Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jack and Mike Trailer

Let's pray that Jack and Mike finally make it on DVD.

In 1986, Shelley starred in her 3rd TV series Jack and Mike. It aired immediately after Moonlighting and was slowly gaining ground before it was abruptly cancelled after just one season. Sleeper hits were still unheard of at the time; so the series got the boot before it could prove its worth.

The trailer for the J&M episode "Till Death Do Us Part" is currently on YouTube. Originally aired on Feb 03, 1987, the episode starts with Jackie being against Mike getting a shotgun for protection. She later changes her mind when a psychotic secret admirer keeps calling her. Thank you so much to Michael Pannoni for posting the trailer on YouTube under the title "February 1987 commercials (Part 1)"

Check it out at:
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