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NeedleWork and Crafts Model

Shelley on the Table of Contents page
of Simplicity's Needlework and Crafts booklet from 1973.

Shelley appeared as a model on the 1973 booklet Needlework and Crafts by Simplicity. She appeared on the Table of Contents page and on several parts of the book, modeling knitwear, crochet fashions, coats, blankets and much more. And Shelley made them all look fabulous.
closeups of Shelley from the T of C page

Wallet-Size Photo

In 1979, Shelley, along with other stars of the day, was included in a fan mag page that featured wallet-size photos of stars for fans. Shelley was one of the newest stars around and came out in many fan mags.

Best Guest Stars on The Love Boat recently came up with a list of the Best Guest Stars on The Love Boat; and Shelley came in at no. 7. Shelley's Love Boat episode is one of the most memorable that aired, as well as one of the most entertaining. It showed viewers well Shelley could do given enough lines and the right material. It also showed viewers her flair for comedy. Check out the list at:
Best Guest Stars on The Love Boat
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Shelley Hack with  Kevin Tighe on the Love Boat episode
"Dumb Luck/Tres Amigos/Hey, Jealous Lover"
watch it at:
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Thanks to TheMademoiselle39 at YouTube for posting

The episode she appeared in was "Dumb Luck/Tres Amigos/Hey, Jealous Lover" and was aired on March 15, 1980. She played nuclear physicist Carol Ketay, Julie's friend, who couldn't get a date because she was just too brainy. The role fit Shelley to a T and she played it really, really well (a surprise because people at the time kept saying she couldn't act.)

 A pic montage of Shelley on Love Boat
Thank you so much to FYCharlie'sAngels for posting the pics
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Jap Fan Mag

Shelley began appearing on Japanese fan magazines when she became a Charlie's Angel in 1979. Fans of the show all over the world were thrilled and interested in Charlie's newest Girl who was also THE Charlie perfume Girl.

Die Texas-Klinik

An article from a German fan magazine
about Alec Baldwin, 
Shelley's co-star on the 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston Shelley's 2nd TV series Cutter to Houston translated as Die Texas-Klinik in Germany. The show was aired on German TV in 1988, five years after it was cancelled. Many German fans were interested in the short-lived show, so articles and pics of the stars appeared on their fan magazines.

Paparazzi Pics

Shelley in a couple of paparazzi pics from 1986

Snazzy Jumper

Shelley appeared in a 1977 ad for Mary Martin for Rainbow of California. She donned Mary's "Snazzy Jumper" and wore it with Mary's cowl neck sweater/blouse. Up-to-the-minute boots finished her look. Shelley looked smashing in her getup.

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Alluring Gown

Shelley appeared on the fall and winter issue of JCPenney in 1975. In a spread entitled "Alluring Gowns in Soft Nylon," she modeled a melon-colored "tie-waist gown in nylon tricot." By 1975, Shelley had successfully transitioned from teen model to one of the top models in the business. A year later, she jumped to supermodel via the unforgettable Revlon Charlie ad campaign.

Rare Appearance

Shelley in 2012

Shelley had been out of the limelight for a while until she made a rare red carpet appearance at the 2012 Hallmark Channel TCA Winter Party. It was held at the Tournament of Roses House  in Pasadena, California on January 14, 2012. She attended the same event a year before, but she didn't walk the red carpet.

Shelley with director Ron Oliver in 2011
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Jennifer Corly

Shelley and Joe Brooks starred
in If Ever I See You Again in 1978

Shelley's first leading lady role came via the 1978 film If Ever I See You Again. She played Jennifer Corly, an artist who rather loved the simple life. The film didn't do well at the box-office and was panned by critics, but it spawned a cult following.

New Hottie Crime-Fighter

a writeup on the Charlie's Angels season 4 DVD

The fourth season of the mega-hit series Charlie's Angels or Shelley Hack Season was finally released on DVD in 2009. Writeups about the DVD's release soon came after. As one writer put it, "Angel's penultimate season imported another new hottie crime-fighter." Shelley as new Angel Tiffany Welles was the new and brainy hottie of the season, but it seems her presence (or even Farrah Fawcett's) just wasn't enough to gloss over the show's flimsy mysteries and stiff dialogue.

Shelley on the cover of TV Times
in March 1980

The Charming Sensual Scent

Shelley THE Charlie Girl was a phenomenon in 1976 (the same year Farrah Fawcett exploded onto the scene.) Because of Shelley, everybody wanted to become a Charlie girl - girls and boys alike. The ad campaign that featured her was seen all over the world and translated in many languages. In France, the print ad's tagline went "La parfum charmeur, sensuel de Revlon" which translats to "The charming sensual scent by Revlon." Shelley était magnifique dans n'importe quelle langue.

Stills in 1979

Shelley posed for many promotional stills in the late '70s early '80s. In one, she sported a gray tweed blazer over a crisp white Chinese-collared blouse and a pair of sleek white slacks. A woven belt and a leather-strapped watch finished her look - which was just so leisure class chic.

Seventeen Model

Shelley gives her fellow models a lift in her bike
on this pic from Seventeen, 1970

Shelley appeared numerous times on Seventeen  magazine early in her modelling career. In 1970, she appeared in the mag in a baby blue ensemble accessorized with a butterfly-appliquéd leather belt, a matching skullcap, a beaded choker and a pair of fun white-framed sunglasses with circular lenses. Just so cute.

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Hack Not Bach

It's Hack not Bach
a 1979 article on Shelley

Before Shelley was officially announced as Charlie's newest Angel, it was prematurely announced that Bond Girl Barbara Bach got the part. Then, a few weeks later, it was retracted and Shelley became the newest Angel. She told Tom Selleck (an unknown at the time) that her agents felt she had a good chance of getting it. Tom was the Revlon Chaz guy at the time, while Shelley was THE Revlon Charlie Girl.

Jaclyn Smith's Facebook Page
Oprah: Where Are They Now
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Speaking of Angels, Jaclyn Smith was recently featured on O Network's Oprah: Where Are They Now? show. She talked a little about Charlie's Angels and her very good friend - fellow Angel, the late Farrah Fawcett. She also talked about her family, her business and her new skincare line. But what's interesting is that when she was asked to describe each Angel, she went on to describe Kate Jackson, Farrah, Cheryl Ladd- as well as Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts... Yes! Love Jaclyn for always including ALL the Angels when she's asked about Charlie's Angels. She described Shelley as "East Coast preppy."

Let's hope Oprah can get the remaining living Angels together
for a VERY VERY long overdue reunion.
Check out a previous post about this at:

Young Contemporary Suit

In 1972, Shelley modeled Simplicity Pattern 5869 -  a suit for young the contemporary woman. Any suiting material could be used, but Shelley's brown and white checked version (with matching brown suit collar) was deemed the latest look. Wearing it with a crisp, white turtleneck sweater and a matching '20s-style white cloche-style hat "fabulized" the suit even more. No wonder Shelley's all smiles.

'80s Publicity Pic

Shelley posed for numerous publicity pics and magazine spreads in the '80s - as her acting was finally getting positive notice from critics. Like most of her contemporaries, she wanted to be known for more than just being beautiful. She wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. But while she triumphed on stage, it was hit and miss for her when it came to the screen. Nevertheless, she improved as time went on.

Ready For Anything

Shelley Hack, Alec Baldwin and Jim Metzler starred in the 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston - where they all played doctors practicing in the small town of Cutter several miles from Houston, Texas. Several cast promo pics were taken; and in one set, they three were dressed in casual "small-town" duds, as if ready for anything - any medical emergency, that is.

Trifari Ad

Shelley appeared in an ad for Trifari jewelry in 1972. The ad showed women how to wear Trifari jewelry with contemporary sweaters. The golden and silvery tones of the pendants and chains glistened more against the muted tones of the sweaters - thus, making a chic fashion statement.

Miss Shea

Shelley played Jackie Shea on her third TV series Jack and Mike (1986-1987.) The series was aired right after Moonlighting and was slowly getting a following of its own. It was about a married couple who couldn't find time to be together, because their careers were demanding so much of their time. Jackie was a journalist, while,her husband, Mike was a restaurateur. The series was set in The Windy City, Chicago.

Blazer with Flavor

Sophisticated Shelley
in a Sophisticated Blazer with Flavor

Shelley appeared in the booklet Wrights Idea Book of Trims in 1972. She modeled several outfits in the booklet. One of them was a blazer with flavor. The white blazer/jacket she wore was "dressed up with sophistication." It was edged with metallic gold Soutache Braids in several places. Gold buttons along the front, the sleeves and the pocket flaps finished the look. And who better to pull off a sophisticated look than Miss Hack herself.
 from Wrights Idea Book of Trims, 1972

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Shelley, along with co-stars Alec Baldwin and Jim Metzler, posed in scrubs for promo pics for their 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston - where the three of them played doctors. Shelley was Beth, an ambitious sugeon. Alec was Hal, a ladies-man internist. While Jim was Andy, a GP who was glad to be home in Cutter, Texas - the location of the small-town clinic where the three of them practiced.

Are You Charlie?

a 1978 French Charlie perfume ad (for a contest) with Shelley Hack
The text translates as:
Are you Charlie?
Win a trip around the world,
holiday trips and hundreds of other gifts.
To join our contest, quickly go to any Revlon counter and fill out an entry form
The World Belongs to Charlie

Este-Vous Charlie? Are You Charlie? Shelley certainly was (and is.) Shelley was THE ultimate Charlie Girl; and her tenure as the brand's image model and spokesperson ran from 1976 to 1982. Her Charlie Girl was so popular, it crossed over to other cultures all over the world. From the US to South America, from Europe to Asia and Australia, from the Middle East to Africa, Shelley was THE Charlie perfume star.

1990 Promo Still

Shelley in a promo still for
Frederick Forsyth Presents A Casualty of War

Shelley starred in the 1990 TV movie/series Frederick Forsyth Presents A Casualty of War. She played Monica Browne, an American horse enthusiast with a deadly secret. Filmed entirely in Europe, the movie was the first of a series of TV movies, all penned by Forsyth. 
the Frederick Forsyth Presents Collection
is currently out on DVD
included are:
A Casualty of War
Just Another Secret
Pride And Extreme Prejudice
The Price of the Bride
Death Has a Bad Reputation
A Little Piece of Sunshine

Jap Mag 1980

A 1980 Jap Mag spread of Shelley
about her 1978 film If Ever I See You Again

Shelley appeared in the Japanese Fan magazine Roadshow in May of 1980 in a spread about her 1978 film If Ever I see You Again with Joseph Brooks. The film was panned by the critics and was a box-office flop, but it had and still has its share of fans who appreciate the film. It was Shelley's first leading lady role; and she was asked to wear her glasses throughout filming.

a very preppy Shelley in 1978

The Bulkier the Better

Shelley appeared in the 1973 booklet Needlework and Crafts by Simplicity. In one spread, she modeled a crimson-red sweater that was perfect for cold weather. "The bulkier, the better" was booklet's recommendation; and bulky it looks indeed. Plus, the design was unisex - a revolutionary idea at the time. A printed blouse and a beret finished Shelley's look.

Death Car on the Freeway

Shelley Hack and Peter Graves in a scene
from the TV movie Death Car on the Freeway

Shelley played news reporter/anchor Janette Clausen on the unforgattable 1979 TV movie Death Car on the Freeway. The film was released at a time when women's lib was catching on; and Shelley's character wasn't going to play second fiddle to any man - not even her ex-husband. She was determined to make it on her own.


Shelley modeled a sunny knit top and a red bolero adorned with fun storybook appliques in an ad that appeared on the Simplicity Fashion News leaflet for May 1970. Her center-parted hair and star-design clip finished her fun teenage look.

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From Tunic to A Dress

In 1972, Shelley modeled a both the tunic and the dress made from that same tunic on Wrights Idea Book of Trims, a booklet on how to sew and make 100 various different things. Adding a complimentary fabric to add length to the tunic, as well as Wrights Flat Braid on the collar, waistline and new hem (in coordinating colors, of course) turned her cute little tunic into a fabulous above-the-knee dress. Shelley was so cute and stylish in both outfits.

Admired and Respected in '78

In 1978, a newspaper carried out a survey asking teenagers to list down their ten heroes. Teenagers at the time, instead, responded by listing down the ten people they admire and respect the most. They made it clear that they did not consider them heroes. Many of the people on their list were the top TV and movie stars and celebrities of the era.

Although she didn't make it to the top ten, Shelley was one of the names often listed by the teens. By then, Shelley had become famous as THE one and only Charlie Girl, and her face was recognizable to everyone, including teens.

Jack and Mike Trailer

Let's pray that Jack and Mike finally make it on DVD.

In 1986, Shelley starred in her 3rd TV series Jack and Mike. It aired immediately after Moonlighting and was slowly gaining ground before it was abruptly cancelled after just one season. Sleeper hits were still unheard of at the time; so the series got the boot before it could prove its worth.

The trailer for the J&M episode "Till Death Do Us Part" is currently on YouTube. Originally aired on Feb 03, 1987, the episode starts with Jackie being against Mike getting a shotgun for protection. She later changes her mind when a psychotic secret admirer keeps calling her. Thank you so much to Michael Pannoni for posting the trailer on YouTube under the title "February 1987 commercials (Part 1)"

Check it out at:
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Relaxed Angel

Shelley relaxing at her home with a magazine in 1979

When Shelley became a Charlie's Angel in 1979, she was swamped by reporters who wanted to cover the new Angel. Each and every actress who became part of the show was scrutinized to the hilt; and Shelley wasn't spared. Promo and paparazzi pics of her were everywhere.

Blind And Beautiful

Shelley Hack and Kim Coates
in promo stills for the 1989 film Blind Fear

Shelley was blind and beautiful in her 1989 film feature Blind Fear. She played Erika Breen, a blind switchboard operator at a lodge that had just been sold and was being boarded up. She was on her last night there, but a gang of criminals invaded the lodge that same night. But Erica managed to outsmart them all; and manages to... There's a surprise ending.
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In July 2009, Shelley told her fans at the Hollywood Collectors Show a little bit about her experience filming Blind Fear. She said that she wore a type of contact lens that blocked the vision and literally made her blind. She couldn't see anything when they were filming her scenes. (Thank you so much to Channel Surfing: Charlie's Angels for that bit of trivia.)

Gorgeous in Blue

Shelley was just gorgeous in her fabulous blue capped-sleeved outfit cinched at the waist with an equally fab crimson-colored sash/belt. She wore the outfit on the epilogue scene of the Charlie's Angels episode "Fallen Angel." But sitting on a director's chair makes it look like she's ready to direct her first Angels episode. I'm sure that would have gone well for her.

Shelley And A Fab Throw

Shelley modeled a fabulous throw for Simplicity's Needlework and Crafts booklet, which came out in 1973. The booklet urged readers to "cozy up with a hand-knitted throw that boasts the fattest tassels ever made." And boy, were those tassels huge...

And Shelley looked so warm and cozy under that blanket, reading her book.