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Simplicity Model

Shelley appeared on the pages of the fall and winter issue of Simplicity The Fashion Magazine for Women Who Sew in 1972. She modeled a casual dress that gave the appearance that it was three separate pieces. Accessorized with a matching scarf and a fab bracelet, the dress looked so put together on Shelley.

With her Dogs

Shelley posed for publicity pics in 1979 at her farm in New York's Catskills. In some, she posed solo; in others, she posed with her two dogs. And the pics were absolutely delightful.

Cover '78

Shelley was on the cover of Town & Country magazine in June of 1978. By that time, she was already a Supermodel and had just finished her first film feature If Ever I See You Again where she was the leading lady. She was going places.

Love Boat Angel

Shelley became a Charlie's Angel in 1979 and her first episode "Love Boat Angels" was filmed in the US Virgin Islands. When she arrived there, she was greeted by the paparazzi; and she was shocked. She thought they were there for Sophia Loren and was totally surprised to find out they were there for her. She wasn't aware of how big a superstar she had become upon the announcement of her Angel-dom.

Boy Cut Jeans

Shelley appeared on the pages of Sears Christmas Wishbook for 1972. She modeled "low boy cut jeans and their top partners." With her up-to-the-minute flared-legged, low (3 inches below the natural waistline) boy cut jeans, she wore floral print shirt with white collar and cuffs and a ribbed-knit sweater-vest over that. A pair of matching high-heeled loafers and an effervescent smile finished her look. Shelley was androgynously fab.

A Fan Awaited

When Shelley was cast as Tiffany Welles on Charlie's Angels, many fans were excited to see what THE Charlie Girl was going to bring into the Townsend Agency mix. Already a famous Supermodel by then,  she was one of the up and coming actresses of the era. Her fabulous image for Revlon Charlie was so unforgettable that many wanted to see more of this woman.

MCall's Model

 Shelley on the cover of  McCall's Needlework & Crafts, 1975

Shelley appeared on the cover and pages of McCall's Needlework & Crafts in 1975. On the cover (as well as inside the mag), she modeled a pretty white pencil-slim sweater with saddle shoulders and detailed with dainty flowers. It could be worn with a  matching scarf. With or without the scarf, Shelley was a vision of freshness.

Shelley on the inside pages of the mag

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Working Actress

A publicity still of Shelley from the early '80s

Shelley immediately tackled stage for the first time after she left the TV series Charlie's Angels. Her first was the Jack Heifner play Vanities which was filmed for the HBO program Standing Room Only. Annette O'Toole and Meredith Baxter-Birney were her co-stars in the play which was presented in 1981. Shelley got rave reviews for her performance, much to the surprise of critics who had dismissed her as nothing but a flash-in-the-pan. Great going, girl.

Every Girl

Tennis anyone?
Shelley as THE sporty Charlie Girl

During Shelley's tenure as THE Charlie Girl, many were inspired by the image she projected - gorgeous, sexy, young as well as confident, independent and free. And Shelley's Charlie Girl was every girl. She was the chic working woman, the approachable girl next door, the swanky sophisticate and the delightful sports buff. And she was photographed in all these personas for the Charlie brand. Fabulous.

The Newest Angel

an arwork cover of Shelley from 1979

Shelley became a Charlie's Angel in 1979 and her face appeared virtually everywhere. She was on the cover of magazines, was talked about on TV - she was even mentioned in the evening news. She was a superstar before she even filmed anything for the show.


10 Extraordinary Stories on DVD

Shelley's 1995 film Freefall: Flight 174 was included in the DVD box-set called 10 Extraordinary Stories. It is a compilation of movies based on true stories. Freefall: Flight 174 was based on the the events that happened aboard Air Canada Flight 143 in 1983. Shelley played Flight Attendant Lynn Brown. The movie keeps viewers on their toes and is a good watch.

a news clipping about Freefall: Flight 174
aka Falling From the Sky! Flight 174

The other films included in the set are Deadly Whispers (1995), Trial By Fire (1995), The Other Woman (1995), First Do No Harm (1996), Gone in the Night (1996), Death in the Shadows (1998), Behind the Mask (1999), To Live For (1999) and Sharing the Secret (2000). Meryl Streep, Donald Sutherland, Lloyd Bridges and William Devane are some of the stars who appear in the films featured on the DVD box-set.

Heavenly Pies

Shelley gladly shared her heavenly recipes with everyone

Shelley loves making preserves, jams, jellies and chutneys - and she loves baking as well. All these she used to do at the 244-acre farm she bought in New York's Catskills. And she did them herself. The Supermodel-turned actress shared this bit of info with everyone back in 1979 when she became a Charlie's Angel. And not only that, the Angel shared her recipe for Green Apple Pie and Apple Brown Betty. Sounds so heavenly.

Two Hard-To-Beat Looks

Shelley modeled a two-in-one outfit for Sears 1972 fall and winter catalog. The two-tone dress she wore came with a matching full-length vest, giving wearers two hard-to-beat looks to play around with. The main pic showed Shelley wearing the vest over the dress, while the inset showed her in just the dress alone. Either way, Shelley looked fabulous.

At the Farm

Shelley posed for publicity pics
at her 244-acre farm in the late '70s.

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1973 Model

Shelley appeared in many ads for Vicky Vaughn in the late '60s and early '70s. Vicky Vaughn was a popular mid-priced line of clothes for the junior miss, girls who weren't quite women yet but weren't children anymore. In a 1973 version of the ad, Shelley appeared solo and wore a chic one-piece shirtdress, great for traveling anywhere. Tow-tone pumps and a pair of sunglasses finished her look. And Shelley was just smashing in it.

The Angels

an article updating readers on the Angels

The fascination for all of the women who became a Charlie's Angel continued far beyond the cancellation of the series. Every few years, writers would update interested readers on the what the Angels were currently up to. More-so when the movie version was released. Fans wanted to know what happened to all the girls and if they were part of the feature film version. Now how can you say that all these six women aren't icons themselves?

a rare photo of Shelley Hack, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd, 
the season 4 Angels

Shattering Performance

some screen captures of Shelley 
from the 1993 telefilm Shattering the Silence

Shelley appeared in the 1993 TV movie Shattering the Silence aka Not in My Family, with Joanna Kerns and Michael Brandon. Shelley's performance in the film was moving and poignant, especially in the scene where she cries after seeing the stuffed animal that figures so much in her character's sordid past. Her soundless, helpless and painful cry is so heartbreaking. The film is currently available on DVD. If you can get it, watch it.

Rare Appearance

Shelley made a rare appearance at the Hollywood Show in Burbank, California, in July of 2009. It was one of the are times she was seen in public. The previous year, she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Fans were ecstatic to see her.

Cable Knit Tunic

Shelley modeled the Cable Knit Tunic design
on Coats and Clark's Fashion News in 1970.

Everyone Wanted to be Her

the girl everyone wanted to be
check it out at:

From the '70s to the early '80s, Shelley was THE Charlie Girl and left an indelible image in everyone's mind. The website Haus of Himel recently featured Shelley on its FlashbackFriday portion saying: 

"Shelley Hack was the girl everyone wanted to be 
and Charlie was the fragrance she inspired every girl to wear!"

Shelley was an inspiration. She was also already an icon herself before she became a Charlie's Angel. She was this independent, confident breath of fresh air that everyone emulated. And that's why she was so right for that series.

The Halstonettes

Shelley modeled for Halston in the '70s and was part of two of the designer's most  memorable pictorials. One was the 1972 pictorial for Vogue magazine (which was used as a sort of promo pic for the 2010 Halston film Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston). The other was the 1977 pictorial for Harper's Bazaar. And both were riddled with the supermodels of the era. Women who wore Halston's designs were often referred to a Halstonettes. And sophisticated Shelley was definitely one.

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Viva Cover Girl

Shelley's pic for the cover of Viva's May 1978 issue

Shelley appeared on the cover of Viva, The International Magazine For Women back in May of 1978. Other luminaries to grace its cover were Barbara Carrera, Bianca Jagger, Margaux Hemingway and Christie Brinkley The magazine was a companion piece to the men's adult mag Penthouse. Initially, it was bent on exploring female sexuality. It featured erotic stories, beautiful pics containing male frontal nudity as well as articles that catered to women. But by 1978, it became more of a fashion mag with gorgeous high fashion spreads. The magazine was discontinued and released its last issue in December of 1978. Despite cancellation, Viva remains one of the most beautifully-photographed magazines ever published.

At The Hollywood Show with Tanya & Mike

Shelley with Mike Pingel and Tanya Roberts at The Hollywood Show in July, 2009 
Thanks so much to the Shelley Hack fan page at Facebook for posting the pics

Shelley made a very rare appearance at The Hollywood Show in Burbank, California, in July of 2009. Many fans flocked to see and meet Charlie's most reclusive Angel. Also in attendance was Shelley's fellow Angel Tanya Roberts; and the two met each other for the first time. Fans were thrilled and wanted pics with both of them, including foremost Angelogist Mike Pingel. Thank you, Mike, for posting the pics on the net, we love them.


Shelley Hack appeared on the cover and pages of the French mag CINE Revue in June of 1980. The caption on one of her pics inside the mag said, "Shelley Hack, la derniere venue des Droles de Dames, un harmonieux melange de naivete et de sex appeal" - which roughly translates to "Shelley Hack, the exiting Charlie's Angel, a harmonious blend of naiveté and sex appeal." Now that's a very spot-on description of this intellectual's brand of beauty. 

WD Cover

Woman's Day cover, November 1979, version 1

When Shelley became Charlie's newest Angel in 1979, she appeared on the cover of virtually every magazine (as all the Angels did.) In November of that year, she appeared on the cover of Woman's Day magazine; and her hairdo at the time was included in feature called "The Cut, The Set, The Pizzazz: Celebrity Hairdos." The mag cover came in two versions. One had Shelley as the main cover pic; one has her as an inset. In both, she was gorgeous.

Woman's Day cover, November 1979, version 2

How to Wear Prints

Shelley appeared on the pages of Sears 1967 spring and summer catalog. She modeled a line of printed separates that could be worn together or with other pieces. It came in pants, shorts, a shift dress, a suit jacket and a skirt. And as always, Shelley made the clothes look fashionable and fresh by looking fashionable and fresh herself.

Publicity Still 1978

Shelley in a publicity stll for the 1978 feature film If Ever I See You Again

Shelley's first leading lady role was in the feature film If Ever I See You Again back in 1978. Many publicity stills were taken and circulated to promote the film. Shelley had gained fame as THE Charlie Girl and the film was one of her first steps into the Hollywood arena. Her stills from the film accompanied articles about her when she became Charlie's newest Angel a year later.

Halston Model Part 2

Shelley in Halston, 1972

Shelley was among the models who appeared in a spread for Vogue wearing Halston's latest collection for 1972. Vogue ran pictures of Halston in their December 1972 issue with models wearing his latest designs. Aside from Shelley, the other models were Anjelica Huston, Pola, Lynn Woodruff, Emmanuelle, Apollonia Von Ravenstein, Denise Hopkins, Karen Bjornson, Pat Cleveland and Paula Klimak.

Shelley with Halston and 10 other models,
all in Halston