Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TV Prevue

Shelley on the cover of TV Prevue in December of 1979

Shelley and Vicky Vaughn

Shelley in an ad for Vicky Vaughn in 1972

Shelley and Harry

Ah, what a gorgeous couple. Shelley Hack and Harry Winer out in the town in around the '80s. Harry is dapper and Shelley is so fresh and breathtaking. I love Shelley's look here. And notice Shelley's earrings, a favorite of hers in the '80s.

Shelley in Fur

This is a gorgeous Shelley Hack! In this picture, she is radiant and so classy.

Shelley Jan 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you to director Ron Oliver for posting a picture of Shelley Hack attending Hallmark Channel's "Celebrate & Connect" gala last Jan 2011. The pic appears on his blog Ron Oliver's Fabulous Life! Oh, what a treat! Like Ron’s friend, the Duchess of Milton, we Shelley Hack fans are ecstatic, too!!! Shelley is Fab!!!

As written on his blog, “I spotted a radiant beauty (Shelley) chatting with one of my producers nearby and immediately called my old and dear friend.”

Shelley is radiant and gorgeous in this picture and I love the piles of jewelry, a fashion statement if I might say so.

Visit http://ronoliversfabulouslife.blogspot.com/ for more details and better picture : )

Monday, February 14, 2011

Glam '64

Shelley on the cover of Glamour Beauty Book in 1964,
one of her first covers

Needle Crafting

A couple of stills of Shelley as it appeared
in 1001 Fashion and Needle Craft Ideas

Brooks '72

Shelley in an ad for Bobbie Brooks in 1972.