Sunday, April 29, 2012

6-Piece Wardrobe

Shelley models the "6-Piece Wardrobe for Evening" for Harper's Bazaar in 1976.

The Wright Idea

Shelley on the cover and inside Wrights Idea Book circa 1973

Party For Helen

Shelley at the Love Boat Honors Helen Hayes party held on February 2, 1980 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. With her are fellow Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith and Jackie's husband Dennis Cole. Shelley was escorted by director-writer John Leone.

Another Denim Look

Shelley appeared on another cover of the instruction leaflet Malina's New Denim Look in  1972. This is a variation of the other cover that was used (and was posted earlier.)

Skinniest, Most-Determined Angel

An article about Shelley appeared on The Montreal Gazette TV Times mag on December of 1979. From the article, we can see how determined Shelley was to succeed in the acting field. We can also see how busy she was, flying from New York (modeling) to Hollywood (acting) and vice versa, managing her two careers. It sounds quite tiring.

Lucie in Black and White

Shelley (in a black and white number) is Lucie Manette from A Tale of Two Cities in this spread for Seventeen magazine, December 1967. Lucie is described as an angel which Shelley would eventually become 12 years later... Well, a Charlie's Angel...

Pretty Little Angel

 left Shelley at 6, right Shelley at 33

Shelley is a pretty little six-year-old angel in this pic that appeared on the 1968 booklet Seventeen Models. By the time she reached 33, this little angel was both an established supermodel and a Charlie's Angel.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

70's Glam

Shelley shows us what 70's glam is all about in this Qiana ad from 1975

"Charley" Girl Clipping

Shelley is the subject of this newspaper article/clipping from 1978 that describes her as the Charley Girl (Well, she's the "Charlie" perfume Girl.) I love the snippets of info Shelley volunteers. She's really kind of now, kind of wow.

Great Coat Or Whim Coat

Shelley models a whim coat for Glamour magazine, October 1965. The photo is by Francesco Scavullo, the photographer famous for taking all those covers for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Greek Cover

Shelley on the cover of the Greek magazine Maviva in 1980

Twin Sets And Others

Shelley models Twin Sets and other summer fashions
for Sears' spring and summer catalog in 1974.

Party Girl

Shelley encounters the paparazzi  as she leaves Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Feb, 1980. 
She just came from the Charlie's Angels Valentine's Day Party.

LAdy On The Leaflet

Shelley on leaflet no. 300 for Malina in 1972

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Simple Fashions

Shelley on the back cover of the booklet Super Simple Fashions To Knit And Crochet by Coats & Clark. This is Coats & Clark's book no. 260 and came out in 1977. I love the colors used here but I really love the way she looks in this, so fresh and so glam.

Paparazzi Pic

Shelley in a paparazzi pic from October, 1979
when she appeared on The Merv Griffin Show.

Aussie Know-How

An article about Shelley appeared on The Australian Women's Weekly in June of 1979. I love the snippets of info contributed by Shelley herself regarding her education in Sydney. I also love what Eileen Ford said about her.

Summer Book

Shelley is very cute and ready for a set of tennis
on this cover of Sears Summer Book from August, 1973.

Glamorous Centerfold

This "centerfold" from the spread entitled Angel in Furs appeared on the pages of Los Angeles magazine in December of 1979. Shelley is ├╝ber-glam in this and the magazine took full advantage of her sexy long legs.

A Natural

Shelley is a natural beauty in this shot from around 1989.
Notice the western-style belt and earrings.

The Sexy Shelley Hack

Shelley is sexy in this pair of publicity photos taken by Steen Svensson in around 1978. On display are her long sexy beautiful legs. Along with her seductive stare, Shelley is a WOW.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

At The Screening

Shelley went to the screening of Grandview USA in July, 1984.
I love the shirt and the hair, so '80s. Shelley looks so fresh and pretty.

More Wright

Here are more Shelley pics from Wright's Book of Ideas, 1972.
I love the tunic on the right side, Shelley wore it well.

Charlie 45 RPM

Shelley on the jacket cover of a 45 RPM record promoting Charlie perfume and cosmetics in Spain in around 1979.

Rough Translation:
Charlie is the active young woman who loves to play, work and have fun, just like you. Charlie has everything you need for every moment, makeup and fragrances for your free way of living.

Exotica To Knit

Shelley models some "Exotica to Knit" for Woman's Day in July 1971

Paparazzi Shelley

A paparazzi photo of Shelley in around 1979-1980

Summer Sears

Shelley modeling cute dresses for Sears Summer catalog in 1976

Some Corrections And Additions

The gorgeous Season Four cast of Charlie's Angels
on the cover of Charlie's Angels Annual 1981

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