Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Bio C: From Part-Time to Super

Discovered at a debutante ball, Shelley started out as a part-time teen model in the '60s (she was still in school) but by 1974, she was a full-time top model. At the end of the '70s, she was a certified Supermodel. Part of the first batch of Supermodels to  have ever been under exclusive (and very lucrative) contract, Shelley's Revlon Charlie contract ran to over a million dollars. And as the breezy Charlie Girl, Shelley's smile and long-legged stride inspired many young women to live lives of unapologetic independence and fulfillment coupled with fun and fabulousness. 

In 2008, Shelley was invited to The Oprah Show to talk about her experience as THE Revlon model. "I wanted to stride like her with confidence. I wanted to be this fabulous," said Oprah. Charlie Girl Shelley Hack has become an icon."I was lucky," Shelley said, "There were two things I was in that were about making women feel a little more empowered." Guess what the other one is.