Sunday, September 1, 2013


In October 2000, before the release of the first Charlie's Angels movie, TV Guide's Truth Behind the Rumors featured the '70s megahit TV series Charlie's Angels (from which the movie was based on.) The documentary covered the entire history of the series, especially the rumors surrounding it. It is currently on YouTube ( Check it out.

But I have to point out that it seems to be an incomplete version. Although Shelley's season in the show is discussed, she is never really introduced as Kate Jackson's replacement in this version. In fact, only her last name is mentioned by the voice-over/host (which is odd for a documentary.) And although Tanya Roberts's pic appears, her name is never mentioned and her season is never discussed. Plus, the entire documentary, when put together, only adds up to around 27 minutes. So it leads me to believe that some parts of the documentary is not included in this version. I hope a more complete version of it would be posted on YouTube. But nevertheless, thank you so much Geret Coates for posting. Anything about Shelley and the Angels is always well appreciated.