Friday, February 24, 2012

No To Bare Eyes

A news clipping about Shelley's "wardrobe" for the 1978 movie If Ever I See You Again. Apparently, she was asked to play the role with her prescription glasses on.

Top Bikes

Shelley models "Top Bikes For Getting Fit/Getting Around"
in the fitness crazy '80s for Self magazine August, 1983.

A Bear Hug Clippping

A newspaper clipping about Shelley in 1987 when she was reported to be dating Tim Wrightman, a tight end from UCLA who joined the Chicago Bears.

New Lengths

Shelley on the cover of Columbia Minerva's leaflet for New Lengths in 1971.
She is El Gaucho, Number NL-4.

Sophisticated Charlie Girl 1982

A more complete version the 1982 Charlie perfume ad that featured Shelley. This is one of the most sophisticated "editions" of the ad campaign. From the outfit to the hair to the shoes to the stole, Shelley is sophistication personified.

Brooks 1967

Shelley in an ad for Bobbie Brooks, 1967

Jackie Stills

Stills of Shelley as Jackie Shea for her TV series Jack And Mike
which ran from 1986 to 1987

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shelley The Charlie Girl

Gorgeous Shelley in a Charlie perfume ad from 1981

Young Contemporary Fashion

Shelley models Simplicity Pattern 9274 in 1971.
Shelley had long blonde hair in '71 and dons a bobbed wig for this pic.

The Angel and the Writer

left, A poster of "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution"
right top, paparazzi photo of Shelley and Nicholas in 1979
right bottom, clipping about the two

In 1979, when Shelley became a Charlie's Angel, her love affair with writer Nicholas (The Seven-Per-Cent Solution) Meyer ended. The two had been dating for a while since Shelley became the Revlon Charlie Girl. The two have been spotted at a little Hollywood bar called Ports, a sort of writer's hangout.

Denim Look

Shelley on the front and back covers
of the instruction leaflet Malina's New Denim Look, 1972

Turquoise Shelley

Shelley is wearing a turquoise outfit with matching island accessories and hat in this pic from the spread, "Turquoise...for Summer Show-offs" that appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, July 1978. It was photographed by Steen Svensson (who had a romance with Shelley) at Bermuda's Southampton Princess Hotel.

Shelley, Sears and Sleepwear

Shelley models loungewear and sleepwear for Sears, Christmas 1975.

Angel in Furs

In 1979, when Shelley was Charlie's newest Angel, she modeled furs for the December issue of Los Angeles magazine. On the left, she wears L.A. Fur over a black Laura Biagiotti outfit. On the right, a white Giorgio Armani mink bolero over a purple blouse and pants by Krizia.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jacket Dresses

Shelley modeled Jacket-Dresses for Sears in 1975.
She is a stunner in this. This classy look becomes her so much.

1981 Barnum Attendee

Shelley with Barnum lead player Mike Burstyn

Shelley watched the October 1981 performance of Mike Burstyn in the play Barnum at the St. James Theater in New York. Mike Burstyn succeeded Jim Dale in the title role that very night. Barnum is a musical based on the life of showman P. T. Barnum.

The Model Medium

Shelley is The Model Medium in this spread entitled New Shapes of Fashion which appeared on Seventeen magazine on October, 1965. "A pretty dress defines your figure" and Shelley's figure is defined by clingy chiffon fabric. Although the spread was about underwear, none of the models appeared in any.

Breezy Beauty

Shelley is beautiful in this breezy studio shot from 1978.

Hairdo Of The Month 2

Shelley on the pages of Seventeen magazine in December, 1964. She models the Hairdo of the Month. "Holiday Parties call for a Christmas angel Hairdo" the magazine says and they were right in choosing this Angel for this hairdo (a premonition, if I may add.) The cut, the set and the comb-out are all explained in detail.

More of Shelley at 2012

Another pic of Shelley at the Hallmark Channel Winter Party.

Swirl Into Fashion Focus

Shelley modeled the 100% wool ottoman coat by Carol Antell for Terina in 1967.
Because you've just got to "Swirl Into Fashion Focus."

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hairdo Of The Month

Shelley on the pages of Seventeen in July of 1965. She models "a new (breeze proof!) way to wear long hair" on the Hairdo of the Month section of the magazine. The cut, the set and the comb-out are all explained in detail. A fresh-faced Shelley shows us the finished look.

Red Carpet Ready

left, a possible look for Shelley at an awards show
right, Shelley at the Hallmark Channel Winter Party last January

Shelley recently made a rare public appearance at the Hallmark Channel Winter Party. Is she is ready to face the cameras again? Wouldn't it be wonderful to see her at upcoming awards shows walking the red carpet? What would she look like?

Above left is an imagined look for her on the red carpet. Her outfit is by Haider Ackermann (Well, Tilda Swinton wore it during the Globes, but it would also look good on Shelley.) On her waist, the brooch she wore at last year's Hallmark Channel event. Smooth hair and clean makeup complete the look. Shelley is gorgeous.

Birds Of A Heather

How can you make a bird-watcher watch you? Be the singingest, swingingest chick, that's how. Shelley and her fellow models are chic chicks in this ad for Pandora Fashions from 1966, because "Birds Of A Heather Swing Together!"

The Hits This Fall

Us magazine picks the hits and misses on the tube for the fall of 1979. With "Love Boat Angels" landing at the top of the Nielsen ratings, Charlie's Angels is predicted to be a runaway hit for the upcoming TV season. Joining Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd is Charlie's newest angel, Shelley Hack.

Candid Angel

A candid shot of Shelley from 1979.
The white sweater was part of her wardrobe on Charlie's Angels.

Skating Duo

Shelley skating around in the late '70s with a hunky companion.

In A Tux

Shelley wears a tux at an '80s event.