Sunday, September 15, 2013


Shelley played school teacher Logan Gay (a teacher of handicapped children) in the 1983 TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer. The movie was based on fact. It's about the investigation on the brutal murder of a young school teacher during the Christmas season in New York in the '70s. Logan was the co-teacher and close friend of the victim. John Grafton, played by George Segal, was the detective who solved the case. Watch the film at:

The movie is an interesting watch. Shelley portrayed Logan as a sweet, young and concerned school teacher who, at the same time, was as modern as any '70s modern woman could be. She became Grafton's love interest in the latter part of the movie. But the real treat in the film is Shelley's first scene. As Detective Grafton walked into one of her classes, Logan was teaching her kids a song. Shelley had such a beautiful singing voice. Plus, it was a delight to watch her teaching the kids because it seemed like she was enjoying it so much.

This was George Segal's first TV movie. In nine years, he would again work with Shelley. They co-starred in the 1992 motion picture Me, Myself and I.