Friday, July 20, 2012

Hollywood Show

On July 18, 2009, Shelley and fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts met for the very first time. It happened at the 2-day (July 18 and 19) Hollywood Show held in Burbank, California. Many fans were thrilled to see them together.
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Tanya Roberts was interviewed by Retroality.TV at the event, and she talked about meeting Shelley for the first time apart from other things. You can see Shelley signing autographs as the Retroality.TV camera panned around the room. Judging by the Angels' outfits, the panning footage was filmed on the 18th while Tanya's interview was filmed on the 19th. Anyway, they seemed to be in coordinating outfits on both days.

I just wish that fans took pictures of just the two Angels together. Angel reunions are so rare, seeing the two of them together was a such momentous event.