Saturday, March 31, 2012

Angels On A Break

Shelley with series co-star Cheryl Ladd on a break from filming the episode Angel Hunt for Charlie's Angels. Is Cheryl smoking a cigarette? Cheryl's smoking was kept from fans while she was doing the show so it wouldn't influence young girls to pick up the habit. Which of the angels were smokers? According to the Female Celebrity Smoking List (at Who smoked in real life (SRL)?

Kate Jackson - Probably, unconfirmed
Farrah Fawcett - Probably, unconfirmed
Jaclyn Smith - Probably not
Cheryl Ladd - Yes
Shelley Hack - Yes
Tanya Roberts - Yes

The Angels who smoked would have most likely quit by now (Cheryl already quit.) But whether they smoke or not, we love all our Angels : )

Wildlife Goes To Your Head

Shelley appeared in an ad for Norwood fur hats (not such a good idea today) with fellow supermodel Cheryl Tiegs in 1969. Shelley is the model on top and on the lower right.

Apple Pie Recipe News Clipping

Shelley was featured in Johna Blinn's column Celebrity Cookbook back in 1979. Shelley's Apple Brown Betty recipe (posted earlier) and her Green Apple Pie were featured in the column. This is Shelley's Green Apple Pie recipe (she's fond of baking apple pies, by the way.) Her Apple Brown Betty was included in Blinn's Celebrity Cookbook in 1981.

Seventeen Model

Shelley on the pages of Seventeen magazine in August, 1971


Shelley appeared on the Celebrate The '70s special issue of People magazine in 2009. The magazine regarded Charlie's Angels as a TV Groundbreaker, and Shelley was listed among "the Back-up Angels" with Cheryl Ladd and Tanya Roberts. I wonder why they didn't include her Revlon Charlie Girl persona which is a '70s icon in itself and an influence to countless women all over the world.

Red, White and Navy

Shelley models coordinates featuring red, white and navy
for Sear's spring and summer catalog for 1976

Three Expressions

Shelley with three different expressions on her face
in a paparazzi photo set from October 1981
(She went to see the musical Barnum in New York)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cutter To Houston Pilot

Cutter To Houston aired in Germany as Die Texas-Klinik (which translates to The Texas Clinic.) In the pilot episode, a woman's pregnancy is threatened by complications and by a husband's bitterness over the amputation of his arm. The German language version of this episode is now on YouTube.

Check it out at
Thank you to very very much to knightrider556 for posting

In the series, Shelley Hack eases into her role as the beautiful, intelligent and ambitious Dr. Beth Gilbert and proves that she can act. It was just too bad that the series was cancelled before it could even take flight. Alec Balwin and Jim Metzler co-starred. Let's hope more episodes (and hopefully in English) will be posted for all to enjoy! Let's hope it comes out on DVD...

Charlie Cartoon

A cartoon Shelley in a Charlie perfume ad for the newspapers in 1980

Super Mag

Shelley appeared in Supermag with fellow Angels Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. David Doyle appeared as well in this vol. 4 no. 7 issue of Supermag in 1979 which featured the TV show Charlie's Angels. Tanya Roberts joined the show in 1980.

Fanny Sweaters

Shelley appeared in this Coats & Clark's leaflet for long Fanny Sweaters in 1973

Love Boat Paparazzi

Shelley indulges the paparazzi in this photo pair
as she was filming Love Boat Angels.
Shelley is lovely.

Frequent Hit

Shelley in a promo still for the 1996 TV movie Frequent Flyer which topped the ratings.
Shelley played wife number one.

Diagonal Flared Skirt

Shelley in a diagonal flared skirt for Wrights Idea Book in 1972.
As the book says, "It's a smashing look!"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free and Alive Charlie

Shelley is gorgeous in these two international versions of the Charlie perfume ad (the one on the right includes Charlie cosmetics.) Pics from the same set were used in both ads. With the hair, outfit, shoes and flowers, Shelley is absolutely breathtaking.

Perry Mason Wife

Shelley in a still from 1993 that was used in the TV movie
A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives

First Family

Shelley participated in the comedy album The First Family Rides Again in 1981. The others were Rich Little, Melanie Chartoff, Michael Richards, Jenilee Harrison, Earle Doud, Bonzo and Vaughn Meader. The album pokes fun at President Ronald Reagan and his years in the White House. Shelley's pic appears on the back cover of the album.

1980 Party

Some candid shots of Shelley at a party in 1980 which was also attended by her fellow Charlie's Angels Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith. The event was The Love Boat Honors Helen Hayes and it was held on Feb of 1980. Shelley was gorgeous and sexy in her golden evening gown.

McCall's Needlework

Shelley appeared on the pages of McCalls Needlework magazine in 1975. On the upper left hand pic, it seems that she's beside the other Shelley-supermodel, Shelley Smith.

Natural Beauty

Shelley is a natural beauty in this pic from around the late 80s

Cos Cob

Shelley dons a mini and a cloche hat in this ad for Cos Cob in the early 70s

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Junior Bazaar

Shelley models a striped knit top and denim cuffed jeans
for Sears' 1974 catalog. She's radiant and gorgeous here, love it.


Shelley in a screen capture for the TV Movie Bridesmaids in 1989. In the car with her are Brooke Adams, Sela Ward and Stephanie Faracy. Jack Coleman also appeared in the film.

Beauty Book Natural

Shelley (along with fellow supermodel Iman, actresses Carol Lynley and Lynn Redgrave and a number of other prominent women of the time) was featured in the book Mark Traynor's Beauty Book in 1980. Shelley's personality type was categorized as one of The Naturals and the book divulged her beauty secrets and explained her beauty routine. Thank you very much to my good friend TJ for the copy.

Trackdown Still

Shelley with George Segal in a still for the 1983 TV movie
Trackdown:Finding the Goodbar Killer.

Cream Suit

Shelley was wearing a cream-colored suit in these paparazzi photos from October, 1979.
Shelley was at the taping of The Merv Griffin Show where she was a guest.

Article 1990

John Fitzgibbon, Lonnie Burr and Shelley Hack 
at the Tamara's (the play) New Year's Eve party in 1989
check out more about Lonnie burr

In this 1990 article, Shelley discusses how her successful modeling career affected her acting career. She then ponders on the life of being an actor. She was currently starring in audience-participation play Tamara.

Charlie And The Bike

Shelley was on a bike for Charlie perfume in 1978.
The pic is part of an advertisement spread that came out in 1978.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Young Bride

Shelley is a blushing young bride on the cover
of the October/November issue of Modern Bride in 1965.

'80s Paparazzi

A paparazzi pic of Shelley sometime in the 1980s

Some Like Jump-Suits

Shelley models an apple-print jump-suit for the May edition
of the Simplicity Fashion News leaflet in 1973.

Trackdown Stills

Shelley and George Segal pose in a pair of stills for the 1983 TV movie Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer. Nine years later in 1992, she again stars with George in the independent film Me, Myself & I.

Shelley for Penney in '74

Shelley models flared pants for JCPenney's catalog in 1974.

The Angel and Pacino

In the early '80s, Shelley was rumored to be dating Al Pacino and according to the clipping, "he's given up the fast life for quiet nights alone with her" because she's "depressed after break up with boy friend."

Crochet Fashions

Shelley models gloves and headgear
for simplicity (pattern number 5885) in 1973.
She's the cutie on the right.