Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year, World!

A bogus New Year's eve version of the Charlie perfume ad
for our bogus flanker Charlie FOREVER

Well, last week, I did admit to running away (or should that be carried away) with the Charlie FOREVER idea, and I guess I just couldn't let New Year's eve pass by without posting another bogus Charlie perfume ad for our bogus flanker Charlie FOREVER. Of course, this version has a New Year's eve theme and is, I think, an appropriate last post for the month (I've now posted one bogus Charlie perfume ad per week this entire December.) In our bogus ad for New Year's eve, Shelley, in haute couture, is Charlie striding across the red carpet while a festival of fireworks lights up the sky behind her, happy new year! Ah, if it were only real... hmmm. But, nonetheless, Happy New Year, World!!! And Goodwill to All!!

Best Dressed in '95

Shelley along with fellow Charlie's Angels Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith were deemed "heavenly bodies" in Who Weekly's 1995 Best & Worst Dressed issue. Inside the magazine, the write up about the five Angels stated that they each showed their "fashion prowess in the '90s" (two pics of each Angel, one during their Angels days and one in the '90s, were put in.) The only Angel from the original series to not make it on the best dressed list was Tanya Roberts.

The King Of Comedy

Watch Shelley on The King Of Comedy at

One of Shelley's most critically lauded performances was on the Martin Scorsese classic The King of Comedy. The film is currently on YouTube. Watch it and see for yourself. Enjoy...

First Flash of Spring

Shelley modeled French-Riviera-based clothing designer Tiktiner's "first flash of spring" fashions in an ad for Jacobson's (a department store chain that was based in Jackson, Michigan.) The ad appeared in the Feb issue of American Vogue in 1975. And I must point out that Shelley is absolutely breathtaking in this ad.

Cartoon Tif

Shelley, as Tiffany Welles, had been immortalized in cartoons. Look-in magazine, a UK-based comic/fan children's magazine, ran several mark-3 Charlie's Angels (Kelly-Kris-Tiffany) cartoon stories from November 1979 to October 1980. And cartoon Tif is definitely as classy as the real one.


Shelley modeled "appliqué knits" for JCPenney in 1971.

Bringing Back The Glamour

In 1979, Aaron Spelling proudly proclaimed that "We're bringing back the glamour" in reference to the fourth season of Charlie's Angels, and the new Angels team was dressed in fab gowns by Nolan Miller. Jaclyn Smiths's sexy and sheer black number was reminiscent of a white gown she wore for another Angels pictorial three years earlier (it's more sophisticated though.) Cheryl Ladd's  one-shoulder asymmetrical-cut and cut-out eveningwear was interesting from both the front and the back. And Shelley Hack's powder blue evening gown echoed Grace Kelly's 1955 Edith Head Oscar gown. The new Angels team truly personified glamour.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas, World!

A bogus Christmas version of the Charlie perfume ad
for our bogus flanker Charlie FOREVER

Well, as you can see, I'm running away with this Charlie FOREVER idea. I came up with this bogus variant or, according to my friend Le'nel, a bogus "flanker" (the appropriate term used in the perfume world) of Charlie perfume. Well, in the late '70s/early '80s, Christmas versions of the Charlie perfume ad came out with Shelley walking alongside Santa Claus. And so for our bogus flanker, a Christmas version has to come out as well. And here it is. Again, Shelley is walking alongside Santa Claus and greeting us all, "Merry Christmas, World!" Oh, if only true... Nevertheless, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

Beauty Secrets

Shelley divulged her beauty secrets in the May 1978 issue of Photoplay magazine. The 5'8", naturally thin supermodel was featured in an article called "Staying Beautiful." Diet, exercise, face care, makeup and hair care... All her beauty secrets were discussed. She said, "Models aren't necessarily the prettiest; often they are the girls who are the most disciplined."

More Plaid For The Holidays

Shelley appeared in a fashion spread for the December 1970 issue of Seventeen magazine. "Flick on the lights with a flounce" according to the magazine. Shelley wore a "jet-checkered gingham" skirt which would have been "a smasheroo for your balcony scene."

Miss Cathy Long

Shelley Hack with co-star Robert De Niro

The Martin Scorsese film The King of Comedy didn't quite make it at the box office in 1983 but has since generated quite a following, given that its "I'll do anything to be a star" subject is so significant nowadays with the onslaught of Reality TV. Performances by Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis and  Sandra Bernhard were duly noted - as was Shelley Hack's, who turned out a fine and polished performance as Cathy Long. Although some critics to this very day ignore Shelley's contribution to the film, the blog "Hill Place, Random musings on all things related to movies and television..." discussed her work in detail. A quote from the blog: "In her hands, Cathy Long becomes a mature professional with enough decency to her that she treats Rupert with a certain degree of dignity." Check it out at:

For Men and Misses

Shelley, along with a male model, modeled Simplicity patterns 9570 and 9571 for men and misses. Both released in 1971, pattern 9570 featured cute shirts while pattern 9571 was about hippie vests.

More Layering

Shelley appeared in a fashion spread for Harper's Bazaar
entitled "The New Ways of Layering" in 1976.
She was chic, sunny and gorgeous.


In November 1979, Shelley, along with Charlie's Angels co-stars Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd appeared (in art) on the cover of Look-in, a UK television-based children's comic/fan magazine. The cover artwork was based on a pic of the then current Angels. Also in the issue, Shelley, as Tiffany Welles, debuts in their Charlie's Angels picture-strip. And cartoon Shelley was equally gorgeous.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Charlie FOREVER Commercial?

Wouldn't it be great if a more mature Shelley Hack returned to modeling? I said that last week, but if she really did, wouldn't a Charlie perfume ad be the perfect vehicle for her return? Or better yet, a Charlie perfume commercial?

A bogus Charlie perfume ad
for the bogus variant Charlie FOREVER
based on our bogus Charlie FOREVER commercial

I again had a lot of time on my hands and thought a lot about this. How would it go? What would happen in the commercial? How about the commercial jingle? Well, this is what I came up with.

A storyboard for our bogus Charlie perfume commercial
featuring the bogus variant Charlie FOREVER

Setting: A sidewalk cafe in New York City. It's a wonderful bright afternoon.

How it goes: A stylish young working girl is having coffee at a New York City sidewalk cafe. She puts her coffee down, reaches into her bag and takes out a bottle of Charlie (original scent) perfume. As she is about to spray herself, she suddenly stops because of a distraction. At a the next table, the figure of an über-stylish woman comes into view. The figure (face not showing) reaches into her über-stylish bag, takes out a bottle of Charlie FOREVER perfume and sprays it on (as this is happening a male V.O. is saying: "You still are... You’re still her... You’re still...") As the mist from the Charlie FOREVER atomiser disperses, at the next table, the stylish young working girl is in astonished delight as she whiffs in this new scent. Cut to the face of the über-stylish woman. It's Shelley Hack and she smiles at the stylish young girl. Shelley puts her bottle of Charlie FOREVER down on the table, turns around and walks away. Cut to the stylish young girl who is shocked but delighted. She immediately stands up and walks towards the bottle of Charlie FOREVER that has been left on the next table. Cut to the stylish young girl's hand picking up the Charlie FOREVER bottle (a woman V.O. sings: "Charlie") while Shelley Hack, at a distance, is walking away with her familiar smile and Charlie perfume stride. The focus then shifts to 'Shelley Hack and her Charlie stride' which then fades into a picture of the Charlie FOREVER bottle and a male V.O. says: "Charlie... FOREVER." 

Reaction: Oh, if it were just true. Oh, well...

In Those Iconic Suspenders

Shelley is wearing those iconic suspenders in these photos from 1979.

Frilled and Flouncy

Shelley modeled this frilled and flouncy look in black, white and red
for Seventeen magazine in December of 1970.

Jack, Mike and Milkshakes

Shelley as Jackie Shea with Tom Mason as Mike Brennan in this still for their 1986 TV series Jack and Mike. They're seen here at a cafe drinking milkshakes and eating pretzels, so sweet.

Layers in Plaid

Shelley was in this 1972 ad for Vicky Vaughn.
This is a re-post but a more complete version of the ad.

Out with John

Shelley briefly dated writer/director John Leone in the early '80s
after her split with another writer/director Nicholas Meyer.

Angels Delight

Shelley along with her fellow Charlie's Angels were featured in the British comic magazine Look-in in May of 1980. An artwork of Shelley, Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith was used for the cover. Inside, in a feature entitled "Angels Delight," readers were given info about "the five who've starred for Charlie." Shelley was part of "Angels Mark Three."

Friday, December 7, 2012

Charlie Forever and Ever and Ever

Wouldn't it be great if a more mature Shelley Hack returned to modeling? Lauren Hutton and Karen Graham did it successfully in the past. And at 81, Carmen Dell’Orefice is still Supermodeling. And even Shelley's co-Angel Cheryl Ladd modeled the latest looks on the pages of Harper's Bazaar in 2010 (and she was lovely.) So maybe Shelley can return to modeling as well?

A close up of a more mature but fab Shelley
in our bogus Charlie perfume ad
for the bogus variant Charlie FOREVER

And what would be a better vehicle for her return than a Charlie perfume ad. I have expressed this idea in past posts (Charlie 2010 - --- and --- Charlie Forever and Ever - In fact, I even invented a variant of the perfume especially for her and I called it Charlie FOREVER, because Shelley Hack, let's face it, is everyone's quintessential Charlie Girl FOREVER.

Still striding for all women,
Shelley in our bogus Charlie perfume ad
for the bogus variant Charlie FOREVER

Shelley's tenure as THE Charlie Girl ended in 1982. So who is the Charlie Girl 30 years hence? Whereas 30 years ago, she was the strong, sexy and  independent working woman, the Charlie Girl now has grown up to become the mature, successful and still very independent CEO. Her sassy designer outfits have been traded for fabulous haute couture, the best of the very best. And our bogus Charlie FOREVER is the best of the very best. I imagine it to be the first high-end Charlie variant to ever come out. And although it's a little more pricey, it is the scent of success, the ultimate success of the Charlie Girl. Too much info for a bogus product? Hmmm,  I think I may have too much time on my hands.

A two-page spread of our bogus Charlie perfume ad
for the bogus variant Charlie FOREVER
Shelley is everyone's Charlie Girl Forever

I imagine a two-page ad with Shelley. She's a little more mature but she's still fab. On the left side of the ad is a close-up of Shelley  showing everyone how fab she still is. On the right, she's striding that Charlie Girl stride, not just for all mature women, but for what all women can look forward to as the years go by, which is utter fabulousness. Ah, I just wish all this were all true. Oh, well...

Single Bars

Check out

In these screen captures of Shelley from the 1984 TV movie Single Bars Single Women, she's shown with Tony Danza (above) and Paul Michael Glaser (below.) Thank you so much to FY!Charlie's Angels for posting.

Plaid For The Holidays

Shelley appeared on a fashion spread for the December 1970 issue of Seventeen magazine. The magazine recommended its readers to "get a glad plaid madras thing going" for the holidays and Shelley showed us how  to wear it.

A Pair of Minis

Shelley modeled a pair of cute mini dresses for Simplicity in 1972.
She modeled patterns number 9879 and  9881.

Can She?

This article tells us that Shelley was indeed joining the cast of Night Court for its second season. Shelley was building her acting resume and was slowly getting noticed for her acting.


Shelley modeled sleepwear for Lorraine in 1972.
She's so cute with her ribbons.

Great-Looking Tweed

Shelley modeled great-looking tweed and fashion coordinates
for the fall winter issue of Sears catalog in 1974.