Friday, July 27, 2012

The Angels Complete

The countdown to the release of Charlie's Angels The Complete Series is on. Many fans are looking forward to September. In the meantime, I decided to make another mock box set cover that includes all the angels from the original series. And that's Kate Jackson as the smart no-nonsense Sabrina Duncan, Farrah Fawcett as the sporty California girl Jill Munroe, Jaclyn Smith as the sultry and mysterious Kelly Garrett, Cheryl Ladd as the cute and sexy girl-next-door Kris Munroe, Shelley Hack as the classy intellectual Tiffany Welles and Tanya Roberts as the street-smart tigress Julie Rogers. They were all gorgeous, and they were all Angels.

Sweater Girl

Shelley is preppy in this 1978 photo
with her sweater around her shoulders.

Premiere 1996

Shelley attended the premiere of House Arrest, the star-studded film directed by her husband Harry Winer in 1996. She's classy as ever in her all-white get up, woven belt and matching shoulder bag. Sneakers finish off her casual and comfy look.

The Spotlight

 check it out at

A book about Shelley was released by Webster's Digital Services this March 2012 and is on sale at Authored by Sam Night, the book contains "articles available from Wikipedia" and "other free sources online."

Floral Beauty

Shelley is beautiful in the floral-printed outfit she modeled 
for Sears' spring summer catalog, 1975.

The Road to Jackie Shea

This 1987 article about Shelley relates to fans her journey to becoming Jackie Shea, her role in the series Jack and Mike (1986-1987.) We find out that she studied acting with such notables as Lee Strasberg, Herbert Berghof and Stella Adler. We also learn that she stopped smoking and  became the national chairperson of two organizations trying to get women to stop smoking.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super September News

Finally!!! According to, Sony is releasing Charlie's Angels The Complete Series!!! From Seasons 1 to 5, from Kate Jackson to Tanya Roberts, all episodes on 27 discs, plus the featurette Angels Forever. It's finally happening on September 25, 2012, so it's gonna be a Super September! Check out for more info. Thanks very much to

Charlie's Angels available on DVD so far
from left to right, DVDs for seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4

Charlie's Angels was such a phenomenon that until this very day, each and every Angel (YES, each and every Angel) still has a following. I wish they would include a featurette with all the angels talking about their experience in the series. While the featurette  Angels Forever is wonderful, it didn't really include the fans of Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts (they were like blips in it and weren't even included in the slow motion montage at the end. All the Angels were wonderful, well-loved and have their set of fans.) But anyway, rejoice Tanya Roberts/Julie Rogers fans, she's finally (and deservingly) on DVD too.

Maybe Shelley and Tanya can appear in the lower box with Cheryl
left, the box set cover as posted on
right, a mock box set with Shelley and Tanya on the lower box

BTW, I hope they put the pics of Shelley and Tanya on the box itself. Not just at the back of the box and inside but prominently on the front cover where they belong. Hey, everybody remembers them too.

 Oh, and I remember I made a mock box set some some time ago.
I was so excited I made more mock box set covers with Shelley and Tanya.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chic in '83

Shelley was 1983 chic in this photo taken when she was doing 
Found Money aka My Secret Angel which was released that same year.

Day to Night

Shelley appeared on the cover of Butterick in December 1977. The issue featured instant fashions that go from day to night, "patterns that lead a double life."

Shelley And The Mummy

Shelley starred in 1991 film The Finishing Touch with The Mummy's Arnold Vosloo (Dynasty's Michael Nader was also in the film.) A Vosloo fan put up a video about the film on YouTube. Shelley also appears in the short tribute. 

Shelley played Arnold's love interest in the film and they even had a love scene.
Check out this short tribute at

Stars And Stripes

Shelley showed us how to wear star and stripes
in the March 1971 issue of Seventeen magazine.

On The Set

Shelley and co-stars Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle and Cheryl Ladd posed for some photos on the set of the Charlie's Angels episode Fallen Angel. They're on the rooftop where Farrah and Timothy Dalton fought at the end of the episode.

Hollywood Show

On July 18, 2009, Shelley and fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts met for the very first time. It happened at the 2-day (July 18 and 19) Hollywood Show held in Burbank, California. Many fans were thrilled to see them together.
Check it out at

Tanya Roberts was interviewed by Retroality.TV at the event, and she talked about meeting Shelley for the first time apart from other things. You can see Shelley signing autographs as the Retroality.TV camera panned around the room. Judging by the Angels' outfits, the panning footage was filmed on the 18th while Tanya's interview was filmed on the 19th. Anyway, they seemed to be in coordinating outfits on both days.

I just wish that fans took pictures of just the two Angels together. Angel reunions are so rare, seeing the two of them together was a such momentous event.

Big Time

An article about Shelley came out in 1987 about her being the latest Charlie's Angel whose career was finally hitting the big time. Her film The Stepfather was slowly gaining cult status but her series Jack and Mike wasn't renewed for another season. But no matter, she was moving full-speed ahead.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Whole New Great-To-Be-Alive Look!

1977 ad for Charlie Makeup and Skincare

Shelley is fabulous in this rare 1977 ad for Charlie Makeup and Skincare. A shot from the same set of pics was used in a 1978 Charlie perfume ad. But the same shot (in black and white) was used in a Charlie perfume ad in 1979.

 left, Charlie perfume ad circa 1979
right, Charlie perfume ad circa 1978


Shelley got best-dressed snaps in the early '90s when she donned this chic velvet mini evening suit bedecked with gold embroidery. She would wear it to several occasions. Can you blame her? The look is so Versace... Gianni Versace.

On A Budget

Shelley models nurse's uniforms in this pair of ads from 1975 for Budget Uniform Center. 
On the left, she's a sexy nurse. On the right, she's the friendly nurse eager to assist.

Candids 2010

Candid shots of Shelley at the Super Mega Show & Comic Fest in July, 2010
at the Crowne Plaza 690 Route 46 East Fairfield, New Jersey.

Junior Bazaar Chic

Shelley donned what was currently chic in the Junior Bazaar section
of Sears catalog, fall-winter edition 1973.

Mistress of Ceremonies

Shelley served as Mistress of Ceremonies in Westside Women’s Health Center's annual Tribute To Women Luncheon in 1994 (she did so in 1993 as well.) She was part of The Westside Women’s Health Center Advisory Council. The program for the Luncheon contained a short write up about Shelley and gives us a glimpse of what she was busy with throughout the 1990s.

French TV Cover

 Thank you to Charlie's Angels Italia at Facebook
for posting this pic 

Shelley appeared on the cover of the French mag Télé Star (TV Star) in August, 1979 
with the headline Charlie's Angels: The Round Continues with Shelley Hack.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Miss Shelley Hack!!!
We wish you more blessings in the coming years
and more blessings to your husband Harry
and your daughter Devon Rose as well.
All our very best to you, 
from your fans all over the world

Mini Bio F: Producer

Check it out Smash Media Inc. at

In 2010, Shelley and her husband director Harry Winer formed Smash Media Inc. "Entertainment that brings people together" as it says on their website. The company has produced the documentary Citizens of the World and the Elizabeth-Berkley-starrer Lucky Christmas which aired Nov 2011 at the Hallmark Channel. Coming attractions are The Expatriate and Zombie Blondes. For a couple of years now, Shelley has been spotted attending Hallmark Channel events, assumingly, as a representative for Smash Media Inc.

Mini Bio E: Other Ventures

Shelley began delving in grassroots politics and political fund-raising in the '90s. In 1994, she set her sights on a county Democratic Central Committee seat in the Westside and San Fernando Valley district but was disqualified due to a flu and a signature-gathering technicality (her surrogate signature-gatherer didn't live in the district.) She would receive her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and, in 1997, she formed Shelley Hack Media Consultancy (SHMC,) a media consultancy firm that worked in pre- and post-conflict countries. Starting in Bosnia, where she produced their first ever televised debate, she would go into war-torn countries and help them establish democracy through media. She would later work extensively in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. She also became a member of the non-partisan Pacific Council on International Policy or PCIP, a membership-based international affairs organization bent on understanding international affairs among others. For ten years, she traveled all over the world.

Mini Bio D: A Hand in Acting

 Shelley appeared in (from left):
Annie Hall, Charlie's Angels, Vanities, 
Born Yesterday, The King of Comedy and The Stepfather

Shelley's acting career was jump-started in 1979 when she became one of Charlie's Angels. Although she stayed for only a season, it seems to be the role she is best remembered for. But that's not so bad. Being remembered as one of the heavenly beauties on television isn't such a bad gig. Besides, upon closer inspection, the series actually empowered many young girls and changed the face television forever.

Aside from Tiffany Welles on Angels, as an actress, Shelley's most notable roles (and where she was praised for her acting chops) are the following:
  • her cameo in the 1977 (pre-Angels) Woody Allen film Annie Hall,
  • her role as Mary in the 1981 (post-angels) Jack Heifner play Vanities,
  • her 1982 performance as Billie Dawn in the Pennsylvania Stage Co.'s production of Born Yesterday, 
  • her 1983 role as Cathy Long in Scorsese's The King of Comedy which starred Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis,
  • and her role as Susan in the 1987 classic The Stepfather which also starred Terry O'Quinn.
 Her two other series, Cutter To Houston (1983) and Jack & Mike (1986), are a treat too.

Mini Bio C: From Part-Time to Super

Discovered at a debutante ball, Shelley started out as a part-time teen model in the '60s (she was still in school) but by 1974, she was a full-time top model. At the end of the '70s, she was a certified Supermodel. Part of the first batch of Supermodels to  have ever been under exclusive (and very lucrative) contract, Shelley's Revlon Charlie contract ran to over a million dollars. And as the breezy Charlie Girl, Shelley's smile and long-legged stride inspired many young women to live lives of unapologetic independence and fulfillment coupled with fun and fabulousness. 

In 2008, Shelley was invited to The Oprah Show to talk about her experience as THE Revlon model. "I wanted to stride like her with confidence. I wanted to be this fabulous," said Oprah. Charlie Girl Shelley Hack has become an icon."I was lucky," Shelley said, "There were two things I was in that were about making women feel a little more empowered." Guess what the other one is.

Mini Bio B: She's A Smithie

Shelley went to the prestigious Smith College, one of the Seven Sisters colleges, in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she earned a BA in  history. She graduated in 1970. Other notable "Smithies" are listed down at Moving and Living hsuan exploring the world.
Check it out at:

Mini Bio A: Connecticut-Raised Cutie

Shelley was born in White Plains, New York, on July 6, 1947 but was raised in Greenwich Connecticut where she attended Greenwich Academy, a preparatory school for girls. She is the oldest of six siblings. Her favorite childhood memory is “summer nights on the back porch talking to my two brothers and three sisters.”