Monday, August 26, 2013

Jacket-Dresses 2

Shelley  appeared in a spread for Jacket-Dresses on Sears spring summer catalog in 1975. She wore the "open-jacket and dress" design which was available in lime-green and lilac and came with a belt. The beret and shoulder bag were optional but were available as well. Shelley was simply stunning and classy in this spread, that I had to re-post it. It had been previously posted (last February 11, 2012) but this time, it's clearer and more complete.

Romantic Duo

In 1986, amid rumors that Madonna and Sean Penn's marriage was on the rocks and reports that Kate Jackson was back at work and directing an episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Shelley and Harry Winer were rumored to have been a very romantic duo. Well, we all know how that turned out.

Gothic Suspense

Shelley on the DVD cover of her 1989 film Blind Fear,
a classic tale of Gothic suspense

Becky Worth

Shelley co-starred as Becky Worth in the 1993 telefilm Shattering The Silence a.k.a. Not in My Family. With a cast led by Joanna Kerns and Michael Brandon, the film was about child sexual abuse and the effects it had on a family. The film is very well paced and a really good watch, catch it at

Gibson Girl

Shelley appeared in a 1969 ad for Gay Gibson, a fashion label that came out of Kansas City, Missouri which was owned by Gernes Garment Company. Gay Gibson was just a label though, no person by that name designed the clothes.

Angels in 1980

By June 1980, Shelley was already out of Charlie's Angels but an article about her Angel stint appeared in the Australian Women's Weekly. Shelley had become a "saleable" name according to the article after her year of Angel-dom and nobody seemed to know who the new Angel would be yet.

Lip Purse

Shelley had her lips pursed in this 1971 pic from Seventeen magazine.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swashbuckling Circle Coat

Shelley appeared in the spread "Short Coats Make It Big" which came out in the November 1973 issue of Woman's Day magazine. Aside from the shawl-collared, raglan-sleeved camel coat, she also modeled the swashbuckling circle coat. It could be flung on over anything, even a bulky sweater, and still make anyone look svelte. Over tweedy wool plaid pants or over a bright red dress, Shelley showed readers how to make it work.

Shelley as Jackie

Shelley played journalist Jackie Shea in the 1986 TV series Jack and Mike. Initially titled Jackie O'Shea, the series was later renamed Our Kind of Town. When it premiered, it was again renamed Jack and Mike.

A Casualty of War

Shelley, along with Tony-nominated British actor David Threlfall, starred in the first installment of the TV series Frederick Forsyth Presents entitled  A Casualty of War.

Charlie Competition

Shelley in a Charlie perfume ad
which was an entry form 
to The World Belongs To Charlie Competition, 1978

Shelley appeared in the ad/entry form for The World Belongs To Charlie Competition which was held on July of 1978 in the UK. Charlie girls were globe-trotting girls, so the first prize was a trip to New York for two and £500 worth of Fiorucci fashions.

By 1978, the Charlie brand had expanded to makeup and skincare products. Aside from perfume, Charlie lipsticks, eye color, mascara, foundation and blush became available. Cleansing lotions, skin tonics and moisturizers became available as well.

Also by 1978, Shelley had roamed the world as THE ultimate Charlie girl. Charlie had become a household name and Shelley's face and long-legged stride were synonymous to the brand.

Newest Angel

Shelley became Charlie's newest Angel in 1979 when she came in to replace Kate Jackson's empty slot in the original TV series Charlie's Angels. Many magazine and tabloid reporters, as well as and paparazzi/photographers, rushed her. Many things (true and untrue) were written about her. She appeared on the cover of Ladies Home Journal in September of that year, and an article about her appeared on the pages of the issue.

Love Boat Angel

Shelley attended the event, Love Boat Honors Helen Hayes, on February 2, 1980. It was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Many other stars also attended the affair, including her fellow Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. Shelley was sexy and stunning in her golden evening gown.

Contemporary Fashion

Shelley appeared on the cover of Simplicity pattern 9678 in 1971. The pattern was for a cute, up-to-the-minute, short-sleeved blouse and matching shorts. The outfit was topped with a knitted skull cap and worn with a colored hose and high-heeled sandals. Shelley looked positively adorable. Love it.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Frisky Fashions

Shelley appeared in a fashion spread for Woman's Day magazine in November of 1973 entitled "Short Coats Make It Big." She modeled "frisky fashions"/versatile coats that go over day or evening outfits. With a shawl-collared, raglan-sleeved camel coat that buttoned at the waist, she wore plaid pants and knitted accessories for a day in the country, and switched to a cotton velveteen shirtdress and satin plaid shirt for a night in the city.

Shelley and Nick

Shelley was dating Academy-Award-nominated writer and director Nicholas Mayer in the late '70s. When she got the part of Charlie's Angel Tiffany Welles in 1979, tabloids reported that the pair had split up that very week. Shelley, a very private person, was hurt by it and denied the report. But she also knew that such things came with the job. "I'd be a very hard person if it didn't hurt," she told Photoplay in 1979, "so all you can do is prepare yourself to deal with those disadvantages as they occur."

Thirty Year Anniversary

Shelley appeared with Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and Tanya Roberts on the cover of the French Charlie's Angels newsletter Sur La Trace Des Anges ("on the trail of angels") 2006 Charlie's Angels anniversary issue.

Two Legends of Comedy

Shelley in a TV Guide ad for the 1983 TV movie Found Money. She co-starred with two legends of comedy, Sid Ceasar and Dick Van Dyke. She played Leslie, a reporter who was also Van Dyke's love interest.

Not A Victim

Shelley did a telefilm in 1996 entitled Frequent Flyer. She played one of the wives of airline pilot "trigamist" Nick Rawlings, played by Jack Wagner. "The character was interesting because she's not a victim," Shelley told TV Guide of her role. Her character, JoBeth Rawlings, the first wife, was smart and gutsy. She was very wise in handling her problem. Joan Severance and Nicole Eggert played the other two wives. The film, I must say, is a really good watch and did well in the ratings when it was first aired. In fact, it got more viewers than The People's Choice Awards that year. Get the DVD and find out why.

Hairdo Guide

Shelley appeared on the pages of Seventeen Hairdo Guide in 1967. The booklet featured hairstyles for any occasion that could be copied by the young ladies of the era. Her long, lustrous locks were brushed and styled in to the latest fashion statements.

Lynn Barnett

Shelley was a guest star in the hit series L.A. Law in 1994. In the episode "Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway?" she played Lynn Barnett, an advertising VP accused of sexual harassment. The episode brought an interesting twist to the sexual harassment case because in the episode, it was a woman who was accused. And Shelley was excellent in her role (watch it at: Plus, Shelley was chic as ever. Her corporate suits and matching accessories were very up to the minute.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Socko Combo

Shelley appeared in a Vicky Vaughn ad in 1971 with the tagline "which Vicky are you?" Vicky Vaughn was the junior clothing line of R & M Kaufmann, Inc, a clothing manufacturer that  produced high quality garments at affordable prices (It was eventually sold to Russ Togs in 1969.) Red, white and black was the color scheme in the ad. Print against solids, argyle against plain, checkers against solids? Which "socko combo" are you?

Evening Gala

Shelley attended Hallmark Channel's Winter 2012 TCA Press Tour Evening Gala at Tournament House in Los Angeles in January 2012. Now in her mid-60s, she was picture of health and radiance. It's wonderful that she didn't succumb to the pressure Hollywood (and the world) puts on aging stars. It's wonderful to see someone who looks good for their age and not try to look younger than they really are. We all eventually get there anyway, don't we?

Chris and Tiffany

Shelley and co-Angel Cheryl Ladd  were the subjects of a write up 
in Semana, a Spanish language magazine.

Extra-Extra Shine

Charlie Extra-Extra Shine Nailcolor - Shelley appeared in a Charlie ad for Charlie Nailcolor in 1979. The pic of her used in the ad was not a new one. Although colored, it was a pic already used in a 1978 black and white version of the the Charlie Perfume ad. Shelley was so busy in 1979 with Charlie's Angels that she didn't have enough time to fulfill her other obligations, according to some tabloid reports back then. But in this ad, she still shined - extra-extra, that is.

1983 Theme

Shelley and co-stars Alec Baldwin and Jim Metzler were on the cover of the sheet music for the theme song of their 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston. It was composed by James Di Pasquale, who also did the themes for Columbo, Lou Grant, Switch and  the original Hawaii Five-O. You can hear it (as well as see the opening credits) at: 
Thanks to Yet Another TV Theme Fanpage for posting.

Award Winner

Shelley played a Hollywood superstar in the 1992 comedy Me, Myself and I.
In one scene, her character wins an award. Shelley was hilarious.

Cover 2001

Shelley on the February 2001 cover of the French Charlie's Angels newsletter  
Sur La Trace Des Anges which translates to "on the trail of angels"