for their 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston. They all played doctors in the series; and were Dr. Hal Wexler, Dr. Beth Gilbert and Dr. Andy Fenton respectively.

Short-Haired Shelley

Shelley modeled the latest teen fashions for the juniors section of Spiegel catalog's fall winter issue for 1970. Her blouse, vest and skirt ensemble were deemed as "passports to fun." Adding to the fun of her look was a short blonde wig in a pageboy cut. Shelley never wore her real hair that short, so this wig was the shortest look she ever sported.

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Fashions You Can Sew

Shelley modeled fashions that you could sew yourself on Seventeen magazine's November 1970 issue. In a spread called "Christmas Crafts," she modeled a bolero and a sash/belt reader's could make - both had a floral motif. The predominantly black and white outfit she wore was quite chic, but the tie/scarf she wore with outfit that made it chic-ly interesting.

Rising from the Ashes

Shelley's post Charlie's Angels career was not as bad a most people would want to believe. She immediately jumped from TV to theater via Vanities and got critical praise for her performance. She then went to another play, Close Ties, then to yet another one, Born Yesterday, and drew even more critical acclaim. Shelley's theatrical career was such a success her that it sort of opened new doors for her in Hollywood. By 1983, with Angels behind her, Shelley had a Scorsese movie (The King of Comedy) under her belt - as well as two TV movies (Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer, Found Money) and a TV series (Cutter to Houston.) Now that's rising from the ashes.

Fur in '79

In the '70s, fur was one of the most luxurious items a women could ever own (not so today apparently) For Los Angeles magazine in 1979, Shelley modeled Korean jackal coat designed in Europe for Charles Gallay, an avant-garde boutique in Los Angeles. Underneath, she wore a satin blouse and pants ensemble by Laura Biagiotti, also for Charles Gallay. Shelley was the epitome of late '70s chic.

Angels in Comics

Shelley and her fellow Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd appeared (in comic form) on the cover of Look-In magazine, a sort of kiddie fan magazine that featured comic strips based on current hit TV series. Although the Charlie's Angel's comic strip had been running for a while then, Shelley, as Tiffany Welles, started appearing on the comic strip in December of 1979.

Charlie 1980

Shelley in a Charlie perfume ad from 1980

Shelley was THE Charlie Girl from 1976 until around 1982. Among all the women who became Charlie Girls, it was Shelley who captured the spirit of the campaign and the imagination of the public. Charlie Girl Shelley inspired many women (and some men) to pursue the life of an independent and liberated woman - who kept her femininity intact while doing it.

Cutter To Houston Clipping

Shelley along with co-stars Alec Baldwin and Jim Metzler appeared on many magazines to promote their new series Cutter to Houston back in 1983. Shelley was the "known" actor among the three at the time, having appeared on Charlie's Angels. Jim Metzler was also a recognizable face, having  appeared with Matt Dillon in the movie Tex. Alec Baldwin was the "newcomer" among the three.

Tattersall-Checkered Shirtdress

Shelley modeled a shirtdress with convertible sleeves for Sears spring summer catalog back in 1978. Made from oxford cloth, the shirtdress she wore had a tattersall-checkered print on a white background. Shelley showed reader they can look very chic in the Sears shirtdress.

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Empowering Women Through Fragrance

A 1976 version of the Charlie Perfume ad
with THE ultimate Charlie Girl, Shelley Hack

Can a perfume commercial really make women think differently about themselves? The Charlie perfume commercials of the '70s certainly did. An article entitled "A Fragrance to Empower Women: The History of "Charlie" can be found on:

The article thoroughly explains why and how Charlie became the best-selling perfume in the world at the time. It also mentions the impact Shelley's Charlie perfume commercial (in particular) had on all women throughout the world. Shelley "in turn, helped to popularize the image of the independent woman," according to the article. It was Shelley's image that propelled the brand and made it one of the most significant scents in perfume history.

an outtake from that 1976 shoot for Charlie perfume

Glamor Shot

Glamorous Shelley

When Shelley became a Charlie's Angel in 1979, she posed for many glamor publicity shots. One of them had her lying on her back with her hair spread out and combed to perfection. Gorgeous...

Was the pic taken this way?
Notice the position of the necklace.


DVD cover of Freefall: Flight 174

Shelley appeared in the 1995 made-for-TV movie Freefall: Flight 174. William Devane, Scott Hylands and Nicholas Turturro appeared in it as well. It was based on a true story and is a really great watch. It's currently available on DVD. If you find it, buy it.

DVD and disc

Gingham Girl

Pretty Shelley in a cute and sunny gingham dress

In 1972, Shelley appeared in a series of ads for JCPenny that encouraged customers to sew their own fashions. "If you're looking for a way to say who you are, we'll help you sew who you are" was the tagline for the ads. In one of them, she modeled McCalls Carefee Pattern # 3512 in gingham. And Shelley wasn't just pretty in the ads, she looked so fresh and wholesome.

Thank you so much to
for posting the ad

The Beauty of Self-Confidence

Shelley, co-Angel Cheryl Ladd and singer/actress Olivia Newton-John were the subject of a 1979 article that gave readers advice on how to become as beautiful as the three superstars. It said that Shelley's key to being beautiful was her self-confidence.

Erika Breen

screen capture
Shelley as Erika in Blind Fear

Shelley starred in the 1989 movie Blind Fear where she played Erika Breen, a blind switchboard-operator on her last night in an isolated resort lodge in Maine. The lodge had been sold by the owner and had just been closed up. That night, a group of criminals seek refuge at the lodge, striking fear in Erika (who went undetected) and her only companion, an old man named Mel. Erika is left to defend herself in the only way she knows how, by cutting power at the lodge and taking advantage of the dark and her knowledge of the place.

Japanese Poster Page

A re-post (and a better version) of Shelley, dripping in sequined glamor,
in a full-page poster that appeared in the June 1980 issue
of  Screen, a Japanese fan magazine.