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Red Rain Shedder

Shelley appeared in a 1971 ad for Sears coats and autumn accents. She wore a "military-style rain shedder in red" over a pair of dark pants and a white turtleneck top. A "brushed leather shoulder bag' and "knitted gloves with real leather palms" served as "autumn accents." A great belt finished her look. Shelley's a standout in her outfit.

Paparazzi Spotted

Shelley was spotted by the paparazzi out and about with character actor Bo Hopkins in 1979. Hopkins, who also appeared in the pilot episode of Charlie's Angels, guest-starred in Shelley's first Angels episode "Love Boat Angels." The tabloids reported that there was a romance going on between the two, but it was never proven. Bo Hopkins talked about his experiences on the Angels set on (check it out at

Hoodie and Shorts

Shelley appeared in a fashion spread for Cosmopolitan magazine in July of 1978 called "Turquoise …For Summer Show-offs.” The eight-page spread was photographed by Steen Svensson at Bermuda’s Southampton Princess Hotel and featured summer fashions in, you guessed it, turquoise. One of the outfits featured was a summer hoodie with matching shorts.

Dr. Elaine Denell

Shelley with Barry Van Dyke and Anthony Michael Hall

Shelley guest-starred in an episode of Dick Van Dyke's '90s series Diagnosis Murder in 1997. In the episode "Looks Can Kill," she played celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Elaine Denell. This is Shelley's last acting job to date.

Norwood Pic

Shelley, photographed in a Norwood head sock in fur
(not such a good idea today) for a 1969 ad.

Angels' Diet Tips

From the '70s to the early '80s, the Angels were so hot that everyone wanted to look like them. From the time the show first aired in 1976, beauty and diet tips from the Angels were clamored for and Shelley wasn't spared. In 1980, Superteen magazine published an article about how the current Angels kept themselves in perfect form. Cheryl warded off chocolate, Shelley excercised and Jaclyn did ballet.

Halston, Red White and Blue

Halston was surrounded by his designs in red, white and blue in this pic for Harper's Bazaar in 1977. From the left are Shelley Hack, Karen Bjornsen, Chris Royer, Cheryl Tiegs, the man himself, Anne Holbrook and Shelley Smith.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Young Wools

Shelley modeled "The Young Wools" by Gloria Sachs for Jacobson's in 1975. Gloria Sachs was a fashion designer known for stylish and comfortable clothes for the working woman. She designed separates that could be easily mixed and matched - perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle of women in the workforce. Aside form Jacobson's, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus carried her line as well.

1989 Screening

Shelley was at the screening of the ABC original movie I Love You Perfect in September, 1989. Held at the DGA Theatre in West Hollywood, California, the screening came a month before the film was released. It starred Susan Dey and Tony Denison, and it was directed by Shelley's main squeeze, Harry Winer.

Closet Case

Shelley starred alongside George Segal and JoBeth Williams in the 1992 comedy Me, Myself and I. She played Jennifer, a closeted lesbian who was a Hollywood superstar and married to successful screen writer and novelist Buddy Arnett (Segal.) Afraid of being outed and losing her career, she constantly pleaded Buddy for photo ops to perpetuate her straight image, but, in reality, she was in a lesbian relationship.


Shelley was written about in TV Guide's weekly feature "Insider" in December of 1983. Entitled "Hack on the Fast Track," she talked about her experience working with comedy legends Sid Caesar and Dick Van Dyke. She starred with them in the 1983 telefim Found Money (It's Only Money, according to the write up) a.k.a. My Secret Angel. It was originally titled Max and Sam.

Spandex Angels

Shelley, Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith posed in sexy spandex pants
to promote Charlie's Angels 4th season in 1979.


a bogus The Most Unforgettable Women in the World Wear Revlon ad 
with Revlon Superstars Lauren Hutton and Shelley Hack

In the 1980's, Revlon came up with an ad campaign "The Most Unforgettable Women in the World Wear Revlon" which featured models and stars who were, well, unforgettable. Supermodels like Iman, Janice Dickinson, Beverly Johnson, Patti Hansen, Paulina Porizkova, Cindy Crawford, The Trinity and many more graced the ads. And Superstars like Liza Minnelli, Audrey Hepburn and Oprah Winfrey were feaured as well. But noticeably missing from the campaign were two of Revlon's Most Unforgettable Superstars, Lauren Hutton and Shelley Hack. I've often wondered why the two were never featured when they were the faces most associated with Revlon. Lauren was the face of Revlon's Ultima II as well as Ciara by Charles Revson and Shelley, of course, was THE ultimate and world-renowned  Charlie Girl. How could they have been forgotten?

Body Language Fashion

Shelley appeared in many fashion ads in the '70s 
including an ad about "body language" fashions for JCPenney in 1972.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

For Day For Night

Shelley appeared on the cover and in the pages of Butterick featuring Instant Fashion Patterns in December of 1977. She modeled patterns that easily went from day to evening. "Double Fashion Double Value" this outfit was. In printed challis for day or shimmering jersey for night time, you too could look sensational in pattern no. 5652.


Shelley at the Annual Earth Day Walkathon in 1992

Italian Mag

Shelley appeared, in 1980, with fellow Charlie's Angels Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith on the cover of Adamo (Adam) a weekly Italian mag that featured music and entertainment tidbits as well as comics. The headline reads, "Charlie's Angels Three angels with the Devil in the Flesh."

'60s Hairdo

Shelley sporting a mid '60s hairdo that's sleekly tied back 
with wisps of ringlets falling at certain portions

Super Dapper Classics

Shelley modeled "super dapper grey classics" by Bobbie Brooks in 1972. In wool and nylon, her outfit was "fashion's now neutrals" and came in "status symbol separates. Shelley was cute in her Parisian-artist-inspired look which included checkered slacks, an over-sized single-breasted pea coat and a matching beret.

Captain Marilyn Stark

Shelley with Mark Fauser and Don Franklin
in a pic used in the pilot episode of Seaquest DSV
"To Be or Not to Be"

Shelley played Captain Marilyn Stark in the pilot episode of the Steven Spielberg produced TV series Seaquest DSV in 1993. Marilyn Stark was the original captain of Seaquest DSV (Deep-Submergence Vehicle,) an underwater vessel designed for peacekeeping and scientific missions. But when she attempted to use it to start a war, she was relieved of command. Bitter, she exacted revenge and plotted the demise of Seaquest, now under the command of her former teacher and mentor, Captain Nathan Bridger, who designed the vessel.  For more about Captain Stark, check out

Sew A Classic

Shelley appeared in a spread called "Sew Yourself A Classic" 
for McCalls in the mid '70s

Saturday, July 6, 2013


 Birthday Greetings to Miss Shelley Hack
who is shown here in a bogus Charlie perfume ad
for the bogus flanker Charlie FOREVER.

 Happy Birthday, Miss Shelley Hack!!!
You have been an inspiration to many around the world,
as THE Charlie Girl, as a Charlie's Angel,
as a savvy and astute businesswoman
and as a purveyor of peace around the world.

we LOVE you,
 your fans worldwide

Shelley's Mini Bio
Shelley Marie Hack was born on July 6, 1947 in White Plains, New York, but was raised in nearby Greenwich, Connecticut. She graduated from Greenwich Academy and went off to Smith College where she earned a degree in history. But while still in school, as a teen, she began modeling during her summer breaks. Subsequently, after her schooling, she signed on full-time at her modeling agency, Ford Models Inc., and became one of the top models in the United states. In 1976, she jumped to Supermodel status via a Revlon commercial for Charlie Perfume. She was one of first batch of models who were able to negotiate previously unheard of, lucrative and exclusive deals with giant cosmetics companies. The worldwide popularity she gained as THE Charlie Girl brought her to the attention of Aaron Spelling  who cast her in his hit series Charlie's Angels in 1979. Although she was let go after one season, the publicity she got from the series was enough to keep her in the public eye in the '80s. Shelley then tackled stage via plays like Vanities (1981) and Born Yesterday (1982) and was critically praised. This led to roles in movies like Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy (1983) and cult classics like Troll (1986) and The Stepfather (1987), as well as the lead in two other TV series, Cutter to Houston (1983) and Jack and Mike (1986.) She married director Harry Winer in the late '80s and in 1990 gave birth to their daughter, Devon Rose. In the '90s, Shelley began delving in grassroots politics and political fund-raising. She would receive her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and, in 1997, she formed Shelley Hack Media Consultancy (SHMC,) a media consultancy firm that worked in pre- and post-conflict countries. She would go into war-torn countries and help them establish democracy through media. She worked extensively in Eastern Europe and Western Asia and traveled all over the world. After ten years, Shelley settled down in California, and in 2010, formed Smash Media Productions with her husband where she acts as Vice President for Development.

The Blonde Tiffany

A write up about Shelley appeared in the November 14, 1981 issue of the Spanish magazine Semana (Week.) It reads as follows:

TV Week
News and Interviews * Stories and Reports * TV Celebrities 
Movies, TV Movies * And the most complete programming
 The Blonde Tiffany of Charlie's Angels
Fans will be happy to know that Charlie's Angels will be back on TV with the new adventures of Kris Kelly and Tiffany. In the new season, Shelley Hack joins the gorgeous detective team as Tiffany. Shelley, who's replacing Kate Jackson, is the tallest among them. She's a top model and hopes to make it in the movies with the help of, possibly, Wooddy Allen. She's single at the moment.

Celebrity Guides

Shelley was among the celebrities who participated in two hour-long specials released in '90s, Celebrity Guide to Wine (1990) and  Celebrity Guide to Entertaining (1993.) Spago restaurant maĆ®tre d' Bernard Erpicum hosted both specials and was supported (whackily)  by many celebrities of the day. Celebrity Guide to Wine offered viewers tips in the choosing the best wine for any occasion. Celebrity Guide to Entertaining introduced viewers to various styles of entertaining, proper behavior and decorum during meals, as well as some culinary delights. Paula McClure co-hosted the latter.

Hal, Andy and Beth

Shelley posed with Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin for a cast pic of their 1983 TV series Cutter To Houston. Shelley played Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious surgeon. Jim Metzler played home-town boy Dr. Andy Fenton. And Alec Baldwin played Dr. Hal Wexler, a GP under probation for writing illegal prescriptions.

Shelley and the King

Shelley with Robert De Niro in a screen capture
from the 1983 Martin Scorsese film The King of Comedy

Norwood "Outtake"

Shelley, photographed in a Norwood fur hat and miff
(not such a good idea today) for a 1969 ad

Peekaboo Smash

Shelley modeled the "Peekaboo Smash" for the 1967 Sears Summer Catalog. Both made of white eyelet embroidered cotton with white lining and pink ribbons, outfits 3 and 4 looked smashing on Shelley. Outfit  3 is a bra top with matching shorts and outfit 4 is a shift, both just right for the summer of 1967.