Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blind And Beautiful

Shelley Hack and Kim Coates
in promo stills for the 1989 film Blind Fear

Shelley was blind and beautiful in her 1989 film feature Blind Fear. She played Erika Breen, a blind switchboard operator at a lodge that had just been sold and was being boarded up. She was on her last night there, but a gang of criminals invaded the lodge that same night. But Erica managed to outsmart them all; and manages to... There's a surprise ending.
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In July 2009, Shelley told her fans at the Hollywood Collectors Show a little bit about her experience filming Blind Fear. She said that she wore a type of contact lens that blocked the vision and literally made her blind. She couldn't see anything when they were filming her scenes. (Thank you so much to Channel Surfing: Charlie's Angels for that bit of trivia.)