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Lovely Portrait

Shelley had been a model since her teens (she liked modeling as a summer job, it beat waitressing); and many portraits of her were taken ever since she started. One of the loveliest is a portrait of her taken in around 1978. She was in profile and was lit from above. She was a picture of loveliness.

Pants Outfit

Shelley in a spread for Sears Spring Through Summer 1974 catalog

Shelley appeared in many spreads throughout Sears Spring Through Summer 1974 catalog, modeling the department store's latest fashion outings. In one spread, she modeled the Pants Outfit with Fitted Jacket ensemble. It was made up of a notched-collared 2-button closing puffed-sleeved fitted jacket with a matching pull-on style pants with an elasticized waistband. It was perfect for the spring and summer days and evenings of that season. And Shelley was just lovely in it.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

Bridesmaids Cast

Stephanie Faracy, Shelley Hack, Sela Ward and Brooke Adams
in a still for Bridesmaids, 1989

Shelley starred in the TV movie Bridesmaids in 1989. She was part of a cast of four women who, in the film, go back to their hometown for the wedding of a fifth friend. Stephanie Faracy, Sela Ward and Brooke Adams rounded out the cast. The film is light and is a delight to watch. The cast worked well together and got great support from Audra Lindley and Jack Coleman. If you find it, watch it.

Which One Are You?

Shelley in an ad for Vicky Vaughn, 1973

Shelley appeared in many ads for Vicky Vaughn in the early 1970s. One series of ads asked the questions "Which Vicky Are You? Vicky Vaughn or Vicky Petite?" R & M Kaufmann, Inc, a manufacturer of ladies dresses, came up with a junior division line. It was called Vicky Vaughn and Vicky Petite (for the petite young lady). Many ads were released to promote the line from the 1950s to the 1970s.

a closeup of Shelley from the ad

40th Anniversary

The cast of Charlie's Angels The Original Series
above from left: Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and David Doyle
below from left: Shelley Hack, Kate Jackson and Tanya Roberts
not in picture: John Forsythe and David Ogden Stiers

The 40th anniversary of the airing of the pilot of Charlie's Angels came up last March 21, 2016. The pilot starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith as the Angels. David Doyle and David Ogden Stiers rounded out the main cast; and Tommy Lee Jones and Bo Hopkins had guest starring roles. John Forsythe (the voice of Charles Townsend) wasn't credited, as he wanted. The pilot was a smash and went on to become a phenomenal hit TV series (but sans David Ogden Stiers, whose character was deemed too severe). Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts would join the series in later seasons. The original Charlie's Angels TV series spawned numerous remakes and reboots including Angels '88, Charlie's Angels 2000, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Charlie's Angels 2011. The Angels franchise is one of the most successful ever; and, last year, there were talks about another reboot of the franchise. Check it out at:

‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot Draws Screenwriter
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a 1981 writeup about the beloved series after it was canceled

Go-everywhere Dress

Shelley in a spread for Sears Spring Through Summer 1974 catalog

Shelley appeared in many spreads throughout Sears Spring Through Summer 1974 catalog modeling the department store's latest fashion outings. In one spread called "Go-everywhere Dresses Woven of Texturized Polyester", she modeled a sleeveless shirtdress with pointed collars and white top-stitching. It had a front yoke and a button-placket close. It came with a matching narrow white belt with metal buckle. The dress was perfect for summer days at home or out in town. And Shelley looked smashing it in.

closeups of Shelley from the spread

Third Foray

a promo pic of Shelley for the TV series Jack and Mike

Shelley's third foray into series TV was in the form of Jack and Mike (1986 to 1987). A dramady about yuppies, it starred Shelley was Jackie Shea and Tom Mason as Mike Brennan - hence the title. It was about a busy and successful couple (she was a newspaper columnist, he was the owner of popular restaurants) who couldn't find time to be a couple. Let's pray the series makes it to DVD. Learn more about the series at:

 Nostalgia Central
Jack and Mike
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Khaki Is Now In

Shelley in a spread for Aldens 1977 Fall and Winter Catalog of Values

Shelley appeared in many catalogs during her tenure as a Supermodel and one of them was Aldens. She appeared in many of Aldens catalogs including many spreads in Aldens 1977 Fall and Winter Catalog of Values. In the spread called "It's Official, Khaki Is Now In", she modeled "the hottest new sportive look around". She wore a khaki shirt-jac and pants ensemble. With it, she wore a red pullover stripe details over a navy blue tailored shirt. A pair of wedge loafers finished her look. Shelley looked sporty and sensational.

a closeup of Shelley from the Aldens 1977 spread

Troll in Japan

Shelley in a Japanese writeup about the movie Troll

Shelley starred in the feature film Troll in 1986. It was a fantasy/horror film that catered to the very young. It was shown throughout the world, including Japan and Asia, and has since received  a cult following. In fact, it is currently being remade into an animated feature film and TV series.

Shelley and Michael Moriarty in a still for Troll, 1985

The Young Looks You Love

Shelley in her first spread for Glamour magazine in November of 1964

Shelley's first solo cover was for Glamour magazine in November of 1964 (She was also on the cover of Seventeen magazine that same month - with Colleen Corby). Her first spread for the mag was also in that issue. She appeared in the spread called "The Young Looks You Love, 50 Dresses under $50". She wore dress number 4, "a little pink dress with straps woven like garlands". It was by Mussette Jr. and was $18. A pair of pink boucle stocking by Dior and red velvet pumps by Margaret Jerrold finished her look. Shelley looked vibrant and ready for her Supermodel future.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread

At The Hollywood Collector's Show

A screen capture of Shelley from
Hollywood: July 18 2009 - Part 2
thank you so much to Monster A GoGo for uploading the video on YouTube
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Shelley attended The Hollywood Collector's Show back in July of 2009 which was held in Burbank, California. Many fans were excited because it was the first time in many years that Shelley went out to meet her fans. She made a rare appearance at The Oprah Winfrey Show in January the year before, and she seemed eager to meet her fans the following year. Her fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts was also at the event; so a very rare Angel moment occurred. The two Angels met for the very first time. Wouldn't it be great if ALL THE TOS CHARLIE'S ANGELS (well, except Farrah of course) were at a similar event this year? Oh that would be a very rare and exciting moment for fans!

A screen capture of Shelley and a fan

Cover 1972

Shelley appeared on many magazine covers throughout her modeling career. One of them was the 1972 fall and winter issue of Simplicity School Catalog. Simplicity is the leading manufacturer of sewing pattern guides which are distributed throughout the world. Shelley appeared in many of their packages and catalogs throughout the 1970s.

Brilliant Support

Shelley with Robert DeNiro on the Japanese poster
of the Martin Scorsese feature film The King of Comedy (1983)

Shelley appeared in the Martin Scorsese film The King of Comedy in 1983 and was critically acclaimed for her performance. She was typecast as a bimbo as soon as she left Charlie's Angels and had to prove her worth as an actress. This film showed people she could (and can) act as she stood her ground opposite the brilliant Robert DeNiro. Check out a recent writeup about the film at

Ray's picks: DeNiro receives brilliant support from Lewis in 'King of Comedy'

 the Japanese poster
of the Martin Scorsese feature film The King of Comedy (1983)

Separates B

a closeup of Shelley from a Sears Spring Through Summer 1974 catalog spread

Shelley appeared on many spreads in Sears Spring Through Summer 1974 catalog. In the spread called "Separates featuring... A Good-Time Wardrobe of Casual Knits", she modeled a twin-sweater set with a tennis look, a matching pair of pants. She also modeled a tank top with the same pair of pants. Shelley looked just fabulous in her summer getup.

Shelley in a spread for Sears Spring Through Summer 1974 catalog

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Search For Value

Shelley in a spread for JCPenney Spring And Summer 1977 catalog

Shelley appeared in many spreads throughout the JCPenney Spring And Summer 1977 catalog. In the spread called "Your Search For VALUE Ends at JCPenneys", she modeled a cute blouse and shorts ensemble for summer '77. Her top was a drawstring-bottom blouson which had a round neck and a V mesh insert. Her shorts were mock-cuff shorts with a zip-fly front and button closure. A matching visor and wedge heeled footwear finished her look. Shelley looked sensational and ready for any summer activity.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread

Publicity Pic '78

Shelley gained fame as a Supermodel with her Charlie perfume endorsements in the mid 1970s. By 1978, she was ready for Hollywood and many publicity pics were taken. One set had her on the phone (Taking to her agent perhaps?) Shelley was ready for Hollywood Superstardom.

Denim Fashions

Shelley in a 1973 ad for Cone Denims

Shelley appeared in many ads throughout her modeling career. In 1973, she appeared in an ad for Cone Denims. Cone Mills Corporation was the leading textile manufacturer (cotton fabrics) for a long time. "Cone makes fabrics people live in" was their tagline. Shelley modeled Simplicity pattern 5510 made with Cone Denim.

a closeup of Shelley from the ad

Inspired by THE Charlie Girl

Shelley and Daisy Ridley, hair apparent

Last December 2015, Daisy Ridley was a stunner at the L.A. premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Her gown was by Chloe Atelier and her look was created by Robert Vetica - who was very much inspired by THE Charlie Girl in creating Ridley's hair for the event. Vetica revealed, "I think there were actually a few of them, but THE Charlie Girl I have in mind is Shelley Hack. She's the real Charlie Girl in my eyes." Read all about it at:

Get Daisy Ridley's Retro-Inspired Waves from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Premiere
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Contemporary Marriage

Shelley and Tom Mason of the cover of Television in 1986

Shelley starred in her third TV series in 1986. It was called Jack and Mike. It was about a couple trying to make their contemporary marriage work. Unlike in previous decades, women in the 1980s were getting better and better opportunities in the workforce. Women were beginning to get the chance to become truly independent and successful on their own - which meant dependence on men wasn't on the table anymore. And due to this, the dynamics between husband and wife within a marriage was changing as well. And this is what Jack and Mike was about. It was about a Yuppie couple trying to make their contemporary marriage work. Shelley and Tom were great in the series. But unfortunately, it lasted for only  a season. Let's hope it's released on DVD soon.

a writeup about Jack and Mike from Television

Cover Look 1964

Shelley was on the cover of Glamour in 1964
and, of course, was on the "Cover Look" feature inside the mag

Shelley's first solo cover was for Glamour magazine in November of 1964. For the cover, she sported the latest tawnied makeup tones. So what was tawn? "Just a whole new way of looking...." according to the magazine. Revlon came up with the look in a trio of lipstick and nail enamel shades called "Tawny Pink", "Tawny Coral" and "Tawny  Rose" - all infused with an undertone of tawn. Shelley wore the "Tawny Pink" line and looked perfect for that holiday season. She also appeared in the cover of Seventeen magazine that same month - with teen superstar model Colleen Corby.

a closeup of Shelley from the "Cover Look" feature inside the mag

Junior Bazaar Separates

Shelley in a spread for Sears Fall/Winter/1975 catalog

Shelley appeared in many spread throughout Sears Fall/Winter/1975 catalog. In the "Junior Bazaar Separates" spread, she wore Sears Best Cardigan Sweater over a pullover-style long sleeved shirt and a pair of plaid pants with flared legs. Gold accessories, a matching beret and a pair of wedge loafers finished her look. Shelley looked very modern and downright fabulous in her contemporary ensemble.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Career Fashions 1973

a closeup of Shelley from a March 1973 Simplicity Fashion News spread

Shelley appeared in the March 1973 issue of Simplicity Fashion News. She appeared in a spread called "Career Fashions to Make Today". It showed readers the Simplicity Fashion styles that would be great for women to make for themselves and wear to their jobs. She modeled a shirt-tunic and pants ensemble (Simplicity Pattern number 5503). She wore a lemon-yellow version of the design and accessorized it with a smart scarf, a narrow black belt and a pair of black open-toed footwear. Shelley looked ready for the workplace.

Shelley in a March 1973 Simplicity Fashion News spread

The Fabulous Charlie Girl

Shelley taking a stride for women all over the world as THE Charlie Girl

Shelley became THE Charlie Girl in 1976, after a string of other models. But it was only Shelley's commercial and print ads that sparked the imagination of the world. Not only was she androgynously gorgeous (which was great because women's liberation was beginning to gain ground by then), she was also sexy but in a very wholesome way. She seemed charming and looked approachable enough to be talked to by anyone. Her I'm-independent-and-happy-about-it image was as infectious as her smile. Everyone knew who THE Charlie Girl was when she started endorsing the brand. A new Supermodel was born in '76.

The Best Dressed at the Academy Awards

The 88th Annual Academy Awards or the 2016 Oscars just concluded; and, as usual, people haven’t stopped talking about the outfits the stars wore - on the red carpet as well as the show itself.  To name a few, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Alicia Vikander, Margot Robbie, Rooney Mara and Brie Larson were standouts. But what about in past ceremonies? What about during the 52nd Annual Academy Awards in April of 1980?

When the awards ceremony first came about, it was an intimate affair with just a few stars in attendance. Dressing up wasn’t really a must then, as there was no press coverage whatsoever.  But by the 1950’s, with the dawn of TV, the ceremony had become a full-blown glitzy affair with the stars turning up in fabulous evening designer concoctions. The studio system was in force; and the stars were glammed up by the studios themselves. In the 1960s, the studio system was faltering; and so the stars slowly began dressing themselves up for the Oscars. In the early 1970s, the natural look was in and glamour was out - which was just as well, because few stars could afford to glamorize themselves for the ceremonies. So some would arrive in outfits that were, well, not Oscar-worthy. But by the late 1970s, glamour started coming back in vogue again. And in 1980, many stars showed up at the Oscars in fabulous evening gowns. Sans advisers and stylists, borrowed (designers began to see how much the exposure benefited their business) or bought, the gowns the stars wore made the affair glitzy once again.

Of course, some stars turned up better than others. And yet some were remnants of the previous decade. But who were the best dressed that year? And who were the worst dressed? Well, here is my list.

above: Sally, Kristy, Goldie, Edy and Barbara
The Not Oscar Enough
Some of these outfits were actually great for other occasions, 
but they were just not appropriate for the Oscars. 
And some were, well… I don’t know. 

Sally Field – As pretty as it was, her white strapless shift (which had a matching jacket) and embroidered short sleeved bolero that ties in the front looked more appropriate for cocktails than the Oscars.

Kristy McNichol – Her white bolero and purple jumpsuit getup was ruined by boots that, although color coordinated, just didn’t go with the rest of her ensemble.

Goldie Hawn – Her pantsuit just didn’t say Oscar enough; plus, the lace details made her outfit confused. Her evening pantsuit should have been appropriate, but somehow it just wasn’t glam enough. Also, it made her look wide.

Edy Williams – As great as her ensemble would be for the Grammys today, it wasn’t appropriate for the Oscars then. It was 1980 after all - and not 2001-Sex-and-the-City-episode-where-Carrie-Bradshaw-wore-fab-panties-on-the-runway yet.

Barbara Barrie – She looked more like she was going to her kid’s school event than the Oscars.

 above: Jane, Meryl, Farrah, Olivia and Jamie
The So-Sos
These outfits were kind of great,
but they just didn’t have enough oomph to make them memorable. 

Jane Fonda – Her chocolate brown evening gown (diagonally blocked with dark brown sequined insets) although quite glam, just didn’t pack enough punch.

Meryl Streep – Her all-white bolero and ball gown ensemble was bold enough; but I think a different hairdo would have made it look much better. PS, love the pockets in her skirt.

Farrah Fawcett – The top of her midnight blue gown was fab, but I don’t understand the skirt on it. She looked great anyway. And that hair, only she could get away with that.

Olivia Newton John – Her diagonally divided black and white gown was smart enough. Her hair style didn’t seem right though. But then she’s a pop star, so she could get away with unconventional hairdos.

Jamie Lee Curtis – Her red ensemble was really eye catching from the waist up (even that gold pendant). The problem was the hem. If it were full length, it would have been fab - although as was, it still wasn’t bad.

 above: Liz, Candice, Ann, Marsha and Marisa
The Notables
These outfits were great. There were better outfits;
but these were so gorgeous, they’re notable. 

Liz Treadwell – Her black evening gown (accessorized with gold jewelry) was and is a classic, and it looked great on her. She’s noteworthy.

Candice Bergen – Her black and white ensemble screamed class. Love the white silk flower on the bodice.

Ann Margret – Her coral-colored evening look was a dream; and it moved like a dream. When she was walking, she seemed to be floating. I wish she had a better hairdo though. But all in all, fab.

Marsha Mason – Her strapless red evening gown with gold accents looked stunning on her.

Marisa Berenson – The Supermodel looked downright chic in her black high-necked evening gown with draping on the chest. With it, she wore a gold belt, pearls and a flower on her hair. If she lost either the belt or the flower, she would have been perfect.

 above: Liza, Lauren, Shelley, Helen and Ann
The Best Dressed of the Evening: 

5. Ann Miller – She showed everyone “what becomes a legend most”. Her cerulean blue beaded and sequined evening gown was just perfect on her. The way it hugged her body at the right places, the comfortable way she moved in it… Her accessories matched her gown perfectly too, as well as her pulled back hair and her eye shadow. She was a bundle of energy, she just divine. Miranda Priestly would have been proud.

4. Helen Reddy – Her ivory-colored beaded and sequined column fit her to perfection. It showed off her perfectly-toned body and gave her ample cleavage. It had a slit until there; and when it fell open, it revealed matching undies. Simple accessories and a simple short flipped back coif finished her look.

3. Shelley Hack – The Supermodel Angel’s  black empire cut evening number was a stunner. The top half of the gown was held up by two wide straps that she crisscrossed over her chest. The bottom half had a black diaphanous fabric draped on it.  Golden earrings, a gold bangle and a matching black evening clutch finished her look. With her blondeness blown straight, parted on the side and allowed to fall on her shoulders, she looked Oscar-worthy.

02. Lauren Hutton – The 3rd Supermodel on the list didn’t disappoint. Although her attire could be deemed inappropriate (they were shorts for chrissakes), she carried her look off so well, she was a glamorous standout. Made of gold fabric (the metallic look was in that season), it had a roomy top, was cinched at the hips and had rolled up sleeves. Simple footwear and a perfectly smooth blonde bob finished her look. She looked modern and fresh.

01. Liza Minnelli – She was the best dressed celebrity that evening. Her ultra-chic black and white number was flawless (Was it a Halston?). Ruffles were popular that year, and her white evening blouse had huge ruffles around the neckline and was secured by a black ribbon around her waist. A simple black sarong-style skirt complemented her chic fabulous top. Simple pearl earrings finished her look, as well as an uncharacteristic slicked back hairdo. She was the perfect Oscar muse.

 above: Persis, Sally, Bo, Cloris and Jill
The Unfortunate Ones
These outfits were just so… 

Persis Khambatta – Her outfit was actually fine, if not for that matching coat edged with black feathers. She looked so coven-ready.

Sally Kellerman – Her outfit was just so ill-fitting, especially around the bustline. And that necklace…

Bo Derek – Did she intentionally wear a huge poncho to cover her body after being so exposed in 10?

Cloris Leachman – She’s a beautiful woman but her gown and her hair were just so…

Jill Clayburgh – I honestly don’t understand what she was wearing.

Single Woman Frankie

a promo pic of Shelley for the 1984 telefilm Single Bars, single Women 

Shelley appeared in the telefilm Single Bars, Single Women in 1984. She played Frankie, a truck stop waitress looking to move on from her former flame. If the '70s was a time when women were fighting for equal rights, the '80s was a time when women were getting equal rights and trying to figure out how to go about it. Gender roles were changing then, for both men and women. Women as head of the family and stay-at-home dads were new and bizarre concepts. The dating scene changed as well and this film was all about that.

Charlie's 5th Angel

a writeup about Shelley from 1979

Shelley was cast on Charlie's Angels in 1979 as a fill in for Kate Jackson who quit/was fired the season before. As Charlie's 5th Angel, she had all the credentials apparently. She was gorgeous and, due to her Charlie perfume endorsements, was already famous. She had a very bright future in Hollywood. Her character, Tiffany Welles, was a gorgeous intellectual New England classy type which fit her to a T because she was exactly that - a Supermodel who grew up in Connecticut and went to the very prestigious Smith College. Too bad she  was initially given little to say or do in the show. You see, when they did give her enough lines (as seen in the later episodes of the season), she was actually good in her part.

Golden Girl

Shelley appeared on the cover as well as on the pages of the December 1979 issue of Los Angeles magazine. On the cover as well as inside the mag, she modeled the fabulous new furs of the season. One of them was a reversible dyed-black-to-natual-gold shawl-collared Russian sable coat lined with black nylon poplin by Revillon. Underneath the coat, she wore golden evening separates designed by Calvin Klein. A scarf, a clip, a fancy belt, a pair of gold earrings and heeled sandals finished her look. And with her golden tresses up, she was one glamorous golden girl indeed.

A Really Great Value

Shelley on a spread for Sears Fall/Winter/1975 catalog

Shelley appeared in various spreads throughout Sears Fall/Winter/1975 catalog. In one spread, she modeled a fashionable rib-knit Turtleneck Pullover with a convenient back-neck zipper. It was deemed "a really great value" at under $6. And at that low price, it was smart to get several to expand one's wardrobe potential. Shelley wore hers with a pair of Houndstooth printed slacks and a necklace with a cross pendant and looked absolutely divine.

a closeup of Shelley from the spread