Saturday, February 21, 2015


10 Extraordinary Stories on DVD

Shelley's 1995 film Freefall: Flight 174 was included in the DVD box-set called 10 Extraordinary Stories. It is a compilation of movies based on true stories. Freefall: Flight 174 was based on the the events that happened aboard Air Canada Flight 143 in 1983. Shelley played Flight Attendant Lynn Brown. The movie keeps viewers on their toes and is a good watch.

a news clipping about Freefall: Flight 174
aka Falling From the Sky! Flight 174

The other films included in the set are Deadly Whispers (1995), Trial By Fire (1995), The Other Woman (1995), First Do No Harm (1996), Gone in the Night (1996), Death in the Shadows (1998), Behind the Mask (1999), To Live For (1999) and Sharing the Secret (2000). Meryl Streep, Donald Sutherland, Lloyd Bridges and William Devane are some of the stars who appear in the films featured on the DVD box-set.