Friday, January 25, 2013

Shelley in Jeans and Layers

Shelley appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar in 1976 sporting the latest "layered look" for the season. With a pair of Fiorucci jeans, she wore a beige sweater, a  black dickey, a red fleece vest and a black and white muffler - "lots of layers that total up to a lovely look." And Shelley is lovely indeed.

Cartoon Shelley 2

A cartoon Shelley, as Tiffany Welles, appeared in Look-in magazine. The UK-based comic/fan children's magazine ran several mark-3 Charlie's Angels (Kelly-Kris-Tiffany) cartoon stories. In this one, the Angels encounter the villain in flight resulting in a possible plane crash. "Don't miss next week's dramatic installment."

Pullover and Shorts

Shelley sported a faded blue pullover and denim shorts for Sears in 1974. 
In the inset pic, she's purse-lipped and rocking those denim hot pants.

Movie Still 1978

Shelley in a movie still with Academy Award winning songwriter Joe Brooks 
for their 1978 film If Ever I see You Again


Shelley's husband is director/producer Harry Winer whose credits include Dawson's Creek, Alias, Felicity, Summerland and Veronica Mars, as well as the films Space Camp and House Arrest.  Film footage of Harry at a Film Financing Seminar for The School of Motion Pictures & Television is on YouTube. He's an intelligent, well-spoken man with his feet on the ground. Check out Harry's bio at

MPT- Film Finance Seminar - Harry Winer

Shrewd Tiffany

Shelley with the rest of the Angels in a promo ad for Charlie's Angels in 1981. The TV Series had been consistently #1 in its time period and had "proven it for four years on ABC." And how  did the Angels do it? "By being the most talked about, publicized women in television history."

Rugged Sabrina, Solid Jill, Daring Kelly, Strong Kris, Shrewd Tiffany and Bold Julie, 
the angels "show no mercy."

Jeans in '72

Shelley in funky Maverick jeans, Seventeen, Feb '72

Friday, January 18, 2013

Quality Classics 2

In October of 1973, Shelley was featured in a spread entitled "Making the Most of Quality Classics" for Woman's Day magazine. She showed readers how to make the most of a high-quality basic black coat dress by wearing it in two different ways, two different versions. In one version, the coat dress is a formal outfit. While in the other version, the coat dress becomes a casual day piece. But in both versions, Shelley's just lovely. Thanks to Teej.

How Much Did She Make?

So how much did Shelley make on Charlie's Angels? Well, a lot of mags reported different amounts and here's one from Parade magazine, September 1979. It seems she made more supermodeling than she did on the show.

Forecaster of Boston

Shelley in a pair of ads for Forecaster of Boston from 1977. "A step ahead of the weatherman," Forecaster of Boston predicted that anyone would look great in their all-weather coats.

1987 Jack and Mike Promo

 Jack and Mike promo from  March 2, 1987 
watch it at:

A promo for Jack and Mike, Shelley's 1986-1987 TV series, is on YouTube. It's for the episode "Light My Fire." Episode summary: A time capsule is scheduled to be opened prematurely and Mike isn't the only anxious person who put something inside figuring it wouldn't be seen for a hundred years. Jeremy Slate guest-starred as Max.

Dieting Booklet

Shelley appeared in this 1974 ad for the diet booklet Dieting, Yogurt and Common Sense. The booklet tells readers how to diet with, well, yogurt and a lot of common sense. "This colorful booklet gives a lot of practical ideas for slimming down."

Yellow Earrings 2

A pair of paparazzi photos of Shelley wearing yellow earrings, a fave of hers in the '80s. 
You can clearly see her beautiful blue eyes in one of them.

Sipping Beauties

Shelley is one of the sipping beauties in this pic
from Seventeen magazine, Feb 1972.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Classy Guest Host Part 2

In 2000, Shelley was tapped to guest host the biographies of several of the cast members of Charlie's Angels The Original Series as well as the biography of one new Angel. Aired right before Charlie's Angels The Movie premiered (during A&E Biography Channel's Hello Angels Week,) the biographies went as follows: 

A&E Biography: Cheryl Ladd October 30, 2000
A&E Biography: Farrah Fawcett October 31, 2000
A&E Biography: Drew Barrymore November 1, 2000
A&E Biography: Jaclyn Smith November 2, 2000
A&E Biography: John Forsythe November 3, 2000

Shelley Hack guest hosts the A&E Biographies
of Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett, Drew Barrymore and Jaclyn Smith.
Check them out on YouTube at:

You can watch Shelley's classy and delightful brand of hosting (for the Cheryl's, Farrah's, Drew's and Jaclyn's biographies) on YouTube. Thank you very much to Geret Coates for posting all of them (as well as John's Forsythe's biography as discussed in blogpost "The Classy Guest Host" at

Cheevers and Maggie

Shelley co-starred with soap hunk Anthony Geary in the 1985 TV movie Kicks. As Maggie Pierson and Martin Cheevers respectively, Shelley and Anthony posed for some pics as they were filming some scenes in Alcatraz.

Re-post of Elle 1973

This is the second re-post of Shelley's 1973 cover of the French edition of Elle magazine and is definitely the clearest. A description of Shelley's cover look appeared inside the mag. A rough translation is as follows:

Cover: A fun polka-dotted pea coat ensemble with a blazer that can be removed for those summer days in the city. The notch-collared blazer in piqué cotton corduroy has a coordinating pleated skirt. Underneath it is a reverse print cotton t-shirt. All from La Redoute. Cotton scarf from Galleries Lafayette. See pages 118 to 127 for more ideas in city dressing. Makeup by Lancaster: foundation - Sand, eye shadow quartet - blue monochrome 8, mascara - Marine, lipstick no. 73. Hair by J.L. David. Photo by Alex Chatelain

Cutter To Houston Ad

Shelley with Alec Baldwin in a newspaper ad
for the premiere of their 1983 TV series Cutter to Houston

Fashion for the Independent Woman

Shelley dons the "Fashion for the Independent Woman" of the mid '70s

Beige Sweater

Shelley donned a stylish beige sweater in a promo pictorial 
for her 1978 movie If Ever I see You Again.

The Angels in 1998

In April of 1998, McCalls magazine put Farrah Fawcett on their cover and ran an article about her inside. The article included an inset with updates on the lives of the rest of Angels, Shelley included, of course.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Classy Guest Host

In 2000, Shelley was tapped to host the biographies of several of the cast members of Charlie's Angels The Original Series - namely Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and John Forsythe - as well as the biography of then new movie Angel Drew Barrymore. It aired during A&E Biography Channel's Hello Angels Week, right before Charlie's Angels The Movie premiered.

  Shelley Hack guest hosts the A&E Biography of John Forsythe.
Check it out on YouTube at:

In November 3, 2000, Shelley, once again donning her Angel wings, found herself in the "company" of her former "boss," Charles Townsend, or John Forsythe in real life. The intro and epilogue of John Forsythe's A&E biography is now on YouTube. Watch it! Shelley's so classy, charming, witty and above all, gorgeous. Hosting comes naturally to her and she's a delight to watch. Enjoy!

Quality Classics

Shelley was featured in a spread entitled "Making the Most of Quality Classics" for Woman's Day magazine back in October of 1973. She showed readers how to make the most of a high-quality classic black pantsuit by wearing it in two different ways, two different versions. One version used both pantsuit pieces, while the other version did away with its matching jacket. Shelley is lovely in both versions. Thanks very much to TJ for the pics.

Charlie Spoof

above: Shelley as THE Charlie Girl 
in her 1976 Charlie perfume commercial
watch it at:
middle: Marie Osmond as the Charming Girl 
in The Donny & Marie Show, November 1977 
below: Comedian Ruth Buzzi as the Charming Girl
in The Donny & Marie Show, November 1977
watch it at:

Shelley Hack's Charlie perfume commercial was a mega-hit when it debuted in 1976. The idea of the Charlie Girl was so fresh and so hip that everyone wanted to be a Charlie Girl (even Oprah Winfrey did.) It was so popular that it was spoofed in the The Donny & Marie Show a year later in 1977. In the spoof, the perfume was renamed Charming and Marie Osmond and comedian Ruth Buzzi both audition for part of the Charming Girl. It's on YouTube and it's hilarious, watch it.

Coordinated Separates

Shelley modeled Simplicity pattern 9572 in 1971.
The pattern package included a lesson on "How to Coordinate Separates."

Glam in Red

Shelley is glamorous in red in these pics for Charlie perfume taken in around 1980. She donned a strapless evening ensemble and posed beside a piano. Ah, Shelley is a vision of beauty.

A Hit on TV

Us Weekly, on their September 18, 1979 issue, predicted that Shelley was going to be a big hit as the new Charlie's Angel. Flying high with her success as the Charlie Girl, Shelley's progression to Charlie's Angel status seemed but natural. And why wouldn't the magazine think so. Shelley's first episode "Love Boat Angels," which aired September 12, finished at No.1 in the Nielsens.

Pandora in Wonderland

Shelley appeared the "Pandora is in Wonderland" ad for Pandora fashions in 1972.
She modeled an ice-cream colored turtle-necked outfit.