Sunday, February 28, 2010

TV Week

TV Week 1984, Single Bars, Single Women

Pennys 1975

JC Penny Catalog 1975

Friday, February 19, 2010


An outdoor pic of Shelley in 1980

Papparazi Photos

Papparazi photos of Shelley Hack in the 80s

1988 Covers

Some 1988 covers with Shelley

Shelley for Bobbie

Shelley Hack for Bobbie Brooks, 1978

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simplicity 1967

1967 Simplicity patterns with a very young Shelley Hack

Now the World Belongs to Charlie

By 1977, after the debut of the Shelley Hack/Bobby Short commercial, Revlon Charlie sales skyrocketed. The Charlie perfume print ads reflected this. Shelley was photographed taking that iconic Charlie stride to different parts of the world. Also, the line, “Now the World Belongs to Charlie” was inserted above the products’ main tagline.

THE Charlie Girl

Some early Revlon Charlie perfume ads with the gorgeous Shelley Hack

TV Times

Some TV Times covers from 1979

Yellow Earrings

Some paparazzi photos of Shelley Hack wearing yellow earrings

King of Comedy

Movie stills from The King of Comedy
Shelley Hack and Robert de Niro

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Boat Angels

Some outtakes from LoveBoat Angels, 1979

Charlie in '78

A one page Revlon Charlie perfume ad in 1978

C to H cover

Shelley on the cover of The Newfoundland Herald in Oct 1983

Friday, February 5, 2010

She's Got Legs

Shelley is getting ready to film a scene in the episode Angel Hunt for Charlie's Angels. Her wardrobe, a pair of sporty hotpants, reveals her gorgeous long legs.

The Assassin

Tales from the Crypt
[TV-series, guest star]
(Dec 07, 1994)
The Assassin
Episode Number 73 (season 6, episode 73-8th of the season)
First Aired on December 7, 1994
John Kassir.............Crypt Keeper (voice only)
Shelley Hack...........Janet McKay
Corey Feldman.......Todd
Chelsea Field...........Simone Bardou
Jonathan Banks......William
William Sadler.........The Grim Reaper
Marshall Teague.....Marshall Teague

Three assassins invade the house of suburban housewife, Janet McKay, claiming her husband was a former colleague assassin and now at large. They are there to kill him; and since she is now a witness, her, too. But one by one, Janet outsmarts her would be killers. Before killing the third assassin, she finally reveals that it is really her that they are after. After a sex-reassignment operation, he/she has been posing as suburban housewife, Janet McKay.

Shelley Hack did a wonderful job as Janet McKay in this sort of funny, campy episode of Tales from the Crypt. Her portrayal of a suburban housewife borders to slightly over the top (especially in the scenes with her husband) but is appropriately so because, as we find out in the end, she is really a transsexual. Wonderful performance.

The episode is very entertaining and the story is very unique (especially at the time that it was first aired). The ending was a surprise.

Simplicity Covers

Shelley on the covers of Simplicity Magazine from the '60s and '70s.