Friday, November 30, 2012


Shelley modeled soft knits for the 1972 JCPenney fall and winter catalog. Her soft sweater knit style was "a blend featuring lamb's wool and angora rabbit" and "imported from Hong Kong." Shelley's young and fresh look complemented her up-to-the-minute outfit.

Charles's Angel

Shelley attended a White House dinner in honor of  the soon-to-be-married Prince Charles in May of 1981. With a guest list of only 30, the dinner did away with strict protocol and had the prince arrive before the guests that included Cary Grant, Aurdey Hepburn, Alfred and Betsy Bloomingdale, Diana Vreeland and Bobby Short, who also provided the entertainment for the evening.

According to the prince's biographer, Shelley was the only guest the prince may have objected to. "Every story ever written about his girlfriends always has been headlined "Charlie's Angels.'" Shelley's Charlie's Angel status didn't help in that respect but, nevertheless, she attended the affair. She was escorted by Mr. Short, her "co-star" in her 1st Charlie perfume commercial.

The Working Girl

Shelley's Charlie Girl persona was featured in the Autumn Winter 2010 issue of Elle Collections, UK. Shelley as the Charlie Girl was described as "The working girl, bright eyes, bouncy hair, big smile, sexy trousers. It's all about go-with-the-flow everyday glamour. Live the 1970s fantasy." The Charlie Girl was the ultimate '70s chick and two of Shelley's Charlie ads appeared on the magazine. "Kinda Wow," don't you think?

Tissue Lesson Chart

Shelley modeled this pantdress for Simplicity. Pattern package 9283 included a "Tissue Lesson Chart on 'How to Make a Perfect Fitting Pantdress.'" Shelley's hair was center-parted and tied back to show the sailor-style neckline of the outfit.

Rush and Hack

Barbara Rush and Shelley Hack in a still 
for the 1979 telefim Death Car on the Freeway.

Newest Angel

Shelley was on the cover of the July 1979 issue of TV Magazine, The Detroit News. 
She was Charlie's newest Angel and the publicity went into overdrive.

Fab Furs

Shelley modeled fur for the November 1977 issue of Harper's Bazaar. In a spread called "Fabulous Furs For Evening," Shelley was photographed in the "year's newest and most sensational."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vogue Re-Post

A re-post of Shelley's Vogue Italia cover from May of 1973
On the right is a close up of the gorgeous supermodel

Not Always Perfect

Shelley's life turned upside down when she joined the cast of Charlie's Angels as was written in this 1979 article from TV Guide entitled "They're Not Always Perfect Angels." She was "scared to death," according to the article, about her sudden fame.

Based On An Actual Story

Shelley and William Devane is seen in a newspaper clipping about their 1995 telefilm Freefall: Flight 174. "Based on an actual story," the film is available on DVD.

Pensive Shelley

Shelley sports a  pensive expression in this 1978 still
for the film If Ever I See You Again.

Chic Shorts

Shelley is chic in white shorts in these pics from 1979.

Be Yourself Or Something Else

Shelley appeared in this 1973 ad for Today's Girl Panty Hose.
"Be Yourself Or Something Else," means sheer or opaque hoses.

Just Beautiful

Shelley is just beautiful in this pair of pics from Good Housekeeping magazine, 1983. 
Hair up or hair down, Shelley is breathtaking.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Knit Picks

Shelley appeared on a spread entitled "Knit Picks" for the 1973 spring issue of Simplicity Home Catalog where she was also on the cover. She wore design number 5504 for the cover and design number 5529 for the spread.

If Ever

Shelley with co-star Joseph Brooks in a still 
for the film If Ever I See You Again, released in 1978

Which Vicky Are You?

Shelley appeared in an ad for Vicky Vaughn in 1972 
that asked the question "Which Vicky are you?"

An Instant Celebrity

So much was written about Shelley before her debut as the new Charlie's Angel even aired. The interest in the show at the time was so intense. Every new Angel was scrutinized and their every move reported.

The Charlie Country Contest

An artwork version of Shelley (based on the Christmas 1980 ad for Revlon Charlie perfume) was used for this newspaper 1981 ad for The Charlie Country Contest. A free vacation trip and a Charlie cosmetics and fragrance wardrobe was at stake.

Heaven Help You

Shelley with fellow Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, 
Cheryl Ladd and Tanya Roberts in a 1981 promo ad for the show

Shelley Times Three

Shelley in a trio of stills from July of 2009 when she attended 
the Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank, California.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Charlie White

Recently, a friend of mine was able to purchase a bottle of Revlon Charlie White and was pleasantly surprised with her purchase. She loved the scent and likened it to Aspen For Women. Powder-fresh and clean, Charlie White is a scent that has stood the test of time. ( describes it as: "Charlie White by Revlon is a Floral Green fragrance for women. Charlie White was launched in 1994. The fragrance features violet, peach, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, watermelon and rose." 

Charlie White may have been launched 12 years after Shelley's tenure as THE Charlie Girl, but her image lingers with every Charlie variant that comes out. As the quintessential Charlie Girl, Shelley's gorgeous, sexy-young image is forever ingrained in everyone's psyche.

El Rey De La Comedia

Shelley Hack and Robert De Niro in a Spanish-language lobby card for Martin Scorsese's The King Of Comedy. The film was released in 1983 and Shelley garnered rave reviews for her performance in the film.

Linda Clothes

Shelley's image appeared on a European (the text is in German) package for doll clothes (Linda Clothes) from the early 1970s. The image on the package  is the same image that was used for the 1971 Hot Pants cologne ad. A similar image of Shelley appeared on the pages of Seventeen magazine in April of 1971, but instead of a lemon, she had an apple in her hand and instead of an apple, she had a flower on her chest.


Shelley was featured on a Seventeen magazine spread called "The Return of the Ringlet." The title of the spread appeared on the cover of the mag published in November of 1967. Shelley looked so fresh and so young.

Angels At The Beverly Hills Hotel

Shelley attended the event Love Boat Honors Helen Hayes in Feb of 1980. She posed with fellow Charlie's Angel Cheryl Ladd for the paparazzi before entering the Beverly Hills Hotel where the event was held.

Screaming Before A Hero Sandwich

Shelley helped out a boy traumatized by horror films by showing the kid how horror movies were made. During the filming of The Stepfather in 1986, she showed the young lad that when she was horrified and screaming at the camera, she was really just looking at the "grip in the corner eating a hero sandwich" behind it.

Tailored Body Suits

Shelley modeled "Tailored Body Suits for All Occasion Looks" for the 1972 fall/winter catalog of JCPenney. Shelley is sweet and sexy here and, of course, the catalog took full advantage of those beautiful long gams of hers.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sunny Yellow

Shelley is sexy, sunkissed and sunny in this yellow one-piece crocheted swimsuit
for Simplicity (pattern 5659) circa 1973. Her smile is sunshine in itself.

Awards 1985

Shelley and Harry Winer attended the 37th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards 
in March of 1985. Shelley's shoulder-padded cocktail dress was very up-to-the-minute.

Pretty in Pink and White

Shelley is pretty in this pink and white trapeze dress by Gay Gibson. 
The ad came out in 1969.


Shelley showed everyone how to wear "Layers of Stripes & Checks"
and "Layers of Wool & Cotton" in this this page from Harper's Bazaar, 1976.

Screen 1981

Shelley appeared in a spread for the April 1981 issue of the Japanese fan mag Screen 
with fellow Charlie's Angels Tanya Roberts, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd.

Having the Knack

A young and fresh teenage Shelley was featured in an ad
for Seventeen  magazine subscriptions in their March 1966 issue,
because she always had the  "The Knack" for "reading Seventeen."