Friday, March 29, 2013

Whatever Happened To

Shelley, along with Tracy Scoggins and Linda Hamilton, were the women on the spotlight in the episode "Alpha Females" on Whatever Happened To...?, a Canadian TV series that catches up on stars who aren't as active in front of the camera as they were. The episode aired last December 21, 2012 according to TIMEFOR.TV. Maybe someone would post it on YouTube. Incidentally, Dave Coulier's episode "Best Buddies" (which also included David Schwimmer of Friends and Anthony Edwards of Revenge of the Nerds) is on YouTube ( Check it out for a sample of the show.

check out the "Alpha Females" episode details at

TIMEFOR.TV described the episode as:
"Alpha females are strong, savvy and serious about getting their way. Shelley Hack spread her acting wings as Tiffany Wells on 'Charlie's Angels' while Tracy Scoggings joined a TV Dynasty when she played high-powered lawyer Monica Colby on 'The Crosby's'. And Linda Hamilton took the role as Sarah Connor and fought for the future of the human race in 'Terminator 2'. In this edition we find out whatever happened to three alpha females." (Oh and that's Tiffany "Welles," Tracy "Scoggins" and Monica Colby on "The Colbys.")