Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pretty Shelley

Some close-up shots of a very pretty and young Shelley Hack when she was a teen model in the 1960s.

Halloween Special: The Stepfather

Happy Halloween! Of course, horror movies go hand in hand with the celebration of Halloween. And what better way to celebrate than to watch this classic horror-fest which has now been remastered and re-released on DVD. Since it's release in 1987, The Stepfather has become a cult classic and has even spawned a remake.

Entertainment weekly has recently listed The Stepfather as number one in its list of Sixteen Little-Known Horror Gems (“small films with big scares”).

Entertainment Weekly cites the following as the three reasons for the inclusion of the film in its list:
1. It’s an underrated classic.
2. Stars the unsung Charlie's Angel Shelley Hack
3. You get to see Terry O'Quinn as a psycho “with a full head of hair.”

Cutter to Houston: Cast

some rare photos
Complete cast

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cutter to Houston: Solo

Some of Shelley Hack's solo pics for Cutter to Houston.

Cutter to Houston: Casual

Casual attire for the doctors at Cutter to Houston.

Cutter to Houston: Scrubs

Shelley with Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin in scrubs for Cutter to Houston.

Monday, October 19, 2009

In Defense

It seems like the bashing of Shelley Hack has endured over the years if you check out some of the posts on the net regarding her and her acting. But also, the people who have secretly appreciated this much maligned angel are finally coming out of the woodwork to defend her.

But before anything else, why was Shelley Hack ever hired as Kate Jackson’s replacement in the first place? What were her credentials?

Spelling-Goldberg was looking for an unknown who was almost there. She had to be somewhat recognizable, had to have, at least, enough acting talent, and she had to have this bubble of intelligence that would suit the character they were introducing. Tiffany Welles was bright and intelligent, grew up in (originally in) Connecticut and whose father was police chief there and an old friend of Charlie.

Shelley Hack grew up in Greenwich Connecticut. One down.

She’s a Smith College graduate with a high IQ. Two down.

Shelley Hack has this bubble of intelligence about her (especially when she’s in glasses). Three down.

Shelley Hack’s acting resume prior to Charlie’s Angels:

1977 Annie Hall
1978 If Ever I See You Again
1979 Married: The First Year, Episode 03
1979 Death Car on the Freeway ( September 25, 1979 screening)
1979 Time After Time

Her cameo in Annie Hall is greatly remembered, one of the funniest scenes in the picture.
If Ever I See You Again bombed, she was okay.
Married: The First Year, episode 3, okay.
Death Car on the Freeway, improved.
Time After Time, her participation was close to nil (as she wanted). Her part was a voice-over, she doesn’t appear on screen.

Okay, so she wasn’t Kate Jackson/Emmy-nominated-Sabrina-Duncan caliber but she had enough chops to get the job done. Besides, Charlie’s Angels was not a vehicle for acting awards.“It’s fluff, but high grade fluff,” as Shelley put it. She had enough acting talent and experience, four down.

By 1979, Shelley Hack reached supermodel status and had become recognizable, as the Charlie Girl in the Charlie perfume ads. Her face and the scent have become so synonymous that it became hard not to picture her face upon the mention of the Revlon brand. And also Revlon Charlie was, at that point, the best-selling scent in the world, YES, the world. So, Shelley Hack was now recognizable to the whole world. The perfect somewhat unknown who was almost there. Five down.

Now for the add-ons. Shelley Hack was beautiful (her "look" was both smart and wholesome). She was a model for chissakes. And she had been modeling since her teens. She knew how to wear clothes with the best of them and she had the poise and manners of a genteel woman. She was pleasant and hard working. Yes, a perfect choice.

Now, let’s compare her to the woman she replaced. Like Kate, she had her own brand of beauty. Like Kate, she was reed thin. Like Kate, she was sort of tomboyish. Like Kate, she was very smart and intelligent. Like Kate, she wanted a more serious approach to the characterization in the show. Like Kate, she was working on developing her character to be believable. Like Kate, she would air her opinions. Like Kate, she seemed to have irked some people in the production. After getting rid of Kate, isn’t it funny that they got exactly the same person in Shelley?

But you see, unlike Kate, Shelley didn't take part in the conceptualization of the show. Shelley didn’t have the power Kate had when it came to script and wardrobe. Shelley didn’t have a chance.

So, like Kate, Shelley was fired. And to add insult to injury, she was blamed or the decline of the show in the ratings. (Please take note that Season 3 of Charlie's Angels already fell 7 places in the ratings finishing at 12th place. Inspite of it all, Season 4 finished at 18th, still within TV’s top 20. )

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Model Girl

JC Penny Catalog, Christmas 1966

Simplicity Fall/Winter 1972

Womans Day Sewing & Fashion,1973

The Stepfather

It’s been called as one of the great horror movies of the 1980s, the cult classic film, The Stepfather, was released on DVD this October three days prior to the release of its remake. The Stepfather was originally released on January 25, 1987. It has since been elevated to cult classic. The new DVD contains a remastered version of the original film and also contains all-new bonus features.

The Stepfather
aka Stepfather I
[theatrical release]
filmed in 1986
(released January 25, 1987)
Directed by Joseph Ruben
Written by Carolyn Lefcourt, Brian Garfield

Terry O'Quinn as Henry Morrison/Jerry Blake/Bill Hodgkins
Jill Schoelen as Stephanie Maine
Shelley Hack as Susan Blake
Charles Lanyer as Dr. Bondurant
Stephen Shellen as Jim Ogilvie

Terry O'Quinn stars as Jerry Blake, as a psychotic killer obsessed with instantly finding and being part of the “perfect” family, perfect according to his standards, which are pretty lofty. When Jerry is disappointed, he slaughters his family and moves on. A year after his last “disappointment”, he is now married to Susan (Shelley Hack) whose teenage daughter Stephanie (Jill Schoelen) isn’t quite comfortable with her new stepfather and becomes increasingly resistant to Jerry. And as the relationship between stepfather and stepdaughter deteriorates, Jerry gets ready to move on. And the horror begins.

As Terry O'Quinn’s performance in the film was a standout, Shelley Hack herself gave a very impressive performance as Jerry’s trusting wife, Susan Blake. As mother, as spouse and as a mother protecting her child, Shelley was right on the dot. Although she had already been receiving good reviews for her past efforts, it was in this film that she received glowing reviews.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Angels in fur

Shelley with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd for Charlie's Angels.

Model Circa '72

The Complete Book Of Sewing, 1972

Brides, March 1972

Spiegel Catalog, Christmas 1972