Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Kind of Town

Shelley starred in her third TV series in 1986. Originally called Our Kind of Town, the series  was renamed Jack and Mike when it premiered. In fact, the original title was even mentioned in this write-up for the Fall Pre-View issue of TV Guide in 1986. Shelley and Tom Mason starred as Jackie Shea and Mike Brennan, a married couple who couldn't seem to find time to be together.

Budget '77

Shelley in the cover of Budget Catalog for nurses in 1977. 
She appeared in the inside pages as well.


Shelley's biggest fan when she became a Charlie's Angel was her youngest sister, Babe, who was just 13. Babe was "speechless" when she met Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd in 1979. Later, Shelley and Babe (then 17) appeared together in a spread for the August 1983 issue of Good Houskeeping which featured celebrities and their sisters. They both were breathtaking.

Tiffany and Bosley

Shelley holds hands with David Doyle in 1979.


"Folkways? Okay!" that's what the spread said. 
Shelley in a spread for Seventeen magazine in March 1971.
 She modeled Indian clothes and Gypsy combinations.

Single Women 1984

Shelley starred in the 1984 telefilm Single Bars Single Women
with Tony Danza, Paul Michael Galser and Christine Lahti.

Hello, Shelley

Shelley appeared on the cover of the fan mag  Bananas in 1979 when she replaced Kate Jackson on Charlie's Angels. There is an article about her  inside. We find out that Shelley was tall at 5'7 1/2" as a teen (she rose to 5'8" by the time she was modeling full-time in the '70s.) We can also see how excited she was with her new opportunity, how she didn't want it to go to her head (her brothers would laugh their heads off) and how she wanted to enjoy the experience.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do The Right Thing

"I feel better when I  do the right thing." That's what Shelley said in her in the 1988 commercial she did for TreeTop fruit juices. It was filmed at Rancho de las Fresnos in Hidden Valley in October of 1987 and aired in the spring of 1988.

For a bit of trivia about the making of the commercial, check out: 
Angel Sighting
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and choose "Open Link in New Tab" option)

And for a snippet of the actual commercial, check out:
80's Commercials Vol. 200 Part 2 of 5
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It comes at the end of this '80s commercial compilation (at 9:40)
 and unfortunately, isn't complete. But most of the commercial is in it.

Gorgeous New Angel

Shelley is gorgeous on the cover of of the September 1979 issue 
of Ladies Home Journal as she is hailed Charlie's Newest Angel.

Jean 'N' Things

Shelley models jeans 'n' things for Sears Spring Summer 1975.

The Dish

"the defense attorney (Shelley Hack) is a dish." That's how the 1984 Fall Pre-View issue of TV Guide described Shelley's role as she was slated to join the the cast of Night Court in its 2nd season. But at the 11th hour, she and the show's producers decided she wasn't right for the show, so she never appeared in any of the aired episodes.

In Black and White

Shelley is chic in a black and white outfit in this pic from the late '70s.

Publicity Trio

A trio of publicity materials for Frederick Forsyth Presents: A Casualty of War in 1990

If Ever in Japan

Shelley was featured in a spread for the Japanese fan magazine Roadshow in May, 1980.  The pictures in the spread are from her 1978 film If Ever I see You Again. Shelley is very preppy on the left pic.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dazzling At Night

Shelley was featured in an editorial spread for Harper's Bazaar in April of 1976. The spread was called "Dazzling At Night" and she modeled beautiful evening gowns by '70s super designers Holly Harp and Albert Capraro. I've never seen Shelley more dazzlingly beautiful. Thanks very much to TJ for the pics.

After Eleven Years

On the left, Shelley with then date director Harry Winer at the screening of The Falcon and the Snowman in 1985. On the right, eleven years later, Shelley with husband director Harry Winer at the Upton Sinclair Award to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen in 1996.

Of Bond Girls and Angels

Jaclyn Smith was the first choice for Dr. Holly Goodhead in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker. She declined the role due to scheduling conflicts with Charlie's Angels and probably due to the suggestive name of the character. Shelley Hack along with Susan Reed, Cyrielle Besnard and Sylvia Krystel were then considered for the role. Shelley, who may have even been the leading contender at the time, agreed to a screen test. But an airline flight took casting in a different direction. Lois Chiles and Bond director, Lewis Gilbert, chanced upon each other in flight and Chiles (who looks like a brunette Shelley Hack) won the role. Interestingly enough, two years earlier, Gilbert's original choice for Agent Triple X Anya Amasova in another Bond film The Spy Who  Loved Me (1977) was actually Chiles, who turned it down. The role eventually went to Barbara Bach. In 1979, Barbara Bach was a leading contender in the search for Charlie's newest Angel but was passed over because, among others, she looked too much like Jaclyn Smith. Shelley Hack eventually won the Angel role. Confused...?

Well, for the record, the only Charlie's Angel to become a Bond Girl is Tanya Roberts who played Stacey Sutton in A View To A Kill in 1985.

One Great Look Twice

Shelley is featured in this fun 1973 ad for JCPenney .
They've "made one great look twice."

The Angels Jinx

The write up about Shelley on the September issue of Us weekly in 1980. It's part of "The Angels Jinx" feature in the issue. All the actresses who became a Charlie's Angel were jinxed by the show, as the feature tried to show. In Shelley's write up, it's funny, it didn't mention the "sickening plunge" the show took in its third season (from number 4 to number 12 in the ratings.)

With Bridesmaids This Gorgeous

A clipping about the 1989 telefilm Bridesmaids that starred Shelley
with Stephanie Faracy, Brooke Adams and Sela Ward

The Most Romantic Issue Ever

Shelley appeared on the February/March 1967 issue of Bride's. 
It was dubbed their "Most Romantic Issue Ever." 
Shelley is, as the text says, enchanting.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wednesday Night Lineup

Shelley appeared on this Wednesday Night Lineup Promo for CBS in 1979. She was a guest in the short-lived series Married: The First Year (episode # 3 - Full House) as a returning ex-girlfriend. This was Shelley's first guest-starring role. The other shows included in this promo were One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons and An All-Star Salute to Pearl Bailey. Check it out at

CBS Network - "Wednesday Lineup" (Promo, 1979)

That Million-Dollar Smile

Shelley smiling her million-dollar smile in the early '80s

Prim And Proper

Shelley is prim and proper in this mid-'70s fashion pic.


Shelley modeled separates for Sears' Fall Winter catalog in 1975.

Guest at 54

Shelley attended the 57th birthday party for Bella Abzug held at Studio 54 in 1977. Miss Abzug was an American lawyer, congresswoman, social activist and a leader in the Women's Movement. Miss Abzug joined other leading feminists such as Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan and founded the National Women's Political Caucus in 1971. Shelley would later become active in the NWPC.

Dr. Denell

Shelley guest starred in the Dick Van Dyke series Diagnosis Murder in 1997 as Dr. Elaine Denell in the episode entitled Looks Can Kill. Shelley has come a long way acting-wise as we can see in the episode. Watch the entire episode on YouTube...

diagnosis murder 5x6 Looks Can Kill

Cutter Ad

Shelley in a promo ad for her 1983 series Cutter to Houston

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Braids Braids Braids

Shelley with braided hair as Seventeen magazine 
recommended  "braids, braids, braids" in May of 1967.

Perfect Casting

In the 1993 film Shattering the Silence aka Not In My Family, Shelley starred with Joanna Kerns (as her sister) and Dina Merrill (as their mother.) Talk about perfect casting, the three women look like they are related. It brings to mind the comment Nolan Miller once made in an interview where he likened Shelley to Dina. The film is available on DVD but a short clip from it is on YouTube. Check it out...

 Shattering the Silence clip on YouTube

Glamour Coordinates

Shelley models "glamour coordinates"
for Sears' spring and summer catalog in 1973

See & Saw by Butterick

Shelley on a pair of pattern packages for Butterick in around the late '70s


Gorgeous Shelley in a magazine poster from 1979 
when she was playing Tiffany Welles in Charlie's Angels

The Charlie Girls

In 1990, supermodel Linda Evangelista signed on as Revlon's newest Charlie Perfume Girl. The Charlie perfume commercial Linda appeared in was a kind of homage to the sensational Shelley Hack/ Bobby Short commercial from 1976. In fact, clips from the original were used in the 1990 version. A supermodel in an homage to another supermodel, WOW. Watch them both on YouTube...

the original 1976 Charlie ad

the Charlie ad from 1990

Long-Legged Beauty

Shelley in a 1972 ad for JCPenney
which took full advantage of her long-legged beauty