Saturday, March 19, 2016

At The Hollywood Collector's Show

A screen capture of Shelley from
Hollywood: July 18 2009 - Part 2
thank you so much to Monster A GoGo for uploading the video on YouTube
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Shelley attended The Hollywood Collector's Show back in July of 2009 which was held in Burbank, California. Many fans were excited because it was the first time in many years that Shelley went out to meet her fans. She made a rare appearance at The Oprah Winfrey Show in January the year before, and she seemed eager to meet her fans the following year. Her fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts was also at the event; so a very rare Angel moment occurred. The two Angels met for the very first time. Wouldn't it be great if ALL THE TOS CHARLIE'S ANGELS (well, except Farrah of course) were at a similar event this year? Oh that would be a very rare and exciting moment for fans!

A screen capture of Shelley and a fan