Friday, March 29, 2013

Summer Fashion

Shelley modeled a knitted summer outfit in the 1973 issue of Woman's Day Knit & Stitch number 11. And heading of her spread described it all. Shelley was as "fresh as a summer breeze." As always, if I may add.

Whatever Happened To

Shelley, along with Tracy Scoggins and Linda Hamilton, were the women on the spotlight in the episode "Alpha Females" on Whatever Happened To...?, a Canadian TV series that catches up on stars who aren't as active in front of the camera as they were. The episode aired last December 21, 2012 according to TIMEFOR.TV. Maybe someone would post it on YouTube. Incidentally, Dave Coulier's episode "Best Buddies" (which also included David Schwimmer of Friends and Anthony Edwards of Revenge of the Nerds) is on YouTube ( Check it out for a sample of the show.

check out the "Alpha Females" episode details at

TIMEFOR.TV described the episode as:
"Alpha females are strong, savvy and serious about getting their way. Shelley Hack spread her acting wings as Tiffany Wells on 'Charlie's Angels' while Tracy Scoggings joined a TV Dynasty when she played high-powered lawyer Monica Colby on 'The Crosby's'. And Linda Hamilton took the role as Sarah Connor and fought for the future of the human race in 'Terminator 2'. In this edition we find out whatever happened to three alpha females." (Oh and that's Tiffany "Welles," Tracy "Scoggins" and Monica Colby on "The Colbys.")

Jackie Shea Pic

A lovely pic of Shelley as Jackie Shea 
on the set of her 1986 TV series Jack and Mike

More Celebrity Tennis

Another clipping about Shelley participating in a celebrity tennis
charity fund-raiser held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1986

Layering, The New Ways

Shelley in a mid-70s fashion pic for Harper's Bazaar 
where she showed readers "the new ways of layering"

Argo Cameo

Shelley made a brief cameo in the film Argo (which won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Picture) via her 1976 Charlie perfume commercial which was on the TV as Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) was talking to his son, Ian, on the phone. The film is set in the 70s which was the height of the popularity the Charlie Girl (as well as the Farrah poster and, of course, Charlie's Angels.) Shelley has now appeared on two Academy Award winning pics. The other one is the 1977 Woody Allen film Annie Hall.

Calorie Counter

Shelley was on the cover of the 1970 Seventeen magazine guide book, The 1000 Foods Calories Counter. This is a clearer version of an earlier post.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Halston

Shelley (Pat Cleveland is the model behind her) wearing Halston
in a 1972 photo shoot for Vogue magazine

Simple Wardrobe For Beth

This 1983 clipping reported that Shelley enjoyed the "simplicity of wardrobe on Cutter to Houston," her TV series at the time where she played surgeon Dr. Beth Gilbert.

Cover 2000

Shelley on the July 2000 cover of the French Charlie's Angels newsletter  
Sur La Trace Des Anges  which translates to "on the trail of angels"

Screen Captures

A set of screen captures of Shelley from the movie If  Ever I see You Again

In Thailand

A pic of Shelley reclining on a round sofa in Thailand in 1986. 
Thank you so much to Jay Jacobs of WMA for posting it on  his page 

Supermodel Still

A 1978 publicity still of supermodel Shelley for Revlon Charlie

Minis Are The Most

Shelley in a spread entitled "Minis Are The Most"
for the March 1971 issue of Seventeen magazine
(She was on the cover too, by the way)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Wonderful Mix

Shelley showed readers how to wonderfully mix a "cotton twill vest over mohair"
in this fashion editorial for Harper's Bazaar in the '70s.

TV Actresses on Stage

Shelley, along with Meredith Baxter Birney and Annette O"Toole, tackled stage in the play Vanities which was going to aired on the cable network HBO in 1981. The women were chosen to bring star power into the production which was going to be different in the way it was going to be shot. Director-producer Norman Twain was going to try to capture the dynamics between the audience and the performers. Shelley was less experienced than her co-performers but proved to be a solid actress when the the show premiered on TV. She even won over her biggest Charlie’s Angels detractor, writer/producer Ed Lakso. "One year after the show, I saw Shelley in the stage play Vanities, and she did a wonderful job," Lakso said.

Patterns in '73

Shelley modeled a pair of fashion patterns for Butterick along with hats by Edward Mann in these shots taken by her then boyfriend photographer Steen Svensson. They appeared on the Feb 1973 issue of Seventeen magazine.

The Other Couple

Shelley and Jack and Mike co-star Tom Mason appeared on the January 1987 cover of Post TV. Dubbed as the season's "other couple," their show came right after a show about another TV couple, David and Maddie of Moonlighting.

Paparazzi Captures

Shelley was captured by the paparazzi in these pics from around the early '90s.

Angels in Comics

A comic version of Shelley as Charlie's Angel Tiffany Welles appeared on a series of stories for Look-in, UK children's mag. The adventures of the Season 4 Angels appeared in the mag from late 1979 until the 1980s.

Pattern 7256

Shelley modeled pattern 7256 for Simplicity in 1975

Friday, March 8, 2013

Cover '84

Shelley was on the cover of Neighbors in 1984 and inside, there was an article about her entitled "Shelley Hack: Women Today Want Everything."  Judging by her hairdo, the photo used for the cover seems to have been taken at around the time Shelley joined the cast of Night Court. Shelley's just lovely.

Learning in '73

Shelley appeared on a spread for Seventeen magazine entitled "Learning" in 1973. Wearing a suit top with a pair of long shorts and a pair of skates, she showed readers that everyone could learn to take risks and be creative in putting things together. And what a cute outfit she put together.

Event in Malaysia Clipping

Shelley participated in the McDonald's-Sunday Mail Celebrity Tennis Event which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in April 1986. Celebrities (including Peter Graves from the Mission Impossible TV series, Martin Cove from Cagney and Lacey and Deborah Raffin from Lace II) played mixed doubles tennis matches for charity. The paparazzi captured some snaps of the arriving celebrities. Shelley is the third one from the left.

Single Women

Shelley was cast as Frankie, a single waitress looking for love, in the telefilm Single Bars Single Women in 1984. She was knockout gorgeous throughout the film but was especially so in her first scene. Shelley did a lot of research for her role as Frankie. Aside from going and observing at single bars, she worked at a truck stop in Provo, Utah, to see what waitressing was really like.

Shipboard Glamour

Shelley evoked  shipboard glamour in this black "softly-shirred halter dress" 
by Leo Narducci in this fashion spread from the mid-'70s.

Angels in Robes

Shelley, along with with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd, posed in colorful satin robes
for these publicity pics for Charlie's Angels in 1979, and they were all  were just heavenly.

The Flip and The Pageboy

Shelley with her hair in the Curly Flip and in the Soft Pageboy
for a magazine spread in the early '70s

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The First

Shelley appeared on the pages of Show magazine in a spread entitled "Shelley Hack, A Show First" in September of 1964. A & P heir Huntington Hartford discovered Shelley at a debutante ball, urged her to try modeling and put the 17-year-old high school student on the pages of his magazine. These are "first published pictures" of Shelley. A month later, she appeared on the November 1964 covers of Glamour and Seventeen, two major magazines. Twelve years later, she was a supermodel.

Meeting Her Fans

Shelley made an appearance at Hollywood Collector's Show in Burbank, California on July of 2009. She signed autographs and chatted with fans and met fellow Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts for the first time. 
Thank you so much to Shelley fans 
Stacy (
and Brad ( 
for posting their pics with her in the said show.

Contemprary Fashion

Shelley modeled patterns number 5510 and 5520 for Simplicity in 1973. 
Sporting the latest in Young contemporary Fashions, 
Shelley was a breath of fresh air, so lovely.

Shelley Leaves Night Court

Shelley was slated to play "Kristine" Sullivan in the comedy series Night Court in 1984. But due to a changes in her character, she opted to leave the show before she completed one episode. Ellen Foley took over from Shelley.

Supermodel Gorgeous

Shelley is supermodel gorgeous in this fashion pic 
for Harper's Bazaar in the mid-'70s.

At The Party For Miss Hayes

Shelley attended the Feb 1980 party, The Love Boat Honors Helen Hayes, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The event was star-studded and was attended by her fellow Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd as well. Shelley's date for the evening was writer/director John Leone.

Woman's Day Fashion

Shelley wore the latest fashion for Woman's Day magazine in July of 1971