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More Layering

Shelley appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar in the mid-70s and showed readers how the new way of layering was done. The trick was to wear double layers of coats in every length and texture. Shelley looked sensational in it.

Cartoon Angel

Shelley's Tiffany Welles Character appeared in the Charlie's Angels comic strip of Look-in magazine in the '80s. Issue 30, which came out in July 19, 1980, featured a new adventure for the Angels. Kelly, Kris and Tiffany look into a possible kidnapping.

Fabulous Shelley

Shelley wore her fabulous gold and black coat with a gold-trimmed matching skirt to several occasions in the 90s. She accessorized the outfit with a pair of golden filigree earrings and a gold and black evening clutch. She finished the look with a dark hose and fabulous pumps.

Looking Good, Feeling Great Competition

Shelley in a 1979 Charlie perfume ad
for Charlie's Looking Good, Feeling Great Competition

Shelley appeared in ads for Revlon Charlie's Looking Good, Feeling Great Competition in 1979. The contest was open to all aspiring Charlie Girls. The contest promoted the sporty side of the independent and individual Charlie Girl (because she was about career, travel, disco and SPORTS) A sporty Suzuki 'Zook' was the top prize.

Top Bikes of '83

Shelley appeared on the pages of Self magazine in August of 1983. In a spread called "Top Bikes For Getting Fit/ Getting Around," she was photographed riding the latest two-wheelers of the time in the latest and most fashionable biking outfits for the sporty girl of the era.

Sneak Preview

Shelley, with co-stars Joseph Brooks and Jimmy Breslin, appeared on Preview magazine's Sneak Preview section in 1978. It was Shelley, Joe and Jimmy's first roles on the big screen and the spread promoted their film.

Freeway Fashion

Shelley was on the 1971 Seventeen magazine spread 
called "Freeway T-Shirt Dynamos" modeling fashions for the motorcycle set.

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Hot Pants 2

Shelley modeled a cute pair of fuschia hot pants
(with tights and sweater to match) for Seventeen magazine in August of 1971.

Welcome Angel

Shelley was welcomed by David Doyle when she joined the cast of Charlie's Angels in 1979. As everyone knows, David played John Bosley in the hit series and had always been very supportive of every Angel that joined the Townsend Agency. Just like he did for Cheryl Ladd two years earlier, he made Shelley feel at home as well.

Striped Sweater

Shelley modeled a cute striped sweater for the Columbia Minerva Carefree Crochets book back in 1973. She appeared both on the cover and on the inside pages of the book. A guide on how to knit the sweater she modeled was inside the book, as well as a list of materials needed to make it.

Barbie as Tif

A friend of mine recently gave me a Barbie doll repainted as Charilie's Angel Tiffany Welles, who was, of course, played by Shelley Hack. The doll came with a customized evening gown similar to the one Shelley wore on the Charlie's Angels episode "Love Boat Angels." The doll is so lovely and very well appreciated. Thank you so much LJ.

Although dolls of the Angels from the original series were created during the show's run, unfortunately, dolls of Tiffany Welles (Shelley Hack) and Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts) were never created. But in the few past years, many doll creators and painters have been posting their versions of the Tif and Julie dolls to go with the Sabrina, Jill, Kelly and Kris dolls they already have. It's really nice to know that people have started appreciating these two Angels. I just wish Mattel or any other doll company would come up with a limited doll set of the six Angels from the original series. I'm sure many fans would love it.

70s Clipping

Shelley became known all over the world as THE Charlie Girl when she began endorsing Revlon Charlie perfume in 1976. Everybody wanted to become a Charlie Girl when her commercial came out, and everyone wanted to know who this fabulous woman was. Initially, her identity was kept secret, but since she wanted to try her luck out on the silver screen, Shelley's name was finally divulged. As for the info on the clipping - well, Shelley is six feet tall when she's in 4-inch heels and, in the '90s, she did make it on the cover of Tales from the Crypt, as seen in the 6th season episode of the Tales from the Crypt TV series "The Assassin."

Earth Day Walk-A-Thon

Shelley attended Permanent Charities Committee of the Entertainment Industries' 3rd Annual Earth Day Walk-A-Thon to Benefit Environment Charities in 1992. Held in March of that year at Universal Studios in Universal City, California, she came with her husband, director Harry Winer, and her two-year-old daughter, Devon Rose. Shelley positively loved motherhood, and it showed.

8-Page Print Ad

By 1978, the Charlie brand was such a phenomenal success that Makeup and Skincare (aside from perfume, lipstick, nail colour and hair care) were added its product line. Now anybody could easily become a Charlie Girl, from head to toe. And pushing this new product line was Shelley Hack, THE quintessential Charlie Girl herself. An 8-page print ad featuring her traveling around the world, wearing Charlie from sunup to sun down came out in the UK. Within the ad campaign was an entry form to The World Belongs to Charlie Competition where the winner got a trip to New York and fabulous designer fashions, because Charlie Girls wore fabulous designer fashions and went on trips to fabulous cites around the world.

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Shelley played school teacher Logan Gay (a teacher of handicapped children) in the 1983 TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer. The movie was based on fact. It's about the investigation on the brutal murder of a young school teacher during the Christmas season in New York in the '70s. Logan was the co-teacher and close friend of the victim. John Grafton, played by George Segal, was the detective who solved the case. Watch the film at:

The movie is an interesting watch. Shelley portrayed Logan as a sweet, young and concerned school teacher who, at the same time, was as modern as any '70s modern woman could be. She became Grafton's love interest in the latter part of the movie. But the real treat in the film is Shelley's first scene. As Detective Grafton walked into one of her classes, Logan was teaching her kids a song. Shelley had such a beautiful singing voice. Plus, it was a delight to watch her teaching the kids because it seemed like she was enjoying it so much.

This was George Segal's first TV movie. In nine years, he would again work with Shelley. They co-starred in the 1992 motion picture Me, Myself and I.

New Woman

Shelley appeared on the June 1978 cover of New Woman.
She was just absolutely gorgeous.

Perfectly Suited

Shelley wore a shimmering silver-gray suit to an event in the mid-90s. With matching hose and uniquely-heeled pumps, she was just perfect. Oh, and that's Harry Winer behind her.

Charlie Advertising Spread 1978

4 pages of Shelley from a 8-page Charlie perfume ad, 1978 

By 1978, Charlie perfume was so successful that Makeup and Skincare lines were added to the brand. Charlie was now foundation, lipstick, blush, eye colour and mascara - as well as cleanser, toner and moisturizer. And who else could best wear them all but THE quintessential Charlie Girl herself, Shelley Hack. An advertising spread was made to promote the both lines.

Shelley traveled around the world as The Charlie Girl, 
always gorgeous in her Charlie Makeup and her Charlie Nail Gleamers.

After a morning dip in the pool, Shelley THE Charlie Girl treated herself 
to Charlie Haircare products and Charlie's new Skincare Body Silk lotion.

Before spending the afternoon outdoors, Shelley THE Charlie Girl went through her Charlie Skincare routine of cleanser, toner and mosturizer. And then, of course, she completed her daytime look with Charlie Makeup.

And finally at night, wherever she was in the world, Shelley THE Charlie Girl
was always dazzling in Charlie's evening Makeup and Charlie Nail Gleamers.

Tough Part of Research

Shelley was interviewed in 1985 about her role as Dr. Beth Gilbert in her 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston. She said that she researched for her role and spent a lot of time in hospitals and in operating rooms. That was the easy part. It was her empathy for the patients that was tough and got to her.

1994 Tales

Shelley appeared on the 6th season episode of Tales From The Crypt entitled "The Assassin" which was aired on December 7, 1994. The episode was very well-paced and was so interesting story-wise. And the twist in the end was a surprise. Apparently, there are some people who think so too. A couple of sites have the same sentiment.

What said about  the episode was:
The pacing is lively and the action scenes are surprisingly faster and more furious than probably any of the previous episodes. Thanks to the tricky and sharp camerawork. It could use more musical experimentation but, all in all- a satisfying, sexually radical episode (and easily the best of season 6.)
 Check it out at:
And what said of the episode:
It's very well-cast. Including: Chelsea Field (Dust Devil), Shelley Hack (Troll), and Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys), who all do an excellent job. And it's clever and creepy in ways you might not expect. Season 6's best, by far.
Check it out at:

Hot Pants

Shelley modeled a cute pair of hot pants (notice the boat and the birds) 
for Seventeen magazine in August of 1971.

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Shipboard Stunner

Shelley appeared in a fashion spread entitled "The Great Performers" in the mid-70s. She wore outfits made from the most fashionable fabrics of the time. The top and skirt were designed by Ninotchka and were available at Bonwit Teller and Sakowitz. The outfit was finished with a head scarf and shawl by Doro, earrings by Donald Stannard and shoes by Christian Dior. The pic was taken shipboard and Shelley was a stunner.

The Quintessential Charlie Girl

In 1978, with the success of the Charlie fragrance, Shelley began to appear in ads for the then newly developed Charlie Makeup and Skincare line. Aside from cologne and perfume, Charlie was now available in Makeup - namely foundation, lipstick, blush, eyecolour and mascara - and in Skincare - namely cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Now looking like a Charlie Girl was just a makeup counter away. And which Charlie Girl was most emulated? Shelley Hack, of course.

Shelley in a 1978 Charlie perfume ad
that included the Charlie makeup and skincare line

Throughout the years, Shelley's image has remained the yardstick for THE ultimate Charlie Girl - gorgeous, sexy and young... not to mention confident and independent. Although many have come before and after her, Shelley has remained THE quintessential Charlie Girl. In fact, an article about her came out on recently entitled "Shelley Hack: From Quintessential 'Charlie Girl' To Charlie's Angels." The article looks back at how her success as THE Charlie Girl led her  to a spot in the Townsend Angency.

Check out the article at:
Thank you so much to Charlie's Angels Italia at Facebook for the tip

In response to the article, I must argue that it wasn't because "viewers didn't care very much for the sophisticated and liberated woman" that the ratings dropped (Angels Go Truckin', episode 2 of the 4th season, was a top-rated episode and Shelley figured prominently in it.) I believe it was more because of the fact that she didn't figure prominently on the earlier episodes of the season (except for the one previously mentioned.) And I believe it was because they didn't really know know what to do with what they had, which was such a waste.

Couple Look

Shelley on the cover of Simplicity in June of 1971
sporting "the couple look" with a male model.

Bridesmaids Article

an article promoting the 1989 telefilm Bridesmaids which starred Shelley 
as well as Sela Ward, Stephanie Faracy and Brooke Adams

Pantsuit Uniform

Shelley modeled nurse's pantsuit uniform # 1 for Sears' 1974 catalog. The "pantsuit uniform of knit with an unusual rib-texture" had shoes to match and were available as well. And Shelley made a very cute nurse. Don't you agree, Dr. Redmond?


Shelley played artist Jennifer Corly in the 1978 film If  Ever I See You Again

Out and About

Shelley, out and about in 1986, in Hollywood

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Print Tops and Shorts

Shelley modeled fun print top and shorts for the Sears summer catalog in 1975. The tops were color-coordinated to match the shorts available. Shelley was positively smashing, summery and sexy in the outfits.


Shelley played Kimberly, a chic, politically-aware Chicago-based 
consumer affairs director in the 1989 telefilm Bridesmaids.

Mini or Midi or Floor Length

Shelley modeled the midi version of Simplicity pattern 9272 in 1971. 
The pattern could be interpreted as 1. Mini, 2. Midi or 3. floor length.

Pacino and the Angel

Shelley was reportedly dating Al Pacino in 1981. According to tabloids, the two were introduced to each other by Robert De Niro and they hit it off right away. They just fell for each other and the two would spend romantic dinners together and visit each other at work. The temperamental Pacino was reported to have changed his ways due to Shelley.

Fashion 1985 A

Shelley modeling the latest fashions of 1985

Shelley was a full-time actress by the 1980s. She had left the modeling scene behind, but she would occasionally dabble in her former profession. She was, after all, one of the best and highest paid Supermodels during her modeling years. In 1985, she posed for some fashion pics wearing the latest trends of the era. And, of course, she looked sensational.

Breck Girl

Like Jaclyn Smith and Cybill Shepherd, Shelley was a Breck girl herself in the '70s. Aside from the commercial for Breck Texturizing Shampoo, she was featured in print ads for Breck Basic Shampoo.


In October 2000, before the release of the first Charlie's Angels movie, TV Guide's Truth Behind the Rumors featured the '70s megahit TV series Charlie's Angels (from which the movie was based on.) The documentary covered the entire history of the series, especially the rumors surrounding it. It is currently on YouTube ( Check it out.

But I have to point out that it seems to be an incomplete version. Although Shelley's season in the show is discussed, she is never really introduced as Kate Jackson's replacement in this version. In fact, only her last name is mentioned by the voice-over/host (which is odd for a documentary.) And although Tanya Roberts's pic appears, her name is never mentioned and her season is never discussed. Plus, the entire documentary, when put together, only adds up to around 27 minutes. So it leads me to believe that some parts of the documentary is not included in this version. I hope a more complete version of it would be posted on YouTube. But nevertheless, thank you so much Geret Coates for posting. Anything about Shelley and the Angels is always well appreciated.