Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super September News

Finally!!! According to, Sony is releasing Charlie's Angels The Complete Series!!! From Seasons 1 to 5, from Kate Jackson to Tanya Roberts, all episodes on 27 discs, plus the featurette Angels Forever. It's finally happening on September 25, 2012, so it's gonna be a Super September! Check out for more info. Thanks very much to

Charlie's Angels available on DVD so far
from left to right, DVDs for seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4

Charlie's Angels was such a phenomenon that until this very day, each and every Angel (YES, each and every Angel) still has a following. I wish they would include a featurette with all the angels talking about their experience in the series. While the featurette  Angels Forever is wonderful, it didn't really include the fans of Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts (they were like blips in it and weren't even included in the slow motion montage at the end. All the Angels were wonderful, well-loved and have their set of fans.) But anyway, rejoice Tanya Roberts/Julie Rogers fans, she's finally (and deservingly) on DVD too.

Maybe Shelley and Tanya can appear in the lower box with Cheryl
left, the box set cover as posted on
right, a mock box set with Shelley and Tanya on the lower box

BTW, I hope they put the pics of Shelley and Tanya on the box itself. Not just at the back of the box and inside but prominently on the front cover where they belong. Hey, everybody remembers them too.

 Oh, and I remember I made a mock box set some some time ago.
I was so excited I made more mock box set covers with Shelley and Tanya.