Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Bio D: A Hand in Acting

 Shelley appeared in (from left):
Annie Hall, Charlie's Angels, Vanities, 
Born Yesterday, The King of Comedy and The Stepfather

Shelley's acting career was jump-started in 1979 when she became one of Charlie's Angels. Although she stayed for only a season, it seems to be the role she is best remembered for. But that's not so bad. Being remembered as one of the heavenly beauties on television isn't such a bad gig. Besides, upon closer inspection, the series actually empowered many young girls and changed the face television forever.

Aside from Tiffany Welles on Angels, as an actress, Shelley's most notable roles (and where she was praised for her acting chops) are the following:
  • her cameo in the 1977 (pre-Angels) Woody Allen film Annie Hall,
  • her role as Mary in the 1981 (post-angels) Jack Heifner play Vanities,
  • her 1982 performance as Billie Dawn in the Pennsylvania Stage Co.'s production of Born Yesterday, 
  • her 1983 role as Cathy Long in Scorsese's The King of Comedy which starred Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis,
  • and her role as Susan in the 1987 classic The Stepfather which also starred Terry O'Quinn.
 Her two other series, Cutter To Houston (1983) and Jack & Mike (1986), are a treat too.