Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Late Show Appearance

The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers was a talk show that premiered on October 9, 1986 on the Fox network. The show was in direct competition with The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Joan hosted the show until May 15, 1987.

Shelley Hack along with Rutger Hauer and Mel Tillis appeared on the show on April 8, 1987.

Miss Lee

Shelley in an ad for Ms Lee in 1976

Event '90s

Shelley with her husband, director Harry Winer, attending
the 44th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards in March of 1992

Tiff And Sam

Men seem to fall for Charlie's gorgeous angels all the time and Tiffany Welles (Shelley Hack) is no exception. In Angels Go Truckin' (which, in my opinion, is one of the best episodes of season 4), Tiff and Kris unknowingly help out a bootlegger named Sam Willis (played by writer/actor James Carrington) by allowing him and his two boxes of "peaches" to hitch a ride in their truck. There seems to be a sort of thing going on between Tiff and Sam if one takes a closer look. The obvious chemistry between the angelic urbanite and this sort of country bumpkin hunk should have been exploited more. They were really cute together. But no matter, Sammy didn't forget Tiff that easily. In the epilogue, he sent her a box of peaches as a gift. Tiff was flattered.


Shelley in a cute outfit for Vogue, May 1974

Apple Brown Betty

Shelley has always loved baking. In fact, she always loved baking rich desserts. The recipe for Shelley's Apple Brown Betty is online at,1719,147167-252202,00.html Happy baking


Shelley did a commercial for TreeTop Apple Juice

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bride's 1966

Shelley on the cover of the April-May issue of Bride's magazine in 1966

Shelley is Jack

Shelley is Jack and Tom Mason is Mike in the series Jack and Mike.
Here they are with Mike's mother played by Beatrice Straight
for the episode (aired in 1987) Spirits in the Night.

Penneys Swim

Shelley in an ad for Penneys swimwear in 1971

Shelley Car

Shelley poses on top of a car,
or should that be an automobile, circa around 1975

Shelley & Lisa

Shelley with what looks like Lisa Taylor
on the pages of Vogue, May 1974

Dacron Girl

Shelley on an ad for Great Dacronknit Pantlook

H&B '80

Shelley on the cover of the Greek magazine
Health & Beauty circa FebMar 1980

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Viva Woman

Shelley in the cover of Viva Magazine in May of 1978

Fashion '76

Shelley in an editorial pic for Vogue Italia in 1976.
It was shot by her then boyfriend, photographer Steen Svensson.

Paparazzi Shelley 2

A paparazzi shot of Shelley in around 1993

Best Fitting Pullover

Shelley modeling the best-fitting pullover for Vogue in May '74.
Here she looks so much like she did five years later
in the speedboat scene in Love Boat Angels.

Beauty Is In The Bag

A 1979 Charlie perfume newspaper ad
Beauty in a bag is Charlie's new bonus

Fur Bazaar 77

Shelley in fur for Harper's Bazaar in November 1977

Sophisticated Shelley

Three pics from the same sitting
of a very sophisticated Shelley circa around 1976