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Bowed Jacket-Dress

Shelley modeled the "Bowed Jacket-Dress" for Montgomery Ward's 1975 fall and winter catalog. The outfit came in "two beautifully tailored parts." One part was a dress with a blouse-style bow-necked bodice with button details that ended in an A-line skirt. The other was a "sweater-look cardigan jacket." The outfit was perfect for the cold months of 1975.

Supermodel Search

Ford Models Inc. founder Eileen Ford, deemed the First Lady of Modeling,  pioneered the model search contest/pageant via Face of the '80s (later renamed Supermodel of the World.) The first of which was held in 1980. From 1980 onwards, many young women were invited to join Ford's search for the next modeling superstar. Ford Models Inc. had represented many of the Supermodels since the 1950s; and Cheryl Tiegs, Lauren Hutton, Karen Graham and Shelley Hack (the Supermodels of the '70s) were mentioned in Face of the '80s entry forms (which appeared in magazines) to entice hopefuls to join.

Ford Supermodels
top, Cheryl Tiegs and Lauren Hutton
below, Karen Graham and Shelley Hack

Knit Summer Dress

Shelley wore the "knit summer dress for juniors" 
on the cover of Sears Summer Book  1973.

Fab in a Tux

Shelley was just fab in a tux in this Charlie perfume ad from 1977.

Sheared Back

Shelley wore fabulous shear-backed dress
when she attended an event in 1986.

Tent Style

Shelley modeled a romantic tent style dress in black
for Sears spring and summer catalog in 1978.

Angels in the Outfield

Shelley was mentioned in a 2001 article about TV's Charlie's Angels entitled "Angels in the Outfield." It updated readers on what the Angels had been up to in the since the series went off the air in 1981. It also included David Doyle who played John Bosley in the series.

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Nautical-Inspired Coat

Shelley appeared on the pages of the Spiegel fall and winter catalog in 1970. She modeled several outfits including this smart nautical inspired knee-length coat in navy blue. The red and white striped scarf and white boots she wore with the outfit further enhanced the nautical feel of the coat. Navy blue gloves finished her look.

The Race

Shelley won the race "to find Charlie's newest Angel" in 1979. In 1977, When Farrah Fawcett left the series, there was so much media interest on her replacement (Cheryl Ladd) and how she would fare. 1979 was no different. Kate Jackson was fired? or left the series? (it depended on who you were talking to) and media interest on her replacement was all over the news. "I couldn't believe it. What was I doing in the evening news?" Shelley exclaimed.

Skiwear Ad 1971

Shelley appeared in a 1971 ad for White Stag. White Stag was a brand of skiwear that made "beautiful clothes for Active People." Shelley appeared in several of their ads and was on a bike in one of them.


Shelley starred in her third TV series Jack and Mike in 1986. She played Jackie Shea, a newspaper columnist who was trying to find balance between her professional life with her personal life. Of course, Jackie was glamorous and Shelley wore the glammest outfits for promotional pics. Her evening gown was shoulder-padded, shimmery and over-sized - very up-to-the-minute in '86. With chandelier earrings and big hair, Shelley was 80s perfect.

$130 Wardrobe part 2

Shelley appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar August 1977 issue. She modeled "Bazaar's 5-day $130 wardrobe that works everywhere." It consisted of a tunic, a skirt, a sweater, a shirt and a pair of jeans. Along with "10 go-with-everything accessories," Shelley showed readers how to mix and match the pieces and look fab.

From Girl to Angel

Shelley became one of Charlie's heavenly Angels in 1979. After a long exhaustive search (including a premature announcement that Bond Girl Barbara Bach got the part) Aaron Spelling announced that Shelley was the new Angel. "Believe it or not, the headline, 'Charlie Girl becomes the new Charlie's Angel,' carried a lot of weight." said Ed Lakso, a writer/producer on the show.

Plush Jeans

Shelley appeared on the pages of Montgomery Ward's fall winter catalog in 1971. She modeled the latest in wide-legged jeans. She wore a pair of "Suede Look-Alike Jeans" with a wide two-button waistband, zip-fly front and mock pocket flaps. A "Space Dye Top" finished her look.

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Sweatered Pants Suit

Shelley looked sensational in the pants suit she modeled for JCPenney's 1975 fall winter catalog. The pants suit she wore consisted of a sweater jacket worn over a turtleneck sweater and flare-legged pants. Contrast-stitched T-strapped shoes and a matching contrast-stitched tote finished her outfit. But it was her iconic smile that made her look jump from fab to sensational.

Roadshow 1979

Shelley along with fellow Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd were featured on the Japanese fan magazine Roadshow in December of 1979. The series was very popular worldwide and articles about the actresses who were part of the it appeared all over the world. When Shelley joined up, her popularity skyrocketed. She was no longer just THE Charlie Girl, but Charles Townsend's Angel as well.

Cover 1974

Shelley was on the cover of the 1974 fall fashion issue of Miss Chatelaine magazine. Miss Chatelaine was a popular Canadian magazine for fashion-conscious young women. It was first published in 1964. In 1979, the magazine was re-named Flare and in November 2009, it celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Angels Article

The pic of Shelley used for the article was from a set
where she posed sitting in a hanging wicker egg chair

Shelley - along with Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and Tanya Roberts - was the subject of a 1991 article that looked back on the '70s mega-hit Charlie's Angels. It had been ten years after the show's demise, but the Angels were still very much alive in everyone's psyche - although some memories about the show seem to have been muddled. For example, the ratings were stunning, but the series had already left TV's Top Ten shows by season 3. Season 1 finished at #5, season 2 at #4, season 3 at #12, season 4 at #18 (tied with Chips) and season 5 at #59. And when Cheryl came in, the ratings went up a notch higher. But Spelling's hairbrushes anecdote was quite funny, and it's interesting to know that an Angels reunion (meaning all 6 girls) had always been on his mind.

$130 Wardrobe

Shelley appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar August 1977 issue. She modeled "Bazaar's 5-day $130 wardrobe that works everywhere." It consisted of a tunic, a skirt, a sweater, a shirt and a pair of jeans. Along with "10 go-with-everything accessories," Shelley showed readers how to mix and match the pieces and look fab.

Cutter Episode

Cutter to Houston episode 2 - In the Eye Of the Hurricane
thank you so much to 240RobertA for posting
Catch it on YouTube at

Parts of the 1983 Cutter to Houston episode "In the Eye Of the Hurricane" is on YouTube. It's the second episode of the series and an Alec Baldwin fan shared it, so it consists mostly of scenes with Alec in it. But some of Shelley's scenes appear on it too. It would be great if the entire series is finally released on DVD. Although it had a short run, the series wasn't bad at all.

a clipping about the episode

Beautiful Clothes for Active People

Shelley appeared in a 1971 ad for White Stag. 
White Stag was a brand of ski wear that made "beautiful clothes for Active People."

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Pretty and Preppy 2

Shelley appeared on the pages of Sears 1974 Fall and Winter Catalog. She was both pretty and preppy in the outfits she sported for the catalog. She modeled sleeveless pullover vests (one in a diamond jacquard pattern, one in bright cinnamon) a long-sleeve cardigan (in bright cinnamon) and gabardine pants (in bright cinnamon and tan.) She also modeled a wool felt beret in bright cinnamon as well as leather shoes in camel tan and bright cinnamon. Shelley was both classy and gorgeous.

Shelley and Tanya in 2009

Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts
with makeup artist and hair stylist David Ross
Thank you so much
to Charlie's Angels Forever - Fan Club at Facebook
for posting the pic

Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts, who both starred in the landmark television series Charlie's Angels, first met each other at the Hollywood Collector's Show in Burbank, California in July of 2009. It's interesting to note how different the two women are style-wise, just like their TV characters Tiffany Welles and Julie Rogers. As Shelley is more laid back, classic and natural, Tanya is more in-your-face (in a good way) and va-va-voom. In fact, it seems Shelley prefers lower heels while Tanya prefers higher ones (both women are around the same height in flats.) But all in all, both women exude their own personal kind of sexiness, which is why they both became Angels in the first place.

David Ross on FANatical in 2007
Watch it at:

Many fans were thrilled to see the two women in the same room together (a momentous event in Angel history) and had pictures taken with both of them. Makeup artist and hair stylist David Ross from Long Beach, California, was one of them. He has been an Angels fan since the show debuted. In fact, he appeared in the Canadian TV series FANatical in March of 2007. FANatical was a half-hour documentary series that put the spotlight on the fans of various TV shows and David took part in the episode that featured the fans of Charlie's Angels.

Three-Piece Suit

Shelley modeled a three-piece suit in Cone Mills corduroy
in this 1977 newspaper clipping.

German Mag Re-post

Shelley was on the cover of the German mag Brigitte Mit Constanze in January 1972. This is a re-post (it was previously posted at but is of better quality. Shelley was so fresh and lovely on this cover. "Schlank Durch Ihre Wunsch DiƤt!" or "Slim Through Their Desired Diet!" was blazoned on the cover. And appropriately so, because Shelley kept her figure through a diet she came up with herself.


Shelley attended a fundraiser dinner in 1992 at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in California. It was for Governor Clinton who eventually won the election for president of the United States.

Braving the Heat in '86

Shelley along with other celebrity guests braved the heat of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the McDonald's-Sunday Mail Celebrity Tennis event in 1986. The other stars in attendance were Medical Center's Chad Everett, Mission: Impossible's Peter Graves, model-actress Deborah Raffin and Lyle Waggoner of The Carol Burnett Show, to name a few. Asian fans came in droves to get a glimpse, as well as autographs, of their favorite stars.

Pants or Skirt

Shelley appeared on the pages of the Spiegel fall and winter catalog in 1970. She modeled several outfits including a smart belted khaki coat that could be worn over either a matching pair of pants or skirt. Black boots and gloves finished her outfit. A hippie-style bag, complete with fringes and beads (which is kind of interesting) updated her look to 1970.